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Kuroumaru's Music Club

The school period was currently club time and Kuroumaru Tokisaka would typically be with the athletics club but he was excused by the headmistress for half a day to investigate a lead on a case he and the others were working on that quickly ran dry but instead of rejoining his classmates he decided he would use the time to catch up on some light reading. So now he was currently sitting in an empty classroom reading a book and enjoying the quiet.

The opening of the door caught his attention and he looked up to see a couple of girls step in, chatting casually. He recognized them as his 3rd year upper classmen Hitomi and Holly. He didn't know them personally but they were popular enough. Hitomi was slender and pretty with black hair that fell just below her shoulders. She had a cute round face with almond shaped eyes with a honey color. Holly was pale and had fiery red hair and a dust of freckles across her entire body. Her eyes were bright and green seemed to hold a lot of attitude.

"Great," Hitomi said. "This place is empty. We can practice here."

"Um... Not quite," Holly stated, pointing to Kuroumaru who was sitting towards the back.

"Oh! Uh, Kuroumaru-kun," Hitomi said. "What are you doing here?"

He was surprised she knew his name.

"Hello Hitomi-sempai, Holly-sempai. I got excused from club activities today so I thought I would tuck myself away and read for a bit."

"I see... Well, I'd hate to intrude your quiet time but would you mind if we use this classroom for our club time? Our room was stolen from us and this is the first empty...ish classroom we could find."

"I don't mind at all," Kuroumaru responded with a kind smile.

"Perfect," Hitomi exclaimed happily. She turned to the door and pocked her head out. "Ayumi, this way. I found a place for us to practice!"

"Coming," shouted a voice from outside the room, he assumed was Ayumi, followed but grunts of exhaustion.

Upon hearing this Kuroumaru curiously got up from his seat and walked to the door to peek outside. There he saw a young girl pulling a cart that was near overflowing with band equipment. Trailing behind were four other girls that were going between trying to assist and making sure nothing toppled over. The process looked slow moving as the young girl was having difficulties pulling all that weight.

"So heavy," Ayumi whined.

"Oh," Kuroumaru exclaimed as he quickly made his way over and took the handle from a relieved Ayumi.

"Kuroumaru-kun, thank you," she exclaimed happily.

"You're welcome... Ayumi-chan was it?"

"That's right," she said with a huge toothy grin. Ayumi was much shorter than he was and had to have only been in her 1st year here. Her build reminded him of Kirie. She had short brown hair that was pushed back by an orange hair band. Her round brown eyes matched her hair color perfectly.

Kuroumaru was able to pull the cart into the classroom without needing to put in any effort at all.

"There you guys go."

"Wow, Kuroumaru-kun. You're so strong," Ayumi exclaimed happily as he also started to help unload the equipment.

The rest of the girls, only a few he actually knew, all nodded in agreement and offered their thanks as well.

"What is all this stuff for anyway? Are you in some kind of band?"

"Mhmm. It's for our music club," Hitomi explained. "We started a band and we were able to get it approved to use club time to practice."

"That's cool. How many songs do you know?"

Holly blushed, "We actually only have the one song right now. I am working on more though!"

"But the song we're working on is amazing! Holly is an amazing song writer," exclaimed one of the girls that were helping with one of the carts. He thought he knew that one. She was around his height, maybe a little taller. Her hair was jet black and ran down to her mid back. She had an angular face that was framed by bangs. She had brown eyes that looked at him uncertainly.

"You're Do..." Kuroumaru began but wasn't quite remembering her name.

"Doki," she finished and her face soon turned into a pout. "We share a couple of classes together Kuroumaru-kun..."

"I'm sorry Doki-chan," Kuroumaru said with an embarrassed blush.

"And I don't think we've ever met," said another girl. "I'm Chloe and this Reika and Yuna. We're all in 3rd year. "

Chloe looked very foreign look to her. She spoke with an accent that was different from the American ones Hitomi and Holly shared but he couldn't place it. She seemed very posh and had her hair pulled up in a stylish bun with curls falling in perfectly strategic spots. She also wore a bit more makeup than the other girls but it wasn't over done by any means. She was just very stylish looking and had a look that could be seen in a magazine.

"Nice to meet you," Reika said with a friendly wave while Yuna just gave a nod.

Reika had her black hair divided in pigtails that fell over her shoulder in the front. She wore a thick pair of urban looking glasses that covered her green eyes. Her outfit made her stand out a bit sense it didn't follow school code. She made a few adjustments to her jacket and undershirt that gave it a bit more flare the normal uniforms lacked.

Yuna had blondish-brown hair that was layered at a medium length and dark brown eyes. Nothing really much stood out about her and she seemed to be pretty quiet.

"Nice to meet you all as well," Kuroumaru nodded.

"Okay okay. Now that we've got the formalities out of the way let's get started. We're burning practice time. Thanks again for helping us set up Kuroumaru-kun," Hitomi said.

"No problem. I'll just go back to sitting while you guys practice. Please don't mind me."

Kuroumaru sat in another desk that was closer to the front this time. He watched as Ayumi took a spot behind the drum set and began twirling her sticks in her hands while she waited for the others. Doki picked up a brightly yellow colored electric guitar while Yuna secured another type of guitar with fewer strings. What was that? A bass guitar? Kuroumaru doesn't have bands like this where he's from. He came from a very traditional clan. Holly was at a keyboard and next to... something with dials and knobs on it... No clue what that was for. Hitomi stood in the middle of them with a wireless mic. She must be the lead singer, Kuroumaru assumed.

