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"We finally found it!" Ruby shouted before collapsing on the floor, Danny falling to the ground as well as his tired legs gave out. They had been walking around for almost two hours trying to find where they were supposed to be going.

The little performance earned them a few looks from the people who were already in the locker room, changing into their combat gear in preparation for the test. If Danny wasn't so tired, he would have marveled at all the different kinds of high tech weapons and devices that the other students were casually performing maintenance checks on.

"I thought we would be walking in circles forever." Danny mumbled, his face pressed against the cool tile floor.

"I forgot how bad my sister was with maps." Ruby said as she pushed herself up off the ground. "I should how known things would turn out badly when she said she wanted to take the scenic route."

Yang still as full of energy and chipper as she was when the small group set out began to laugh. "Come on you two, where is your sense of adventure? The journey is more important than the destination." She said with a cheerful grin before looking to Danny. "Mind waiting while we grab our stuff? Should only take a minute."

"As long as I don't have to move from this spot." Danny said as he closed his eyes.

"Actually, you don't, our lockers are right here." Yang said walking up to a locker before patting her sides. "Where did I put the combination again? Oh well." She said before punching the locker three times, the metal plated door vibrated for a few seconds before slowly opening. She looked over to her little sister, only to find her missing from the spot she had been lying a second before. Turning to the girl's locker, she found Ruby standing there, her locker already open and her cradling a large red and black metal object, as if it was her baby. "Well don't you seem much more cheerful. Looking forward to the exam are you?" Yang asked her baby sister with a playful grin.

"You bet, no more milling around or awkward small talk. Today, I get to let my sweet heart do all the talking." Ruby said as she rubbed her face against the cool metal.

Yang's smile slowly fell. Ruby was happy about running to the jaws of death because it meant no social interaction. "You know, you're going to have to work with other people sooner or later. I mean, what are you going to do when everything starts forming partners." Yang said, trying to edge the topic of discussion into range without having her little sister shutting down.

Danny's head shot up at hearing those words, he hadn't heard anything about partners. He had never had any luck making friends beyond Sam and Tucker. This might be bad.

It seemed like Ruby's own thoughts were along the same lines and she started to squirm uncomfortably. "Well I guess I will just partner up with you." She said, avoiding her sister's gaze.

"Oh... I was hoping that... maybe you would try partnering with someone else. Meet new people." Yang said, getting ready for it to backfire in her face. Running her hand through her hair the way she did whenever she got nerves about something.

"My dear sister Yang, are you implying that you don't want to be partners with me?" Ruby said, trying to act confrontational, though fear was plain as day in her eyes.

"No! Nononono... I was just thinking that it might help you to break out of your shell if you partnered up with someone else." Yang said hoping her sister would warm up to the idea at least, even if they ended up partnering up anyways in the end. "Ruby, you need to at least consider working with other people. Its part of growing up."

Ruby groaned. "You sound like dad." She said in frustration. "First of all, what does making friends have to do with fighting? And second, I don't need other people to help me grow up. I drink milk." She said with an odd amount of finality for that sentence.

"You're the one who sounds like dad. There is more to life than just fighting. Back me up Danny." Yang said turning to the boy who had up till then been watching quietly.

"Huh?" Danny said in the intelligent manner one would expect from a guy suddenly dragged into the middle of an argument between two girls.

"Danny tell her I'm right. I should have to be forced to partner up with people I don't know." Ruby said also turning to the boy.

Danny had never felt so small as when the two girls were staring down at him. So he did what any guy would do in that situation, change the subject. "What exactly are you holding there?" He asked, pointing to the object in Ruby's arms. Lucky for him, the was the one question that would get him a out.

Ruby's face immediately brightened and all talk of social interaction was forgotten to her. "This is my baby; Crescent Rose." She said, holding the device tight before swinging it around. Danny backed up as the rectangle unfolded into a massive scythe, nearly twice the size of the little girl that wielded it.

"Wow! Is... is that a scythe?" Danny said, not sure if he would be impressed or pissing himself.

"It's also a custom, high impact, sniper rifle." Ruby said, pulling back on a spring loader that was sticking out of the side. Danny could hear the bullet sliding into place inside of the massive weapon.

"Wow." Danny said again, his mind trying to wrap itself around how the inner workings of such a machine must be like.

"What do you have?" Ruby asked with a smile, curious as to the new boy's weapon.

Danny's face fell. Compared to Ruby's sniper scythe, his keyblade looked like a silly toy. "Um... well..." He stammered looking into the girl's curious silver eyes. "Promise not to laugh?" He said.

"I'd never laugh at someone's weapon. They are parts of who we are, extentions of our vary beings... they are all sooooo cool." Ruby said, though her sister, Yang, looked less excited, annoyed that she had suddenly forgotten all about their conversation. Though since her sister's nervousness had disappeared upon the mention of weaponry, she would let it slide.

Danny took a breath and raised his right hand, focusing on the image of the tree in his mind, feeling the chain passing between his fingers. He could almost hear the rattle of each of the links inside of his mind as his fingers pulled at something that wasn't there. Then, with a flash of bright light, Danny was holding the massive key in his outstretched hand. "Well, here it is." Danny said, a little embarrassed. The flash of light had managed to gather an unwanted amount of attention.

"Is that a keyblade?" Ruby's voice was rather flat as her eyes widened, her scythe folded up and was pushed into a holder underneath her red cape. Before Danny could even react, she had rushed forward, grabbing his wrist and pulling his arm out straight so that she could look at the blade, her eye just inches away from it. "I've never seen a real one before! Where did you get it!? How does it handle!? What is the weight distribution like!? How do you call it!.." The girl didn't even stop to breath as she fired question after question at Danny.

