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Chapter 10

"Arthur please calm down."

"Calm down? I almost had it out of him." Arthur shouted.

"Keep your voice down." Gwen said as she entered the room.

Morgana and Arthur turned to look at her at the same time.

"I am sorry. I have forgotten my place." She started to ramble.

"No it's fine." Arthur said softly.

"Just your father has put more guards around everywhere. I don't think he like that fact that you left especially when he found out that you had been captured by Cenred."

"How did he find that out?"

Gwen put her hands up. "I haven't said a word."

Morgana sighed into a chair.

"What is that all about?" Arthur said, noticing Morgana.

"You may think he is an idiot and a coward but Merlin has been protecting you since he got here. I don't know why so don't ask me. I believe that somehow he … he gets through … the spell or whatever she did to him seems to wear off. If Morgause has a plan, she would believe that she could trust him. Maybe that is what they were talking about. Maybe he told your father so you remain in Camelot and are safe."

Arthur creased his brow.

"Gaius had said he was more resilient than we think."

Morgana thought about telling them. Telling them about his magic.

"I just would be ready if we find out something that we wished we didn't." She said.

"Like what?" Arthur asked.

"Are you suggesting magic?" Gwen asked.

"Merlin wouldn't be able to keep that a secret. He is useless."

"But going back to Gaius, I cannot believe that he hasn't seen any change in Merlin. I mean he lives with him." Gwen mentioned.

The nobles turned to her.

"I saw him earlier and just asked him if he had noticed anything different with Merlin. He said that he hadn't noticed anything."

"Maybe he doesn't want to see him to be any different." Morgana said.

"Then he won't give us any help." Arthur added.

They sat in silence.

"You know when we had those peace talks and I was enchanted and fell in love with Vivian, what stopped that spell?"

Gwen started to go red.

Arthur reworded the question. "What is stronger than any spell?"

"True love." Gwen said, looking at Arthur.

Arthur smiled at her.

I have thoughts. They are awful thoughts ... But then you are always there to stop me and they start to go away…. I fell out of what Morgause had done to me because of you. Every time I am around you, it happens. Not as much as it did then. I try and think of you as much as possible because it directs my thought process off killing.

Morgana quickly stood up.

"Sorry I have to go."

She could have hit herself for not realising it earlier.

She ran out of the room. Morgana walked as quickly as she could around the corridors and ran when there were no guards around.

Arthur had sent Merlin to clean out the stables to try and keep him as busy as possible. She had hoped that he had finished and had washed as she headed towards the physician's chambers.

As she came to the stairs, Merlin came down them. Morgana stopped him where he was.

"I have been so stupid."

Merlin gave her a confused look.

"You have been giving me the answer all this time."

He tried to keep up with her but only realised what she was going on about when she rose up on her tiptoes and placed a kiss on his lips.

"True love." Gwen said, looking at Arthur.

Arthur smiled at her.

That was how she had got him out of his enchantment. It felt good that he knew who his true love was and he knew he was never going to let her go. It didn't matter to him that at this moment that he couldn't marry her. He could do that when he was king.

He was distracted by Morgana standing up quickly.

"Sorry I have to go."

Both Arthur and Gwen watched her go.

"Where is she going?" Arthur asked.

Gwen shrugged.

They sat for a few minutes before getting up to follow her and reached the door at the same time.

Arthur opened it and held it open. "Come on we don't want to lose her." He said, urging her on.

They hoped that they were going into the right direction and quickly caught up with her.

They stopped suddenly. Arthur looked at Gwen before looking back to the scene in front of them. They were gobsmacked even though it made so much sense.

Morgana let him go and watched as his eyes as they turned gold, as if he was going knew that once this was all over she would get him to teach her everything he knew about magic.

Merlin stumbled for a bit before he got his bearings.


"Hey." Morgana repeated, smiling up at him.

He shakes his head and wobbled slightly.

"You alright?"

"What happened?" Merlin asked. "I remember being in the council chamber but then it is all fuzzy."

Morgana's smile dropped slightly.

Arthur walked up and spoilt the moment.

"We will explain everything when we get back to my room."

"I am extremely grateful."

Merlin looked up at her.

"I am glad you found another way. I wouldn't have wanted to turn against Camelot. I may hate Uther but that doesn't mean I would want to go against my home. Arthur and Gwen wouldn't have deserved that. They had treated me well." Morgana explained.

He nodded.

"What about me?"

"Well I haven't known you long."

"Great, thanks. You might as well have told me that I meant nothing to you."

She pushed him playfully.

"You mean a lot to me. Just because I haven't known you long doesn't mean that I don't care for you."

"I had always thought that he was wrong about you."

Morgana smiled.

"How did you manage to free him without him taking his revenge?"

"I bargained with him." He said. "I knew he was going to do something. I saw in the Crystal of Neahtid. And also he had been under that castle for over 20 years. You would build up some strong feelings."

She hummed in agreement.

"I said that I would try and get Arthur to accept magic before he becomes king. Hopefully if he does then when he becomes king, Albion can be born sooner."

"We still have Morgause to deal with though."

"Let her try and kill them. She won't succeed."

"I am glad you are so certain."

"Well we will do it as we should have done from the start."

Morgana turned to him. "How's that?"

"Together." Merlin said, giving her a quick kiss.