Kuroumaru's Music Club

By. Amnesty

Kuroumaru began to flick on the lamps one by one that were set up around their music club space. So far he was the only one there but he honestly liked it that way as it gave him time to get everything set up and ready to go the moment the rest arrived. Though he honestly didn't know what kind of practice was to be done now that Hitomi couldn't take the lead anymore but Holly was determined to see this through. Earlier this morning she even sent all the band members a message acknowledging that she had a plan and that everyone had better show up and be ready to work. After turning on the last amp he heard steps coming down the stairs. Normally the group of girls would be rowdy as the descended the stairs but today they were all eerily quiet.

"Okay, let's get started," Holly stated as she quickly approached their makeshift stage. "Our show is right around the corner and we still have a lot of work to do."

Doki and Yuna slowly moved to do as they were told and went to pick up their guitars. After Reika urged Ayumi forward to do the same they all took their respected placed and readied their instruments.

"Umm, Holly?" Doki quietly began. "I'm happy to see that what happened to Hitomi didn't discourage you but..."

"I know," Holly said as she adjusted her synthesizer. "Just trust me. I have a plan that will work. Hey Kuroumaru, grab Hitomi's microphone for me."

"Okay," Kuroumaru said as he went to move Hitomi's microphone stand toward Holly, assuming she was going to take over the vocals.

"What are you doing? Don't move it," Holly chided. "Just hold onto it for now."

"S-sorry," Kuroumaru stammered as he moved the microphone stand back. He then just awkwardly stood there as he waited for Holly's direction.

"On my count," Holly stated before quietly counting a measure that also served to set the pace.

In perfect unison Doki and Ayumi started the intro measures though soon it was nearing the spot where Hitomi would join in. Kuroumaru looked at Holly who was watching him. He still had no clue what she wanted him to do. He pointed to Doki who he remembered was one of the nominations to take up lead vocals. Doki quickly shook her head with an emphatic 'no' to which Holly shook her head in a negative as well. It finally fell to Hitomi's part as well as the rest of the band played on together with just the instrumentals. They placed concerned looks on Holly who in turn looked at Kuroumaru urgently.

"I'm sorry but I don't know what you want me to do," Kuroumaru admitted.

"Sing," Holly exclaimed like it was obvious from the get go.

"Me? Oh no. No no no."

"Just do it Kuroumaru," Holly deadpanned. "Pretend it's karaoke or something."

Kuroumaru blushed as he slowly brought the microphone up, though much farther from his face then it should have been. He began to sing quietly along to the song while he tried to think why Holly was doing this to him. Perhaps she was using him as a place holder until they found and actual replacement. Honestly he felt utterly ridiculous especially seeing Reika and Chloe talk between themselves before Chloe cupped her ear to indicate that she couldn't hear him. Not being able to hear him was the point.

"Ugh," Holly exclaimed as she gave a signal indicating the rest of the band to keep playing. She circled around her keyboard and quickly approached Kuroumaru. "Do it right," she stated as she forced Kuroumaru's face closer to the microphone. "And sing out."

There wasn't much of a change in the volume on Kuroumaru's part. At least that was the case until Holly gave Kuroumaru a quick slap in the rear that jolted him into obedience after a small yelp.

"Spanking does work! I'll have to remember that," Holly exclaimed happily as she quickly got back in position and joined back into the song.

Kuroumaru felt his face heat up for a multitude of reasons and tried to pinpoint the exact atrocity he had committed in his life that warranted this type of punishment. He closed his eyes and tried to push through this humiliation. He could hear Reika and Chloe squealing in front of him as the band played on and after what felt like an eternity the song finally came to an end. He let out a long breath as he tried to calm his shaking nerves.

"Oh my god," Chloe said as she clapped her hand furiously with Reika.

"That was awesome," Ayumi shouted loudly from behind him.

"Why didn't you tell us you could sing like that Kuroumaru? You have such an amazing gift," Reika said as she approached Kuroumaru and swung her arms around Kuroumaru's shoulders.

"Oh, n-no. I'm not really-"

"See, I told you guys my plan would work. With a bit more practice I think he'll do a perfect job," said Holly gleefully.

"What exactly are you planning me to do!?"

"Lead vocals Kuroumaru," Holly answered with a roll of her eyes. "Obviously."

"No," Kuroumaru stated earnestly. "I couldn't possibly."

"Why not," she countered while crossing her arms. "Your voice is beautiful. I honestly don't think we could find anyone better even if we held a school wide audition. Which, I remind you, we have absolutely zero time for."

