Saul closed the door softly behind him, padding away until he thought it was safe before breaking out into a long, relaxed walk; with the little pep of a man restraining the urge to skip and not quite managing it. He danced down the stairs to the kitchen and paused briefly upon noticing the coffee-maker blinking softly, with a mostly-full steaming pot of liquid caffeine sitting on the burner.

"How are you doing, Smith?" he asked instead, grabbing a mug and filling it up. "Been here long?"

The government agent, leaning against the adjacent counter with her cup to her lips, shrugged. "About twenty minutes," she replied, "I just wanted to check in after your date yesterday."

"I can guess that you already know how it went," said Saul, fixing his coffee and turning to face her. "But it went well; very well, actually."

"Good, good," Smith nodded, taking a sip. "I'd be careful about littering, though. And your choice of mochi was good."

The author sighed and rolled his eyes. "So you were watching us, I was wondering what you got called away for." He grimaced and added more cream. "I really don't need to know that I'm being watched, okay? Especially not that closely."

"You're lucky we were, or you'd be getting a fine for littering," Kuroko replied dryly, before peering at him over her sunglasses. "And public indecency, because you had sex in a park! Seriously, why would you do that?"

He opened his mouth to rebuke her, before pausing and nodding. "Alright, you have a good point, but…there's a time to say 'no' and that wasn't it." Saul shrugged helplessly. "It was the right time- if not necessarily the right place."

"Got that right," she sighed, brushing her hair out of her eyes. "It'll at least make the board happy. You and Rachnee made history, you know. The first interspecies couple to have sex, wouldn't your parents be proud?"

"My dad would be, sure, though I really doubt we're the first-" He began.

"-First couple, legally," Smith clarified, sipping her coffee. "That's one for the history books."

"And this, children, is Saul Dewitt, first man to legally bang an Extraspecies woman," he said jokingly, stirring his drink. "Ms. Teacher, what's 'banging' mean?"

The agent let out a quiet chuckle before fixing him with a look. "Was that all it was to you, a 'bang?'" There was no accusation in her voice, only a slight hint of curiosity.

"No," Saul replied softly, "I'm not a fan of the phrase 'making love' because it gets bandied about by idiots so much, but that's the closest thing I can think of. She accepted my past and who I am, and, well, you saw the rest." He sipped his coffee, staring at nothing for a few seconds. Eventually, his eyes met Smith's. "Did I ever thank you?"

She glanced at him over her glasses. "For what?"

"I know the first thing you did was run a background check on me; you've known about what happened in America, but you've always treated me like a regular person, so…thank you, Kuroko." The author smiled warmly at her, his eyes soft.

Kuroko coughed quietly, playing with her stirring spoon and mumbling, "Well, you know, everyone has regrets and makes mistakes, and you looked like a good person-" A large hand covered hers, gently pulling the cup from her grip and setting it aside before she was engulfed in a hug. She stiffened for a second, before wrapping her arms around him and returning the embrace, releasing an inaudible sigh as her belly churned pleasantly.

"This is why no one takes you Americans seriously," she muttered, "you're all too touchy."

"…And there goes the moment," Saul sighed, pulling back. "What do you want for breakfast?"

"I'm not picky," Smith shrugged, watching him go about grabbing materials, snapping her fingers in remembrance. "Oh, by the way, Tio wanted me to remind you that she's coming to pick you up at noon, and that you should pack for the beach."

Saul paused mid-stir. "Right, she's taking me away for the weekend…forgot about that," he admitted. "I still don't know how she managed to get us to agree to that, only that it was painful trying to refuse her."

"Ah, she broke out 'The Look,'" the agent nodded knowingly. "Yeah, no one can refuse her when she breaks that out…unless you avoid eye contact or wear sunglasses. Usually she uses it to get an extension on her food budget, or to get the last piece of cake in the fridge. I knew she liked you, I'm just surprised at how much."

"Guess I'm just a lady-magnet," he replied with a shrug, "Maybe I'm lucky…or very unlucky. I've learned not to question these things, because I honestly don't know what's attractive about me. Besides my hair."

Smith chuckled but said nothing, passing him a carton of eggs and joining him by the stove to help make the food. They worked together in comfortable silence, cooking eggs, sausage and bacon with potatoes and peppers, setting a portion aside for the herbivore in the house.

A while later, the front door opened and the clopping of hooves on wood let them know that Cerea had returned from her morning run. The Centaur peered into the kitchen, wiping her sweaty face with a towel. "Good morning, Master, Agent Smith," she greeted, taking a drink from her water bottle. "Doth thou require any help?"

"Breakfast's almost ready and just about to be served up, if you could wake everyone up that'd be great," Saul replied, wiping his hands on a towel as he approached her with a smile, standing up on his tiptoes to press a kiss to her cheek. "How was your run?"

"It went well, Master," Cerea replied, flushing gently. "I do wish you would join me, though. While you are far from unfit, I still worry about your health."

"I'll give it a shot, alright? Next week, though, since my weekend is going to be occupied," he answered, rubbing her arm. "I don't like you being worried because of me, but I appreciate the thought."

The Knight grasped his chin gently and gazed at him with hooded eyes. "I am always thinking of you, Saul," she murmured, dipping her head and gently kissing him. A few seconds later, her eyes flew open upon remembering that Smith was in the room. With her face flaming, she fled with a babbled excuse and left them alone.