He was surprised when both Reika and Chloe sat down next to him and not standing with the others who started to play. It was a good mix between rock and pop. The music wasn't as loud as it could be. They must have turned their instruments down to avoid disturbing the other clubs that were meeting in the nearby classrooms. They were still pretty loud though. Hitomi then began to sing. She had a lovely voice with a nice clear tone. They lyrics were some sort of love song between old friends or something. While singing she looked like she was also working out some sort of dance routine that with it. That wasn't going quite as smooth.

He looked back to Chloe and Reika. Chloe was watching the band play with her chin cupped in the palm of her hand while Reika pulled out a sketch pad and began to draw.

"Aren't you two in the band," Kuroumaru questioned.

"We are," Chloe responded as she turned to him. "We're wardrobe coordinators. We make sure that when the time comes for them to perform that they look their best!"

"Yup," Reika agreed. "Take a look."

She passed over the sketch book to Kuroumaru who began to flip through it. There were all design sketches for dresses. They were a bit over the top and had a Lolita feel.

"Reika," Doki shouted out angrily with a flushed face. "Don't show him that! You have my measurements written in there!"

"Doki! You can't just stop mid performance," chided Hitomi.

"We were off beat anyway. Can we do that verse again," asked Holly.

Hitomi growled and then nodded. Doki still looked uneasily and Kuroumaru who has since closed the book.

"Sorry Doki," Reika chimed as she reached for her sketchbook back.

"They're very cute," Kuroumaru admitted. "And you two will be making these?"

"Mostly Reika," Chloe explained. "She's the fashion genius while I just hold her pin cushion and hand her fabric. I do hair and makeup. Once Reika gets the designs down I get to finalize the look for everyone. I'm excited just thinking about it! I have so many ideas!"

"This is exactly what we both want to do when we grow up," Reika said with a cheeky grin. "Stylizing the rich and famous."

"It's nice that you have something you're both so passionate about."

Kuroumaru tilted his head as he noticed that Chloe was looking at him oddly.

"Speaking of which," Chloe hummed with a finger tapping her chin and then leaning in unnecessarily close. "You are gorgeous. And that hair..."

"H-huh," Kuroumaru stammered with a small blush forming due to the sudden and unexpected compliment.

"Can I play with your hair. Please," Chloe said with pleading eyes.

"Oh... No, I-I wouldn't be very comfortable with that Chloe-senpai..."

"I promise I won't do anything weird. I just want to see how it feels."

"Um... no... sorry."

"Don't make me beg!"

"But you're already begging..."

Chloe stepped out of the desk and got on her knees in front of Kuroumaru. She laced her hands into a praying position and looked up at Kuroumaru with blue eyes beginning to tear up. Kuroumaru's uncomfort meter was quickly rising. Chloe wasn't saying anything. Just... looking up at him.

"Man Chloe, really," Reika deadpanned feeling shame for her friend.

Kuroumaru turned his head away, embarrassed. Hoping that if he avoided looking at her long enough she would let it drop. He glanced back. Nope, still starring. Kuroumaru tilted his head and sighed in defeat.


"Yuppie," Chloe exclaimed as she almost instantly appeared behind Kuroumaru.

In an instant she pulled his hair tie out and he felt his long hair cascaded down his back. He heard Chloe giggle as she started running her fingers through his hair. Kuroumaru made a plan to try to detach himself and just focus on the band as they worked out their song. Hitomi was currently chiding Ayumi on rushing through the chorus yet again.

"Look at his hair Reika," Chloe chimed as she tossed it up like a salad and watched it fall again. "So long, so healthy. Look at that natural shine. It's so feminine too..."

Kuroumaru winced but didn't say anything. Soon he felt a brush, she got from who knows where, running it through his hair and if he could get past the awkwardness of having a stranger brush his hair he would admit that it felt pretty nice.

"Sorry, Chloe can get a little excitable sometimes," Reika said with an apologetic smile.

"That's okay. My friends can also be-" Kuroumaru's eyes shot wide open in shock. "Don't sniff me," He screamed.

"But it smells so good too," Chloe chimed from behind.

"You're ridiculous," Reika sighed.

About that time the warning bell rang advising the students to wrap up their activities.

"Oh no... Already," Yuna whined. "But we just started..."

"It can't be helped," Hitomi sighed. "Let's get this stuff torn down and packed back up. We need to hurry or we'll be late to our classes."

"I'll help you out with that Hitomi-sempai," Kuroumaru said as he yanked his hair away from a now distraught Chloe.

"You're so nice Kuroumaru-kun. You've been such a big help today we should pay you back somehow."

"You don't have to do anything like that. I like helping," Kuroumaru said as he began loading the cart.

"How about dinner?"

"Dinner," he asked cocking his head to the side.

"Ah," Doki screamed out nervously. "You're not asking Kuroumaru-kun on a date, are you Hitomi?"

"What," Kuroumaru and Hitomi shouted in unison.

"No! Of course not," Hitomi shouted with a flushed face. "Everyone's invited of course. I thought we could have a band night out or something."

"Oh, that does sound like fun," Holly smiled. "I'm in. Kuroumaru-kun?"

"Oh, I-I don't know. I would like to b-but..." he stammered. He was actually working on a case with Touta-kun and the others. He didn't want to commit to anything and not be able to show up.

"How about this," Holly said. "Give me your number and I'll message you with a time and place. If you can make it great. If not- maybe next time?"

"Okay... Yeah, that works."

"Hey, I want Kuroumaru-senpai's number too," Ayumi shouted as she hefted her bass drum on the cart.

"I'll give you my number I you give me yours," Reika added loudly as well.


This was weird...

Kuroumaru smiled awkwardly as all the girls excitedly sent him their personal contact numbers and he sent them his. Wait until Touta hears about this. He was able to make seven new friendly acquaintances all in one day. He couldn't call them friends yet as Touta would in knowing them only two minutes in, but he was doing well for himself.

He thought Touta would be proud.