PlayStation All-Stars

Volume Two, Season Two

Episode Seven

Power of the Goddesses

By Cole Bezotte and Needle Kirby

It's good to be back in action after all these months of absence. Sorry all these other stories came in late. There are complicated reasons that I can never reveal. But anyway, enjoy the show!

This story features a fan character introduced by my partner. I hope you find her enjoyable.

It happened again. Ratchet became surrounded by crazy fans who were eager to get word out of him. But nothing new happened that week… except for when Ratchet went back to the past and attempted to save his parents. He did not want to spill that mission to the public, not after all that he had went through.

Suddenly, a peculiar-looking girl stood right up to him, bearing a nervous expression. Ratchet turned and saw her standing right in front of her. "Well what do YOU want?" he spoke to him. "Come on! Spit it out!"

"My name is Bleu," the girl replied. "I really need to know how your Time Cube works. What is it powered by? What time did you recently go to? Whom did you meet there?"

"Quiet, you! What I went through was personal, and I don't want to talk about it… AT ALL! No questions, please!"

"But I need you to take me back to where I was before coming here. I want to fix things at the battle that I lost. You have to help me!"

"No one must know the mystery of the Time Cube, and that's final! I made it, I keep it! Farewell!"

Ratchet hurried his way to the mansion, where nobody in particular was waiting.

(Note: FINALLY! I did not use that same dumb phrase again!)

Exhausted and tired, he slumped himself on a couch and rested for a while. Until then, Pupuru came in with Neptune in her mortal form. Neptune still had that mark on her arm from Mr. Grimm's bite. But it would still be a matter of time before he returned; he was still out there and at large… and still hungry.

"Looks like you've been through a lot today," Pupuru said as he looked down at Ratchet. "But Needles is gone, right?"

"He may be in that time vortex…" Ratchet replied, "…but our work is NEVER done. The Doomsday Cult is still running, Mr. Grimm is out there, and we still have not confronted William Sparks. There is still so much to do."

"But whom did you see out there?"

"This annoying girl named Bleu who kept ticking me off with all these questions I never want to answer."

"Bleu?" Neptune said. "I know her! She too is a goddess, like me, and is known as Blue Heart. If she is still out there, we need to find her and bring her into our team!"

"Why?" Ratchet replied. "I haven't even seen her in her goddess form. I don't know if she's worthy to join us in the first place! She wants to know everything about the Time Cube."

"Why don't you take her in also as a COMPANION? Like in Doctor Who, the Doctor always travels through time and space with a companion."

"I already have my companion right here. Pupuru is the best! But I really hate to offend other people about it. By the way, where is your sister?"

"She's dragging Clank with her throughout the country fair."

"She better not leave any rust on him!"

Meanwhile, not far away from Midtown Suburbs, Bleu still pondered over her anxiety about the Time Cube. "I really want to be taken back so I can fix all mistakes I've made!" she thought quietly. "My friends are part of Ratchet's team; they've gone in without me. But, if I can't figure it all out as I am, I'll have to do it the OTHER way!"

With that, Bleu quickly transformed into her goddess form. What Bleu cannot do alone, Blue Heart can.

She traveled all the way over to Dr. Zemu's abandoned laboratory, where she would find clues to what Ratchet did with the Time Cube. It was the one place where he gained the idea to go back and save his parents from Billy Ray Stillwell's wrath.

As Bleu entered, she noticed that the whole placed had been cleaned up; all computers and monitors turned off and all mechanical inventions rusted. Nothing was able to work anymore, that is until she found something.

Bleu even tried looking for useful things in Zemu's secret supply closet. It was where he kept his backups on memory chips, gears, tools, and wires. But as Bleu stepped foot inside the closet, she was suddenly startled by the huge, bulky figure of a man. She looked closer to see that the figure was wrapped in black leather strips, as well as the face being covered by a special mask. The mouth was zipped all the way shut, but the eyes still shown. They were closed until Bleu dared to touch the figure at its head.

The eyes suddenly yanked themselves wide open. Bleu was scared and stepped back to see the figure in its full form. The eyes were glowing bright red as the creature stepped forward in his heavy leather boots. He looked down at her with a confused expression, wondering why she was frightened. He calmly introduced himself as he reached out his hand. "Name… Black…" he stuttered.

The creature's name was indeed Black, but it was not the same creature as from Pupuru's dream. The one that we used to know was defeated by Jak, Jebidiah, and Nepgear; he was pushed off the skyscraper of New York and plummeted towards his death. This creature that Bleu saw before her was an artificial being created by Dr. Zemu. Before Zemu fully died, he made his final effort to program Black to do good works.

Bleu nervously reached out and shook Black's hand. "How do you do?" she replied to him.

"Fine…" Black replied. He spoke very slowly in his thick, deep, hissing voice. "You be…friend…"

"Hey, you're not so bad after all. Perhaps you would be a great hero and join the League of Heroes!"

"There's a…team…?"

"Sure! Why don't you come with me and I'll introduce them to you!"

"More…friends… Good enough for me… Any…bad guys…?"

"There always will be a villain to fight. There are some that are still at large, and we need your help to defeat them."

"Sounds…fun… Come with me…to my…truck…"

"You have a vehicle?"

"Sure… I drive and…shoot hot…coals…"

"Perhaps it will be very useful. Come on!"


Curly: "I didn't know they put money in cans?"

Moe: "They DON'T!"

Curly: "Sure they do, see? Canned coin!" (Points to the can that says "Canned Corn")