"So…" the agent began. "I'm guessing Rachnee convinced you to go with the whole, 'multiple partners' thing?"

"It's a work in progress," Saul shrugged, serving up hot scoops of breakfast onto plates. "On one hand, it's really hard to deny her…them. On the other, it's just all really weird. I doubt I'll ever get used to it."

She hummed in agreement and filled her arms with dishes, taking them out to the table with the author following behind her. As they set up the table, the other girls began to trickle in one-by-one. Yukio was first, pecking Saul on the lips with a sleepily-murmured, 'Beloved,' followed by Miia slithering in and giving him a chaste kiss; she was followed by Suu, who gave wet, sloppy kiss on the cheek; the slime was followed by Dina, who nodded at him without making eye-contact and demurely sat at the table.

Cerea joined them a minute later, half her face covered in white webbing. "Master, Rachnee did not take my presence well. Perhaps you are better suited to waking her this morning," she said calmly, her fingers twitching with the urge to rip the offending web off her face.

"Yeah, that would be safer for everyone," Saul sighed, poking her cheek. "It's just regular webbing, it'll dry up and fall off in a minute, okay?"

The author hung his apron on a hook before hopping up the stairs to his room. Pushing open the door and stepping inside, he found Rachnee right where he left her; sprawled out on the bed and snoring slightly. The blanket was draped over her stomach and her legs twitched with every snore, her chest rising and falling with every breath.

A tender smile came to his lips as he crept towards the bed, intent on waking her in a very intimate, romantic way. Lightly stroking her cheek, he leaned in and kissed her gently, whispering, "Rachnee…"

She didn't respond.

Saul kissed her again, and stroked her cheek a little more insistently. "Rachnee~..."

She snored lightly.

The author frowned and drew back. "Rachnee." He poked her face. "Rachnee." Poke. "Hey." Poke. "Rachnee." Poke. "Hey, Rachnee." Poke. "Wake up." Poke. "Rachnee." Poke. "Hey. Listen."

Rachnee groaned, her eyes flicking open to glare at him. "C'mon, why'd you go from trying to kiss me awake to poking me so fast? I was hoping you'd go from kissing to groping and eventually morning sex if I waited long enough, but no, you had to get impatient." She huffed, crossing her arms and turning away. A second later, she turned back and rolled over on top of Saul, pinning him to the bed. "Oh well, I guess I'll just have to initiate it again."

He slipped a hand out and put a finger to her lips. "Rachnee, what Cerea and I came up to tell you is that breakfast's ready," he said. "And I don't know about you, but cold eggs are the worst."

She gave him a flat look. "Tell me about it," Rachnee muttered, tracing a finger down his neck to his chest. "You sure I couldn't get a quick…protein shake?"

"Potassium, actually," Saul replied factually, causing her to pause. "So, a more factual innuendo would be something along the lines of a banana smoothie, or a milkshake."

His Arachne lover pulled back, arching an eyebrow. "I get the feeling you don't want to have sex with me," she said slowly.

"Not so much that I don't, more that neither of us has had a shower yet," he pointed out. "And I wouldn't ask you to do what I won't. Which, in this case, is anything more intimate than a kiss." He leaned up a planted soft, short kiss on her lips.

Rachnee pulled back and sniffed herself, making a face. "Oh sweet web, you're right," she said, shaking her head to clear the scent. "Well, morning sex is out of the question. How about, after breakfast, we get clean in the shower, then get dirty again in the bath?"

Saul pecked her nose, smiling. "I was thinking the exact same thing," he replied, pushing himself up. He watched her get dressed before they left the room holding hands, descending down the stairs to find the others had started on breakfast. They'd barely taken a seat when Miia just about burst with questions.

"How was your date? Did you kiss? Was it good? Did you do more? How was it? What was it like? Was it good? I bet it was good, I mean it always feels amazing in my dreams…" She paused upon realizing what she just said and flushed deeply.

Rachnee smirked as Yukio looked up in interest along with Suu, while Smith and Cerea busied themselves with their food. Dinah scowled, willfully ignoring everything that was being said while restraining the urge to throw her fork at the Arachne. "Well, to answer your questions, our date was good, but not as good as what happened afterwards. Yeah, we kissed many, many times and it was great, but again not as great as what happened later. And as for 'more', well…"

She glanced at the other end of the table and found Saul giving her a flat look. "I'm right here," he said, just as Dinah said the same. They shared a surprised expression before the Undine smiled beatifically.

Rachnee rolled her eyes before leaning close to whisper in Miia's ear. The Lamia's eyes widened before her face went red, her gaze flickering to Saul every few seconds while her blush intensified, despite her seeming to have reached critical levels of embarrassment. The others busied themselves with breakfast, at least until Miia gasped. "Really? You did that?!"

"Of course," Rachnee admitted proudly. "Turnabout is fairplay, after all, and there's the thing he does with his tongue…" She turned to the author and jerked her head at Miia. "Show her the thing."

Saul sighed and rolled his eyes, sticking his tongue out and licking the tip of his nose, then the tip of his chin. "Are you done yet?"

