PlayStation All-Stars

Volume Two, Season Two

Episode Eight

Black and Blue

By Cole Bezotte and Needle Kirby

(Note: More Star Fox is promised. Just stick around and be patient.)

Bleu led Black all the way to the Midtown Suburbs, her heart leaping with excitement and anxiety. Black drove his heavy dump truck through the paths that Bleu directed him towards until they finally arrived at the mansion. No one at all was expecting her to arrive with such a surprise as Black.

Bleu burst open the mansion's door and surprised everyone with the new friend she made. Ratchet was startled the most, almost about to kill Black right on the spot. "Why did you bring HIM in here?!" he exclaimed.

"He's completely harmless," Bleu replied as she changed back to normal form. "He has no weapon with him; only his truck is loaded."

Black reached out to shake hands with Ratchet as he hissed: "Name… Black… You…the leader…?"

"That is correct," Ratchet nervously replied as he shook Black's hand. "I thought that none of us were gonna make it out of this alive."

"I… come to… help… We… fight together…"

"I guess you DO mean it. Then welcome aboard! And as for YOU, Bleu, you better make your way upstairs to the Girls' Brigade studio. But don't go asking any more questions about the Time Cube, understand?"

"I understand," Bleu replied as she went upstairs.

Ratchet thought that things were pretty well wrapped up, except for one thing, which made him burst out laughing for the rest of the day. He saw Clank come downstairs, bearing female makeup all over his face. Nepgear had REALLY caused mischief that day. But Sackboy laughed the most; he could not stop thinking about it, even in his sleep.

Though things were changing for the League of Heroes, there was soon a situation to be dealt with. John Doe and his Doomsday Cult had arrived at the roof of the Blackfield Asylum, where they were to put their next plan into action. They had with them a time bomb given enough power to blow up the entire jail.

Of course it would have been obvious that they would be caught in their act by the spotlights. They had to knock out all security systems in order to appear unseen. Though the Doomsday Cult succeeded in the preparations, Agent Shepherd knew what was going on up there. He attempted to force them down off the roof, but John threatened that he would attack the city as well. Shepherd did not want to let the Doomsday Cult kill many innocent victims, but he needed more options. The whole asylum was about to blow apart; that way, many psychotic people would live among normal people and perhaps kill each other.

Desperately, Shepherd right away called for the League of Heroes to come and help him defeat this menace. With his long-distance radio, he made the call: "Calling League of Heroes! Calling ALL members of the League of Heroes! This is Agent Shepherd speaking! You must come to Blackfield Asylum immediately! The Doomsday Cult is about to blow the whole place up! We need your help! The fate of those innocent patients is in your hands! Please hurry!"

Immediately, the heroes had arrived at the scene to deal with the Doomsday Cult. Black and Bleu also brought along their dump truck to fling hot coals at the villains, which they would possibly never escape from.

"Okay, Black," Ratchet said. "This is your first try at combat, so I'm going to give you the first chance. When I say GO, fling those rocks at those guys when they start coming down. They have already set their bomb, and it will be detonated in three minutes. After hitting those guys, go up there with Bleu and turn off the bomb."

"It… shall… be done…" Black replied as he drove forwards closer to the building.

John and his men struggled to climb down their ropes faster; but once they looked behind themselves, they saw that there was no way out. They at first planned to jump straight down to the ground; it may cost their lives, but they would rather do that than to be burned by the coals of a new hero. But they were too late; Black had already launched his rocks, hurling them straight at the bad guys. They were hit, also making the ropes burn and deteriorate. The men fell to the ground, where their backs were broken, and they had died.

This gave Bleu and Black a chance to throw new cables up at the asylum's rooftop and climb up to turn off the bomb. But once they had reached there, it was already too late. The bomb's countdown had finished, and so it released a violent explosion that ended our new heroes.

As Bleu fell down to the ground, Black reached out and grabbed her, and held her tight as he let himself embrace the full impact of the fall. After they collapsed to the ground, Black turned around and shielded Bleu from the remaining debris that fell upon them.

Black looked over her and began to weep bitterly from his eyes, furious with grief. "Don't die…!" he exclaimed.

"It's too late…" Bleu whimpered with her dying breath. "I…wanted to fix my mistakes… But now…I am forgiven…" With those last words, she died right in Black's arms.

Like a wild beast, Black looked up and let out a loud, bloodcurdling scream of pain and grief. This new friend he had just made is now gone forever.

At Bleu's funeral, every member of the League of Heroes said some things in her honor. Black was the last to say something; and so, when it was his turn, he said a lullaby as he said his last good-bye:

"Good-night… Sleep tight… And don't let the bed bugs bite… If they do… Grab a shoe… And beat them till they're Black and Bleu. We are both hurting inside…"

Bleu, the brave young heroine also known as Blue Heart, was buried next to Billy Ray Stillwell, because they were both forgiven for their mistakes.