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As if Sent from the Sky
By Kaoru L.O.P

Luffy was not a particularly jealous man... correction... he wasn't jealous whatsoever... his wife could prance around in the most diminutive ridiculous piece of clothing and he wouldn't even bat an eye when other men drooled about her.

He even didn't seem to mind the perverted looks or even the dirty words that were thrown her way, especially when visiting some backwater tavern in a no name city.

But... what Chopper had told him... had him feeling uneasy.

So it was then, on the third island after Nami's pregnancy was announced that they had to stop to resupply and rest for a bit, they were dining in a dirty tavern following their typical routine with Luffy eating a ton of food, Zoro drinking heavily, Sanji flirting with women at the back of the place and hearts in his eyes, Robin chatting quietly with Chopper while Usopp was entertaining the locals with wild tales ironically true but then again people obviously assumed were a lie.

Brook was singing and Franky had stood back at the Sunny. Meanwhile Nami was leaning on the bar, her red low cut top not hiding much of her talents, she was wearing white capris with a golden belt with the Berry symbol on the buckle, a heavy gold chain and matching earrings.

She would wave her hips as she glanced at the bartender with a wicked smile as she winked at him, her pregnancy didn't show yet so she didn't have any reservation about acting as she always had.

"So oldman, anything interesting going at this island?". It was almost routine, she would try to investigate like that on the taverns, because bartenders usually knew rumors, and rumors often led to interesting adventures, which was what her crew craved the most.

The bartender, a man in his mid-forties, bald with a strong build with a brown apron answered as he dried a jar of beer with a rag.

"Other than the thing I have between my legs honey? Not much really, depends on your definition of interesting". He said glancing at her with curiosity.

Nami made a face, but she was used to that kind of gross talk, she was, after all, a gorgeous woman in the middle of a no name backwater hole.

She just smiled and waved her hair back as she winked.

"I'm talking about dangerous stuff, underground races, illegal fighting? Legendary treasures? That kind of thing"

"You be disappointed then, in this island the most illegal thing going on right now is cock fighting. Illegal, but the way I see it, not something that could interest such a fine woman as yourself"

From one of the tables, a big burly man stood up and started to approach the navigator, yellow teeth and a dirty black beard, he smelled worse than he looked, a couple of his friends (just as shady looking) following behind.

"Hey sweetpie, if you wanna find some excitement... me and my pals can give you something very... interesting" he said with his crooked smile.

"No thanks" Nami said with a bored expression, not even turning to acknowledge this man. She spoke to the bartender again, "Well then, pour me a drink with no alcohol please"

Of course, the big burly man was offended by her dismissal, he was about to grab her arm when he felt a weird sensation in the gut just as somebody called darkly to him


He turned around only to find the most frightening eyes he's ever seen; but then again this man wasn't so tall.

"She is my wife" the short guy said darkly.

Nami's eyes widened in surprise... Luffy was never, ever jealous, and he had never claimed her as HIS wife quite like that.

The burly smelly man grinned, showing his yellow dirty teeth in the process... He wouldn't be intimidated by a guy half his size.

Luffy was wearing a red dress shirt that was unbuttoned and black shorts, his sandals and his hat rested on his back by its string. He didn't look like a pirate captain, not without his elegant jacket that he only choose to wear when he felt like it, and of course he didn't look like the pirate King... at all.

But if you looked closely, you could obviously see the power packed inside his muscles that could be glimpsed just below his shirt.

"And why would a fine ass like that be married to a pipsqueak such as you huh?" the man said, very amused and placing his hairy hands on his hips. His lackeys laughed in support, displaying how stupid they were.

Nami snorted.

"Luffy, I could have handled it" she commented drily.

Her captain knew this was true... that is why he never really butted into this kind of situations, because Nami was a pirate by right, and very strong too. If she were to ask for help, of course he'll be there in a second, but he also respected her independence and strength.

That is why... he couldn't really understand why he had jumped into the matter... he moved before even thinking about it, something primeval overtaking his brain... the need to protect, it wasn't just about Nami now.

"I know" Luffy admitted without taking his eyes from the dirty man.

"Oi oi, don't dismiss us, look buddy, I would hate to humiliate you in front of the wifey, so why don't you stand aside and let us have a good time with her? I promise we'll give her back... well tended", he grabbed the package between his legs for emphasis.

