Warrior of the Omnitrix X: Omniverse




Author's Note


When he looks like regular Ben Tennyson he's Ben. When he's like his true form he's Naren. You'll want to have read the original Warrior of the Omnitrix for the backstory.


Story Start


Some time has passed since Ben Tennyson had gotten a hold of the level twenty alien device known as the Omnitrix. It was during this time he learned he housed the soul of a transmigrant, Uzumaki Naruto and the two fused in one being in order to save both their fraying souls.

Hence Naren was born.

Keeping with the name Ben out of convenience the fused being found himself soon dealing with alien threats alongside his grandfather and cousin.

In the woods he was contending with a black and red Galvanic Mechamorph. Malware like his name implied was a malicious entity that held far more power than others of its species.

The battle between them was a stale male, Malware's form making it impossible for Ben to do any physical damage and his speed making it to where he couldn't be hit by it.

"Come now, do not tell me the only thing you can do is run. And here I thought you were great Ben Tennyson, Bearer of the Omnitrix, Savior of the Univ-!" He wasn't able to finish as the ground below him erupted into spikes that shredded his body.

Landing on a tree branch Ben gazed at him from below. "If you think being a deviant among the Mechamorphs is enough to trip me up you're wrong."

The Mecamorph pulled itself back together and struck at the tree, causing the branch it severed to fall off.

Ben simply fell back with a smirk on his face as the Omnitrix beeped green. Activating it he transformed into an alien called Feedback.

Feedback was a tall and slender creature with a black and white color scheme. His features also included two antennae and a tail that feature plugs on their tips, four fingers on each hand with similar plugs on the tip of each finger and only two front toes and the Omnitrix symbol is on his chest.

Malware goes to punch him, but Feedback leaps and back flips away behind Malware as the Mechamorphs turns around. Malware goes to punch him again, but Feedback grabs his fist with his own fist, kicks him away and puts his finger plugs on Malware along with the plugs on his antennas on him, siphoning the energy from him. Then when he lets go, he blasts Malware with all that energy blasting him far away. For the time being the threat had been dealt with.

"At this point they're not even a challenge." Ben said as they had finished up tying the immobilized body of Zombozo. It had taken them all but five minutes. Things had quieted down considerably since the Diagon incident. Many of his old villains had found themselves sorely outclassed. In fact it had gotten to the point where Gwen or even Eunice could handle most of them on their own at this point.

Heading into the age of adulthood Ben and Gwen found themselves with less free time then they once had. Per usual with passages of time many things had changed.

Ben was currently wearing an orange t-shirt with a light blue dress shirt, black dress pants which had been magically enchanted by Hope to be both durable and unrestrictive with black dress shoes.

Even the device he bore, no longer the Ultimatrix, but the final and perfect version of the Omnitrix that Azmuth had given him after Diagon's death. This Omnitrix resembles a wrist watch; its face plate is square and has a white and green color scheme. The face plate is black with two green stripes forming an outline for the hourglass which is the intergalactic symbol for peace. When the face plate is slid back, the core of the Omnitrix is revealed.

Gwen's style was more in line with her usual outfit, a white shirt underneath a dark blue sweater, black stockings under a black mini skirt, and long white socks that go up to her knees with black Mary Janes as her red hair down to her waist but is right now in a ponytail.

Eunice was wearing a white corbette split-neck silk blouse and a black cardigan skirt from a catalog he couldn't remember and low black heel flats that were actually a pair of camouflaged boots that reacted to the user's whim that had several features with shape shifting being one of them. Formerly known as the Unitrix Azmuth had long since developed a part that perfected a device that improved Eunice's ability to where she could hold on to and use a multitude of abilities.

"I can't believe this is the last time all three of us are going to be together like this." Ben spoke aloud with a sigh as he sat on a bench. "Its crazy enough that Thomas and Alex are going to have a kid, but now my two favorite gals are leaving me too." He dramatically cried out with a sappy face.

