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As if Fell from the Sky
By Kaoru L.O.P

It was almost the end of the third year of the New Age and the world had settled in a strange balance of powers, A new Government, a New Navy and a new generation of pirates struggling to find their place in the world.

But there was a crew like no other, a crew who knew exactly what their place was, and that is, at the very top as the freest men sailing the seas in the search for new and exciting adventures.

And this story begins on a day just like any other for this crew that most of the time acted like a family as the King of that vast and undefined kingdom awoke when the morning sun filtered through the porthole window, he stretched lazily, a soft mattress on his back, a thin silk sheet covering his naked form and a beautiful woman curled next to him, deeply asleep.

He scratched his head lazily and stood up, placing his crown above his head before even thinking about getting dressed up. It was late, he could tell just by the how hungry he was. He graved a red jacket and his black short pants, dressing up as quickly as he could.

Nami turned over and hugged her pillow, groaning.

"Oi Nami! Breakfast must be ready! I'm hungry! Get up"

"... I'm tired Luffy... go on without me, I'll catch up later" she whispered tiredly, she felt so very exhausted, but chalked it up to her monthly cycle which had to be due any moment now.

Luffy shrugged... they had had a long night and he didn't think twice about Nami's words, he rushed to the galley where he sat in his usual spot at the table, drool coming out his mouth.

"IM SO HUNGRY!" he yelled when he stepped in. The crew waved their greetings and most of them where already half way thought breakfast, enjoying a normal, quiet opportunity without someone trying to steal their food and causing havoc. They were chatting among them as Robin sipped her coffee while reading the morning paper.

Sanji placed Luffy's share harshly in front of him, "Next time you wake up so late I won't save breakfast for you" the cook half threatened.

Of course Luffy paid him no heed as he knew there were empty threats.

"Nami?" Usopp asked when he didn't see her coming after him.

Luffy stopped inhaling his food for a moment,

"Ohh I think she is very tired 'cuz last night I kept her up and she said she was tired but I didn't believe her because she kept asking me for more hahaha" he laughed obnoxiously. The table went quiet, all eyes fell on the cook who just froze.

Granted, everyone knew about the two being intimate, and Franky had built them a beautiful room for them to enjoy their well-deserved privacy, but listening those kind of details was disturbing, to say the least.

But before Sanji could kill their captain, a dark aura loomed behind Luffy, obscuring his frame. The Pirate King stopped laughing, swallowed hard as the hair on his neck rose...feeling imminent danger.

"LUFFY!" She said between her teeth, "How many times do I have to tell you to SHUT UP ABOUT THOSE THINGS!"

The most feared man on earth went pale and raised his hands in a defensive posture, "BUT I WAS TELLING THE TRUTH!" he retorted angrily. He couldn't understand why she got all shameful and sensitive about that stuff, since she seemed to enjoy it as much as he did.

The navigator sighed... she felt so tired she didn't even have energy to spare in an argument with him, so she just took a seat at his right, "...ahh... I can't argue with you right now..."

Maybe it was true that she felt so exhausted because all the... nightly activity, but she suspected something else was amiss.

Sanji placed food in front of her while giving Luffy a dirty look. Accepting their relationship didn't mean he had to LIKE it.

Nami grimaced at the food, it was just a glass of orange juice with a couple of toasts with homemade tangerine jelly, one of her favorites, but right then, she didn't felt like eating.

"Nami, are you alright?" Chopper asked when he noticed her frown.

"yeah,... I just... I don't feel very hungry right now, my stomach feels queasy"

Sanji opened his eyes in surprise and rushed next to her, "Nami-san, I can fix you something else if you want" he offered hurriedly.

"Oh! No Sanji-kun! I'm sorry its not the food!" she hurried to explain as she didn't want to offend the cook.

Luffy had already finished his plate and was looking at Nami's food hungrily, really excited about the prospect of having a little more food even if it was because Nami wasn't feeling alright. He could be THAT egoist at times.

She rolled her eyes and pushed her plate towards him, "Go ahead, eat it, and thanks for worrying"

The food was gone in a blink of an eye, and her shameless captain just smiled
"Nami, if you are feeling sick Chopper will fix you up! Ne Chopper" He said matter of factly.

The doctor nodded and stood up, "Un! Why don't you come with me, Nami? I'll give you some herbs for your upset stomach"

She nodded, and followed her doctor. Nobody else thought twice about the incident right then.

The day went by without any major events, and sailing the ship trough the West Blue was quite an easy task as the wheatear was usually nice and very spring like. The women were relaxing on their chairs while the guys were playing with ball on the deck, and even with the ruckus going on around her, Nami fell asleep while reading a book.

Robin smiled softly as her fleur hands placed a soft sheet above her. She chuckled... "O my... must have been a very interesting night" the dark haired woman joked quietly.

That was the very first day they noticed something was off with Nami, as she went by her day being very lethargic and finally had gone to bed after having a light dinner.

Chopper told everyone not to worry since she didn't have a fever and it was probably just temporary, but he assured, would keep an eye on her.