He would regret those words for years to come...

The punch was so quick nobody could really see it, Luffy's fist burying inside the dirty drunk's fat belly , perhaps if you looked in slow motion you could find that man's face comical, with his open mouth and bulged eyes in shock, but it only lasted a fraction of second as he was sent flying through the wall, leaving a hole on the tavern... and the building next to it, and the one next to it and the one next to it... ten blocks over...

His friends stood there dumbstruck, open mouths in shock as Luffy made his knuckles pop as he glanced at them with a hard look...

They ran away squealing from there, terrified.

The rest of the tavern was frozen, jars in the middle of the air, jaws dropping, and the rest of the StrawHat crew just carried on eating and drinking as if nothing had happened.

Nami sighed and walked next to Luffy, placing a hand on her hip. He was still standing there glancing at the hole, an angry look still upon his face.

"Luffy you didn't have to" she said.

"I know... " he said placing his hat on his head. Nami cocked her head to the side and stepped in front of him,

"Well it was nice" she said, pecking him on his cheek, but he wouldn't even move. "Luffy!" she complained after a moment.

He blinked a few times just in time for the tavern to unfreeze; the barman looked at the hole and shouted,

"My tavern!" grabbing his head in distress.

"Ohh Oldman, I'm sorry!" Luffy said quickly bowing a little, the bartender had been nice enough, providing food and drinks before those drunks made trouble.

"What I'm going to dooo!" the man shouted. Having gone back to normal, Luffy just fished something in his pants and took out a little bag that shingled with a metallic sound.

"Here oldman, for the trouble and the food!", throwing the little bag into the bartender's eager hands.

"HEY THAT IS TOO MUCH!" Nami complained.

The man opened the bag and gasped when he found very old, very rare gold coins, he just had to bite one... because he couldn't begin to comprehend.

"Who are this people..."

It was the fourth month and the very same day that Nami's pants wouldn't fit anymore when they reached an island with a nice port city, modern looking buildings and clean streets, they had left the ship hidden in a cove and used the Mini-Merry to enter the island, unseen.

Nami was preparing her bag and handling everyone's allowances when Luffy started with his routine of choosing someone to bodyguard her, but Nami would have none of it this time, since it wasn't fair either for her crewmates as they had personal things they wanted to do as well.

"Luffy, I've told you I can take care of myself with Robin, we'll be back at Sunny before dinner" she said as she handled the money.

"Nami" Luffy began, a serious look about him.

"Don't NAMI me!" She answered poking his chest with her finger, "If you want to protect me so badly, do it yourself" she said smirking, since she knew he just hated going shopping with the girls.

He huffed, put his hat over his head and nodded, "Fine" he grumbled.

Nami's jaw dropped and behind her Robin had to try and hide a laugh behind her hand. Zoro started to scurry away, slowly...

"Zoro, you come too", Luffy ordered, because if the captain suffered, his first mate just HAD to as well. Zoro grumbled, silently cursing Luffy, someday he would really chop his captain into little pieces.

And so it was that the four of them were simply walking down the street looking very normal while doing so. Nami, enjoying the weather using a cool summer sky blue dress with little sleeves that helped to cover the pinwheel tattoo and she was also wearing the straw hat. Luffy was just wearing a black t-shirt with the 56 number in grey all over the chest, his grey shorts and dark sun glasses that Nami thought, looked very good on him.

Zoro looked relaxed in grey pants that reached his ancles, with toms a shirt with thin stripes on it and of course his haramaki and tree swords, he was also wearing sunglasses with yellow glass and silver framing.

Robin was enjoying making Zoro uncomfortable by leaning on his arm, claiming that walking as couples would be less suspicious; the archeologist was dressed with a short emerald dress with a white hat and dark sunglasses.

The men were holding a ridiculous amount of bags, and the fact that Luffy hadn't run off yet spoke volumes about first, how much he cared about Nami's condition and two, that he had matured a little bit.

"Nami... I'm hungry! I'm dying lets go eat", he complained for the hundred time with his tongue hanging out like a dog's.

