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•˚•˚•˚•◊Angels and Demons◊•˚•˚•˚•

In a world of light and dark

Where day turns into night and night into day

There are those who protect us

Leads us into the light of the day

And those who hide in the shadows

Waiting to strike, and drag us down with them

Into the eternal twilight

Angels and demons

Light and dark

Constantly clashes with each other

In a never ending battle

Angels are born in the light of the rising sun, while demons are created in the dim light of the moon.

Both connected to the nature.

Angels protect those in need of help. It lies in their nature, more in some than in others. They show the pure hearted souls the way to the heavens.

They do exist.

They really do.


But so does demons.

Demons mission in life is to lure humans down the road of despair and hatred. Since the beginning of time, demons have been lurking in the darkness, tricking lost souls into the everlasting darkness.

There is an everlasting battle between angels and demons, between light and darkness. It is a battle that will never end.

In order to maintain the balance between good and bad, none of the sides may gain dominance over the other.

As long as the balance of nature is maintained, they may do as they please.

Ghosts are spirits who are unable to pass on into the afterlife.

Unlike souls, who shine with all kinds of different colours, full of life, ready for the afterlife, ghosts are grey and dull, unable to find rest until they have solved whatever problem it is that keeps them on the earth.

The dark souls are those who have earned a place in hell, those who have sinned in their life, or been deceived by demons.

Those souls are dangerous. They are cable of dragging others down with them, or steal the light of the righteous souls.



She was watching the little boy play in the sandbox. A soft smile graced her angelic face. Flawless milk white skin, perfect full lips, wonderful spring green; eyes filled with emotions and long soft pink hair, long tender pink wings with a golden glow to them.

She was a guardian angel. It was her assignment to look after and protect the 17-years old boy who currently was sitting in the park alone.

For a long time she had just been one of those angels who guided souls into the heavens, but one day she had met a despaired ghost wandering around on the earth, unable to cross to the other side.

The woman had been in a terrible car crash along with her husband and son. Only her son had survived, but the mother felt unable to move on, until she was certain that her son would be all right without his parents.

The soul had thrown herself to the ground in front of the angel, and begged her to take care of her son.

As the angel had promised to take care of the boy, the woman had changed from a sick-pale grey colour into a soft blue colour.

That was how Sakura Haruno had become the guardian angel of the boy Naruto.

Naruto had right from the beginning become her favourite person in the whole world. He was her own little sun. He was always happy, and he had an amazing spirit, he was her own little sun. She always smiled when she thought of him like that; it was so easy to compare him to the sun, as warm and loving as he was.

Had Naruto been an angel, Sakura was sure he would have been what they called a sun angel, an angel who bathed in the sun and bought light to the human world.

Though Naruto was no angel, he was not a normal human either; he had a demon sealed inside of him. He was not the first human to be a container for a demon, but it was rarely it happened. So far, Sakura had only heard of eight other humans who had a demon stored inside of them.

The demons stored inside of Naruto and the others, were not necessarily bad demons, the hosts just needed to learn how to control them.

Luckily, Naruto had, with help of his human guardian Jiraiya, learned how to control his demon.

Sakura stayed with Naruto almost all day long.

She actually had a purpose in life now. She was no longer just wandering around among the dead. She wasn't useless anymore.

And it made her so happy in a way she couldn't even begin to describe.



Twilight had fallen over the earth, and all around the world, demons began coming out of the shadows they were hiding in.

A deep sight echoed thorough the silent dark forest.

Blood-red eyes looked up at the darkening sky; three tomoe's spinning lacily.

In the outline of the forest stood a dark tall figure. Its form concealed in the darkness.

Another deep sight rung through the forest…

It was going to be a boring night, like every other night was.

Uchiha Itachi was normally considered a very calm and collected demon, at least compared to most other demons.

He was a part of the mighty Uchiha clan, who ruled the underworld. If his mother and father ever were to pass away, he would be the new king of the underworld.

A king-to-be should not be bored.

But he was getting more and more bored by the second.

Of course, he could be out louring humans into the darkness, but he no longer found it entertaining.

Humans were just too easy to tempt.

'It is no skill, being able to seduce a human, but a fortune to find someone worth seducing' He silently mused to himself.

He missed a challenge, a fresh breath of air.

He would take upon anything challenge just to make his life just a bit more interesting.

Maybe it would be better for him to go back to the underworld, but he had been there all day long, attending to his duties at the castle.

Once again, he sighted. He made up his mind; he was going back to his realm.

Just when he was about to sink into the ground, something in the sky caught his eyes. Something…pink. Zooming in on the form, Itachi immediately smirked.

It was rare to see an angel out this time at night.

How great an accomplishment wouldn't it be to tell others that he had succeeded in louring the purest creature into the blinding darkness?

Angels and demons didn't exactly fight each other, they just, disliked each other to a certain level... But it had happened before that an angel and a demon had become friends, there were even a few children, being half demon and half angel, as far as he knew, those children lived life as a human, but they were different from regular humans. The children had some sort of animal demon stored inside of them. Normally, a demon would takeover the body of a normal human, so it could be to create chaos on earth, but with the healing powers of the angel, the demon would be unable to harm and break free from their container. But although the demon couldn't kill their host, they could still slightly takeover the body when the person's emotions were unstable.

He followed the pink figure in the sky with his eyes. It would definitely be the ultimate accomplishment for him, to have a child that was half of angel and half demon.

With a large smirk stuck on his face, Itachi spread out his black raven wings, and immediately followed the pink angel.


Angels and demons

He was getting closer and closer to her. She wasn't really flying fast, so it was not hard for Itachi to catch up to her. He flew a little above her, so she wouldn't notice him as easy as if he had flown under her or next to her.

He was lucky that she wasn't flying faster than she did. As the tempo was right now, he only had to flap with his wings once in a while.

Sakura was enjoying her little flight. The sun was almost gone, but the last rays of sun were bathing the clouds in the sky in a golden light. It was truly a beautiful view, so she decided to fly in a slow tempo, so she could enjoy the rest of the sunset.

It was so peaceful, flying alone in the beautiful sky.

Unfortunately, her peace was disturbed when she sensed something right above her.

Looking up, she almost forgot how to breathe.

Above her flew one of the most beautiful males she had ever seen. If it weren't for the all dark clothes and black wings, she could have sworn he was an angel.

He was close to her, only about an arms length from her.

The male above her, he was…really stunning. He had an unbelievably handsome face with gorgeous red eyes. For some reason, Sakura found herself unable to look away from him, even just for a second. Something about him seemed familiar, like she had seen him before.

Meanwhile, Itachi was just as captivated by her appearance as she was of his.

She had an absolutely stunning face with emerald-green eyes, and tender pink hair. This would be the first time he had ever seen an angel with such an exotic hair colour.

Something inside of him, made him feel like she would be more than just a challenge.

Suddenly, her expression changed. Her eyes were wide open, and her mouth was hanging open.

She had seen him before. Who hadn't? The demon above her, was none other than Uchiha Itachi, the demon kings son.

What did he want with her?

Without thinking further about it, she speeded up.

She was not going to get caught by the Uchiha heir. She had heard more than enough stories about him luring countless of human females with him to hell.

He was dangerous, and she needed to get away, now.

She flew through the sky, faster than she ever had before. Looking backwards, she saw no signs of the demon, and so she thought she had lost him.

That was, until she felt two strong hands grip her arms from behind.


I suddenly got the urge to write a story with angels and demons, so here it is.

I don't know just how the story will turn out, yet, but that will come as the story evolves and more characters comes into the story.

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