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It was the middle of the night, and three kids, all of them just fourteen years old, were shuffling down the stairs of Fenton Works, down into the basement where the lab was held. They tried to be their absolute quietest in order to go unnoticed by the Fenton parents, though they might as well not have bothered, with all of the noise coming from the storm that rage on outside it would be impossible to hear their footsteps.

The sky had been a unyielding black mass, not allowing a single speck of the light of the other stars shine down from out in space.

"Guys, this is stupid," Tucker mumbled as they made it down to the bottom of the basement and stood in front of their objective; the Fenton Otherworld Portal. "We should just get out of here before we get into trouble." The African American boy was a walking stereotype of techno-geek, with a red beret, thick black rimmed glasses, a ugly yellow sweeter and a bit of a slouch from sitting in front of his computer all day. At the moment he was wondering how he had been talked into this as he filled with the camera in his hand.

"Come on Tucker, don't chicken out on us now," Sam said. The girl was the more adventurous member of the group of kids, constantly dragging the other two along to get into trouble. She had shoulder length black hair that framed her features well, especially her dark purple eyes that steamed to stand out in the room that was only light by the green light coming from the various inventions that were scattered around the room. "Are you even a little curious? I mean, what if it really does lead to an entirely different world?"

"Sam, what's wrong with this world? We've got food, shelter, Internet, why are you so obsessed about going to a different one?" Tucker said more than a little exasperated. The word obsessed really was the right one. Ever since they were all kids, Sam had only wished for one thing, to leave Amity and never come back. "Besides, Danny said that his parents couldn't even get it to work, right Danny? ...Danny?"

"Huh? Sorry Tuck, did you say something?" Danny said as he pulled his eyes away from the octagonal archway that was embedded into the wall. Danny Fenton was rather skinny and had raven black hair and blue eyes that looked like pale stars in the dark room. He was wearing a white hazard suit with a black neck drape and black gloves and boots.

Danny might not have been in on the whole 'never coming back' part of Sam's desire to leave their small world, but he had to admit, he had always wanted to be an adventurer. To explore the furthest stars and come back with tales of his amazing adventures.

"Come on Tucker, we're only taking a picture. It isn't like we are jumping into it head first," Sam said before grabbing the camera from Tucker's hands. "Come on Danny, just go for it."

"R...right," Danny said, trying to hide his nervousness.

"Don't tell me you're chickening out too," Sam said sounding disappointed. She had always known how to press Danny's buttons to get him to keep moving. That was probably why they were best friends.

So Danny stiffened his shoulders and started to walk into the gateway. He had to concentrate on each step forward in order to stop himself from showing just how nervous he really was, He couldn't see at all into the shadows in the back of the device, it felt like they were going to eat him whole.

He had walked all the way into the back of the chamber, his hand resting on the metal surface at the back. Nothing, all that build of, and there was nothing. He felt the tension starting to drain out of his body. But it all came back when the lights in the basement turned on and he heard a familiar voice.

"What are you three doing!?" Jazz Fenton, Danny's older sister, shouted from the stairs. She was just two years older then the other, though she acted a lot more mature than her years. She had long bright orange hair that she keep out of her blue eyes with a sky blue hair band.

"Busted..." Tucker mumbled miserable as he tried to hide himself behind Sam.

"Well... what are you doing here?" Sam tried to counter though she realized they were in trouble.

"Don't give me that. All three of you know you aren't supposed to come down here. Now hurry up and coming back upstairs before someone gets hurt," Jazz said seriously, a look of disappointment cast down at all three of them.

"Right..." Danny said feeling foolish. Getting that one stupid picture was about to land them all in a whole lot of trouble. But on the way out of the tube he slipped on some loose wires.

Stumbling, he reached a hand out for the wall to get some form of support. He froze as he felt a button being pressed down by his palm and a humming starting up all around him.

"Danny!" He hard the others scream as the machine turned on.

Dark mist filled the chamber, swirling quickly around him and bolts of electricity flew through the air around him. Danny could not see anything. He was already starting to panic as the entire world had gone completely black. He tried to move forward, but something was caught on his leg and he stumbled forward, landing on his face.

He turned his head, expecting to see that some wiring had gotten around his leg, but what he saw was much worse. Within the darkness was a deep darkness, one that had a hunched form with two short arms and legs that were grabbed onto Danny's leg. It looked up at him, its head was a round orb with two strange antennas and beady yellow eyes that shown bright in the endless darkness.

Danny gave a panicked shout and tried to through the thing off, but it held tight as he tried to kick it off. Soon, more came grabbing onto his arms and crawling all over his chest. Danny felt unimaginable pain as his chest began to throb.

A large glittering heart started to emerge from his chest, shining brightly in the darkness as his body started to go into convulsions. He screamed in pain as it felt like his skin was being peeled off of him and his body started to turn black, disappearing into the bodies of the other shadow creatures.

The heart began to disappear from his sight as the monsters swarmed it. Danny consciousness disappearing alongside its glow.

Sam and Tucker were stunned as they saw the archway covered by a dark pool that seemed to eat light. Danny screams were echoing from it, but as if from a great distance.

"What are you doing!? Unplug it!" Jazz shrieked as she ran down the stairs and made for the electrical socket the portal had been plugged into. Her hands fumbled as she tried to gasp the cored, but Tucker grabbed it and gave it a strong pull. "Danny!" Jazz shouted as she looked into the chamber, but it was completely empty. "Danny! Danny!" Jazz shouted as she desperately tried to search for her little brother, but there was no where to search.

"No way," Sam said, horrified.

Jazz fell to her knees inside of the chamber and started to cry. In the course of just a few seconds, her little brother had disappeared, taken from her life.

"Wha... what is that?" Tucker said. "Jazz... your shadow..."

Jazz's eyes slowly opened and she saw that her shadow was moving about on the floor, not really being influenced by the light in the room. Suddenly the shadow disconnected from her completely and moved off, climbing on the walls and ceiling, shifting about everywhere before coming to a stop in the center of the basement floor.

The three remaining children watched in shock as the shadow started to move out of the ground, taking up physical form in front of them. "...Danny..." Jazz whispered in shock as the creature looked up at them with pale, inhuman green eyes.

Danny's white jumpsuit had turned black and the gloves and boots had faded to white, his skin was darker than before and his raven black hair had turned to a snowy white. But Jazz could still recognize him, he was still her little brother.

"Danny!" She shouted, running up to the shadow creature and throw her arms around it. "Danny..." She said again. Tucker and Sam watched as Danny's body began to glow slightly, a ring of white light appearing in the air around him, driving away the darkness and returning him to normal. His head fell down onto his sister's shoulder, and he was fast asleep.

Think I'm going to try to concentrate on this story for a bit.

Generally following Kingdom Hearts 1's set up, but with different worlds. (Such as Travelers Town being replaced by Remnant from RWBY)

Basically Danny has Heartless powers, give him a keyblade later.

Taking suggestions on worlds to visit. Need about more six of them. (I'm already considering Soul Society (Bleach), Death City (Soul Eater) and the human/Digital world (Digimon Tamers), and keeping Hercules's world's story only replacing Cloud with Ichigo)

PS. I don't do Naruto.