The navigator had to agree, she was hungry as well as tired, so she nodded and pointed to a restaurant by the street's corner just in front of the city's main plaza, a church or temple was at the other side, with a big tower in the middle. All over the plaza and the avenue, there was people setting decorations and placing lanterns of all kind of colors.

It seemed like there was to going to be a festival of some sort.

It wasn't a surprise for the women when plates and jars started to accumulate at their table as the two men ate and drank like there was no tomorrow, they just ignored them, talking excitedly about the stuff they had just bought.

A nice looking old man with an apron approached them with a cautious smile.

"Hello friends, I couldn't help to notice the amount you are putting in your tab ... I hadn't seen a man eat like this before... or drink like this, for that matter"

Nami offered a smile and took out a big wad of money from her cleavage (which the old man enjoyed immensely).

"Not a problem oldguy, but I would like to have a volume discount, I expect no less than fifty percent" she said, very serious.

The man sweat dropped and started to try and lower the expected discount as Luffy kept eating. Suddenly the captain sighed contently and patted his big, inflated belly,

"Ahh that was tasty... Hey oldman, why are so many people decorating the streets, is there going to be a party or something?"

"Ahh you must be travelers" the man began.

"Yeah we are pir..." and Nami kicked Luffy below the table and hurried to say, "We are sailors visiting the island, we just got here earlier today" she said.

Luffy gave her a dirty look, because he wasn't about to run from his name or reputation, but then he remembered they were supposed to keep a low profile on their whereabouts and not make trouble, at least not until they could resupply the ship and Nami was done with her shopping.

"Ahh then you don't know about the spring Festival"

"FESTIVAL!" Luffy said with star in his eyes, "Is there gonna be yummy food?" he asked, so excited that you wouldn't believe he just had more than ten servings of food.

"Yeah of course" the old man said grinning,.

"When is this festival?" Robin asked, interested.

"Today by sundown, the parade will begin at the end of this avenue and pass just in front of the restaurant. There's going to be dancers, music and games. People from the surrounding villages is going to come so I expect the city to be full"

Nami smiled, "So I think we arrived at a good time"

"Yeah!" Luffy said grinning widely, "Nami, lets go get everyone! This is gonna be so fun!"


And so it was that the whole crew returned by sundown, and just like the oldman had said, the entire city was filled with people having fun, music, delicious smells, booths with county fair kind of games and dancers filling the place.

Colorful lanterns hanged from each side of the streets as a colorful parade marched in the middle of the main avenue, people lining the street bumping into each other in order to see. Someone was accidentally going to bump into Nami but Luffy's arm got in between quickly,

"Stay close to me, Nami" Luffy commented.

The whole crew was having fun on the main plaza, a distressed booth attendant having the worst night as Usopp kept winning playing a tossing game, earning prizes for everyone (even Zoro) who looked quite unhappy carrying a green colored plushtoy.

Chopper was eating cotton candy while on Zoro's shoulders because people kept bumping into the small reindeer and he couldn't see all the attractions, Sanji kept tasting all the local food in different booths and glancing at the ladies.

People assumed Brook was just a man in a costume for the celebration and nobody seemed to be scared of him, which it was a rare opportunity for the skeleton to mingle with normal people... of course he was ruining it by requesting panties...

And Luffy... the most feared man on the world... was being entertained by a mediocre magician; he would clap and cheer when the man would pull a bunny from his hat or made a lame trick.

"Did you see that Nami!" he said excitedly.

It was very silly, but Nami just had to share a smile with Robin, it was always cute to watch just how innocent Luffy could be sometimes.

Suddenly somebody shouted,
"Luffy-kun! Luffy-kun!"

For a moment, every Strawhat stood in attention... Luffy was not exactly a common name, but in the last years, it had become certainly famous. Luffy smiled widely when he noticed it was just the old man who had been their host at lunch waving at them from across the street.

"Hey oldman!"

"Luffy-kun, I saved some spots for you and your friends, the main attraction of the parade is coming soon"

It was true, the spots the man had saved where on the second story of the restaurant, outside in the big balcony, they couldn't have asked for a better place.

"Woah oldman, this place is amazing, I can see all the parade from here! And also eat!" Luffy said as he chewed a big piece of meat.