"Fine, although I find that highly debatable you still have one, very glaring, problem."

"And what would that be?"

"This is a girl band. Playing a song very much made from a girl's perspective. And if you haven't noticed yet: I'm not a girl."

Holly smiled and leaned toward Kuroumaru with a wicked grin. "I've thought a way around that too. Reika," Holly said, turning to the wardrobe designer. "Did you remember to bring Hitomi's outfit down?"

Reika grinned ear to ear as she bounced with excitement. "I know where you're going with this! I'm in love with the direction this is heading," she said as she rushed over to where she had Kuroumaru hang it earlier today.

She unzipped the bag the dress was stored in and brought it over for everyone to see. It was of burgundy color with a Victorian loli look to it. It had a short puffy skirt and the top was a button up cream ruffle shirt with loose sleeves that buttoned at the end. Around the collar hung a burgundy thin bow.

"Perfect right," Reika exclaimed. "This color really suites you too," she added as she held the dress up to Kuroumaru.

"Why are you doing this to me," Kuroumaru pleaded toward Holly who was watching in amusement.

"This really could work," Chloe agreed. "You have a beautiful face and such a petite body type. You could without a doubt pass as a girl. A cute one too."

"It's settled then. Take your clothes off Kuroumaru," said Reika as she roughly pulled off Kuroumaru's jacket.

"H-hey," Kuroumaru stammered.

"I wanna help," Ayumi shouted as she threw herself at Kuroumaru.

"W-what are you guys doing," Doki cried out in a blush and turned around in embarrassment.

"I'll get his pants," Chloe stated as she reached down for the hem of Kuroumaru's pants.

"No," Kuroumaru shouted before suddenly vanishing and causing the herding girls to fall to the ground together.

"Where did he go," Ayumi asked as she looked around frantically.

"I can undress myself," Kuroumaru announced, holding onto the dress with a beet red face a bit away from where he was a second earlier.

"Aw," Reika huffed in disappointment.

"I'm going around this corner and will be back in a second," Kuroumaru said as he walked into the corresponding hallway.

Once he was certain he was out of sight he sighed as he began to unbutton his shirt. He couldn't believe he was letting them talk him into doing this. He honestly was starting to believe they took pleasure in tormenting him. Once he was finished taking off his school uniform he slid the dress on and after a bit of fumbling and twisting he was able redo the buttons on the back. He wasn't sure to be annoyed or relieved that there wasn't a mirror down here for him to see how ridiculous he knew he looked. With a sigh of resignation he walked back towards where everyone was anxiously waiting.

"Wow," the group of girls hummed with admiration.

"You look even better than I thought you would," Holly acknowledged. "I'm actually a bit jealous."

"Oh," Chloe said as she ran to where her bag was. "I want to add something."

"You look so pretty Kuroumaru; I can't believe it," Reika said as she began to examine and pull at the outfit. "Let's see. I made this with Hitomi's measurements in mind so I'm going to have to make adjustments. Hmmm, it's a little too big for you so I'll have to take it in a little... And the skirts to long," she added as she raised Kuroumaru's skirt to where it was about mid thigh.

"R-reika," Kuroumaru stammered as he pushed the skirt back down.

"Come now Kuroumaru, there's nothing wrong with showing a little leg. Hmm... I'm going to have to make you boobs."


"And I'm back," Chloe said holding a few items in her hands.

She circled behind Kuroumaru and pulled his hair out of his signature side ponytail. After parting it she lifted the sides and secured them in high pigtails. Turning Kuroumaru to face her she pinned his bangs back so that you could clearly see both eyes. With the final touch she placed the bowed head band on his head. With a deep blush and smile Chloe nodded in approval as she turned Kuroumaru backed to the others.

Doki coughed and covered her moth before turning away in embarrassment. "This is a little weird and confusing. He looks too much like a girl."

"But isn't that the idea," Yuna asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I know but..."

"No, it's perfect," Holly said. "Thank you Kuroumaru. Because of you we're going to be able to do the show now! Hitomi would be so happy!"

Kuroumaru groaned.

A/N: I really do feel bad for Kuroumaru. He really needs to learn to stand up to himself and stop being a pushover. But where would the fun be in that?

Anyways, I wanted to add Touta's part as well but if I waited for the inspiration to flow who knows how long it would take for me to get this out. Thus, a very short chapter that may honestly be a little rushed through. *shrugs*