New Life amongst the Dead




Author's Note


This story will have the inclusion of extra characters and going on through both seasons. Didn't know how to originally set this fic, but decided to bring it back now that I have a bit more material to work with.


Story Start


They had made it this far only to find themselves locked in a room. The room of a five story hotel room. After all those months of surviving and traveling they were cornered. It was night out, the glow of the full moon shined brightly on the city. The only means of escape was barricaded by desks and chairs. The sound of the shambling, veracious dead could be heard on the other side of the barricade. Hundreds if not thousands of those things were in the area.

"Wow." Lisa muttered under her breath, the normally pretty strawberry blond was caked in dry blood and other fluids. She panted slightly as she checked the weapon in her hand, a M1911 pistol. She had only three bullets left. Her sky blue eyes gazed around the room, taking in what was in it. "So, now we're all assembled in this tiny room..." she bitterly remarked. If only she hadn't dropped her bag of supplies. She could hear the disappointment in her father's voice now.

"Damnit!" Kenny suddenly exclaimed, jolting my attention to him. "Even though we're all together here, our situation hasn't gotten any better! Now we're locked up in here, and that fucking monster is after our asses!"

"Kenny, calm down!" Lee said with a sigh. He placed a comforting arm around Clementine's shoulder. "What matters is that we're alive. We'll find a way, just as we always have." He would not give up. They did not come here to die.

"Besides, we still need to get back to the others." Carl stated. Despite his older age, Carl was in remarkable shape, being a retired boxer would do that to a person. He also managed to keep a cool head in these situations. This man who used to be a chef effectively gave them advice on how to manage their diets and keep their strengths up.

"We can't do it half-ass either." Carley noted. "We're tired and running out of ammunition. At this rate those things will…" the end of her statement was drowned out by the sound of the creatures outside. Everyone grew silent and tensed as the wails of the undead creatures continued outside. The wails of those who were once alive, their skin now blotched and shaded to unearthly patches of green, yellow, and paleness. The smell of the rotten flesh was indescribable and stomach churning.

"Maybe escaping really is impossible..." a whimpering voice uttered. This voice belong to Anna, the normally feisty red-head had just seen her brother torn apart. After having lost her sister a few months ago it was all too much. "And're probably going to get eaten by those things! There's no hope left! It's pointless!" she was reaching the break point. Tears were streaming down her face and she was ready to give up.

"That's enough, Anna!" Kenny exclaimed, taking a step forward. "We're going to get out of here! My wife and son are out there and I'll be damned if I'm going to sit by and die."

"I…I'm sorry." Anna muttered. "And thank you...for what you did earlier. I'm sorry I was a burden." The door began to weaken, and a part of it was cave in. A scream erupted from Clementine's lips as the adults rushed to the barricade and tried to keep it up.

"Shit! If we don't get out of here…" Lee murmured. They were up on the third story and there was no way to escape. No ropes, no ladder or fire escape either.

"Damnit, if there was some kind of way to make some noise in one of the other rooms!" Kenny exclaimed as he pressed as much force as he could against the slowly faltering barricade.

A realization flickered into one of the survivors eyes and he looked towards the window. He moved away from the others. "What the hell are you doing Naruto!"

"I…I know a way to escape." he started to say, and then his voice died a little bit. "It'll be okay. You guys are going to get out of here." He said as he moved to the window. "When you hear my voice and the creatures shambling away that will be your chance. That'll be your chance to run away and get out of here."

"No…" Carley began, her voice dying in her throat.

"You don't mean to…" Lee had picked up on his plan as well. "That's crazy, you'll be killed."

Naruto shook his head, a sad smile forming on his face. "Fastest feet and best hands after all. If something isn't done then we'll all…" he trailed off. "Sorry guys, looks like I won't be able to make that dinner I promise." He said as he shattered the window with the grip of his katana. "I'm glad, in this new life I was able to meet and befriend you guys."

"Naruto!" Carley and Lisa exclaimed, the former stepping away from the barricade for a moment, only to have to quickly return to keep it up. Naruto went out of the window, maneuvering from the edge to another window. He made his way in. The others could hear from the next room the sound of the door being slammed open.

"Hey! Over here flesh sacks!" Naruto's voice rung out as the pressure on the barricade lessened. The creature's seemed to have taken the bait and followed the sound of his voice. Yet again, another one of their own was gone.

With his katana in hand Naruto went through zombie after zombie. What he wouldn't give for it to have been like the old days when a Rasengan would solve anything. He sighed, having to exert a bit more forced as his blade sliced clear through another zombie. This time it was an elderly woman. He spun, the blade cleaving through another neck, this time a young man. His blade was starting to rust and he didn't have the proper tools on hand to clean or maintain it. He was slowly beginning to lose his strength. Was it because of that?

He stumbled a bit as he attempted to slice one of the creatures, but missed. Two more approached him from behind. Since they were perfectly lined up Naruto stabbed the two of them through the chest and kicked them off his blade causing them to stumble back. He jumped back as a child walker snapped at where his knee was. One of them grabbed his arm but he knocked it off as another swiped at him. Leaping away he turned to an alleyway only to find himself faced with a mass of zombies. He turned around and to his horror another crowd of zombies was surrounding him. 'I'm sorry…that I couldn't keep my promise to you, but I can still save you. Forgive me…" he thought as he rushed towards the smaller crowd, intent on taking out as many as he could before being overwhelmed.


Chapter End


Logical explanation for why Naruto isn't using Jutsu will be explained. Though relaxed, he's not a 'normal' human or anything like that if you guys are worrying.

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