The Lamia tilted her head confusedly. "I can do that too," she said, "I can lick my eyebrows."

"Imagine that inside…" The Arachne paused, wondering if she'd reached the limits of acceptable bragging.

Dinah delicately cleaned her mouth with a napkin before standing up from the table and leaving, trailing her hand over Saul's back and murmuring, "My Knight."

Smith coughed and checked her silent phone. "Oh look, I'm getting a call I need to take!" she exclaimed, hastily standing and putting to her ear. Then it rang loudly and Smith recoiled with an "Ow!"

Suu was ignoring the conversation in favor of poking her face with a long, blue tongue that was more like a tentacle, which she then reached over the table with to stick in Smith's abandoned orange juice and drink it up.

Cerea appeared to be trying to burn a hole in the table with her gaze, her cheeks red, while Yukio propped her chin up on her hands, her eyebrows perking up. "Go on…" she encouraged.

"Alright," Saul announced, pushing his chair back and gathering a few dishes. "Have fun with your gossips session, I'm going to wash the dishes. Suu, Cerea, can you help me?"

The cerulean slime jumped up and happily shoved most of the plates and silverware inside of her, while the centaur remained frozen in place, her eyes still locked on the table. Even after the author poked her a couple of times and received no response, he left her there and headed for the kitchen.

Dumping the dishes in the sink with hot water, he scrubbed and rinsed until they were clean, reaching a hand out to Suu for the rest. What he was given was a stack of dishes that were completely spotless, if a little damp. He quirked an eyebrow at her and got a innocent smile in return. "Huh," he muttered, rubbing her head at the base of her topmost tentacle. "I'm gonna give a quick rinse just to be safe, but thanks, Suu. You're just all sorts of handy, aren't you?"

She bobbed her head happily and pointed at her cheek. "Handy!" she chirped, giggling as he kissed her cheek.

Saul rinsed the dishes and set them out to dry, leaving the kitchen with an arm around Suu's shoulders. "I want you to stay out of trouble, okay? I'll be gone this weekend, and I don't want whoever watches over you guys being driven to insanity, so I'm trusting you to be your adorable self, okay?" she nodded enthusiastically and he kissed her other cheek. "Good girl. Now go have fun."

Suu skipped off as he stopped in the dining room, just in time to hear Miia gasp, "Is that even possible?!"

Rachnee winked conspiratorially. "Anything's possible with a good imagination and a generous amount of lube." She noticed him standing by the stairs. "Hey Honey, ready for that shower?"

Saul gave her a leery look. "Yeah, I'm ready to get clean."

As his lover stood join him, Cerea suddenly shouted, "My mind will never be cleansed of these visions!" before shaking her head and clearing her throat, "Excuse me, I meant to say that I will join you, Master."

The Arachne shrugged and took Saul's arm, leading him to the bathroom. "I'm fine with other people watching," she said, brushing her bangs out of her face. "And I mean that in every sense of the word."

They walked in silence for about five seconds before Saul spoke up. "I don't know what you were talking about and for my sanity, I don't want to," he clarified, feeling Cerea give his arm an alarmed tug, "But I'm going to be clear: Nothing is going up my ass."

Rachnee quirked an eyebrow. "Speaking from experience?"

He sighed. "An old girlfriend of mine slipped a finger up there once, and I wilted faster than any thoughts of grandma could ever accomplish. So yes, speaking from experience, our sex life will be rather short if you insist on shoving things ass-ward."

She shrugged and hummed. "Good to know, but that wasn't what we were talking about. I'll tell you later, when it won't make Horsey faint in shock."

"Thank you," Cerea replied stiffly, "Your kindness is truly astounding."

"I am quite magnanimous, now that I think about," Rachnee retorted as they entered the bathroom and she shucked her shirt off. "I'm letting you shower with me and Honey, and I'll let you watch when we fill the bath with suds without any bubble bath if you see what I'm saying."

"Hard not to," the Knight grumbled with red cheeks. "And what, exactly, makes you think I want to watch? Not everyone shares your…perversities."

"How else would you get to see such a magnificent cleavage as mine?" The Arachne retorted, fondling her chest.

"Please," Cerea snorted, crossing her arms. "If I wanted to view an amazing pair of breasts, I need only look in a mirror."

"Oho!" Rachnee's eyebrows perked up. "The herbivore's got teeth, who knew? We can agree that, of all the ladies here, we've got the best breasts, with Yukio a close third, but we're biased. Let's get Honey's opinion, hmm?"

She turned and opened her mouth, only to pause when she noticed that Saul wasn't still standing between them. He was actually standing under one of the shower heads, diligently washing his hair and humming under his breath. Both ladies shared a silent look of truce before joining their host in getting clean.

He left a moment later to fill the tub, just as Rachnee opened her mouth to ask for his help in cleaning her hard to reach places, and slipped in a minute later. He leaned back with a sigh, enjoying the relaxing warmth of the water, feeling it ripple and displace as the ladies joined him. Saul rested for a bit, before feeling a pair of eyes on him. "Yes?"

Cerea shifted away bashfully. "Tis nothing, Master, just a foolish-"

"Who's got better boobs?" Rachnee asked bluntly. The author opened his eyes and gave her a flat look. She smiled and put her hands on her hips, proudly baring her chest, while Cerea crossed her arms over her bosom and turned red. "Well?"