"Oh Nar." Eunice moaned sadly. Eunice always did prefer to refer to him as Narem. She felt it was the more livelier then the names and considering what and who Eunice was, it made sense that identity and uniqueness appealed to her.

"He's just trying to get sympathy nookie. Don't let him fool you." Gwen said with a smirk as Ben stuck his tongue out at her.

"Spoilsport. But still Ivy League, as expected of you Gwen and Eunice, I'm happy for the both of you not to mention proud."

"Thanks Nar." The blond said happily.

"You changing your mind all of a sudden?" Gwen asked.

"No," he shook his head. "I would have tried and convince you to go to one of the local schools if that was the case. Anyway it's not like we can't visit each other at the drop of a hat."

"You could always come with. It wouldn't be that hard for you Mr. Hero of the Universe." She playfully teased him. The amount of offers to universities small and large that he had received during graduation had been mind boggling.

"Nah, someone needs to make sure the Earth stays in one piece." He said as he was suddenly embraced by Gwen.

"Take care okay?" Gwen pulled back after the affectionate statement and pressed her lips against Ben. They held themselves their as they savored the last kiss the two of them were going to share for a while. Finally after what felt like minutes they broke apart as a thin trail of saliva popped once making contact with air. "Love you Ben."

"See you soon." Eunice threw her arms around him and brought him down for a just as passionate if not loving kiss. Ben wrapped an arm around her waist and hoisted her up slightly causing Eunice to moan into the kiss. A minute later the kiss had ended. "Love you."

One last time they shared an embrace. Gwen snuggling him as his left arm wrapped around her waist while Eunice was on his right. Her head nestled against his neck as he held her as well. The moment unfortunately had to end and the two girls got into the car.

"Love you girls too…" He waved them off as they got into Gwen's car and took off.

After making sure Zombozo was dropped off, Ben got into his DX Mark 10 and drove off. He eventually made his way to a small store, but not just any store. It's a small plumber store, called Max's Plumbing. Ben parked his car and went inside as he calls out for his Grandpa, "Grandpa Max?"

He decides to go into the restroom behind the cash registers as he opens the doors and turns the light on, closes the door and faces the old fashioned toilet and pulls down the rope from the toilet. With that he changed his identity as Ben Tennyson. Thus, Ben goes in through the floor from a circular tube as Ben is taken down into the hidden underground level underneath the building. In other words, he is taken down into the Plumber Base. Aliens and humans alike are hard at work in this alien advanced high-tech base, as finally, Ben makes it the bottom and walks out as aliens are all working on computers and other things. Ben starts walking to the kitchen, knowing that's where Grandpa Max is. A staircase pops out from a ceiling as Ben slides down the railings then spins himself around landing off the railings as he gets to his Grandpa.

Grandpa Max is holding a big covered pot as he tells Ben, "Hey, just in time, Ben." Grandpa Max is an aging 66 year old man who is wearing a black shirt, covered by a red button up Hawaiian shirt with a floral design, grey hair, white pants and grey and black shoes.

"Whatcha making?" Ben asked him.

"Zandurian goulash." As the old man opened the pot, suddenly a creature growls within as its tentacles pop out grabbing Ben whose left eye twitched in annoyance. Grandpa Max brings out his gun and shoots the creature with an energy gun making it drop Ben as the old man tells Ben, "It's fresh."

"No thanks, I swore off squid after what happened the last time. Think I'll go back out on patrol."

Ben starts to walk away as Grandpa Max tells him, making Ben stop, "Ben, before you go I have something here that ought to cheer you up." Ben smiles and tells Max, "Hey, I am cheerful. I'm psyched to go find some superhero action to get into." Grandpa Max smiles at his enthusiasm

Grandpa Max finds the papers as he walks over to Ben and tells him, "I just got the data in on your new…" Suddenly, there's an explosion above the surface as alarms are blaring and the whole base shakes. Everyone gathers to the computers including Ben and Grandpa Max. The computer shows everyone a place that exploded as Ben tells Grandpa Max before he leaves, "I got this."