"Um, you want to hold it?" Danny said in a daze. Ruby looked at him with her huge silver eyes, nodding rapidly. Danny handed the weapon to her and she started looking over every inch of it. "Is she... ok?"

"Yeah she's just a weapons nut." Yang said, though her eyes were also fixed on the blade. "Have to admit though, I've never seen one outside of a rusty piece that had at an old museum."

"I didn't know it was anything special. I thought it was just a big key I could club things with." Danny said.

"You could say that they are something special alright." Another girl walked up to the group, one who was dressed in a black dress with a white blouse underneath it. The bow on her head looked natural on her long black hair and with her amber eyes, she reminded Danny of a cat. "Keyblades are tools for hunting Heartless. Though their aren't very many wielder left around." The girl smiled past Danny at Yang. "I was getting worried that you two wouldn't show up."

"We got a little lost." Yang said with a cheerful laugh. "Though Ruby is still lost in her own little world right now. Oh, Danny, this is Blake."

"Yeah..." Danny said, though his eyes had returned to the key sword, watching as Ruby tried to swing it around, testing its momentum. It felt so wrong for her to be touching it. He regretted letting her hold it.

Ruby stumbled as the key disappeared from her hands in a flash of light and returned to Danny. It wasn't the first time it had happened, but last time he was under the calming effects of the darkness, so Danny was still a little surprised at the sudden disappearing act. Though as he felt its light move into him, his body naturally swayed so that he was holding it in a steady position to the side of his body.

He had expected Ruby to be annoyed that the weapon had vanished on her, but instead she was still overly excited. "Oh so they can do that!" She shouted with something approaching a squeal. "What's its name? It has a name doesn't it?"

"Name..." Danny mumbled his mind wondering to the weapon. "Her... her name is Last Chance." He said as the blue 'X' on the blade glinted in the light that came from within it. He didn't know where the name had come from, or why he had called the blade a 'her', but it felt right to him.

"Last Chance. It's a sad name, but it seem nice. She's a good weapon." Ruby said with her childish smile.

"Alright Ruby, enough of that. Come back down to Remnant." Yang said, walking up and putting her hands on Ruby's shoulders and shaking her playfully. "We've got company."

At the word company, Ruby suddenly crashed and her head spun around until she saw Blake. "Blake! Hi!.. You saw all that didn't you?" Ruby said embarrassed. Blake only answered with a chuckle. Then Ruby noticed some other people pointing. "Oh great... I think I'll just go hide underneath a nice rock until everyone just forgets about that." She said, turning as red as the tips of her hair.

"It wasn't all that bad. I was just coming over here to greet you two." Blake said, trying to continue the friendly atmosphere of the previous night. "I hear we are going to be dividing into partners right after the exam. I suppose you and your sister are going to be a team?"

Ruby looked to Yang with puppy dog eyes. "Probably." Yang said, trying not to roll her eyes as Ruby gave a silent cheer. "How about you? Manage to get a would be ally?"

"I figured I would just go with whatever roulette system they got here. Let my cards land where they may." Blake shrugged. "If things don't go too while, I'll just arrange for an accident to happen and work alone."

"That's a great plan..." Yang said with a lop sided smile, as if the thought terrified her. "How about you Danny, you have any ideas about this whole partner thing?"

Danny gave a dumb chuckle. "I was hoping to just go alone really... I'm not even sure how to fight in a group. Think there is an opt out option?" Danny asked nervously. Though his reasons to opt out were more along the lines of this being a school for Heartless Hunters, and he was on the verge of turning into a Heartless, than simply not wanting a teammate.

"I am surrounded by the most social backwards people in this entire place." Yang said with a sigh. "I wonder if you guys are going to form a club or something."

Danny sat down on a bench near the exit while the girls when to the restroom to get into their combat duds. He was trying to focus on his breath, to calm his raging heart which felt like tearing itself out of his chest out of panic. He hadn't known that everyone was going to be three years older than him. Even Ruby was older than he was, and she was supposed to be considered the early bird. Not to mention that most of these guys looked like they had people like him for breakfast. The average height around the guys there was at least six foot two, so Danny's wimpy five foot two inches made him feel like he was as small as Madam Shroom.

Finally, to calm himself down, he tapped into the darkness, just a little, slowing his heartbeat and bringing things into a sharper focus.

"Jeez, a Keyblade, here, I can't believe it." One of the guys side, catching Danny's ear.

"Hate to be the poor sucker who gets stuck being that kid's partner." Another said with a laugh. Danny frowned as he concentrated a little harder to hear the conversation.

"Yeah, Keyblades are Heartless magnets. The second the kid sets toe outside the barrier, ever Heartless in the entire forest will be gunning for him." The first person laughed. "Though I guess that makes our job easier. At least until he kicks the bucket."

Danny could hear them laughing. But it wasn't the fact that they were finding his death funny that was getting to him.

Was the Keyblade really a Heartless magnet? If so, was he the one who lead the Heartless to Amity in the first place? No, that couldn't be it. That man had been the one leading the Heartless, and he had been shocked to see Danny holding the Keyblade.

Even so, if the Heartless were going to be after him, then he would have to face them alone. His conscious wouldn't let him have someone else being put in harms way because of him. He would not get a partner.

It was for the best, he wasn't going to be staying at the academy anyways. He just needed to get in, and then he would be off to search for Jazz and Sam.

"Danny, come on, the exam is starting soon!" Yang shouted out to the boy. Danny got up without a word. He would succeed. He couldn't let anything get in his way.

"Hold on guys. I'm coming as soon as I can."

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