That night, after getting tired of losing in a game of poker Luffy went to sleep, he entered the room carefully, being more considerate than usual, and hopped into bed, immediately spooning her and enjoying her proximity and smell.

If he could admit that he liked something about that strange arrangement they had – since getting married was something he would have imagined he would ever want on his younger years- was the feeling of being that close to someone, it was a comforting feeling really.

He sighed into her hair and pressed his frame harder,

The woman mumbled tiredly, "not tonight Luffy..." he just smiled, not minding the rejection and settling up for sleep, he was quickly lulled by the soft rocking on his ship and the warmness of that bed.

Luffy wasn't really worried about Nami's tiredness, after all, they had the best doctor in the world and whatever she had, Chopper would fix it, he was absolutely certain of it.

But by the third day Nami awoke before dawn and went rushing to the door, she couldn't make it and opted to grab a basket that stood by the corner, where her body violently rejected all of last night's dinner.

"NAMI!" Luffy shouted in panic, and he rushed out half naked in search of Chopper, screaming his head for the doctor, because sicknesses always made him very uneasy, since he couldn't really do anything to help. Enemies? SURE! Dangers? Of course, bring them on! But illnesses always made him feel a horrible helplessness.

A while later, everyone gathered by the door of the infirmary, some looked worried, others just curious, and some, not worried at the least.

"Must be something she ate" Zoro said dryly while he leaned on a wall by the corner, arms crossed.

"How dare you imply I gave something to make my beautiful maidens sick! You damn Marimo" Sanji roared,

With an evil smirk, Zoro knew exactly what to say to irk the cook, "Must be all the bitter tears you shed about that which"

"COME AGAIN!" Sanji jumped towards him, and a fight was started of course, Sanji's rage over the limit since Nami would always be a sensitive spot for him, everyone else just sighed.

Luffy was just sitting on the floor by the door, but he wasn't that worried about her, whatever it was, Chopper would fix it. Even so, he was frowning.

Suddenly, her scream could be heard coming from the infirmary, "I'M WHAT!" she shouted,

Luffy couldn't help it, and his first instinct was to jump up and rush inside the room, where he found Nami sitting on the bed, hands on her mouth and panicked eyes, she looked shocked. Chopper was standing over his stool in his brain point form, a serious look about his face.

"Luffy" Chopper began, sighing, "I think you must heard this too, come in and close the door behind you" the doctor ordered, sounding very serious and professional.

"Hey Chopper, wait! We have to know too!" Usopp demanded.

"Later, this is something between Luffy and Nami". Chopper said jumping down and closing the door harshly in front of everyone else.

"I knew it! That idiot infested her with something!" the cook Said in rage, temper flaring up.

"Don't make me laugh, the only one around here with all kind of STDs is you! perv cook! You are lucky we have Chopper aboard, else your shrimp would have shriveled and fallen off a long time ago"

Sanji got red when everyone else snickered, it was true that he slept around in every port they landed, and had to go with Chopper after he caught a rather nasty infection that he couldn't quite kept private. He just growled and got behind his bar, trying to occupy his mind by washing dishes.

Inside the infirmary Luffy stood by Chopper who looked quite serious, it was unusual to see Chopper with such a hard look on his face.

"Chopper... you look too serious, what is wrong with Nami".

The woman, hands gripping the bed's border, lowered her gaze, her bangs covering her eyes, she only managed to whisper. "What... what I'm supposed to do..."

"Nami... should I tell him?" The doctor offered, since Nami seemed still in shock. She shook her head no and she opened her mouth to speak, but her lips wouldn't move. Luffy stood in front of her and took her chin, forcing her to make eye contact.

"Nami, what is it"

"Luffy" she swallowed hard, her eyes avoiding his gaze.

"I'm... I'm..." she was going to say pregnant, but feared he wouldn't understand the term... "I'm... expecting a baby" she whispered.

"Expecting ?" of course he didn't get why would she expect a baby? Whose baby? Who was going to bring a baby? Wait? WHY a baby? And why did this upset her?

He just got confused, his head cocked to the side, dumbly.

Chopper sighed, "Luffy, what Nami's trying to say, is that she has a baby growing inside her belly, a child...your child Luffy"

Luffy's eyes froze in shock and he looked at Nami again, blinking a couple of times, confusion written all over his face. He wasn't so dumb as to not know how babies were made... but

"But Chopper! Nami told me she was taking that mysterious medicine so she... she wouldn't make babies!"

Chopper nodded, "I know, and my prescription is very effective! Of course birth control can't be a hundred percent effective, but the chance of conceiving a child with the medicine I gave her is less than 0.1 percent!" The doctor explained.

Luffy nodded as if he understood... but actually hadn't, at all... "So.. a mystery!" he concluded. His attention went back to Nami, who was still looking down, clutching the bed with clenched fists.

"What... what I'm supposed to do" she whispered, terrified. This is something she hadn't expected at all, because she took every precaution possible taking Chopper's medicine exactly as prescribed.