But Grandpa Max tries to tell Ben, "I'll send for alpha team." But as Ben gets in the elevator, he tells him, "I'll try and save them a few stragglers then!" The doors close taking Ben back to surface level to find the area he needs to go to. Once he got there and got out, he looked over the mass destruction saying to himself, "Great, so they're using something with building busting capability." A whole entire building was destroyed, parts of the parking lot gone, and a massive crater.

Letting the form drop Ben hops into the crater sliding on the pipe and leaps to the bottom and falls flat on his face. He gets up and looks around asking himself, "What could have done this?" He walks around, focused on trying to ascertain the identity of the attacker.

In a part of the building hidden from Ben's view stood a humanoid alien that has a black suit covering his upper body with a red stripe in the middle and grey pants, grey gloves, grey belt, black boots with grey soles, There are bones over his clothes making it armor as there's a rib-cage on his chest, a tail bone on his right shoulder, a skull of a horned animal on his left shoulder, ribs covering the back of his black suit and boots, and claws on his shoes. And this alien's face is turquoise with a large lower jaw, dark red sunken eyes, and gills under his cheeks. And beside him is a strange dinosaur and dog-like alien. It's dark blue, spike-like hair running down from its collar to the tip of its tail, sharp red eyes, black lines on its neck and legs and a red spiked collar.

The dog alien growls menacingly as the humanoid alien keeps a firm hold on the alien while glaring at Ben. The being grabs a hexagon machine on his chest that's red but with violet like teeth markings making it look like a weird looking Omnitrix, and places on his dog alien creature. He places the machine on the collar of the creature as it beeps and charges, making the dog growl as the man lets it go. Suddenly, the man whistles through his gills as suddenly the dog alien creature turns into some weird crab-rhino beetle-like alien! The creature crashes through the remains of the building as Ben looks up in shock. He jumps out of the way as the alien landed. They turn to face each other as the alien roars.

"A creature of your size definitely could have done the damage."

Ben then activates the Omnitrix, showing a green holographic screen showing alien faces, as he scrolls down it through the face plate searching for the perfect alien to fight. He selects the alien as the core pops out. He then deftly jab the core with a single finger as he turned into Spidermonkey. This alien is a blue monkey alien but with four arms, three pairs of green eyes, two legs, three fingers on each hand, three toes on each foot, blue fur over a dark blue center, his hair flipped up – with the fur on his head is spiky with gray stripes – and a tail with two sashes of orange color going across his chest with the Omnitrix symbol located on the upper right sash.

Using webbing he snags on to part of the destroyed building , using his forms strength to cause the building to come down. He then leaps out of the way onto the wall as the creature was buried on the debris.

That tactic proved ineffective as the creature recovered and began its charge. Continuing to use the agility the creature granted him he was able to maneuver out of his way as it simple charged into walls. Leaping over it Spidermonkey fired webbing into its eye, blinding it and causing it to go into a blind rage.

Ending the transformation Ben prepped himself to hit the creature with a Rasengan. The creature almost got to him, but the humanoid alien from before calls it back with his gill whistles as the big alien creature stops as Ben readied the attack. The big creature growls, softly, leaving Ben alone as it crawls back to its owner into the part of the darkened building, turning back to its original form.

Looking around where the large entity might have disappeared Ben had no luck in seeing it. It didn't help that its scent up and disappeared and there were other weird scents contaminating the building. Eventually he decided to give up for now and try and see if he could investigate the destroyed building for clues.

Back with the humanoid alien and his dog alien, the dog growls as the humanoid alien says to himself, "The stories are true. He is indeed worthy prey."

Ben had just turned back to normal from being Ben and began making his return. As he turned back to normal, the lid of a very weird looking oblong toilet beside him opens up suddenly, revealing a little green alien with warts on his face; his eyes were on the sides of his face and wears a small black suit with silver armor. The alien pops up suddenly asking Ben, who got scared by his sudden appearance as he gasped, "Is it gone?" Ben after calming down asks the small alien, "Who are you?" The little alien known as Pakmar answers, "Pakmar. This is my place. Was my place. Pakmar's place!" Ben smiles telling the small alien, "Well, you're safe now." Unenthusiastically, Pakmar tells Ben, "My hero." The little alien grabs a broom and dustpan nearby and starts trying to clean despite his shop being gone.