"That's like asking me if chocolate or vanilla ice cream is better," Saul replied dryly. "They're somewhat different, yes, like flavor, texture and such, but at their core they are the same. To be as frank as possible: They are boobs and boobs are good. It's more a matter of who's holding them that's important."

The Arachne frowned. "Okay, how about instead of going for the emotional part, just tell us which pair is better visually," she quickly darted forward kissed kim quickly. "I love you too."

He gave her a wink before turning his gaze on his knightly Centaur. "What do you want to do, Cerea?" He asked quietly. "You can always say 'No' and I'll accept it, you know?"

Cerea bit her lip but straightened up, dropping her hands. "Nay, Master, I do not mind having your gaze upon me; I welcome it, in fact." She fixed Rachnee with a dirty look. "Selfish as it may be, I also hope you judge me above Rachnera; she's been insufferably smug all morning."

Rachnee smirked smugly. "Well, I have good reason to be: I won."

"Getting in my pants wasn't a race," Saul interjected, his face deadpan. "Anyway, if you want me to judge, you'll have to stand next to each other so I can compare." Asked to decide who has the best breasts? Man, my sister would be so jealous.

The two ladies shuffled through the water to stand shoulder-to-shoulder, the Arachne with her shoulders thrown back proudly and the Centaur mirroring the posture with an expression of rigid determination. The author rolled his neck before leaning forward, and propping his chin up on his hands, staring intensely at both sets of breasts before cataloging every detail he could find and comparing them to the other pair.

He jumped slightly as a thought occurred. Christ, my life is just like one of those ecchi manga with the harems. Except that I'm not afraid to kiss or even make love, unlike most of them…this really should've occurred to me earlier. Clearing his throat, Saul spoke up. "Alright, Rachnee's breasts are great, they're heavy and her nipples are the perfect shade of pink to go with her pale skin," the Arachne smirked, tossing her hair back. "But Cerea's breasts are amazing, too; they're both larger and perkier, despite the rules of physics. They're both great."

Rachnee frowned, trading a dissatisfied look with Cerea.

"But!" Saul interjected before they could speak, "Rachnee does have the advantage."

His lover fist-pumped, letting out a triumphant, "Ha!"

The Knight's jaw fell open in surprise and disappointment. "But why, My Lord?!" She cried.

The author glanced away, feeling rather embarrassed. "Well, it's kind of a big thing, but, well…I've actually…touched Rachnee's breasts."

"Caressed, groped, fondled, kissed, licked, sucked," Rachnee listed on her fingers, "Any one of those would've worked just fine, but you went with 'touched'?"

He gave her a flat look. "Despite your best efforts, I still have a sense of embarrassment, y'know."

She clicked her tongue and crossed her arms. "Gotta try harder," she grumbled, before jumping as Cerea lifted her arms out of the water with a splash.

"Master!" She exulted, "In the name fairness and unbiased judgement, I declare that you must…! Feel…my bos…" Cerea trailed off, leaving an awkward silence.

"What?" He asked.

"Touch my bosom!" she replied a touch loudly. "I mean, it would help thou render a fair judgement…"

"Er, Cerea, I wasn't saying that I should, just pointing out a fact," Saul said slowly, scratching his red cheek. "The last thing I want is to force you to do something you don't-"

"Saul!" Rachnee snapped sharply. "She wants you to feel her up, and this is just a convenient excuse. Being all sensitive is just going to make it more difficult, so shut up and give Horsey a good groping!"

Cerea sent a blistering glare her way, but nodded in agreement. "Yes, Master, I want you to touch me," she waded over to him, gently taking his hands in hers. "I…I am not prepared to-to make…to go further; but I desire to feel thy hands upon my body, and to feel thy body in return…do you agree?"

Saul breathed deeply and nodded. "I do, Cerea."

Rachnee rolled her eyes at the deep gaze they were sharing. "This is what feudal hentai must've looked like," she muttered, drawing up beside them. "Before you get started with the fondling, Honey, can you sit up a bit higher?"

He sat up straighter, arching an eyebrow at her. "Like this?"

She shook her head. "No, I mean sit up on the edge of the bath." Saul moved himself up, putting his eyes level with Cerea's. "There you go. Now get to it, you crazy kids."

Cerea's hands tightened around his and with no further delay, placed his hands upon her bosom, gasping as his relatively cold hands grasped her sensitive flesh. The author gulped quietly and squeezed gently, whatever objective thoughts he could muster fading away at the sensation of her hot, soft skin, her dark pink nipples hardening against his palms and the breathy whimper she gave as he gently squeezed.

In the back of his mind- far, far back -he noted that they felt firmer and smoother than he remembered Rachnee's being, but that was drowned out by Wow, they're soft! And Boobs! Followed by I didn't know she had a scar.

Saul leaned in closer to examine the thin silver line that extended from just below her collarbone to a few inches across the top of her left breast, sliding his hands under to lift them closer. His Knight quietly moaned as his breath brushed over her burning skin and tensed briefly as she felt something poking her stomach, which pulsed like it had a heartbeat.