"Well yeah, the lady said earlier to save a spot for you and your friends, and she paid well" the man explained waving his hands. The man wasn't kidding, Nami had paid for the whole second story on his restaurant, and since it was a very busy night for him, she had to pay a really high amount to book the place for her crew.

Luffy's eyes opened like saucers, "You did Nami?"

She smiled, "Yes, because I know how much you enjoy parades" She answered nonchalantly waving a hand like it was no big deal. He grinned and pecked her on the cheek,

"Thanks!" Luffy waved a big jar over his head "So old man, keep bringing food and drinks!"

Everyone was in high spirits as they watched the parade and enjoyed the evening, the ship had been left hidden in a cove, alone, but they weren't worried as Franky had installed a security device that would call them over the a baby den den mushi if somebody approached their home.

Time passed as the group kept eating and drinking, the restaurant's owner had taken the role of personally attending all their needs,

He sweated as he dragged a third barrel of beer,

"Woah, you people drink like pirates!" He said without thinking, as a joke. Usopp, Chopper and Luffy spat their drinks. The captain just started to laugh boisterously while Chopper and Usopp panicked. If the old man hadn't noticed before... but their over the top reactions spoke by itself.

But the old man couldn't recognize the group from any of the notorious pirates roaming the West Blue, he certainly didn't feel threatened by these people... Maybe they were an unknown band of pirates... unlikely since they had very strange people amongst them... like the huge guy with the blue hair and the guy in a skeleton disguise...

Or the small child in a tanuki costume... and the one eyed swordman...

Suddenly the man glanced at Luffy with wide eyes... Luffy... like... Monkey... D... FREAKING PIRATE KING LUFFY? Eyes bulging out, jaw hanging open and a tread of mucus trailing down from his nose..

"Please oldman! Keep the secret and I'll pay extra". Nami said worriedly, it wasn't like they were afraid of being captured by the local police, but if they were certainly having a great time and didn't want get chased out the island.

The man just needed a moment to recover, everyone's gazes piercing his soul but Luffy's specially, that grinning young man just had something about his gaze, something that at that very moment conveyed a feeling of trust.

"What secret young lady? I don't know what are you talking about, all I see is some guests that I have to tend to" he grinned and proceeded to fill everyone's cups. The group let out a breath they didn't know where holding and Luffy just laughed out loud. That was a cool old man after all.

The party and the colorful parade continued and as the night went by Luffy couldn't feel happier that he was at that very moment, surrounded by his companions, with the woman hiding an important secret sitting at his right and plenty of food over the table.

Suddenly Nami stood up and excused herself,

"Nami" Luffy said grabbing her wrist before she could walk off.

"IM GOING TO THE BATHROOM!" she snapped with shark teeth. Everyone grinned at her and Robin stood up without needing to be asked.

"I'll go with her" she said offering Luffy a reassuring smile. They had the balcony for themselves but the place was packed, people came and went and so late in the night there were those beginning to get drunk and the place got rowdy.

Of course the line to the ladies bathroom was long and as Nami finally stepped in, Robin stood outside, her astute eyes noticing strange movements from the exterior of the restaurant as suspicious individuals moved about.

"Nami, I think we should go" Robin commented with a touch of urgency in her voice.

Just as Nami was going to step out a big explosion impacted on the middle of the plaza across the street, windows shattering and debris falling everywhere, Robin was quick to cover herself with her hana-hana powers and the help of a table, still, she was pushed back by the sheer impact of it all.

The people closest to the street was thrown about, wounded and shocked nobody could begin to comprehend what really happened and the ones that hadn't been wounded started to run, panic broke quickly as masses of people screamed and flew for their life. It was a horrible vision straight from a battlefield.

"Nami!" Robin was quick to push the door open just as the other woman stepped out, totally unharmed

"Are you ok?" Both asked at the very same time, and nodded when they found they were just fine.

"What... what happened" Nami asked as she saw the destruction going around her... "Are we being attacked?"

"No, I don't think so..."

People would push them as they fought to fly the place, Nami began to feel anxious about the chaos going on around her, she was scared, but not scared about her exactly...

A cloud of smoke and debris, along with the people running like cattle made it almost impossible to see.

"NAMI!" his voice, desperate, could be heard above the screaming multitude, he was pushing people away without trying to be malicious about it, he knew, this people were just terrified citizens.

