PlayStation All-Stars

Volume Two, Season Two

Episode One

Play of the War God

By Cole Bezotte

Note from the author: Sorry I took so long to write this. I've been busy with Super Sonic Squad, which is not a popular fanfiction series as well. In fact, NONE of my works have been popular at all! Am I right?

Anyway, on with the show!

Kratos stood in the middle of Los Angeles' downtown area, attracting whoever stood nearby. A huge crowd gathered around him and begged for something to keep as a memory for meeting the god of war.

"Out of my way!" a man begged as he pushed his way through the large crowd. "Kratos! I want to offer you something very important! I'm gonna give you a movie contract. You'll be a star in the movies! We'll make you famous!"

"You will make me famous?" Kratos asked in reply.

"Think of it, big fella! Your own swimming pool! Beautiful starlets! Fan clubs! TV residuals!"

Convinced by what the movie director said, Kratos had no choice but to accept the offer and go make himself known to the world. "I accept!" he exclaimed. "The world must not be deprived of my great talents!"

And so, as the excited Kratos was en route to Hollywood to star in a motion picture series based upon his exploits, we now turn to Stardust Studios, where feverish preparations were now in progress. Many workers constructed a fancy set for the announced movie that was soon to come. On the other hand, things looked TOO fancy as everything was decorated in Olympian style.

"Boy, this takes the cake!" a carpenter muttered. "They're redesigning the whole blamed studio just on the account of the new Kratos movie."

"Yeah!" another man replied. "They even hired a special producer for the picture for the picture… some nut named Pluto."

"Imagine the new producer designing himself an office like THIS! He must think he's some kind of tin god or something."

"Did you get a look at him yet? The first time I saw him, I thought he was wearing a fright mask."

"Speaking of fright masks… that crazy gizmo you're jockeying into his office must have been left over from last year's Halloween party. I wonder where they dug Pluto up from. I never heard of him working around the studios before."

"The way I heard it, he convinced the boss that he was an expert on the legends of Kratos. He must have given him a real snow job."

"You can say THAT again!"

"SILENCE!" a sudden loud voice exclaimed. A tall man in a black suit came walking into the room. "You have been engaged to work… not to speak disparagingly of your betters! How could you even hope to fathom the truth about one such as I?"

"Sorry, Mr. Pluto," one of the workers replied. "No offense meant… We'll get right to work…"

But, exactly sixty minutes later, Pluto came back and spoke again: "Get out, all of you! You are dismissed! I wish to be alone now! But stand by for further orders! You are not to leave the studio grounds! Now go!"

"Yes sir!" one of the workers replied. "Right away! You don't have to tell us twice!"

Then, once alone in his hauntingly strange, securely locked office, Pluto made a mystic pass with his hand, as the molecules in the air seemed suddenly to rearrange themselves into a fantastic, flaming image…

"Speak, Minion!" Pluto commanded the image of a horrible-looking face. "How goes my Underworld domain in my absence? Do the fires still burn?"

"All is well, master…" Minion replied, "…as it has ever been… as it shall ever be..."

"Nay, Minion… For the first time in ages…there shall be a change. Now heed my words… Eons ago…before the dawn of human memory…I was sentenced to rule the Underworld below. Only by finding a fit replacement can I be free of that odious destiny! But now, at last…I have found such a replacement. Even as I suspect, the unsuspecting Kratos approaches…little dreaming the dread fate that awaits him! Now, begone! I must prepare for what is yet to be!"

Let us turn our attention back to the powerful Kratos touring the specially-built movie set behind the gates of Stardust Studios.

"I marvel at such handiwork!" Kratos said as he looked around with the director. "To think that mere mortals could create a scene which so truly resembles Olympus!"

"Keep it up, baby!" the director replied. "You're beginning to sound just like you really ARE the son of Zeus."

"To think that I—the hero of heroes—shall spend my time in play-acting for the amusement of mortals! What a monumental jest! How the heavens themselves shall rock with laughter!"

"You better play it cool with the top brass. Rub it the wrong way, and they'll turn you in for Steve Reeves."

"I begin to weary of your prattle. What is this that approaches me?"

The director looked ahead of himself and saw a strange creature coming right towards Kratos. "I don't know," he said. "I never saw it before!"

The creature was pink-skinned, wearing emerald-green chainmail armor and a blue breastplate. "This is your screen test, Kratos!" said Pluto's voice from the distance. "Defend yourself! Your opponent is merely a mechanical device, created by our studio technicians, to see how you photograph in a fight scene."

The robot began to attack Kratos, swinging its mechanical arms rapidly. Kratos was more than eager to strike back, giving the robot many hard blows with his powerful fists. "You shall get more than you bargained for!" he exclaimed as he completely destroyed the mechanical being.

Pluto stepped forward and congratulated Kratos on his visit. "Your robot foe was too expensive for us to allow you to damage it," he said. "You are all I have heard you are. The role is yours! I shall make you the greatest star of all time! Your name will become a household word!"

"Know you not that my name has been hailed for ages throughout the known universe?" Kratos replied.

"I like your style, my boy! Now come, I have prepared a lavish Olympian feast for you!" Pluto led Kratos into a dining room. In that room, many people placed many platters of food on a long table.

"This is truly a repast to gladden the heart of man or immortal!" Kratos said excitedly.

"I trust you are amused by the entertainment I have provided for you, Kratos," Pluto continued. "This is a minor tableau from one of the Amazonian battle scenes which our epic shall feature. And before we forget—if you will just sign this contract—a mere formality of course—an annoying trifle to be quickly disposed of."

"But, what nonsense is this?" Kratos replied as he sipped a cup of mead. "The text says that I must rule the Underworld—for all eternity!"

"Oh, did I not tell you? It is merely the theme of our picture. Surely the powerful Kratos is not afraid to sign? According to the plot of the movie, you conquer the entire Underworld by defeating me in battle."

"That thought pleases me greatly. Enough talk, then! Herewith, the thumbprint of Kratos! The pact is sealed!" With that, Kratos placed his thumbprint upon the contract paper and signed.

Suddenly, Pluto picked up the contract and shook it in excitement. "I've won!" he exclaimed triumphantly. "After all these ages—you signed it willingly! An Olympian contract—which can never be cancelled! I'm free—at last, I'm free!"

"Your voice!" Kratos said, surprised. "Your demeanor—they have changed!"

"Here!" Pluto replied, taking off his glasses. "Look, Kratos—look into my eyes! Look deep—DEEP—and tell me what you behold!"

"YOU!" Kratos exclaimed. "It can be no other! It is James Ash—lord of the Underworld!"

"You are undone, Kratos—doomed to rule the accursed Underworld—forever!"

"Not I! Not the son of Zeus!"

"You have no choice, Kratos! You have signed the Olympian contract!"

Kratos knew that he had to escape from this terrible moment. He quickly used his Blades of Chaos to fight his way to escape; he tore through many Underworld creatures, killing many at a time. He may have escaped, but is he safe?