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Mustang woke up to the feeling of cold stone. He was laying on his side in another cell. He wasn't actually chained to the walls this time around. Placing his hands on the ground, he lifted himself into a sitting position and looked around.

"Colonel? Are you up?" He looked through the bars of his cell to see an identical one right across from him containing a certain neko. He moved up to the bars and faced Ed.

"So, where do you think we are this time?"

"I don't know, and to think that the last place seemed unwelcoming." Ed pushed himself up, only to curl up in pain.

"Are you alright?" Ed slowly nodded.

"It just feels like my body hates me, that's all." Ed moved to the back wall of his cell and threw up in the corner. Sighing, he sat down in the middle of the cell again. He heard a light sound of movement nearby. His ears swiveled around, trying to locate the slightest sound.

"You're the people from the last lab, aren't you?" A very familiar voice asked.

"Doctor Sage?" Mustang asked. The doctor crawled to the bars of her cell to the right of Ed's.

"You are! You're the chimeras from my lab…" She said.

"Why the hell did you drag us here?!" Ed shouted.

"It wasn't me that brought you here. It was the people that I work for." She said calmly.

"Who do you work for?" Mustang asked. She sighed.

"You'll find out soon enough." A few minutes later, a door opened at the end of the hall. A woman and a boy walked down the hallway. The two stopped at Sage's cell.

"I appreciate the work you did, doctor. You've driven them into secrecy and away from the military." The woman said. The boy looked at Ed. He stared for a second or two before bursting into laughter. "What's so funny?"

"You made the Fullmetal pipsqueak into a girl?!" The boy continued to laugh. "You literally made him a pussy cat!" The boy laughed a bit longer before regaining his composure. "Alright, kitty, you're coming with us."

"And if I choose not to? I saw what you freaks did to Hughes and Havoc! If you want to kill me then just get it over with." The woman walked up to the cell and opened it.

"We didn't give you a choice. You're coming with us. And besides, you're more useful to us alive." Ed grumbled and got up. The boy opened up Sage's cell.

"You're coming too, after all, don't you want to watch us test your beloved creation?" She got up and silently followed, never making eye contact with Ed. The four walked out of the hall, leaving Mustang alone in the dimly lit cell.

The boy strapped Ed using leather straps. He pulled a mysterious contraption out of a closet.

"It's been said that women have a higher pain tolerance than men, would you like to see if that's true?" The boy said, strapping Ed's left arm to the mysterious device.
"Wha-what...are y-you doing?!" Ed shouted. The boy smirked.
"You'll see, little kitten, you'll see..." The boy grabbed Ed's pinky finger and put it on top of what looked like the back of a stapler. "So, you'll either agree to do what we say, or you find out what this does." Ed looked at it and then at The boy.

"Never you bastard." The boy smirked.

"Suit yourself." He slammed his hand down on the device. Time seemed to slow to a crawl as Ed watched it rip his whole fingernail off. He watched the nail fly off and hit the floor. Screams filled the air as small blood droplets began to drip off his finger. Sage stood away from the boy being tortured and felt a few tears fall down her face. The boy smirked again.

"So, do you want that to happen again or will you be the dog that everyone says you are?" Ed looked down. "Fair enough." The boy held Ed's ring finger down and slammed on the device. He did this over and over again until Ed ran out of fingers to do. The boy sighed. "I'll find another way to crack you, I've got an eternity." He walked Ed and Sage back in silence. The woman stood outside of Mustang's cell. She opened the door and he looked up. The boy closed Sage's cell before she could enter it.

"Looks like you'll get to do something today after all, little doctor." The woman said. Ed watched them get escorted out of the hall. Screams and light flooded the hall.

"But...she said she doesn't know alchemy! How could she do this if she doesn't?!" Ed asked no one in particular. A few minutes later, the boy came back with a teary-eyed Sage and an unconscious Mustang. The boy smirked.

"Even the talentless can use alchemy with the philosopher's stone, can't they Sage?" Ed stared at her.

"No...you didn't…" He paused. "You used a philosopher's stone?!" Tears fell down her face and she sobbed. That night, Ed fell asleep to the sounds of sadness and the knowledge of what it's like to rip off all your nails.


Ed wasn't even sure if it was morning when he woke up. He looked around, wondering if their 'caretakers' had come by. He heard movement and looked forward to see Mustang waking up.

"Colonel? Are you okay?" He asked. The man slowly opened his eyes and sat up. "What'd they do?" Mustang looked around and blinked a few times.

"Is it night, Fullmetal?"

"How the hell am I supposed to know?"

"Did they turn the lights off?"

"No, why?" Mustang blinked a few more times before getting up and going to the edge of his cell.

"They must have. It's so dark in here right now. Where are the lights? Fullmetal, if you think this is a joke, this isn't very funny." Ed watched the man walk around his cell, dazed and confused, bumping into everything.

"Colonel, come here, follow my voice." The man went to the bars and sat in front of them. Ed looked closely into his eyes. His normal dark orbs were gone, replaced with grey, confused ones.

"What's going on? Is something wrong?" Mustang asked.

"No...no way…" Ed mumbled. "Colonel, I'm no doctor, but I think you might be blind." The door at the end of the hall opened, startling Ed and Roy. The boy stood there, smirking. Right next to him was Sage. Her face showed that she had been crying for a while.

"I'm so sorry…" She mumbled, just loud enough for them to hear.

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