He was screaming her name over and over, and when he finally saw her, unharmed just behind Robin a wave of relief overcame him, he embraced her like she could disappear any second.

The warning that Chopper gave him after he found out about Nami's pregnancy had been engraved on his mind ever since.

"Luffy... the baby growing inside Nami can't defend itself and is VERY frail. If Nami falls down, if she gets hit, if she gets attacked, that baby could die inside of her. Do you understand Luffy?" Chopper had said very seriously and with a firm tone of voice.

"Of course I understand Chopper! What do you take me for" he had said, slightly offended. Of course he had assumed a little baby the size of a pea growing inside Nami would be frail... but Chopper had looked so serious... and Nami, pirate that she was, was used to fight. That she would fall, that she would get hit or attacked, it was just part of her daily job.

He wasn't entirely sure he could entirely prevent that... nevertheless at that moment he swore to himself he would certainly try.

"Luffy" Nami began pulling apart from him slightly, at that moment she noticed that Luffy's clothes were torn to shreds, probably because of the explosion, but he didn't appear to be wounded.

"What happened, is everyone alright?"

"Yes, they are fine, but I don't know what happened in this place! There was an explosion in the middle of the plaza and there are lots of people hurt"

"Are they attacking us?" Robin asked.

The old man that was their host appeared in front of them, blood was running down his face from various cuts,
"Those dam insurgents! Damn them!" he would scream as his scared eyes gazed at the chaos around him.

"Genai-san" Robin said, calling the owner's name, unlike Luffy, she had bothered to remember. "What's happening, what insurgents"

The man, in an attempt to calm down tried to clean his face with his apron, "This is horrible... this island used to be so peaceful, but a couple of years ago a company found a big deposit of minolie and started to forcefully buying farming lands to mine them. People started to riot because food prices went up but the money for the minolie was all going to an offshore company... and the new government can't help..."

"Oldman, what is miloie" Luffy asked confused...

"It's a new mineral that can be harvested for fuel" Robin explained with rage in her eyes. Luffy's eyes widened in rage when he understood, his teeth bearing in rage.

"Are you telling me some assholes just blasted the plaza for some stupid rocks! Are you saying somebody could have harmed my nakama... Nami and the b... " he held about the baby just barely so, but his fist where clenched and at that very moment, the old man could clearly see this young man held an immense amount of power. Something frightening that oppressed his chest.

Nami placed a hand on his shoulder

"Luffy calm down, I'm okay, everyone is okay"

"LIKE HELL' LL CALM DOWN! Look at the old man! he is hurt! Look around you Nami, outside there's a lot of injured people and Chopper is treating a guy that lost his leg, its horrible!" he said in indignation.

Nami's eyes widened and her hands flew to her mouth.

"Robin, tell Usopp and Sanji to head back to Sunny right now... you stay back to help find the enemies, I feel... I don't feel strong guys but I feel like there is a lot of wild people around" he tried to explain with his limited vocabulary. Still Robin knew him well enough and understood that there were probably more people of the insurgent army around.

"I'm taking Nami back to Sunny Go"

"Wait Luffy!" Nami complained as she reached out for her Ultimate Clima tact that she had strapped on her tight. "I have to help too... " she began, But he held her wrist and looked at her with an emotion she wasn't used to see in his eyes... he looked scared.

Another explosion, this time a couple of street farther away, rocked everything around them. He held Nami in his chest until he was sure the danger had passed.

"Lets go" he said simply after a moment, giving Robin a last look, the woman said; "Be careful, I'll tell the others".

He pushed through the multitude, making way as they ran, and as soon as they were near an alley he made Nami climb over his back, and started rocketing from building to building.

"Nami, you gotta stay back with Usopp and Sanji over the Sunny"

"Alright Luffy I'll but calm down..." she said as he kept running at full speed, but even so she noticed the way he jumped on deck, mindful of her.

"Are you sure you are not hurt?" he asked as he paced by the railing, obviously anxious about heading back to the city. She assured him that she wasn't hurt, once again.

Finally, Sanji and Usopp appeared running towards the Sunny,

"Sanji, Usopp!" Luffy screamed while jumping down, as he passed by Sanji in the opposite direction, he glanced directly into the cook's eyes, something deep went on between them in a fraction of a second.

