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Ed tossed and turned on the slab of metal all night long while mumbling to himself.

"What's going to happen to me? What about the others upstairs? What about the colonel? What about Winry? What if I never see her again? What's going to happen to Al?" He continued with similar sentences until Roy glared at him.

"If you're going to stay up all night bugging the hell out of someone then do it productively and try to figure out what these bastards are planning!" Roy said.


Ed had no idea what time it was, but it probably wasn't morning anymore. He woke up when Roy grabbed his shoulder and started shacking him.

"Fullmetal, they're here." Roy said. Ed looked up to see Sage tapping her pen against a clipboard in annoyance and the man just standing there in silence.

"We don't have all day, subject seven, hurry up." Sage said as the man unlocked the cell.

"I have a name, you know." Ed said in annoyance as the collar was slipped around his neck.

"I know, but if you name things you begin to get attached and I don't want to feel emotions if this fails."

"If what fails, exactly?" The man pushed him out of the cell and locked the door.

"You have to wait and see." They began to walk away when.

"Wait!" Mustang said. The group turned around and looked at him. "Fullmetal, your orders are to come back alive, understand?" Ed did the best salute he could with his stump metal arm.

"I'll do my best colonel." He said before he was escorted out of the hall.


The group upstairs hadn't done anything since they had gotten to the mysterious building and began to wonder if they'd ever see their comrades again.

"They'll come back, right? Fullmetal and the colonel wouldn't die that easily." Fuery said.

"Who knows, for all we know they could've taken them down there, strapped 'em to a wall, and killed them without a moment's hesitation." Havoc said. Hawkeye hoped that wasn't the case.

Roy…please tell me they haven't done that…I haven't had the chance to tell you how I really feel…

Her thoughts were interrupted when the man that took both Roy and Ed away showed up again.

"What do you want? None of us are alchemists." Fuery said. The man looked at the three of them before his focus shifted onto Havoc. He pointed to the man who then stood up.

"You'll be coming with me downstairs." The man unlocked the cell and put a collar around Havoc's neck before unshackling him. Havoc looked at Fuery and Hawkeye.

"I'll be sure to tell those two that you guys are doing fine, alright?" He said. Hawkeye looked at him.

"Just don't die." Havoc nodded and the man locked the cell and escorted him away.


Ed was led to a large room at the end of the hallway. It had transmutation circles on the floor, back wall, and ceiling. And they weren't ordinary ones either.

"No! You can't do this! Human transmutation never works!" Ed yelled and tried to run away before he got chained to the back wall. Sage looked at him.

"What could you possibly know about human transmutation?" She asked.

"Look at me! I lost my libs and my brother lost everything because of our naïve mistake! Don't do this! It always rebounds!" Ed began to tear up a bit. "Please…" A bag was thrown lazily onto the circle on the floor. One scientist grabbed the bag and revealed a white cat inside. It had piercing emerald eyes and slightly bloodied fur. The scientist strapped it to the circle just under Ed. It mewed in pain and sadness as if to say, 'just let me die'.

The man that had escorted Ed everywhere stepped up to the circle array. He looked at Sage.

"I dropped that man off, like you told me to."

"Good job." She said. "Now, go begin the dawning of a new age!" The man nodded. He faced Ed and the cat.

'I'm so sorry.' He mouthed before putting his hands on the floor and activating the circle.

"DON'T!" Ed screamed, but it was too late. The cat cried in pain. Its cries became distorted and began to harmonize, in an odd way, with Ed's screams. Slowly, the room faded to white.

The white figure known as Truth looked to find none other than Edward Elric standing before him. Truth laughed hysterically.

"I figured they would start with that Mustang guy, but they went straight for you." He said. Ed looked panicked.

"What happened to me? I didn't die, did I?" Ed asked.

"No, you're simply caught in the middle of this huge mess of a transmutation. Your soul will return to your body in less than a minute or two, although, I can't guarantee the kind of condition it will be in."

"That's fine." Ed said. "I've dealt with so much hell in the past few years, I sure a few minor setbacks won't hurt." The Truth laughed.

"I like your attitude." It said. "Although I suppose that's because I am you." It began to fade away. Ed reached out into the white abys only for his hand to get ripped apart.

I'm being reconstructed…

He thought before the waves of pain began.

A bit later…

Sage watched the boy and cat thrash around in pain with a twisted fascination.

The birth of a new era begins now!

She thought as the boy cried out in pain. Everything was going according to plan. Subject seven and the animal were cloaked completely in white light. It was only when the lights began to merge that a problem occurred. The man preforming the transmutation began to bleed out of his eyes and ears. He pushed forward, knowing that if he stopped now not only would he die, but Ed would too.

Keep on living kid, for the both of us…

He thought as the transmutation came to an end. He couldn't see or hear anything, it was all white.

He was gone.


Ed's eyes slowly flicked open.

"What just happened?" He asked to no one in particular. "I was in the circle with the cat and then…everything disappeared…" He opened his eyes the rest of the way only to find Sage right above him.

"How are you feeling?" She asked.

"Like someone that just got ripped apart." Ed said sarcastically.

"That means it worked!" Sage said excitedly. Ed tried to sit up, but he felt himself getting dizzy.

Maybe a bit of sleep won't hurt…

He thought as the darkness surrounded him.

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