Ok this chapter will be longer I still need to come up with a name for Peter's dragon.

"I bet it wasn't this hard for Hiccup to find his dragon." Peter huffed crossing his arms over his chest while walking down a faded path through the woods. In the distance he could hear the uproars of the crowd that were cheering for every new rider that emerged.

"Just wait intill I find my dragon it will be so cool that even jerk Arthur will have to agree." Peter smirked before gasping as he tripped over a rock and started rolling down a hill. "ow...ah ow no crap stop ow scales ow dang shoot gotta OW!" he yelped while rolling head first down the hill intill he finally stopped suddenly. "Owww" He groaned sitting up rubbing his head Peter opened his eyes but didn't see the normal scenery of the forest instead he saw gray. Nothing but gray, tilting his head to the side slightly.

Peter gulped as he heard a low growl. Looking up he was a dragon, he didnt know what spieces though. It looked like the cross-breed of a deadly nadder and a night fury. The dragon hissed before opening its wings and shooting off in the distance a screetch peirced the air as it wavered in its flight. "I-i found a dragon" Peter stuttered before a smiled broke across his face and he bolted up laughing. " I FOUND A DRAGON!" he yelled before flinching and looking down to see his knees were en irritated red and blood specked. humming in thought Peter nodded befoore setting his gaze toward where t- No HIS dragon flew off in. With a ditermmined glint in his eyes Peter set off after his dragon.

I literally sat here for a few hours before getting an idea on how to finish this chapter. Well I actually like how I ended it so I could easily pick up from there. till next time Ciao!