Ben starts to feel bad for the little guy as he asks him, "Can I help?" Pakmar shakes his head telling him, "No. Just go away. I don't want any more trouble." But Ben looks around at the mess and tells Pakmar, "Yeah, I think it's a little too late for that." Pakmar had already gathered some trash as he tells Ben, "All I wanted was to run my Toilet Emporium in peace! Now it's in pieces."

"I'm curious, was that a dissatisfied customer?"

Pakmar then tells him, "Hardly. Some off-world lowlifes are shaking down us law-abiding businessmen. We pay them taydenite, they 'protect' us. Only thing is we don't pay, they're the ones we need the protecting from!"

Well if that was the case he had an idea of where they would strike next. So he gets out of the crater and contacts his Max through his cellphone letting him know what happened as he then tells him, "If this is happening, I think I know where these guys will strike next. They might be heading to Mr. Baumann's shop. I'm heading there now!"

Max then tries to tell him on the other line, "Hold on, Ben! I'm sending you your new…" But Ben had already hung up as Grandpa Max says a bit annoyed, "…partner."

Arriving inside Mr. Baumann's store he sees the said owner stacking Tiffin soda cans into a pyramid. As soon as he got to Mr. Baumann, Ben asks the store owner, "Mr. Baumann I need some information and you're the only one who might know."

The store owner tells him, "Well when it comes to information I know lots of things." And just as Mr. Baumann stacks the last can at the very top.

"Anything about an alien protection racket in Bellwood?"

Silence followed before a sigh escaped his lips. "Its not a complicated arrangement. I pay them, they leave. Which is what I want you to do right now."

But Ben tries to persuade him saying, "But Mr. Bauman, I can stop them!"

"Those cretins always end up wrecking the place. I know you mean well Ben, but you can't help the destruction others cause."

"Okay, well how about I just stay to gain their identities? I won't start a fight."

Mr. Bauman relented. "Just make sure nothing gets destroyed."

"Right," With that he chose the form of Diamondhead. Durable and mobile without the damage potential his other forms could cause using projectiles or movement.

The humanoid alien was that of a massive diamond greenish-tint with glowing yellow eyes. His outfit was the same as his human form except reconstituted for this new form.

With that he took a seat so he could quietly wait for the protection racquet to show up.

For a brief moment his attention was brought to a cloaked individual drinking soda. Now all his instincts were telling him individuals with cloaks always had something going on. It was like the law of reality in situations like this. But he seemed to just be sitting there, drinking soda.

Finally that's when the three aliens showed up.

A voice rings out gravelly saying, "Pay up, Baumann." Then there is a squawk as another alien says, "You heard about Pakmar? Hmm?"

There are three in total, as the first one is a pink caterpillar-like alien wearing a life-support power armor called Bubble Helmet. His armor is mainly silver except the torso which is black with purple accents, purple gloves, three sharp claws on each of his hands and a prominent blue round helmet.

The second one that talked is called Liam, chicken humanoid alien as he is very chicken-like, having feathers and a beak. He also has two bandoleers connecting together on his chest. His upper half is beige, the lower half is brown, has orange feet-like hands and sticking out of his head on the top as well as his bottom are red feathers. And the final bad guy, aka bad girl is called Fistina who appears to be a robotic alien as she is a pink alien with yellow eyes inside a red and black power armor and does not have a torso.

"I heard he has great deals on toilets." Mr. Baumann then tries to get on the bad alien's good sides telling them, "I heard it was an accident."

So Bubble Helmet tells him, "Accidents happen all the time. Maybe to you." Bubble Helmet moves out of the way revealing a red bad-looking device held by Liam and Fistina.

