Annabeth was no stranger to complex problems. She loved to be faced with challenges that she had not experienced before. Finding the solution to a supposed impossible problem was one of the most euphoric feelings ever. Not finding a solution was almost unheard of, until now. Annabeth crossed her arms and looked at the eight other demigods that stood around the table

"Thank you for all meeting here on short notice," Annabeth began. She looked back at the table. "This argument between Nico and Reyna has gotten out of hand. It's been a month, and the two have not made up. They haven't even spoken to each other."

"It's affecting everything," Frank began. He sighed and stared off into the distance. Frank looked tired, and his shoulders were drooping. "Reyna's been burying herself in her praetor duties. Most nights, I find her asleep at in her office, and she's been snapping on me a lot more than normal."

Annabeth glanced over at Arria. She expected the demigod to speak up. Arria would have a good insight into Reyna's actions, considering they were dating. Instead, Arria stared at the table and seemed to clench her jaw.

"Nico has been moody as well. He can't avoid me, but that doesn't mean he'll talk to me," Will said. "Anytime we do talk, it's about camp stuff. He doesn't share how he feels or really tells me anything. I don't know what to do."

"I thought we could just give them time, but I think enough time has passed. I've never seen Nico or Reyna this angry for this amount of time," Jason said. He looked at Piper, who seemed to be deep in thought. "Do you have an idea?"

"We just need to get the two of them to talk out their issues," Piper began. Everyone around the table seemed to nod their agreement. "The biggest problem is trying to get them together in one room. Any ideas for that?"

"There's no way that Nico is going to pay a visit to Camp Jupiter anytime soon," Hazel said. She sighed sadly. "He won't even stop by to see me. He'll just send messages and claim that he is busy. I doubt Reyna will come to Camp Half-Blood."

"We can trick them," Percy began. He gave a grin as everyone looked at him. "Will, you can tell Nico that you want to meet him somewhere, for a date. Arria, you can say the same to Reyna."

Annabeth nodded her agreement. They would need to find a good place to have the two meet. It couldn't be somewhere out in the open, as the two arguing demigods would see each other long before they would be close to each other. An enclosed space would be the best bet. Arria spoke, "Reyna broke up with me."

"We just need to research a place that will work," Annabeth said. She blinked a few times and slowly looked at Arria. It took her a few moments to process the words. "Wait. Reyna broke up with you?"

"Two weeks ago. She wouldn't give me a reason why," Arria said. She crossed her arms. Annabeth realized that the clenched jaw was from Arria trying not to show any emotion. "Something's off about her, but I don't know what it is."

"Uh, no offense, but why are you here?" Leo asked. Arria glanced at him. "If you and Reyna broke up, why are you trying to help us get Nico and Reyna back together? Why do you care if the two of them make up?"

"I see Nico as a friend of sorts," Arria began. She looked down, as if the table would provide an answer for her. "And, I still care for Reyna."

"Oh yeah. I get it. Totally," Leo said. He looked around the table and seemed to be avoiding looking back at Arria. "So, we have a solid plan? Find a place to have the two meet and trick them into going there."

"How are going to trick them?" Jason asked. While his question was presented to the group, his gaze was focused on Arria, and there was the smallest of smiles on his face. "Percy's got the right idea for getting Nico there, but what about Reyna? You know, since Arria and Reyna broke up."

"We could ask Hylla for help," Piper suggested. Annabeth nodded her agreement, but she kept a close eye on Jason. "We can send Hylla a message after this and explain to her what is going on. Maybe, we can have her send a message to Reyna asking to meet."

"We'll also have to find a place that we can control the lights. We can't let Nico shadow travel," Hazel said. Frank nodded his agreement. "We need to do this soon. If I have to go on another run because Dakota looked at Reyna wrong, I might smother Dakota with his pillow."

"No objections from the group?" Leo asked, and he looked around the table. "Alright. Operation Get Reyna And Nico To Stop Arguing And Get Back Together is a go. As of now, we will call it Operation GRANTSAAGBT."

"Don't say that too fast or you might summon a demon," Arria warned. Leo turned to stare at her and looked like he was going to ask if she was joking or not. Before he could, they heard the door open. Out of the corner of her eye, Annabeth saw Nico walking with Chiron, and she quickly looked at the others.