Realizing what it was, she relaxed and groaned as her Master continued his examination but went no farther, lifting her hand and pressing gently on the back of his head. He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her breast before doing the same to the other, leaving a trail downwards as his hands softly and rhythmically massaged her flesh. Her breath caught as his lips closed around her nipple, his slightly rough tongue pleasurably scraping over ultra-sensitive skin.

So lost in the sensations being given to her, Cerea barely noticed when a long, spindly hand pressed against her side, slowly shuffling her to the side with Saul unconsciously following and switching breasts.

She did notice, though, when he tensed and squeezed her a bit roughly, her blue eyes shooting open before realizing she'd been moved. Looking to the side, Cerea found her former position had been filled by her fellow homestay, a head of lavender hair slowly bobbing on his length.

Rachnee paused on her ministrations and opened her eyes, glaring at the two staring down at her. "I didn't say you could stop…" She growled, baring her teeth.

Saul arched an eyebrow at her as Cerea frowned. The Centaur grabbed Rachnee by the back of the head and pushed her back down, filling her mouth with half his length. "Stop telling us what to do," she muttered, turning back to Saul. "Please, Master, continue…"

Instead of using his mouth, the author laid his cheek against the valley of her cleavage and closed his eyes. "Your heart," he murmured, "It's beating so loudly…"

"It beats for you," she replied softly, stroking his hair and cupping his cheeks as he pulled back to look at her, his eyes glittering with emotion. His arms went around her shoulders as they pulled together and kissed gently, separating for a second before meeting again passionately, their lips molding and shaping to the other as Cerea pressed down on him, to the point he would've fallen out of the tub if she hadn't wrapped her arms securely around him.

So focused was he on her lips that Saul was taken by surprise when her tongue slipped through his lips and tangled with his own; he'd thought her lips were hot, but her tongue was scorching, like a tendril of molten rock that only added to the fire coiling in his belly until it burst outward. The only warning he gave was when he took a handful of Cerea's unbound blonde hair and the bucking of his hips as he filled Rachnee's mouth with his orgasm.

Stars went supernova behind his eyes, burning away the darkness of his eyelids and leaving behind a feeling of being replaced with cotton.

He opened his eyes to find Cerea staring down at him, her face creased in a warm, loving smile, her breath coming in shallow pants to match his own. Then, Rachnee's visage joined her, wiping traces of white from the corner of her lips and looking mightily pleased with herself. "So, Honey, not that you're unbiased…what's your decision?"

Saul groaned and slumped back, surprised his brain hadn't gone liquid and drained out of ears. "Saul Dewitt isn't home right now, please leave a message after the beep…beep."

The trunk of the black SUV closed with a final thump, locking Saul's bags away securely along with Tio's. It wasn't much, just a few changes of clothes along with his swim trunks and his laptop. They'd have to go shopping for food when they got wherever they were going, though the author didn't mind; it would give him a chance to try some of the local foods, and perhaps even cook some actual seafood for once.

The ladies were lined up by the car to send them off along with Smith, who had kindly agreed to watch the house while the host was away, with the promise that all the coffee she consumed would be replaced. Miia was the first to give her goodbyes, wrapping Saul in a tight hug and pressing a shy kiss to his cheek. "Please call me before you go to sleep," she said quietly, squeezing his hand. "This is the first time you'll be gone and I'm a little worried…"

"I'll try," he replied, patting her cheek. "I don't know if the place we're going has any cell reception, but I'll do my best to contact you before the night's out."

A pair of cool hands cupped his cheeks, followed by a chilled lips gently touching his. "Have fun this weekend," Yukio smiled, taking a step back and folding her hands, "When you get back, we should do something together."

"We should," Saul agreed, "Whatever you come up with, write it down and we can go over it then." Then he came to Smith, who was standing by Suu. "I doubt anything house-destroying will happen, but just in case it does, I have faith that you'll handle it well."

Smith adjusted her sunglasses with a smirk. "Of course I will, I can handle anything," she stated confidently.

The author gave her clueless look. "What? I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to Suu," he rubbed the slime's head and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Don't forget to drink plenty of water and eat healthy, okay?"

Suu nodded and turned to the Agent, giving her an undeniably smug smile. "Handy," she said happily.

With a deadpan expression, Smith turned on her heel and walked off. "Yeah whatever, have fun. Or don't, I don't care."

Cerea was nervously playing with her fingers, cracking her knuckles every so often as if she wished to grab her sword and don her armor. "Please be safe, Master," she nearly pleaded, "I don't like the idea of you going somewhere you've never been with a stranger."

"Tio's no stranger, Cerea, and you saw what happened in the doujin shop," he pointed, taking her hand and squeezing it. "She busted through a concrete wall like it was nothing, so I'll be safe in her hands…as long as I'm not literally in her hands, I'll be fine. You're sweet for worrying, but try to relax this weekend, okay?"

She nodded tightly. "Yes, Master, I will try. I agree with Miia, though, please call before bedtime. I…would like to hear your voice before I sleep." She hugged him firmly before kissing his cheek. "I will be thinking of you, Saul."

"Pfft," Rachnee scoffed, grabbing Saul by shoulders and pulling him close. "That's not how you say goodbye," she muttered, kissing him fiercely and quite loudly, too, with a few salacious moans thrown in for good measure. "That's how you say goodbye," she finished, emerging with pop.