Mr. Baumann nervously speaks to them, "Take it easy, now. I don't want any trouble."

Mr. Baumann reaches to his shelf underneath the counter, but as he does, Liam clucks noticing bird seed nearby. And as he coos and turns his head, he tries to resist the siren call of bird seed. But he can't help it due to his bird-like nature and starts eating it away. Mr. Baumann finds his small box which contains taydenite, which is the rarest gem in the Milky Way Galaxy. He opens it and takes out one as he holds it out toward the alien criminals. But instead, Bubble Helmet uses his robotic arms to reach in and grab the entire box instead! Bubble Helmet then tells Mr. Baumann, "Pleasure doing business with you."

Getting up from his stool Diamondhead simply followed them as they exited the shop. "Now we can do this either two ways. You surrender or you fight me and lose. I'm fine with either one."

Bubble Helmet then tells with a threatening grumble, "This doesn't concern you, Petrosapien."

"I think it does."

Bubble Helmet closes the box and puts it in his suit as he tells the alien hero, "Looks like someone needs to be taught a lesson." Bubble Helmet grabs iron bars from his suit and morphs them out of his shell making them look like bo staffs.

With that, Bubble Helmet spins his staffs causing lasers to come out as it started to hit stalls and stores, causing residents to flee in panic.

Easily deflecting the blasts with his body Diamondhead charged forward and with a solid haymaker sent Bubble Helmet flying down the street.

As everyone runs away, Fistina and Liam place the device down to the ground, narrowly avoided a salvo of diamond projectiles launched at them.

Liam squawks like a chicken as he makes his bandoleers pop out and grind together, ready for a fight. His attacks were proven ineffective against the diamond body that was the Petrosapien.

The momentary distraction gave Fistina the time see needed to attack as she fires one of her fists at the hero but it is deflected when he used his other arm to make a shield.

Grabbing Liam by the legs he tossed the chicken alien while picking up a nondescript piece of gravel to hurl, nailing Liam and causing her to crash into Fistina.

During that time Bubble Helmet had already set up the device as he tells his comrades, "Eh, okay, boys. Time we make our escape. The place is still in the blast radius!" He gets away as the machine beeps and charges at the very center is a green circle. The machine starts up as a red force field surrounds it as the sections of the circle start turning red.

Having a choice between catching the villains and disarming the device was rather easy. Quickly he turned into Upgrade and he began trying to figure out how to disable this device.

Feeling something breeze right past him Upgrade was shocked it was the cloaked individual. 'I fucking knew it.'

The mysterious fighter grabbed some device from his shoulder and turns it into a custom bow as he then fires an energy arrow at Bubble Helmet, thus hitting its mark at his back, knocking him down as it electrocutes him a bit.

He then proceeded to charge Fistina leaping onto her back, and pushing her down with his feet as he backflip in the air, thus knocking Fistina down. The mysterious person quickly landed a blow to the back of Liam's head rendering him unconscious and landing on the ground with ease.

"Alright, colored me impressed. Who are you?"

"Rook Blonko, Magister Tennyson sent me." He introduced himself.

Suddenly, behind Rook, Liam rose up and goes to attack them, but Rook heard him coming as she simply aimed his tool and blasted him, sending Liam to the ground unconscious and sizzling.

"I'm your new partner." With that the cloak was taken off. This Rook was a tall alien, with periwinkle-blue colored fur, black markings on his face, and pointed ears wearing a blue-and-black Proto-Tech Armor.

Ben couldn't help but be a bit shocked. "Isn't it kind of late to be sending me someone green?" Finally with the device disarmed he assumed the persona of Ben. "No offense, I didn't mean to sound like well…a douche. You can certainly fight effectively, but I expect a certain level of trust with my partners and that's difficult when I hardly know who you are."

"Yes, I know. It is an honor to be working with you, sir." He said in a mix of awe and respect.

"Well then, nice to meet you Rook Blonko, I take it I don't need to introduce myself. Did you learn of me from Max?"

"I've learned of you from the required study at the Plumbers Academy."

