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"So, I didn't want to go to this party. Like really not.

First, I knew that my ex was going to be there.

Second, his new best friend, some older crazy scientist was going to be joined at his hip, like always.

Third, I didn't know anybody else, except Cisco, and he was with the majority of his friends.

And last, but not least, it was a freaking costume party!

I, Dr. Caitlin Snow, was dressed like some freak snow queen, at some weird party, in the middle of nowhere. Why, you ask me? Why would I do this to myself? Well, I'm doing this for Cisco. He was so excited about tonight! He made extraordinary costumes for the both of us and he even came up with some nicknames. He was playing some superhero named Vibe, and I was supposed to be some villain, named Killer Frost. Don't ask me how he came up with these names; I just know he thought funny to call me Frost, since my last name was Snow.

Anyway, Cisco convinced me to come to this party, because apparently, I don't have a life. Which is totally not true! I cook and I eat … I read … And I work … I don't really have time to have a life. But I'm trying, that's why I'm here."

Caitlin was in the corner of the room, thinking and looking at all these people, dressed in costumes, having a life just before her eyes. She couldn't help herself studying each one of them. She was a scientist after all. Her job was to observe things around her. They all seemed to have a blast. Some were dancing in the middle of the room, some were chatting, some were drinking, some were playing, some were flirting … Cisco was at the far right of the room, at the centre of his friends' attention. He was probably telling some fascinating story or some funny joke. Caitlin was glad to see him like that, he seemed really happy.

Not far away, she spotted the one person she was trying to avoid. Ronnie Raymond, her ex-boyfriend. He was with Dr. Stein and they were both dressed in some fire costume she didn't really understand. She turned around, not wanting them to see her. But too late, Ronnie had already spotted her and came towards her.

"Hi Caitlin!" he said, a little flirty.

She turned back again, facing him. "Ronnie! I didn't know you were here tonight" she pretended.

"Yeah, I've been waiting for this party for like a month! So how have you been?" he asked.

Caitlin nervously played with her hands, not looking straight at him. "Fine, fine" she mumbled, "I've been great." Which was a total lie. She hadn't taken the breakup with Ronnie very well. One day, he just took off, with Dr. Stein, to do some researches. He never really thought about what it would do to Caitlin or to ask her what she thought about it. He had barely said goodbye. When Ronnie came back, he tried to get back with her, but it was too late. She had survived the heartbreak and she had moved on. But he was still trying and it was making her uncomfortable. And seeing him was still painful.

Ronnie seemed oblivious to her inner struggle and continued to chitchat about how great his researches were going, how awesome his partnership with Dr. Stein was … Caitlin was looking around her, desperately searching for an escape, but came back empty. Cisco was still occupied and she didn't know anybody else.

"Come one, think of something, Snow! You're a freaking doctor, you should be able to handle your ex!" she told herself.

"There you are, honey!"

Caitlin was too lost in her thoughts that she barely noticed when some guy came next to her, putting one arm around her shoulder and giving his other hand to Ronnie to greet him. "Hey there, I'm Barry. How are you doing?" he asked.

Ronnie was tongue tied for a few seconds, then gained back control of himself and shook the stranger's hand. "Hi, I'm Ronnie, glad to meet you." He looked briefly at Caitlin, his eyes filled with questions.

The stranger intervened again: "Sorry to interrupt, but I need my girlfriend for a few minutes. I'm sure you can continue your conversation later, but it's kind of an emergency." With that, he took Caitlin's hand, waved Ronnie goodbye, and led her to the garden. Caitlin was so lost that she let him drag her across the room to go outside. When he was sure Ronnie couldn't see them anymore, he let go of her hand and stood before Caitlin. For the first time, she looked directly at him.

He was tall, had green eyes and was wearing a red suit. Not the kind of suit that goes with a tie, but a superhero suit made of some kind of tri-polymer. She couldn't really see his face, because he had a mask. When he saw her looking at his face, he shook his head with a laugh and took off his mask.

"Sorry, I always forget about that." He said with a smile. Caitlin was still too dumbstruck to react. He fidgeted and looked around him.

"A bit awkward, but cute" she thought.

"I'm Barry, by the way. I know I already said that but you seem a bit out of it …" he fidgeted some more, feeling a bit uncomfortable, didn't know what to do with himself. And Caitlin was still standing there without doing anything, just staring at him with wide eyes. "I don't normally do that kind of thing. You know … Pretend to be someone's boyfriend to flirt … Not that I was flirting! Noooo …"

Caitlin frowned at his comment and he quickly added: "Not that I wouldn't flirt with you! You look really good, so I could definitely flirt with you … Wait … I'm not hitting on you or anything … Damn! I'm digging myself into a hole here, aren't I?"

That made Caitlin smile and he relaxed. She still hadn't said a single word and he was already rambling. He took a deep breath and continued: "What I'm trying to say is, I'm not the kind of guy who speaks easily with girls, obviously. And what I did in there, pretend to be your boyfriend, was a one-time thing. You just looked like you really needed to get out of this conversation. I hope I didn't screw anything up …" He stopped for a second and frowned. Suddenly, his eyes went wide open. "Oh crap, maybe you were into that guy and that was your way of showing it! And I ruined everything by pretending to be your boyfriend! I'm such a moron! I can go in there and explain everything if you want, I can …"

"Thank you"

"… Say that it was a joke, or a bet … Or … Wait, what?"

He had barely heard her talk. She cleared her throat and said "Thank you. You kind of saved me from a really awkward conversation with Ronnie. So thank you."

"Oh … you're welcome. But now you had to endure another awkward conversation, with me … I'm sorry." He looked very apologetic and Caitlin couldn't help herself from smiling.

"It was more funny than awkward, but I forgive you" she answered. "I'm Caitlin."

"Nice to meet you Caitlin."

They stayed in silence for a few seconds, just smiling and staring at each other. That's when they heard someone call Caitlin. It was Cisco who was looking for her. He wanted her to meet some of his friends. He was so excited that he barely noticed Barry. He just took Caitlin by the arm and dragged her with him. She just had time to mouth "Sorry" to Barry and wave. He waved back, but she was already out of sight. He smiled and wished it wasn't the last time he saw her.