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The irony of my situation might have caused some to chuckle but it was almost more than I could bare. I was a WITSEC inspector that was now in witness protection. I sat at the table as I waited for the two inspectors to enter the room. As they came in the room, chief inspector Stan McQueen introduced both of them.

"Shawn, Here is inspector Mary Shannon and inspector Marshall Mann and they are going to be the inspectors assigned to your case."

A woman with blonde hair and brown eyes sat across from me and her partner was a man with Brown hair and brown eyes sat next to her. They both had an athletic but slim build. Inspector Mann placed a rule book in front of me as well as paper work that needed my signature. He started to go over the rules. I sat there but just zoned out thinking about all of the times that I had given the same spiel to whatever poor sap sat across from me at a table in New York. Now here I am in Albuquerque and I was the poor sap that was getting the spiel. As Mary got to the middle of what she was saying I stopped her.

"Look, I hate to be rude or sound like a jerk but I know all there is to know. I know the rules of the program. I understand that I can't have any contact with anyone from past. I also understand that if anyone asks, you two are just some friends that I met when I moved to town. Remember I was an inspector for 5 years."

Marshall just nodded his head as I looked over at him, he gave me his response.

"I get it, it's all just standard protocol. Now if you don't mind, would you please sign the papers I put in front of you we'll be closer to getting you settled into your new place."

I picked up the pen and signed all of the papers that needed signing. I was the newest member of the federal witness protection program. I was sitting there as I began my new life. I was Inspector Shawn Miller and now I was Shawn Taylor, a normal guy that was living a normal life that had just one catch, I was a federal witness and a group of very dangerous mob guys wanted me dead.

As we were walking out Marshall got a call. He had to go and help one of his other witnesses. That meant I got to spend the next hour or so with Mary. The elevator ride down was silent as we got to the ground floor. I made my way over to the black SUV and tossed my duffel bag in the back before I hopped in the front seat.

As we were on the way to my apartment, Mary looked over and started to make conversation with me. It was nice but I wasn't really in mood for talking.

"So how did an experienced inspector end up in the witness protection? From what saw you had a very good record of keeping your witnesses safe with very few incidents."

I looked over at her and chuckled before giving my smartass remark.

"Aww, how sweet, you actually cared enough to peak into my file which means you already know why I'm here in the program. I was in the wrong place at the wrong and now I have to start my whole life all over again."

"Well I mean it could be worse. You could be dead or….nope dead is the worst thing that could happen. There is a bright side to this."

"Oh yeah and what is that?"

"You're not dead, well to your family and friends you are but we know that you're not and you get to start over and try to move on and enjoy you're new life."

As we pulled up to the apartment building I got my bag out of the back and made my way around the vehicle to her and pointed to the left side of my stomach and the right side of my chest.

"It's gonna be kind of hard to forget what happened when I have two bullet holes on my body and by the way, how am I supposed to explain the two holes in my body if it comes up."

"I'm sure you can be creative and creatively answer any questions about them if it comes to it. You seem like the fun and creative type anyway."

You could hear the sarcasm in her voice. She started up to the apartment and I followed behind her. It was on the third floor ad all the way at the end of the hallway. As we walked in I saw it wasn't much but I didn't mind. It was enough for me to survive in. It wasn't ratty. It was nice but it wasn't super fancy.

"Well it's not a penthouse but you'll survive and blend in here. That's the whole point. You have to stay completely under the radar."

I was sitting on the couch. I looked up at her and just nodded because I knew all of what she was going to say to me. I just let out a sigh and nodded. She walked over to the door but stopped and turned around.

"Get some rest tonight. Tomorrow I'll call you and let you know if I could find you a job or not but for now just hang tight. I'll talk with you tomorrow and remember always answer when I call."

I nodded and with that she was out the door and I was left to myself. I looked over at the clock and it was 6:oo in the afternoon. I just laid on the couch for the next hour before I got up and went to shower. As I cleared fog off of the mirror I looked at myself in the mirror. I was athletic guy with an athletic build. I was that typical fit guy. I wasn't super big but I did have the abs to prove that I did work out. I wasn't a super hairy guy but I did have a little hair on my chest. It wasn't a lot but it was there. My short brown hair was wet but I combed it back before getting dressed.

I walked into to the bedroom and I laid on the bed. I just stared up at the ceiling lost in my thoughts. The flashbacks started to make their way back into my mind. I tried to think of anything else but all that came to mind were the thoughts that made my stomach churn. At first it was the whole incident that got me here but then it changed to something else. The thoughts of how upset my family and friends are. My mother must be devastated. My girlfriend, well I guess she'd be my ex-girlfriend, was probably sitting in her office distracting herself with cases and paperwork. She was the ADA there and she was a tough chick but I'm pretty sure this rocked her because we had been together for a while. i knew that Casey was broken inside but was putting on a show on the outside as she got through her days. I knew that she wouldn't get that fake smile past the SVU detectives that she worked with but I'm sure they didn't want to push. It's a scary thought knowing that people think that you're dead but you're actually on the other side of the country in a new state under a new name. I'm sure they would all eventually get on with their lives and just not think of me as much. Casey will eventually find someone else and forget about me and that thought upset me. I knew it sucked but I would have to get used to it. I had to put my old life behind me.

As I laid there in my bed the thoughts eventually went away as I started to fall asleep. Eventually my mind went blank and I entered a very dark and dreamless sleep.

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