Ben perked up at this revelation. "I heard about a lesson of sorts? Was it extensive?"

"A course. The period of it is a third of the regular length of our courses and because you yourself and the alien force are well known and versed among many areas part of your history blends into other courses."

Ben nodded in understanding. Gwen and Hope would of course be covered in magic. Eunice and Cooper for technology. Not to mention many of his alien forms were most likely discussed s possibly entities they might face in battle.

"I didn't think the organization would ever go as far as to sign me a partner." The three aliens began to recover. "So I'm curious, what's that device you're using? I don't think I've ever seen one."

"This this is called a Proto-Tool the most versatile tech in the known universe. I have made some special modifications myself. It is…!" Ben then interrupted him. "Hold on a second." Just about the three alien thugs were about to recover Ben hit each of them with a swift launching attack that sent them flying in the air, before finally colliding with the ground with thud. "Got to remember to be thorough and make sure your attacks knock the villains out cold."

"I will keep that in mind, sir."

Ben shook his head. "None of that sir nonsense. Just call me Ben." For now until he could trust this guy more he wouldn't divulge his real name.

Rook looks a little stunned as he tells Ben, "Yes, si-eh I mean Ben."

"I guess we'll find a place in Undertown to interrogate these three. I've gone over their files and I know none of them are the types to set up the protection racket."

Not too far away was the same alien with the skull outfit and his dog alien from before, he humanoid alien tells his dog, "Show no mercy." The dog charges, snarling, as it heads toward its prey.

What should have been a standard information gather mission had gone array when Ben was suddenly attacked by some sort of creature. It was a lizard creature of some kind with a white, black and red color scheme. Its head black, four red eyes with two on both sides of its head sharp teeth and the gums protruding from the lower jaw. It also had a row of red spikes running down her back, which also has a black stripe. The creature had four legs and black feet, each ending in three red claws, and a tail with a red-marked tip. The creature was also wearing a red spiked collar.

Leaping out of the way of its charge Ben snatched up two poles that made up part of the debris from the creature's rampage.

Ben charged forward and slashed against the creatures hide to know effect. Rook also attacked, shooting energy arrows at the creature's hide to know effect as well.

The creature attempted to charge again only for Ben to bring both of the poles together like an X and slowly brought the creature to halt using his strength. Maneuvering under its jaw he gripped it and sent the creature flying into one of the walls. The impact caused a crack in the wall as it landed on some of the stalls crushing the merchandise under its weight.

Ben brought both of the poles to his side and assumed a fighting stance. Ben winched as the sound of whistling penetrated his ears. He clutched his head in pain as he tried to find out where the hell that noise was coming from. Suddenly as soon as it came the creature began taking off.

Since the creature was gone there was nothing left to do, but get back to their investigation. Finally they had arrived to the location of the facility that Ben was able to extract from the mind of the lackeys he caught.

Immediately the bomb making creatures stopped their assembly and trained their plasma guns on the duo. "Well, if it isn't Ben Tennyson." Spoke a reptilian like voice Ben recognized all too well.

"It has been a while hasn't it Psyphon." Ben replied his expression becoming sharp.

"Well, it seems that you traded your team for a green horn," Psyphon responded, looking at Ben. "It appears those fools got caught and led you right to me. When I next see them I don't know whether to thank them or kill them." Psyphon wasted no more time as he ordered his lackeys to attack them.

Ben leaped to the air as Rook cartwheeled out of the way from the laser fire. Their dependence on weapons made the lackeys slow and weak. By the dozens they were quickly dispatched.

Pysphon proceeded to pull out a detonator that would completely level this facility. At the very least he could see to it that his most hated enemy would be destroyed once and for all. Before he could detonate it a creature he recognized as a Buglizard crashed through the wall. The creature's action caused him to drop the detonator over the side of the railing. With that Psyphon decided to make a hasty retreat.

"Rook! Go after Psyphon don't let him get away!" Ben ordered as he was once more attacked by the Buglizard.

