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Roy looked at the newspaper that Hawkeye threw on his desk.

"What's this about?" He asked her.

"You should read the front page article, sir." She said. He picked the paper up and looked at it.

"Another one, huh?" It was an article about a military officer getting kidnapped. It was the sixth one in a single month.

"Yes sir, we should probably open an investigation before this gets even more serious." Hawkeye said.

"We can start an investigation tonight." Roy paused. "How about bringing Fullmetal along?" Hawkeye looked at him with a puzzled look on her face.

"Why do you say that?"

"There's going to be hard times ahead, he should experience a few real military operations before that happens." Hawkeye nodded and Roy grabbed a phone.


Ed was lying down on a couch in his private room in the military dorms. It was a rare event when he had free time and so he was sleeping. The phone next to him began ringing and it startled him awake. He picked it up and Mustang was on the line.

"Hello?" Ed said.

"Hey Fullmetal."

"Colonel, is something wrong?" Ed asked.

"Yeah, something is wrong. Have you seen the news?" Mustang asked. Ed picked up a newspaper that had been delivered that morning that he discarded on the table and began to read the article.

"Why are you calling me about this?"

"I'm taking a team to investigate tonight and I want you to come along." Ed thought about it for a minute.

"Alright, I'll come along."

"We'll pick you up at the dorms tonight at 9, also, leave Al."

"How come?"

"This is a stealth mission. As much as we both hate to admit it, a 7 foot suit of armor won't exactly fit that profile." Roy said.

"Fine." The click Ed heard told him that Roy had hung up.

Little did anyone know how terribly this operation would go…


Roy, Hawkeye, Fuery, and Havoc pulled up to the front door of the military dorms where Ed stood. They were riding in a simple army provided car. Roy rolled down the passenger seat window.

"Hey Fullmetal, ready to go?" He asked and Ed silently got in the car. They pulled away from the dorms and began driving around.

"So, what exactly are we going to do to stop these kidnappings?" Ed asked.

"We think that there's going to be another kidnapping tonight near an almost empty central command building. All we have to do is stop the guy and then the case is closed." Roy said. Havoc pulled out a cigarette and began smoking it slowly as the group rode in silence. The car pulled into an ally just down the street from the central command building and everyone got out. Since it was technically a stealth mission none of them wore military uniforms, although it was pretty easy to tell they were military personal because of the fact they all had guns besides Roy and Ed. Ed turned to leave the ally when he suddenly collapsed.

"Ed, are you okay?" Hawkeye asked before she saw something on his neck.

A tranquilizer dart?

She thought before a similar one hit her neck.

"Lieutenant!" Roy shouted before he looked around for the shooter. Havoc and Fuery both dropped to the ground. Roy looked the culprit in the eye right before he felt a small pain in the back of his neck. He slammed on the ground after someone began to drag his subordinates away.


Ed slowly opened his eyes. He was on a cold metal surface and was incredibly sore. He looked around and tried to push himself up with his right hand but he fell off the thick metal sheet he was on. He looked at his automail hand only to see a stump where his hand should've been.

"Good, you're awake." Roy said. Ed looked around and saw that the group was trapped in a prison-like cell. Everyone in the room had shackles on around their feet.

"What happened?" Ed got back onto what was supposed to be a bed.

"We got captured by the people we were supposed to capture." Hawkeye said. Ed looked down and saw that his clothes had been replaced with hospital garments. The room was incredibly dark. It had no windows and a single dying lightbulb on the middle of the ceiling. There was a hallway next to the door, which looked like the door to a cage, and it was easy to see lots of similar rooms. The sound of locks clicking echoed through the hall and a bright light slowly appeared at the end of the hall. Ed squinted to try and see what was happening. Footsteps echoed through the hall. The footsteps got closer until two people stood in front of the call Ed was in. There was a man and a woman. They were both wearing lab coats.

"So, you did manage to get both the Flame Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist in one go. Good work." The woman said to the man. She turned to the cell. She had blue eyes and light brown hair. Her lab coat had a nametag that said 'Dr. S Tucker'. "My my, quite the interesting group we have here." She paused. "Two incredibly powerful state alchemists and a few loyal soldiers. This will do quite nicely." Ed looked at her and her nametag.

"Who the hell are you?!" He demanded.

"Who? Me?" She said sarcastically. "I suppose that I should give you and introduction, you did meet my brother a few years ago. I assume that he didn't tell you about me. He wasn't a very caring person."

"Your nametag says Doctor Tucker, so are you related to Shou Tucker?" She smirked.

"Yes, I'm his younger sister, Doctor Sage. Unlike him, I have no interest in being an alchemist. However, alchemy is the perfect solution for mankind's problems." She said. "I have no talent for it and have never been able to learn it, but I know that it is the perfect solution!" Everyone in the cell stared at her.

"Are you mad?!" Mustang yelled. Sage laughed.

"No, I'm a scientist." She pointed at Ed. "And right here is the perfect test subject! And not just you, I can make all of you perfect!" She turned to the man that had come in with her. "Bring the Fullmetal Alchemist downstairs. Begin prep work on the experiment." She turned to the open door and walked away. The man pulled a set of keys out of his lab coat and opened the cell. He pulled a syringe out of another pocket and walked up to Ed. Without a word, he jammed the syringe into Ed's neck and watched the boy pass out.

"What did you do to him?" Mustang asked.

"Calm down, I only knocked him out." The man unlocked the shackles around Ed's ankles and lifted him up. "Although, if he's going downstairs then there's no guarantee for his safety." The man locked the cell and left. Silence filled the air after the hall door closed. One thought resonated on everyone's minds.

What the hell goes on downstairs?

Unknown to some of them, they would find out the hard way.

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