A smile was born in Luffy's face, he cocked his head to the side and gazed Nami with curious eyes, ignoring her distress.

"So... there really is... a baby inside Nami's belly?" He asked in wonder, he couldn't help it and reached for Nami and pulled her pink shirt up, trying to look at her belly.

"Luffy!" she protested about being manhandled like that.

Chopper just smiled, "Right now Luffy, the baby is really reeeally small, like a little pea" his hooves illustrated the size and he pointed to a place on Nami's lower abdomen. As if he was explaining to a child.

"Ohh!" Luffy was marveled, "We have to tell everyone!" he said, exited, grinning widely.

"Wait Luffy!" Nami complained, scared. "What are we supposed to do!"

"What are you talking about Nami? Everyone is gonna be happy!" he said with a big smile and true happiness reflecting in his eyes.

So naïve... so innocent! He took the news so lightly that Nami couldn't help being terrified! And is not like she didn't trust Luffy o everyone else... but

"Luffy!" she snapped, "A BABY? IN A PIRATE SHIP!" she reminded, and sentenced as well. Luffy's eyes opened in shock... and suddenly he understood... and lowered his gaze.

Chopper noticed the quick change in mood.. "I'll be out..." he said, allowing them some privacy.

Reality punched Luffy in the gut harshly, he hadn't really come in contact with babies in all his life, maybe in Foosha he had seen some women with small babies, and while adventuring he had barely had any contact with them... but he was certain of something... a baby was a super weak, super delicate human.

Definitively you couldn't have a baby on board a pirate Ship... his mind thought immediately of Ace...

His gramps... had hidden Ace in mount Corbo because everyone wanted to kill the pirate king's son...

But... could he really do that? Leaving a child just anywhere, abandon it?... A little nakama that he just had created with Nami? The sole idea of him being able to simply create a person with her seemed baffling, intriguing,... he just couldn't wait to see the baby!

Nami was biting her lip, just waiting for him to think about the situation... and suddenly, she gasped when she noticed the moment the weight of the decision started to crush Luffy, as his knees gave up and he ended up kneeling on the floor, a confused look written all over his face.

Nami's hand flew to her mouth, trying to hold back her tears, heartbroken, terrified, intrigued... she had... Luffy's child growing inside her...

She jumped down into his arms, trying to seek comfort, he was rigid at first, but ultimately gave into her hug and let her bury her head in the crook of his neck.

"Luffy..." she whispered as if by calling his name everything would be magically fixed. He hugged her tighter, unable to provide any other solution at the moment. However, after a moment he pulled away.

"Nami... I have to .. have to think..." he stood up, leaving her kneeling on the floor and stepping out the room using the door that connected the infirmary with the outer deck, which was opposite to the other door that led to the galley, were everyone else was waiting to know what was wrong with Nami.

"Luffy..." she called again in vain, knowing well he wouldn't come back or offer her any further support... he was just as shocked as she was... or maybe even worse, because the ultimate decision about what to do next, was falling mostly into his shoulders.

When he stepped out of the infirmary Chopper hadn't shared a single word about Nami, and he was stubbornly keeping silent about his patient's health. That made everyone anxious, except for Robin who was just reading a book, calmly.

After a moment, Nami stepped out, she looked crestfallen.

"You guys..." she began..

"Nami! Are you alright?"



"Whats wrong sis?"

Everyone said on top of each other, she took a gulp of air, and finally let it out.

"Chopper just ran a blood test and I found out that I am..."

She didn't dare say the news, as she felt she was imposing a big burden upon them, but she couldn't hold the news any longer.

"I'm expecting a baby" she snapped, finally. Everyone stood there in shock for a moment... only to explode in congratulations just a second after.

"Nami-sis! Don't super scare us like that! We thought you were really sick or something!" Franky complained.

"Congratulations" Robin offered, smiling, she probably had spied Chopper and knew about it.

"Nami-swann" moaned Sanji while tears and mucus ran down his face, he was chewing a rag in anguish.

"Nami!" Usopp snapped going to her for a big brotherly embrace that just left Nami with her mouth agape in shock.

"The miracle of life..." Brook whispered, marbled with his jaw hanging pen.

Zoro just made a sound and scratched his scalp in annoyance.. "Tch..." Zoro was the only one in the group with a serious face about him, he had noticed Luffy going to the figure head a moment before, and he grasped the severity of the situation right away.

"You guys... are not angry?" the navigator asked, unsure of herself.

"WHAT?" Several shouted at the same time. Why would they be angry?

"its... its because seriously guys! A baby! HERE? On a pirate ship? What are we supposed to do!" She snapped, voicing up her fears. Reality suddenly clouded everyone's moods.

Usopp sighed, a hand grasping Nami's shoulder in comfort... she maybe a witch, but he loved her like a true sister.

"Nami... nevertheless Nami... I'm just happy for you guys" a manly tear almost rolling down his face. Everyone else felt just the same... but Zoro sighed.

"Now... we just have to wait and see... what are we to do next" he sentenced.

To be continued...

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