Keeping you Warm


Naruto x Tetra


Story Start


It would still be quite some time until sunrise was going to visit the sea faring vessel. Night time still painted the sky as the early morning breeze coursed through air. It was surprisingly chilly for a summer day.

Watch duty was always one of the most tiring duties when it came to a pirate's duty standing there for hours looking off the side of the ship for hours. With a contented sigh, he leaned back against the pole that kept the Crow's Nest a hoist.

What felt like an hour later, his head drifted off into the clouds. He was thinking back to the more exciting days of his youth of fighting enemy ninja and rescuing princesses. A smile tugged at his lips. Princess. The one he was spending his time around was far from your typical princess.


That was the name of the feisty pirate. She was shorter then him with a rather slim form with a fairly average sized bust, small waist and generous hips. The feisty pirate had beautiful tanned skin that reminded Naruto of caramel not to mention her blond hair often done in the style of a bon. That spunky girl was not afraid to make her opinion known.

A particularly cold breeze broke him from his thoughts and caused him to shiver even with his warmer than normal body temperatures Naruto found himself vulnerable to the coldness of this region. Apparently this frozen region was housing the remains of a recently sunken pirate vessel containing a vast amount of treasure stolen from a mainland city. Once news reached Tetra's ears she ordered that they set sail to this location. It also didn't help that since this was an ocean based world the Temperatures were colder than they would be further inland.

Naruto looked up at the sky and gave a sigh. "And here I catch you day dreaming."

Naruto turned around. It was Tetra, dressed in her usual violet t-shirt that clung to chest and abs. She was wearing a blue vest without sleeves over it along with the white pants that clung to her and showed off her ankles. While she may have looked like a regular teenager if one looked closer one could see the fine thin layer of muscle on her arms and lean legs. Tetra was rather built in a way that while she wasn't muscle bound she wasn't a push over either by any means.

"Well there's Ocean, more ocean, and oh did I mention the ocean?" he cheekily responded.

"Just make sure you don't miss anything. I want that treasure." Tetra replied as Naruto moved from the pole and walked to the side of the ship. "So Captain what has you up so early?"

"Just making sure you're doing your duty," she simply remarked as Naruto had to suppress the smile tugging at his lips.

"Of course Cap'n?" Naruto replied with a mock salute.

Tetra seemed like she was about to make a remark but paused and decided to let it go. She walked away leaving Naruto to his lonesome.

Naruto let out a soft exhale as another breeze cause him to momentarily seize up. If there was anything Naruto really hated then it was being cold. He brought his arms around his torso and took a seat on the deck. He massaged his arms and silently cursed the fact that they had to barter their extra sheets for food.

He was then surprised when a pair of arms wrapped around him and the sensation of body heat warmed him up. "Tetra?" he asked, surprised she was holding him so intimately.

"I-Idiot. Don't get the wrong idea! I just don't want one of my subordinates freezing to death just because were out of blankets!" she stated with a stammer as her cheeks heated up.

A smirk of sorts formed on Naruto's face. He was going to make a crack about him being irresistible to her, but decided to keep it to himself. She was really warm and he didn't want to risk driving her away. He managed to twist slightly, causing Tetra to squirm a little.

She let out a gasp as he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close. "I think we would be warming like this." He said as Tetra softly exhale.

"Pervert, you're enjoying this aren't you?" she accused him, despite not making any attempts to break away.

"Yep." He answered as Tetra merely nuzzled up next to him.

"Your shoulder is hard." she complained.

Naruto adjusted so Tetra could rest her head on his neck. "That better?" he asked, and Tetra laughed.

"Yup. Looks like you have more uses then I thought." she mumbled, apparently growing so comfortable she was starting to drift off to sleep. Not too long after Naruto drifted off right after her having become comfortable with this new source of warmth.