A Kiss in the Fields


Naruto x Asuka


Story Start


The two of them sat on a blanket and enjoying the warm rays of the sun as they enjoyed the liquid refreshments Naruto provided.

comparison to her wide hips and luxuriously soft and spacious butt.

Asuka eyes met with Naruto as a wicked smile danced across his lips. A faint flush appeared on Asuka's face as his fingers danced across her skin. The two of them set down their glasses as they found themselves occupied with something far tastier. She returned the gesture, still a bit inexperienced when it came to intimacy. She let out a soft exhale as he moved forward and captured his lips against hers.

Her heart sped as his fingers traced over her skin, each beat more forceful than the last. Naruto could feel her body's response as she pressed further into him for support.

Naruto suddenly scooped his left arm under her legs and drew her into his lap. He turned them around so that her back was pressed securely against the tree they were under for shade. He drew a path of lush kisses across her collarbone. Asuka let her head fall back, fully exposing her slim neck to him.

He took advantage of that working a line up her neck as Asuka captured a handful of his blond hair in her hand.

Her hand gripped his hair tighter, pulling his lips away from her skin so that she looks him in the eye. His eyes, a sparkling shade of blue looked at her with hunger. Her hand softly pawing at the red academy shirt as his hand softly reached up to cup her chest.

He pushed her up farther against the tree, his hands on her waist for support, her obelisk blue skirt rising slightly as he pressed his body against hers.

Her slender peach fingers touched the whisker like marks on his cheek. Naruto put one hand under her thigh and one hand behind her back, and pulled her away from the tree. She tried to break the kiss to find out what he was doing, but he wouldn't let her. He carried her over to the blanket and laid her down before crawling over her, his eyes inches from hers.

Her body melted beneath him, as she submitted to every kiss and every caress. They were both breathing harshly, and Naruto leaned in and devoured her mouth.

Asuka's hands gripped his shoulders, nails gliding down his arms before grasping his wrists which were perched on either side of her. He stared down at her as a hunter who had captured his prey. He claimed her body with his eyes, as she claimed his with her hands.

He left her shirt on, but moved his head down to her stomach and nipped, kissed, and licked his way back up her neck, Asuka arching under him.

Suddenly Asuka felt emboldened. Her own repressed desires coming to the surface as she flipped them over so she was straddling his hips and her hands rested on his chest their mouths fought a fierce battle for dominance. She drew back panting slightly as unfamiliar emotions coursed through her. Naruto's hands rested on her hips, holding her to him. He watched her, waiting for her next move.

"I love you…" Alexis said lovingly.

"I love you too" Naruto replied, hugging her tighter to show how much she meant to him. Falling back onto the blanket the two of them enjoyed each other's presence as they enjoyed one of the few peaceful days that seemed to be rare at the Academy.