Leo reached a hand into his tool belt and produced a deck of cards. He quickly started passing them out. Nico had his focus on Chiron, but he seemed to sense them. He turned his head, only for Hazel to hug him tightly. When Annabeth looked back at the table, she found cards had been set in front of everyone.

"And this is how you play Go Fish," Leo said. He turned his head and smiled at Nico. "Hey. You're just in time to join us for Go Fish. If you ask for a card but don't have it, we add a tally. The person with the most tallies has to stand still with an apple on their heads, and we try to get the apple off with arrows, without using a bow."

Nico stared at Leo for a few moments. He looked at the cards on the table and then winced, as Hazel seemed to be trying to crush him in her hug. Nico hugged her back and spoke, "You're crushing me."

"And, you've been ignoring me. We already decided, and you don't have a choice. You and Will are going on a double date with Frank and I. We don't know where or when yet, but you are not getting out of this. Understood?"

Nico looked like he wanted to argue. Hazel pulled away from her hug and smiled. Despite the smile on her face, there was an intense look in her eyes. Nico spoke, "We are going on a double date, and I don't have a choice in it. Great."

"No choice," Hazel repeated. She smiled once again and completely pulled away from Nico. "I think Will needed to talk to you."

Nico looked like he wanted to argue, but he was practically pushed out of the door by Hazel. Will quickly followed behind and seemed to be thinking of a story. Annabeth crossed her arms. That was one demigod down. Now, they just needed to convince Reyna to meet.

"I'll send a message to Hylla," Piper said. She stood and glanced at Arria. Annabeth did as well. For some reason, it felt like Arria wasn't there just to help them. It seemed like there was more to Arria's story, but that was always the case with Arria. Annabeth studied the demigod across from her.

Arria's gaze was focused on Leo. Was she still upset about what Leo said? It was Arria though, so there had to be more to it. Annabeth was doing her best to not be suspicious of Arria anymore, but the demigod was really making it difficult. Annabeth shook her head and walked towards Arria. She spoke, "What's on your mind?"

"I want to talk to Leo and Piper about what happened in the town. It just doesn't add up," Arria muttered. She crossed her arms. "Why would mortals or demigods want to consort with monsters? How would they set up the entire town? Two people poisoned an entire town and just happened to capture three powerful demigods, only for us to show up in the nick of time."

"You think there's more to the story?"Annabeth asked. She heard what happened from Piper and Leo. Nerva and the Inquisition had rolled into town and subdued the two attackers. After Nico and Reyna had their fight, Nerva personally made sure that the Greek demigods returned to Camp Half-Blood safely.

"It just doesn't add up," Arria muttered. She crossed her arms. "Please don't tell anyone though. This could cause more issues, and my sister is already upset with me. Between my former relationship with Reyna and other things, Nerva hasn't been the kindest person to be around."

"Nerva didn't approve of your relationship with Reyna? Do you know why?" Annabeth asked. If it was a typical siblings thing, Nerva probably didn't think that Reyna, or anyone, was good enough for her little sister. Something told Annabeth that Nerva wasn't a typical sibling though. Arria looked at Annabeth and shrugged. She nodded towards Annabeth and moved to Piper's side.

Annabeth felt Percy walk up next to her and lean against her. He spoke, "Do you really think this plan is going to work? Nico is the most upset that I have ever seen, and we both know how he is with grudges. He also hasn't explained his dream to anyone else."

"Those two are best friends. They will forgive each other, sooner or later," Annabeth said. She looked at the rest of the demigods in the room. Jason was watching Arria closely. He seemed a little too happy that Arria and Reyna had broken up. Annabeth shook her head and looked away.

"I'm sure you're right. I'm just worried about if all of this goes wrong," Percy said. Annabeth glanced at him. "Imagine if Reyna or Nico finds out what we're trying to do. They might kill us. Or, the two might meet up but not forgive each other. I'm not making things better, am I?"

"Not really," Annabeth said. Percy gave her a small smile and kissed her forehead. Annabeth smiled and lenaed on him. Her gaze focused on the table. Part of her was worried that Percy was right. What if they couldn't get the two best friends back together? What would happen then? Annabeth closed her eyes and sent a prayer up to above that everything would turn out okay.