"Protect Nami" he said simple, never looking back, never stopping for a second.

"Roger captain" Both, Usopp and Sanji said in unison.

Nami just leaned over the railing, glancing worriedly at the city's direction, smoke and dark clouds coming from it. She was a little surprised by Luffy's attitude, she hadn't expected for him to be so protective, little did she know, that it wasn't going to be the last time.

That incident would be talked about all over the west Blue for months to come, apparently, the Pirate King had searched all over the island for the leader of the insurgents, who finally turned out to be the owner of Offshore company that was causing all the commotion at the island and had hired mercenaries in order to act like insurgent citizens, trying to blame the farmers of the terrorist attacks, so the government wouldn't take away his business.

He was powerful in terms of money and political position, but as the pirate King entered his mansion after trashing his body guards, he was reduced to a whimpering pile of human trash that offered Luffy money and contacts.

Of course that didn't save him from a good beating. Shortly after that, the man was arrested thanks for all the information Robin provided to the local police, she would see that her contacts over the new government (meaning ex Revolutionaries) knew about all this operation.


In Mariejoes, Dragon smirked as he read the report about the whereabouts of his son, even without intending it, his son always ended up helping his cause.

And apparently Luffy had decided to explore the West Blue.

He reached for the newspaper and clipped the page about Luffy and reached for a big journal he held on his lower desk's cabinet.

He passed the pages, full of articles and newspaper clippings about his son and placed it in the first blank page he found, grinning with a smile.

"Keep living like you want Luffy"


Sooner than they thought, Nami entered the fifth month of pregnancy, and while she didn't look fat, she held an adorable bump on her belly since pants wouldn't fit anymore, she had opted to wear summer dresses, that dissimulated her pregnancy.

One afternoon, as the Sunny was sailing at a steadfast speed and the weather was nice, Nami was relaxing on her lawn chair as she read a book and she gasped when she felt something unusual.

Her hand went to her belly and her face lightened.

Robin, who was reading in the chair next to her gazed at her.

"Nami? Are you alright?" She asked sitting up.

Nami's eyes filled with unshed tears as she nodded, a smile on her face.

"Robin! I can feel it, it's moving and kicking!"

Robin stood up and sat next to her. Usopp and Chopper who were fishing by the railing overheard the conversation and ran over to her.

"Here Robin! Touch it!" Nami said with a smile grabbing her friend's hand and placing it over her belly.

"Interesting, it's like having a live parasite on the bowels", the archeologist commented darkly.

"ROBIN!" Nami complained.

"Nami, are you ok?" Chopper asked glancing at her with curiosity. He was following the pregnancy closely and knew everything was going according to book, the baby was growing normally and the mother was a strong, healthy woman with an excellent diet provided by Sanji.

"Chopper, the baby's moving" Nami explained with a smile.

The doctor grinned in emotion, he had attended some labors with Doctorine in the past, but for him, Nami was the first pregnant woman fully at his care.

"Yes, medical literature says that babies start to move after the fifth month"

"Luffy! Luffy!" Nami called excitedly around, she didn't knew where he was at the momment.

He pooped out the hatch in the middle of deck, as he was on Franky's workshop annoying the Cyborg a little.

"what? Is there an island?" he asked.

"No, it's the baby, its moving, come here!" she hurriedly took his hand and placed it over her bump... only to him to dead pan

He looked at her, annoyed, "Nothing is happening"

"Oh... it just stopped moving right now" She said a little dejected.

Luffy squinted his eyes and glanced at Nami's belly suspiciously, his finger poking her softly.

"Go on, move" he all but ordered.

Chopper chuckled, "Luffy, is not going to move just because you say so"

"But I wanna" The twenty two years old said childishly.

"Come on,... move" he repeated, and then he felt it, the little bump inside Nami's belly, it was so weird

"HAHAHAHA!" He started to laugh. "You see!"

Of course everyone wanted their turn until Nami got sick of all the poking and handling and she threatened to charge a hundred million berry the touch.

Days after, at night while Nami was reading on her bed with the bedside light turned on, Luffy entered the room noisily, of course. As she read, he proceeded to kick all his clothes away to a corner (which it annoyed her to no end, just throwing his beautiful gold threaded EXPENSIVE jacket she had tailor made for him).

