Chapter 1

Chase POV

I, Chase Davenport, was in love...

But the person who I was in love was my own... BROTHER.

Sure, he is not blood related but it sounds gross but I want it so badly...

When Adam wears the tight PE clothes it outline his hot muscles. From top to the bottom.

Seeing him in the showers after PE gives me a big erection which is pretty embarrassing.

I have dreams where me and Adam do S and M practices where he tops me and beats me but gives me awesome pleasure.

Still I know... I have to give up about Adam.

He bullies me and I feel like he hates me. He leaves me and hangs out with Leo more often.

Today, was like any ordinary day. Adam would tease me and just throw me but there was something that was different. Adam would tackle me from the back shirtless. His huge pecs and abs touching his back gives me an erection that nothing I tried such as masturbating and cold showers would make it go away.

Finally I decided to sleep it away.

Adam was wearing just his boxers and while I was completely naked he would suck my right nipple, use one of his hand to play with the left nipple and finally he would use his other hand to jerk me off. This was so much pleasure that I'm receiving at once. I started to moan his name yelling out Adam don't stop feel so good.

I kept moaning and drooling then Adam placed his finger in my mouth.i felt something warm wrapped around my cock. It was Adam sucking on my cock. He was licking all of the precum. I couldn't take it anymore I yelled at him to fuck me. Then he did. No foreplay, he just fucked me. He thrust back and forth with high speed and it was hitting my prostate. I couldn't take any more pleasure I was going to, going to, going to...

I woke up and realized all of them was a dream. I cried...anything good only happens in my dream. I decided to go back to sleep.

3rd POV

Adam was besides Chase's bedroom door. He heard all of Chase's scream of pleasure.

"Adam fuck me ! Fuck Me!"

Now, Adam was not disgusted he was more happy. He also wanted to do different things with Chase. He smirked and made a plan to tease Chase in a lovely sexy way.