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P.S., a basic understanding of the plot of Bioshock Infinite is required to fully understand what is going on.

Bioshock Infinite: Mr. Smith

Chapter 1:

The Lighthouse

"We've arrived." said the strange woman after she and what Booker assumed to be her brother were talking for what seemed like hours. They just pulled up to the dock where he was supposed to be, leading to the strange lighthouse in the middle of nowhere. Booker took the box of items he had been given and climbed up to the wooden dock, watching as the two twins (he was pretty sure they were twins) began to row away.

"Shall we tell him when we'll be returning?" asked the woman.

"Would that change anything?" replied the man.

"It might give him some comfort."

"At least that's something we can agree on."

"Hey!" Booker called to them. "Is somebody meeting me here?"

"I'd certainly hope so." the man answered.

"It does seem like a dreadful place to be stranded." the woman continued.

Booker watched them row for a bit before turning to the lighthouse. "Ah, well maybe there's someone inside..."

After walking up to the door of the lighthouse, the first thing he noticed was a note pinned to the door. He took it off of the nail it hung from and read it:


Bring us the girl

and wipe away the debt.



"Huh." he said, pocketing the note and knocking on the door. "Ah, excuse me. It's Booker DeWitt..." he began to slowly push the door open. "I guess you're expecting me..."

The inside of the lighthouse was dark, only a few candles lighting the area. In front of him was a small table with a basin of water. Above it hung a sign that said "Of thy sins I shall wash thee." Booker went over to the basin and peered into it, the clear water reflecting his image back at him. He looked up at the "OF thy sins I shall wash thee" sign before stepping away with a scoff.

"Good luck with that, pal." He said.

"Tell me about it." said a voice. "I never was a religious man."

Booker twirled to see a man with floppy but well-groomed hair standing beside him. He wore a light tan tweed coat with red suspenders and a red bow-tie.

"I thought you'd never come." said the man with a British accent, hands in his pockets.

"You came to meet me here?" Booker asked.

"Mmmmm... No." replied the man. "I just came 'cause I can. That enough for you? Though I guess that's a bit of a lie, because I came to help you, but that's not important."

Booker tilted his head to the side. "Who are you?"

"Ah... John. John Smith." said the man, holding out his hand. Booker hesitantly took it and shook.

"Booker. Booker DeWitt. Though I suppose you already knew that."

"What tells you that?"

"The fact that you said 'I thought you'd never come.'"

"Ah, that. It's a bit hard to explain at the moment. I'll tell you later." He gestured towards the stairway leading up. "Shall we?"

Booker shrugged and led the way upwards, stopping every once in a while to collect coins that John Smith identified as "Silver Eagles", the currency of the city they were going to.

"City?" Booker asked.

John only gave a teasing smile. "Spoilers."

Booker sighed. "Allright." They soon stopped to inspect a map hung up on a wall. Several strands of red yarn made a path across the country of the United States. Next to it a note was pinned: Be Prepared. He is on his way. You must stop him. -C

"I think somebody isn't a big fan of you." said John.

"I get told that all the time." chuckled Booker as they went further upstairs, soon coming to a dead man tied to a chair, blood pooling across the floor. A bag was over his head and there was another note pinned to his chest: Don't Disappoint Us.

"Shit." Booker said under his breath.

"No swears please." said John, wagging his finger like a mother to her child.

"Sorry." Booker said as they went further up the steps, finally coming to the top of the lighthouse, rain pouring down on them. In front of a door was a set of three bells, each with a different symbol on them: a scroll, a key, and a sword.

"Wait a minute, that card..." said Booker, taking out a card with the symbols on it. Apparently he should ring the scroll once, the key twice, and the sword twice as well. Once he did so, the area was lit up by a red light and some sort of fog horn began to sound. "What in the world...?

"Save your amazement for later." said John as the horn continued to sound. "More is to come."

After a series of mechanical sounds, the metal door opened and Booker looked inside to see a single red chair sitting in the center. He walked inside and looked back at John. "Only one seat..."

"Don't worry about me." said john. "I'll find my own way up."


Another teasing smile. "Spoilers. Have fun, booker." He waved to him before going back down the stairs.

"Heh." said Booker before climbing into the chair. "So now wha-" metal clamps secured his arms in place, and he began to struggle. "What the hell?"

"Make yourself ready, pilgrim." said a mechanical voice as some sort of metal enclosure folded up around him and the chair. "The bindings are there as a safeguard."

The chair then tilted downward to show the floor opening up, and Booker's gun fell where he couldn't retrieve it.

"No no... Goddammit!" he exclaimed as it was burned by several blasts of flame below him. The floor then tilted back so he was right side up again as the voice continued.

"Ascension... Ascension in the count of FIVE... count of FOUR... THREE..."

"No no no no no." Booker repeated.

"TWO... ONE..."

Out the window in front of him, Booker could see that he was being lifted up into the cloudy sky in the metal encasing.

"Ascension... Ascension..."

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