PlayStation All-Stars

Volume Two, Season Two

Episode Three

Ratchet Versus the Human Race

By Cole Bezotte

Note from the author: Now we REALLY get to see what's been going on in Ratchet's head lately. Enjoy!

At the mansion of the League of Heroes, Ratchet sat by himself on the couch, thinking over the adventure he and Kratos had down in the Underworld. Although the mission was a complete success, he still felt very uneasy about himself. He still remembered that mysterious voice that whispered inside his head from when he battled the thug known as Arboc Thatcher.

"I should be in jail for this!" Ratchet thought deeply. "I let someone fall to his death! I let my emotions cloud my judgment! I could have saved him when I had the chance!"

"Why you little yellow idiot…" a sudden voice hissed inside his head. "He got what he deserved! I told you to let him die!"

Ratchet became scared about who was speaking to his mind. "Whoever you are…" he said in panic, "…whatever you want from me…please go away! I don't want you here!"

"Your own arrogance and overconfidence brought me here!" the voice replied. "You are nothing but a lowly, pitiful piece of crap! You've done so many mistakes, and yet you dare not apologize for what you did! I'd rather you do your deeds openly and show your friends who you REALLY are!"

"Stop it!" Ratchet begged. "I don't want you…!" But suddenly, he felt himself reach for his Omniwrench and blindly walk outside. "What are you doing with me?!" he thought. His mind was trapped by the voice that overtook him. The new split-personality he had gained had taken complete control over him.

Meanwhile, Pupuru and Kat walked throughout the suburbs, sharing many secrets that soon came to haunt them.

"I honestly have no idea where my parents are," Pupuru confessed as they went deeper into the topic. "I don't think I've ever MET them before!"

"As for me…" Kat replied, "…I can't remember a darn thing. All I remember was a heartbeat, and two eyes opening awake. I couldn't remember anything about my past, and I still can't figure it all out even today."

"Well, Kat, I really do promise that we'll help you find the evidence of your past. That's a promise I'm more than willing to keep."

"Thank you so much, Pupuru. I really appreciate it. Look! What's Ratchet doing over there?"

Pupuru looked ahead and saw Ratchet walking towards them with his wrench. "I guess he's summoning us for a battle," she said as she went forward. "Who are we going against this time? Mr. Grimm? Apocalypse 9? Or Bloody Mary?"

"Neither," Ratchet replied monotonously. "You are to be my first victim…"

"Wait! What?!"

"Don't worry… I'll make short work of you, you'll wish you've never been born!"

Kat knew right away what was going on; she quickly used her gravitational powers to knock the wrench out of Ratchet's hand. But that only made things worse; Ratchet then had the opportunity to reach out and grab Pupuru by her throat. Pupuru struggled to free herself from his grip, but he kept on squeezing her tighter and tighter.

Eventually, Kat had to jump right in and used her power to pry Ratchet away. "Come on!" she pleaded Pupuru as she quickly took her by the hand and ran for cover.

"What's wrong with Ratchet?" Pupuru said, desperately and inquisitively. "Why is he not acting like himself?"

"Something evil has taken over his mind," Kat answered in reply. "He can't control it at all!"

"Can't you use your powers to knock that creature out of his mind?"

"I can't! His powers are far greater than mine! Even if I was to try, he would come and kill me as well! I don't want your promise to be broken too soon!"

"And I'll never let it be broken! If we are to find out what's going on with Ratchet, we'll do it together!"

"Stay here while I go attack him physically."

"But don't hurt Ratchet! I know there is still good in him!"

Kat rushed out to attack at Ratchet, charging straight towards him at full speed. Ratchet had already regained his wrench, which he was to use as his weapon for now. Kat attempted to give Ratchet a very strong blow across the head; she made him stagger back, but that only made things worse.

"You don't know a crap about me!" Ratchet hissed at Kat. "With this power, I may absorb anything I touch! Thanks to your blow, I have absorbed your gravitational power! Now I may use it for MY purposes!" With that, Ratchet used that power to lift Kat off the ground and choke her very hard.

Air began to abandon Kat's lungs as she struggled to free herself. Ratchet tossed her aside and started heading for Pupuru.

Pupuru thought that she had no place to hide at first. Then she saw that the ferris wheel at the top of one of the hills was empty, so she went over to it and hid herself in one of the seats. Kat saw what Pupuru was doing, so she helped by using her power to spin the wheel and lift Pupuru's seat up very high into the sky.

"I hope I'm safe up here!" Pupuru thought as she crouched out of view. "I must have time to think! I must try to figure out how to relieve Ratchet of this monster!"

It was not until many hours later that Pupuru finally woke back up and noticed that it was night time. Dark clouds loomed over the suburbs as it began to rain. Suddenly, Pupuru felt that her seat was being lowered back down to ground level as the ferris wheel again spun. Kat brought her down and helped her escape.

"What took you so long?" Pupuru asked as she rubbed her eyes.

"Ratchet didn't leave until he was sure that you had escaped," Kat answered in reply. "I myself had to wait until he finally left the suburbs; I didn't want you to stay up there forever."

"Why didn't you warn the others about Ratchet?"

"It's best that they never find out. I want us to help Ratchet instead of cause grief and panic on the others. Like you said, if we're going to help Ratchet out of his situation, we'll do it together."

"You're right. I must find out what has happened to our dearest friend!"