Rook per Ben's order gave chase after Psyphon who was traveling down a narrow tunnel. Along the way he ruptured several pipes causing them to spew out water and fall down as Rook leaped over one of the pipes and ran through the water. Rook then orders Psyphon with a yell, "Psyphon! This is your last warning!" Psyphon grins as he flies out of the tunnel and fires energy blasts at the tunnel causing water to fall, "Pest." But out of the smoke, Rook leaped into the air and land on the ground. Psyphon looks at him shocked but grins as his eyes glowed red, "That armor of yours. I shall have it!"

Back with Ben he began cycling through aliens until he landed on Raibeast (Shocksquatch) and found its power over electricity was doing some damage to the creature.

During the course of the fight the integral structure of the area began to weaken until the two of them fell through the floor into the subway tunnel underneath.

Back with Rook his fight with Psyphon led him to ab abandoned part of Undertown. Rook deftly dodged Psyphon's eyes blasts until he was able to maneuver until the platform following by leaping to a part of the wooden structure, launch himself to a beam and start climbing, then leaped to another platform while trying to dodge the eye blasts.

But then the eye blasts cut off his running path as Psyphon stops for a moment trying to find him as Rook yells to Psyphon, "The body armor's not for sale, Psyphon." Psyphon then fires another blast where Rook was at.

An evil chortle escaped his lips. "Why would I have a need to buy it when I can pry it from your lifeless body? How green are you?" Suddenly, the whole wooden structure is starting to come down thanks to Psyphon's eye blasts.

Rook activates the grappler part of his Proto-Tool and gets out of the destruction as Psyphon falls to the ground thanks to the wooden structure going down.

Once the smoke clears away, Rook stood above Psyphon, telling the villain with a smirk, "Not so green that I let a tunnel collapse on me."

Raibeast led the creature on a chasing, climbing up the infrastructure and getting to higher elevation. He finally reached his destination, breaking open a pipe which let loose a high power stream of water at the alien to which he quickly followed up with using electricity to electrocute the beast.

Overwhelmed with pain the creature tipped off the side before landing from a height of several hundred feet into the ground causing a crater.

Landing down gracefully Ben tapped on the Omnitrix, thus turning him back to normal. At that moment Rook returned with a tied up Psyphon. "Ben, I have managed to subdue the criminal."

"Good work rookie, now as for you." He turned his attention back to the Buglizard whom suddenly releases yellow gases. Blinded by its stench it took Ben a few seconds to recover and tried as he might that gas covered its tracks.

"Damnit. That creature escaped again." As annoyed as he was, having caught Psyphon more than made up for it.

In a part of the forest outside of Bellwood, there is an alien ship belonging to the humanoid alien with the shape-shifting dog. Inside are pelts, skeletons, shells and skulls of various aliens including a Loboan pelt that has brown fur. Buglizard comes back to its master by his side as the creature turns back to its alien dog form as the humanoid alien sharpens his blade as he tells his dog, "You did well, old friend. But this Ben Tennyson is more powerful than I imagined…and resourceful. He may be our greatest trophy yet." That much the huntsman promised to himself.

Sometime later, the Plumbers were called from Rook 's Plumber badge. With that the posse of Psyphon and his lackeys as Fistina, Bubble Helmet and Liam were taken into the prison jail cars. Psyphon exclaims to the Plumbers as he's handcuffed, "I am telling you! I don't know what that creature was!"

A fish alien Plumber known as Magister Patelliday tells Psyphon a bit bored, "Yeah, tell it to the Arbiter. Transport's topside." Psyphon is taken away as Grandpa Max asks Ben with a smile, "So, how'd you like your new partner?"

Ben grins while telling Max. "Rough, its going to take some time for me to break him in and get him used to earth culture. Otherwise he's a very capable fighter and seems intelligent. I think I can get used to him being my partner." While he was going to miss the others something was telling him that this Rook had potential and he wasn't going to be disappointed.




You know what's going to be the best part of this adaption? Removing of unlikable characters/traits/dumb jokes.