His face red, Saul coughed into his hand. "Alright, well, time to leave," he said hastily, opening the car door and stepping inside. As he buckled up, Smith leaned in through the window.

"I don't want to tell you what to do, but you need to take Dinah out," she murmured, peering sternly at him over her sunglasses. "The hostility she has for Rachnee and Cerea is becoming a problem and it's just getting worse."

Saul looked over her shoulder at Dinah, who was staring forlornly at him through a window, and gave her a little wave. Her shoulders slumped and she disappeared back into the house, shooting a dark glare at Rachnee as she did. "Yeah, I know," he sighed, scratching his smooth chin. "I'll think of something to do, but she's got to understand that I might be a reincarnation, I'm not the Knight she fell in love with."

"Good luck with that," she said dryly, before smirking. "Oh, by the way…" When he turned to look at her, she leaned in and kissed his cheek. "You didn't think you were getting away without one from me, did you?"

He gave her a flat look and rolled the window up, getting a giggle from the agent as Tio stuck her arm out of the driver's side window and waved. "Bye everybody!" she called, "See you soon!"

The ladies waved and shouted their goodbye's as the SUV pulled away from the house and hit the road. "Have fun!" Rachnee called, her hands cupped around her mouth. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do! Which doesn't exclude anything! Anything!"

They watched as the car grew smaller and smaller, eventually disappearing into the ripples of heat radiating off the road. One by one, the ladies went back into the house, leaving Rachnee and Cerea still on the sidewalk.

"I'm surprised you aren't jealous," the Centaur admitted with hint of grudging respect. "It's very mature of you."

"Huh?" Rachnee gave her a confused look. "Of course I'm jealous. It took me months to get him in bed, and she's just gonna do it in a weekend! It's almost enough to give a girl confidence issues…and don't pretend you aren't jealous, too."

Cerea crossed her arms and pointed her nose in the air. "I may be envious, but I'm mature enough to miss him for him, and not as a bedwarmer." She paused, biting her lip. "I apologize, that was needlessly cruel."

"Just because I enjoy having sex with him doesn't mean I don't love Saul as a person," the Arachne said lowly, her multiple eyes narrowing. "And I'd thank you to not bring it up again."

"I know, I'm sorry," she mumbled, scratching her cheek embarrassedly. "It's just the way you go on about it…"

"Hmph," Rachnee scoffed, "Whatever." She clapped her hands. "Now, have you thought of positions you and Saul can take? I mean, naturally there'll be some difficulties, but that's nothing a bit of light bondage can't fix!"

"You…you Wench!"

Saul sighed, leaning back against the seat. On the road, he thought, stretching his neck. Might as well settle in. He glanced at Tio and blanched. "Jesus, Tio!"

The sweet Oni gave him a confused smile. "What is it, Sweetie?"

"Are you okay?" He asked slowly. All seven foot five of sweet red oni was crammed into the driver's seat, and even with the seat pushed as far back as it could go her knees were still pushing up against her chest and she had to duck to see out of the windshield. It reminded him somewhat of a giraffe stuffed into a clown car. "You're…kinda crammed in here."

She waved him off with a giggle. "Oh no, I'm fine! Being as tall as I am and as short as most people are, I've gotten used to it. I'll definitely need to stretch later, though."

"Are you sure?" Saul questioned worriedly, peering over his shoulder into the back of the car. "We could fold the back seats down, trade spots and that should let you stretch out. I can drive and you can give me directions."

"It's alright, Sweetie, really!" Tio replied cheerfully. "I might take you up on that on the way back, though."

"Okay, just let me know if it gets to be too much," he let the conversation die gracefully. "So, how long is the drive?"

"About four hours," she said with a shrug. "It's out of the way, but there's a cute little town nearby where we can get food. They have this little bakery that makes the best cookies in the world!"

Saul smiled at her enthusiasm. "Well, we'll have to make a stop in there and get some," he replied, folding his hands in his lap and letting the silence build.

They sat in complete silence, except for the growling of the engine, for around twenty minutes before Tio spoke up. "I'm glad you came with me," she said quietly. "I know I kinda sprung it on you, but I'm happy you accepted."

"No problem, Tio," Saul nodded, giving her a smile. I think it might've literally killed me to say no, but whatever. He tilted his head back and unleashed a jaw-cracking yawn at the roof. "I'm still a little tired from last night; do you mind if I grab a nap?"

"Go ahead, Sweetie," she chirped, reaching over and patting his knee. "I'm gonna turn the radio on, but I'll keep it low."

The author hummed in agreement, leaning his head back and getting comfortable in his seat, closing his eyes and sinking into the darkness. It was less like sleep and more like meditation, less turning off the computer and more disconnecting from the wi-fi. A few sounds and sensations slipped through to his mind, but most were ignored and swiftly set aside in favor of blackness.

Faintly, he heard Tio quietly singing along with one of the new songs by an all Extraspecies Idol-group called ANM48. It was quite catchy, naturally, but the author preferred something with a little more rock or a little more electronica. She's got a sweet voice, he thought briefly, before it was lost in the roiling misma of darkness.

