Karalen: Ok, this is really stupid. I made this late at night last night when I was Lord of the Rings high.

Inashu: She saw the Two Towers.

Karalen: IT WAS GOOD TOO!!! YOU GUYS HAVE GOT TO SEE IT!!! (raves on about LOTR)

Inashu: And this has nothing to do with LOTR...(sigh) Guess I'll do the disclaimer. Karalen and I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh. That is all.


(At Karalen's house)

Yugi: Um.why are we here again?

Karalen: Cause I wanna play a game!

Inashu: Oh Lord, save us! (LORD OF THE RINGS!!!)

Karalen: Ok you guys, we're going to play 'In my pants'! In this game, every sentence you say you have to end with, 'in my pants'. Ready.go! (does some magic so that everyone will say 'in my pants' at the end of their sentences)

Inashu: What are you talking about in my pants?

(Everyone bursts out laughing)

Karalen: You fell for it in my pants!

Yugi: This is fun in my pants! (blushes)

Yami: O_O Aibou in my pants!

(everyone gets a nose bleed)

Seto: Mokuba is too young to play this in my pants!

(even more of a nose bleed)

Jou: Man Kaiba, I didn't know you could talk that way in my pants!

Ryou: I don't think we should play this in my pants. Everyone is getting perverted in my pants.

Inashu: (nearly dies from a nose bleed) Hentai in my pants.(droooool)

Tea: This is so wrong in my pants! Friendship doesn't need to be violated this way in my pants! Friendship is when you play games that are fun, not perverted in my pants!

Karalen: Man, even with this game, Tea is still annoying in my pants! (puts a gag in Tea's mouth, then ties her up in the air. Below her are three sharks with laser beams on their heads)

Tea: O_O

Jou: Finally, someone shuts her up in my pants!

Seto: Mokuba, you need to get out of here in my pants! You're too young for this in my pants!

Mokuba: But Seto, I like this in my pants! It's fun in my pants!

Inashu: (has one of those hospital blood bags hooked to her arm) Heeentaaaai in my pants.

Bakura: I can't believe we're playing this stupid game in my pants! Does anyone want to duel me in my pants?

Inashu: I WANT TO IN MY PANTS!!! ^_______^!!!

Karalen: Inashu, he means dueling with cards in my pants.

Inashu: O_O Now I DON'T want to do that in my pants!

Yami: Aibou, maybe you should go in my pants. It's getting rather out of hand in my pants.

Yugi: (blushing madly and nose bleeding like crazy) Yami, don't say anything in my pants..it'll come out wrong in my pants..

Jou: This is getting waaaaaaaay too weird in my pants..

Karalen: Pants is such a weird word in my pants..pants, pants, pants in my pants.

Inashu: ..that was just weird in my pants..

Bakura: PHARAOH IN MY PANTS! I challenge you to a duel in my pants! (slaps Yami with a leather glove)

Yami: I accept your duel in my pants! (pulls out cards. Then begins to imagine what he says.he faints dead away) X_X

Yugi: Yami in my pants!

(everyone nose bleeds again)

Ryou: (blushing like mad) Maybe we should go Bakura in my pants..I might die of blood loss in my pants...

Bakura: Die of blood loss in your pants in my pants?

Ryou: Huh in my pants? Die of blood loss in my pants in your pants in my pants?

(This goes on forever)

Jou: Shut up in my pants! This is getting annoying in my pants!

Yami: (wakes up) Huh in my pants? What happened in my pants?

Yugi: Nothing in my pants.

Inashu: Poor Yugi in my pants.

Yami: (grabs Inashu by her fox ear) Don't talk about my aibou that way in my pants!!!

Inashu: Like what in my pants?

Yami: Like that in my pants!

Inashu: (confused)

Seto: (tries to be quiet for Mokuba's sake)

Mokuba: Hey, Seto in my pants?

Seto: (no response)

Mokuba: Big brother in my pants? Is something wrong in my pants?

Jou: Man Kaiba, what have you been teaching that kid in my pants?

Seto: Be quiet you stupid Chihuahua in my pants!

Jou: Heh, now I know where he gets it from in my pants!

Seto: (covers Mokuba's ears) Everyone be quiet in my pants! There are virgin ears here in my pants!

Karalen: Maybe we should stop in my pants...it is kinda getting boring now in my pants..

(Indeed, the nosebleeds have gradually gone down)

Karalen: All right in my pants! I'll stop it in my pants! 1, 2, 3 in my pants! (snaps her fingers) There! All normal!

Seto: Thank God!

Ryou: Yes, it was getting a little out of hand.

Seto: Well, Mokuba and I have to go, so I guess I'll see you guys later. (drags Mokuba out)

Inashu: Bye Seto!

(back at the Kaiba mansion)

Seto: I don't think we'll go over there again! That was hectic! At least, I don't want you going over there!

Mokuba: (mutters something)

Seto: Huh?

Mokuba: Um.I don't think I'm cured big brother in my pants.



Karalen: Stupid huh? Well, review if you want, if not, I totally understand!

Inashu: Review, or I'll keel you! (turns on chainsaw and gives a psychotic smile)

Karalen: Inashu! Sorry folks, she goes a little psycho every once in a while.heh heh.^_^;;;