PlayStation All-Stars

Volume Two, Season Two

Episode Five

Urban Assault

By Cole Bezotte

Note from the author: I just want to go right ahead and thank David Jaffe and Scott Campbell for car combat in the first place!

Working hastily through the night, Marcus dug through the Zorko Bros. Scrap and Salvage junkyard to find many useful things for his vehicle known as Roadkill. He was preparing himself for the Twisted Metal contest that was soon to come.

In the meanwhile, Ratchet was under the care of Dr. Nefarious and his butler Lawrence, being healed of his heavy wounds so he could fight in this contest. It had to take a while for him to be fully energized to fight; his car Spectre was waiting for him to drive.

Pupuru could not fight; she was still heavily injured and could hardly move. She also could barely speak, so she knew that if she wanted to apologize to Ratchet, she would have to wait a while until she got the chance.

In the bedroom of the "small guys", we find Sackboy trying so hard to sleep. But no matter how hard he tried, he kept on tossing and turning due to the noise Marcus made in the garage. He constantly heard wrenches turning and weapons being recharged; he could not stand to hear the noise.

At that same time, Needles had parked Tower Tooth at the other end of the junkyard. He hid there after the battle from our previous episode and waited until his opponents were ready for his contest. But before fully moving into action, Needles slept to regain his strength for the battle. It was a hard fight he struck up with Marcus that night, and he eventually could not stand the pain of his wounds anymore.

Finally, once dawn had come, Ratchet was fully healed and ready to get in on the action. He and Marcus met after breakfast, planning about the strategies that they hoped would work in the battle. Needles was about to come and attack as well, but he saved himself for last. He planned to send out some assassins to defend Tower Tooth before he came out into the open.

Here was the final plan:

Vehicle: Spectre; Driver: Ratchet; Special Weapon: Ghost Missiles

Vehicle: Roadkill; Driver: Marcus Kane; Special Weapon: Boomerang Blast

Vehicle: Mr. Slam; Driver: Melvin (Needles' assistant); Special Weapon: Bulldozer Slam

Vehicle: 12-Pak; Driver: John Doe (the present leader of the Doomsday Cult); Special Weapon: Reticule Missiles

Vehicle: Axel; Driver: Kratos; Special Weapon: Supernova Shockwave

Vehicle: Minion; Driver: Black; Special Weapon: Flame Spread

Everyone was ready for the action. Let the game begin!

The battle began at the Zorko Bros. Scrap and Salvage junkyard, which had enough room for all the vehicles to fight. This was no free-for-all battle; three heroes were on a team against three villains. This was a perfect opportunity for Melvin to use his bulldozer to pick up many scraps of metal and throw them at an enemy. He attempted to do so at Kratos because he was out in the open.

But when Melvin threw the metal, Kratos quickly used his Supernova Shockwave to blast all the scraps away and throw them back at the former. Melvin's vehicle went out of control and was blasted away from the big wave. It was completely destroyed and useless now.

The next stop was the Millennium Drive-In Movie, a very small area where cataclysmic explosions were bound to erupt due to the weapons selected.

Ratchet had the brightest idea; he began to drive all around the area in a large circle and let John Doe chase him down. John was easily fooled, so he followed him and activated his weapon. The target on his computer screen opened, and the countdown for his missiles began. The more he held the trigger, the more missiles were charged. Finally, once the countdown reached zero, John ready to release the trigger.

But before John could do anything, Ratchet did the final phase to his plan. He turned his Ghost Missile turret around and fired behind him. The missile swiftly shot and hit John's vehicle, exploding it to bits.

The final destination was a group of abandoned skyscrapers, the largest battleground that was settled.

Black drove fiercely and at top speed to throw his opponents a curve and confuse them. Once he reached a stop, he noticed that Ratchet had lost his way and merely sat in the middle of one of the rooftops. Right above him was a wrecking ball that was once used to wreck these buildings. This gave Black the opportunity to shoot at it and make it fall on top of Ratchet.

Black fired a missile at the wrecking ball, hoping that it would fall on his opponent. But before he knew it, Marcus' boomerang came flying through the air and deflected the missile back to where it came from. The latter ended the battle and caused Black's vehicle to explode due to the deflected missile.

Now that the enemies were defeated, it was time for Ratchet, Marcus, and Kratos to go settle the score with Needles and Tower Tooth.

They went back down to the city streets below, where they saw Tower Tooth slowly approach them. The evil clown head on top of the strange tower-vehicle laughed as its head raged with fire. Needles was more than ever willing to destroy his sworn enemies once and for all.

His first move of attack was firing his all-powerful Napalm Cones; they burned with fire that could scorch through anything. The three heroes had to dodge their way out of the bouncing Napalm Cones until they eventually ran out of power to hurl themselves.

Now, Tower Tooth made its second move, shooting red bolts of lightning from its head. This impact made Ratchet's heart beat faster due to the excitement and the pressure. He tried desperately to attack back, but he could not find a safe spot to think.

"This just proves…" Needles spoke, "…that you can never, ever, EVER destroy me! NEVER!"

"That actually comes from ME!" said a voice that suddenly boomed. Everyone looked up to see Tower Tooth's head blast off of its top and roll down the streets. Then, as if the entire world itself was coming to an end, the giant head of the Polygon Man descended down to take his place upon Tower Tooth. "If there is revenge to be fulfilled…" the Polygon Man continued, "…make sure I am involved!"

"I thought you were a coward!" Needles replied to him. "You frickin' idiot!"

"We both know that I have power far greater than you do, Needles! With my power, I shall conquer this planet for real and fulfill my plan to create POLYGON PLANET!"

But suddenly, before the Polygon Man could make a move, he and Needles were suddenly met by many other vehicles armed with powerful weapons. The rest of the League of Heroes had taken vehicles for themselves and armed them with weapons blasting with power. Fire missiles, homing missiles, power missiles, ricochet bombs, gas cans, remote bombs, etc. (YOU NAME IT!)

The Polygon Man struggled to fight back with all his power, even with his powers paired up with Tower Tooth's various assortments of weapons. But the more he tried, the more he was struck by the many weapons that were hurled at him. He eventually gave up and retreated, but not without taking Tower Tooth with him.

"HEY!" Needles shouted as the Polygon Man left him alone down below. "You get back here, you cowardly bastard!"

Ratchet and the others arrested Needles and brought him back to the Blackfield Asylum, where he remained until his next plan was to be formed.

In case you are wondering who drove what, let me list them for you:

-Vehicle: Yellow Jacket; Driver: Solid Snake; Special Weapon: Spikes

-Vehicle: Outlaw; Driver: Carl Roberts; Special Weapon: Omnitaser

-Vehicle: Thumper; Driver: Raiden; Special Weapon: Balls of Fire

-Vehicle: Crimson Fury; Driver: Agent Shepherd; Special Weapon: Crimson Pulse Blast

-Vehicle: Pit Viper; Driver: Sasha Phyronix; Special Weapon: Green Goo

-Vehicle: Warthog; Driver: Commander Mason; Special Weapon: Patriot Missiles

-Vehicle: Hammerhead; Drivers: Nathan Drake and Sly Cooper; Special Weapon; Rolling Crush

-Vehicle: Shadow; Driver: Raven (the shifter); Special Weapon: Soul Shadow

-Vehicle: Grasshopper; Driver: Angela Cross; Special Weapon: Body Slam

-Vehicle: Micro Blast; Driver: Sackboy; Special Weapon: CatLingers

-Vehicle: Auger; Driver: Captain Qwark; Special Weapon: Drill

-Vehicle: Vermin; Driver: Spike; Special Weapon: Monkey Nets