The tendrils of his consciousness returned to his body as the car slowed to a stop, and Saul blinked as he opened his eyes. They were at a rest stop, a pair of squat stone buildings and wide picnic area covered by a scattering of verdant trees. "Hey Sweetie," she greeted him with a slightly uncomfortable smile. "I wanted to get there without any stops, but I really need to use the bathroom."

He yawned briefly, checking the time as he did. "Yeah, I could use a potty break, too," he muttered, stretching his neck. Sitting in the same position for a couple of hours would leave one with some stiff muscles, after all.

Saul watched as Tio pulled herself out of her seat and was briefly surprised when she didn't make the sound of an emergency raft suddenly inflating. "Be right back!" She chirped, skipping to the bathrooms.

He followed after her and emerged a minute later, feeling relieved and hungry. The author bought a couple packages of rice balls and some cold tea for a snack, before thinking critically and buying a few more rice balls and some pineapple-flavored Kit-Kats. If he was hungry from doing absolutely nothing, then Tio would be starving. He planted himself in the shade of a tree and ripped open a wrapper, taking a hearty bite out of a rice ball and humming. Tuna and pickled ginger. Not bad.

The oni ducked out of the bathroom and stretched, sighing happily until her stomach rumbled and reminded her that lunch had been four hours ago. She spotted her travel companion waving at her and walked to him with a skip in her step, flopping down next to him and accepting a rice ball with a smile. "Thanks, Sweetie!" She said around a mouthful of food, leaning back on an arm and enjoying the breeze.

As she ate, Saul took in her clothes. It had been hard to see with her all scrunched up, but Tio had gone with a pair of what most would call short-shorts and a pink halter top, much like he'd seen Rachnee wear. He'd mostly seen her in long dresses or her EON combat gear, and with less coverings he could clearly view her arms and legs, which were toned and muscular, but not overly so; despite being able to flip the car they were driving with a little effort.

"-eetie. Sweeti, can I have another one?" He was drawn from his staring by her voice, which made him jump in embarrassment.

"Oh, right…" he handed her another rice ball with a sheepish blush. "...Sorry."

She smiled shyly, glancing away with dark cheeks. "…I don't mind," Tio murmured, hiding her face in her food.

"Still, it's kind of rude," Saul rubbed the back of his neck. "You'd think I'd learn after all this time, but no."

"Well, when we get there, I'll stare at you," she replied with a small smirk. "Would that make you feel better?"

He shrugged, unable to contain a grin. "That would be fair, since I'm wearing pants right now."

Tio shoved the remainder of her snack in her mouth and hopped to her feet. "All the more reason to get there quickly!" She chirped, taking one step before falling back down, clutching her leg and hissing. "Ah! Cramp! Cramp! Owowowow!"

"Here, let me see," Saul said, pulling her leg onto his lap and testing her calf with his fingers. The muscle was rock solid and occasionally pulsing in time with the quiet sounds of discomfort from the oni. "Don't try and stretch it right now, just relax."

She leaned back on her elbows and tried to do as he said, though the occasional pain set her back. His hands rubbed up and down her leg, carefully massaging the cramped muscle and coaxing it into loosening up with every pass. "It's getting better," she reported, wiggling her toes slowly. "I think I'll need your help for a little bit longer, though."

The author chuckled and continued his ministrations for a few minutes longer. "I'm surprised you didn't cramp up sooner, what with you being crammed in the car like that," he said, patting her leg and setting down. "Sure you don't want me to drive?"

"If it means you'll massage my leg again, then yes, I'm sure," she replied with a teasing wink, getting up and stretching. "Aah, that feels so much better! Thank you, Sweetie!"

"No problem," he said, stretching his arms before they got back into the car. "Mind if I hook my phone up and play some music off of it?"

"Sure thing," she nodded, rolling her neck before carefully stuffing herself in the driver's seat. Within a minute, they were back on the road as the soothing sounds of an Australian man singing about Australia came out of the speakers. "Who's this?"

"Men At Work, one of the best bands ever," Saul replied, smiling as he whistled in time with the flute solos. "You like?"

"Mmhm," Tio hummed, bobbing her head to the beat. "I've never heard of them, but they sound good."

"Well, it's a good thing I have their entire discography," he made himself comfortable and sighed. "I said do you speak-a my language? He just smiled and gave me a vegemite, sandwich…"

The sun had just about set when they pulled through a dense copse of trees, emerging into the dying light on a narrow dirt road that led to small wooden cabin. Ten feet away from the door, the hard-packed dirt crumbled into soft sand that was nearly white, with a stone firepit in between the cabin and the dark waters quietly gently lapping at the shore.

Tio popped out of the car with a relieved sigh, basking in the remnants of the sun. "We're here, Sweetie!" She called happily, cracking her back with a groan. "It's too bad it's too late for a swim."

Saul joined her overlooking the water, taking a deep breath of the fresh, salty air. "I love the smell of the ocean," he told her, a small smile on his lips as he took it in. "I love the sounds, too."

"So do I," the oni said quietly, watching with him as the sun sank under the horizon. Just when the atmosphere had reached its peak, her stomach grumbled loudly. "It makes me hungry, too. My sister was the last one to use it and she knew I was coming, so she should've left some food in the fridge. I'll grab the bags and you can start on dinner; how's that sound, Sweetie?"

