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(Ice Cream Shoppe AU)

He's surprised to see the text come at 6 am. Don't people sleep in during the summer? Then again she does have a job.

I'll see you there around 6.

He smiles and replies with a smiley face.

His shift starts at 5 everyday. It kinda sucks to work from 5 till 9, but his parents trust him to lock up and when he has stuff to do with his friends they're cool about letting him off. Plus before his shift he's free to do whatever, excepting when he has to look after Pippa or play chauffeur. Today he's got plans with Hiccup, who he met at the skate park a few years ago. He likes hanging out with Hiccup because they have the same sense of humor and he's a pretty chill guy. He's looking forward to it even more today, because Hiccup happens to attend the acclaimed Edison Institute. The same school Elsa goes to.

Hiccup knows her. They took the same math class, which means she must be a math whiz because Hiccup finished college level Calculus last year, and the same physics class. He says that she's quiet but smart and a really hard worker.

He also wonders aloud with a smirk plastered on his face why Jack is so curious about this girl. Jack feels his cheeks warm up in a way they rarely do and replies with a shrug. Hiccup mentions that she's never gone out with anyone and states, with that annoying smirk still apparent, that she's probably single. Jack makes a remark about Astrid being single too and he shuts up.

Poor kid has had a crush on Astrid Hofferson practically his whole life. It was kinda cute when they were in middle school. But it didn't die down when they were freshmen, not even when he transfered to Edison the next year. He did see her frequently though so maybe that's why it never died down. Their parents are family friends, both from the same city in Norway. Burgess seems to have a large Norwegian population. Anyway, because of their parents being friends Hiccup always sees Astrid at random get togethers. It didn't help that they are all on the same club hockey team. And they have the same hunting instructor. She is way out of his league though. Extremely popular, great at sports, and incredibly beautiful, Astrid Hofferson is practically the queen of BHS, even without cheerleader status. Then there's Hiccup: nobody, awful at any sport that involves strength, and all around geeky nerd. He doesn't stand a chance.

"So you know how I had that run in with the wolf," Hiccup starts, attempting to change the subject.

"Yeah?" Jack lets him continue. Talking about Astrid can make Hiccup weird.

"I might have gone back to see him."


"He's not that dangerous actually."

"Hiccup, are you trying to get yourself killed?"

"No. He's not going to hurt me. I've been working with him and-"


"He's really starting to listen to me."

"Oh god, hiccup-"

"And I've learned things that have actually helped me with hunting."


"Yeah I'm not going to kill anything but I can get them to stop attaching and such."

"So the rest of the class has stopped trying to kill you?"

"Yeah you could say that."

"Okay, just be careful."

They talk some more, watch hockey, and end up going back to the skate park.

His phone vibrates right before it's his turn on the half pipe. Normally he would be exasperated by the reminder to get to Frosty's but today, he's looking forward to it.

"Bye, Hiccup," he calls as hs grabs his board and heads to the shop.