He hopped into bed next to her as she wrinkled her nose, her reading glasses falling down a little, but she didn't have the energy to scold and decided to ignore him, simply sighing in annoyance.

"What are you reading?" He asked.

"Don't fake interest" she answered lowering the book, "It's just a book about pregnancy that Chopper recommended, to be more prepared"

"Mmmm... boring" he commented, if it was and adventures book he would be a little more interested.

"IT'S FOR YOUR CHILD IS SAKE!" She barked with shark teeth.

"Ok... then its ok" he said, "even so... BORING!"

She hit him with the book over the head, of course as he was a rubber man the book just bounced, and Nami had a funny thought, maybe knowledge just bounced off Luffy because he was rubber.

"You are the worst" She commented playfully, and then she gasped and just had to smile. Luffy understood her expression immediately.

"Is it moving again?" He asked, a little fascinated by what was going on inside Nami.

He moved, and placed his head over Nami's belly, he could definitely feel a movement.

"In the book, it's says that now that it moves it probably can hear too. It also says it's good to play music to them to stimulate the baby's development" she explained.

"Ohh! Awesome! So if we play a lot of music it will get stronger?!" Stars appeared on his eyes at the prospect, "Really?"

"No! Idiot, it won't be strong like you think. Perhaps it could turn smarter... by Oda I hope it will" she said hoping some genes wouldn't pass on.

"HEY!" Luffy said, offended... amazingly he understood the insult and Nami just took her tongue out playfully. There was another movement inside Nami, and Luffy was distracted by that, choosing to cuddle on her lap.

"Nami... if the baby can hear... do you think he would like a story?"

She opened her eyes in surprise, very touched, and nodded, leaving the book on the bedside table and getting comfortable as Luffy laid on her lap.

"So baby, I'll tell you about your uncles, Ace and Sabo and all the adventures we had..." he began.

Nami was surprised, for Luffy to willingly share something about his past, especially his childhood was a rarity, so she decided to be silent and just hear his somewhat incoherent tales – because he would jump from a part of the story to another without any sort of sense.

As he was talking excitedly, he suddenly said.

"... and we will go camping, it will be so fun!" he grinned.

Nami's eyes filled with tears as her hand flew to her mouth, trying to held a whimper, Luffy was being so naïve it hurt.

"Whaa Nami why are you crying suddenly! Are you hurting?" He said scared as he sat on the bed. She shook her head no but couldn't stop a couple of tears from sliding down her cheek.

"Luffy... you talk as if... as if our child could stay with us... don't you understand? Don't you understand that you decided to leave the baby back in Cocogashi Luffy... THERE WON'T BE CAMPS OR ADVENTURES!" she snapped and cupped her face on her hands as tears started to fall from her eyes.

Luffy's gaze went down, his hair covering his eyes. He didn't need to be reminded... he knew.

Nami turned the light off and laid down on the bed with her back to him as she wept for her unborn child. He clenched his teeth... he hated that sound, making Nami cry was the worst feeling, it made him very uncomfortable.

"Nami... I know this is the price we have to pay for the life we've chosen"

He sighed and lay next to her, spooning her from behind, she was rigid, crying desperately and very distressed. He buried his nose in her thick hair...

"Nami, when the baby gets older, maybe twelve or so... we will go back to pick him up, and if he wants, he will be able to come with us. So we'll probably miss him for a while, but when he is old enough there'll be definitely camps and adventures. Don't be sad"

She gasped in surprise... he hadn't bothered to share that part of the plan with her before...

"Twelve years... is a lot of time.." she whispered, but it was a good age for a boy to start working aboard a ship as an apprentice... she assumed.

When she didn't talk any further he sighed and cradled her against his chest just a little bit tighter, "Nami, it will be hard... but as long as we are together, we will be fine"

She nodded... because he acted most of the time like a spoiled brat, she could forget that sometimes, he could be very mature and down to earth when it mattered... she knew in her heart that he was right; it was the price they had to pay for the lives they had chosen...

She could only hope that by the time they went back, the child wouldn't hate them.

He was going to be in for a big surprise. That was for sure!


To be continued...

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