"Sounds good," he replied, taking the offered keys and unlocking the door. Stepping inside, he found it to be much larger than at first glance. Tio's family had been using it for a long time, so naturally it would be fit for a family of oni to get comfortable in, though it made Saul feel as if he'd lost six inches of his height. Besides a couch that could fit eight, there was a white wicker chair and coffee table, with a large flat screen TV attached to the wall. In fact, all of the appliances were very modern, clashing somewhat with the humble wood surroundings.

The fridge contained a half-empty jug of milk, three containers of take-out and nothing else. He grabbed the take-out and piled a mixture of yakisoba, teriyaki and fried rice into two bowls that he shoved in the microwave and set to cook. Tio stepped in a minute later, both of his bags in one arm while she carried her suitcase with the other, along with a closed paper bag that Rachnee had handed her before they left.

"Do you want to watch a movie while we eat?" He called, taking the dishes out and stirring them before popping them back in. "I've got a whole library on my laptop!"

"Sure!" She called back. "Anything you want to watch is fine!"

With the food cooling on the coffee table, Saul knelt next to the TV, connecting his laptop to it and scrolling through his library, eventually settling on Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World. As far as movies went, it was pretty good; there was violence, romance and drama in equal measure, but stylized and fairly funny.

Tio plopped down on the couch as the opening logos rolled by, with Saul joining her just as the narration started. She found the movie just delightful, giggling happily at the comedy and glaring at the antagonist. It was one of Saul's favorite movies, though he personally thought Scott Pilgrim was an ass and if he'd been in his place, he wouldn't have cheated on Knives, let alone Kim. Then again, if he was in Scott's place, a lot of things wouldn't have happened, so it was a moot point only to be brought up in quiet moments or in fanfiction, if he ever got around to updating.

By the time the credits rolled, they'd long since eaten and slumped together in the middle of the couch, but neither were sleepy enough to want to go to bed. "Let's watch another," Tio murmured, her cheek resting atop his head. "But this time, a real romance. That one was good, but it could've been done better."

Saul furrowed his brows in thought. Should I show her…that movie? The one I've never told anyone about, not even my sister? Not even Rachnee? The only who knows is my mother, and that's because she introduced me to it. "Alright, I have one, but…" he licked his lips nervously. "You can't tell anyone about…or, more specifically, that I watch it."

Tio sat up and gave him a strange look. "Alright, I promise I won't tell anyone. Why, though?"

"Because this movie isn't just any romance movie," he replied, his voice thick with passion. "This is the romance movie I watch to remind myself that romance can be done right. You have to see it for yourself to understand."

Saul got it started and sat back down, but instead of melting against her like before, he sat ramrod straight, staring at the screen so intensely Tio thought it might burst into flame. By the time ten minutes had passed, she was doing the same.

As the movie ended, the author blinked and sighed, rubbing his tired red eyes. He wasn't afraid to admit that the movie drove him to tears every time he watched it, nor that it was possibly one of the most beautiful things he'd ever seen. But, as beautiful as it was, the emotional weight and drama felt as tiring as clinging to a pole in the middle of a hurricane.

Looking down, he found Tio with her head on his chest, sleeping soundly. Saul wasn't surprised; he'd done the same the first time he watched it. It was close to midnight now, and as comfortable as he was, the bed called to him with a sweet siren song of sleep and silence. Plus, Tio was already sore from the drive over, compounding that with a night on the couch would leave her in serious need of a visit to the chiropractor.

Carrying her was out of the question, and left with no other options, he reached up and stroked her cheek. "Tio," he whispered, "Tio, wake up. We need to get to bed."

"Mmmurrggh…" she groaned, rolling slightly. "D'wanna. S'eep now. Bed lader…"

"Tio, if you don't get up, we won't be able to go to the beach tomorrow," he reasoned, playing with an exposed ear. "And then we won't get to go swimming or make a campfire…or make s'mores…"

With annoyed grunt and a bit of effort, Tio pushed herself up and peered at him groggily. "Not fair," she mumbled rubbing her eyes. "Let's go to bed then."

She leaned heavily on him as they walked to the bedroom, yawning widely as they entered it and stepping away from him, peeling her top off and dropping it carelessly, revealing that she'd gone braless the whole day. Saul dutifully looked away as she stepped out of her shorts, taking off his shirt and trading his slacks for a pair of loose sweatpants, pausing as he turned around. "Ah, Tio?"

The oni, who'd just gotten comfortable under the covers, lifted a lid and peered at him with a glazed orange eye. "Wha?"

"There's only one bed, and I didn't bring a sleeping bag," he pointed out. I really should've realized this earlier.

"That's 'cause we're sharing, silly," she mumbled, lifting the blanket and not caring even slightly that doing so showed him her bare breasts. "Stop makin' it awkward and come sleep with me."

Saul shrugged and slipped under the covers, settling down into the soft sheets. It'd be weird sleeping by myself after all those nights with Rachnee, he reasoned, closing his eyes. He stiffened slightly as Tio reached out and pulled him to her, wrapping her arms around him and rolling onto her back so that he was mostly on top of her, his head resting against her chest.

"G'night, Sweetie," she murmured, snoring a second later.

"Night, Tio," he whispered, letting sleep roll in and take him away in the arms of the sweet red oni.

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