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[4 years later]

"Oh come on Barry, get out of there! It can't be that bad!"

Caitlin heard a groan coming from the other side of their bathroom's door. She rolled her eyes and quickly fixed her hair with the help of a mirror. She glanced at her watch and sighed. They were going to be late again. Not that it was unusual, but still! They should really get on their way.

"Barry!" She called again.

She heard some rustle on the other side of the door and expected it to open itself. But no, it stayed shut.

"Why are you doing this to me Cait?" He complained with a squeaky voice from the inside of the bathroom.

Caitlin let out a puff of air. "Oh don't be such a baby, you wore it once before, right?"

"Yes, but that was different! I have more self-respect now." He replied with annoyance.

The young woman snickered. "Yeah, right…" She muttered.

"I heard that!" He exclaimed.

Caitlin stayed silent for a few moments, knowing it would rile him up. She was proved right when soon after, the door opened and Barry faced her with a sulky face. Caitlin couldn't help the giggle that escaped her lips at the sight of him.

"Oh great, and now she's laughing." Barry grumbled. As he was about to turn around a lock himself up in the bathroom again, Caitlin grabbed one of his arms and steadied him in front of her. The smile was gone from her face as she cupped his.

"I'm sorry for laughing." She whispered honestly, looking straight into his deep-green eyes.

Barry nodded in acceptance and shrugged. "I still don't get why I have to wear this."

Caitlin looked at him like he had grown a third eye. "Hum… Because it's a costume party?"

"Haha, very funny Dr. Snow."

She smiled softly. She took a second to look at him carefully. The red costume was still fitting him like a glove. She liked how he looked in it, and she particularly loved the way the mask on his face brought out his eyes. Without really seeing his face, the first thing that caught someone's eyes would be his two big green-orbs. "You perfectly know why." She replied. "5 years ago, you wore that exact same costume to that exact same party. And that night, you happened to save me from a really awkward situation. I can never thank you enough for that, by the way." She could still remember the way his eyes had caught her attention, like it was yesterday.

Barry's annoyance disappeared for a moment as he carefully tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "I should be the one thanking you for not blowing me off."

That comment earned him a clear laugh. "Oh, but why would I want to get away from a stranger in a red spandex suit?"

"Okey, I'm going to stop you right there." Barry lifted on hand in front of him, showing her his palm. "First of all, this isn't spandex." He fingered the costume he was wearing to prove his point. "Second of all, when you think about it, I really have no idea why you didn't punch me in the nose that night. It was a really creepy move from me."

Caitlin shook her head in amusement and Barry's breath caught in his throat. They had been dating for more than four years now, and the sight of her could still steal his breath away. Tonight, she was particularly beautiful in her blue icy dress and with a small crown on her head. She looked exactly like the first time he saw her dressed in the Snow Queen / Killer Frost costume Cisco had made for her back then. It felt almost like a dream and like the last few years didn't exist. But they did, he didn't imagine it. And the engagement ring on her finger was the proof of that. Somehow, the small piece of jewellery made her look even more beautiful to him.

He would never forget the day he had proposed to her. It had been a quiet night in and they had both been sitting in their living room, playing the operation game. Barry knew how much Caitlin hated that game but also how much she wanted to prove him and herself that she could be good at it. That was Caitlin Snow right there, the competitive scientist.

Before settling to play, Barry had prepared everything so it would be perfect. He had baked Caitlin's favourite cookies and had made some nice hot chocolate for them to enjoy during the game. He had been very nervous, but while playing, Caitlin's excitement, as she was getting better at the game, had diffused some of his tension. It had been her turn to extract an object from the patient / game board. She had had a deep frown on her face when she realised that the broken heart had been replaced by a small piece of paper in the shape of a whole heart.

While slightly biting her lower lip, Caitlin had managed to get the piece of paper out of the patient without making him beep. She had furtively glanced at Barry before concentrating back on the paper, carefully unfolding it. Barry could still perfectly remember the crease that had formed between her eyebrows as she had read the two-words-question written on it. Her eyes had flown up to meet his only to see that he had a small opened velvet box in his right hand.

"The whole speech I had prepared to convince you to say 'yes' didn't fit on that small piece of paper." He had said. "And now I'm pretty sure I'm too nervous to recite it to you. So I'm going to keep it simple… Marry me?" She had looked at him with eyes wide opened and had just nodded furiously, her throat being blocked by emotions. She had almost climbed on the table between them to hug him. He had eagerly responded and they had experienced a moment of pure happiness.

They were now engaged for about four months and were taking this easy and slow. They felt there was no rush to get married and they felt safe with their promise.

"Anyway, I don't get why we have to go tonight! That guy throws this party every 6 months... can't we go to the next one, so I have more time to prepare myself psychologically? Because I do look ridiculous right now." Barry continued to complain.

"I already told him we would be here tonight." She rolled her eyes at him for what seemed like the millionth time tonight, before continuing. "Anyway, I probably won't fit in my dress in 6 months."

"And why not? Are you planning to do a reverse diet?" He snickered.

Caitlin shook her head with a small smile on her lips. "Something like that." She whispered, glancing up in his direction to see his reaction.

The frown on his face was endearing. Sometimes Barry could be very clueless. So Caitlin decided to let him get what she was saying on his own. She could see the exact second when it dawned on him, when he understood the hidden meaning of her last statement. His frowning eyebrows lifted themselves up in two perfects arches, his mouth fell open and he gawked at her.

"Are you saying what I'm thinking you're saying?" He stuttered, not sure if he should get his hopes up.

Caitlin's smile brightened at the sight of her babbling fiancé. "It depends… What are you thinking I'm saying?"

Barry took his mask off and stared so deeply into her eyes that it made her blush. Some days she found it hallucinating that he still had this affect on her. He slowly put one hand on her hip and the other on her belly. He gazes furtively down to her hand that was now on his, softly stroking his skin.

Barry's eyes went back up to meet hers as he croaked: "Are you…?"

The young doctor softly nodded and whispered: "I am" with an emotion-filled voice, tears coming up in her eyes as Barry engulfed her in a bear hug.

They had never talked about it, but it had always felt like a silent agreement that they would build a family together. And now it was all coming true. Barry didn't think he ever felt happier in his life. After a few minutes, Caitlin finally croaked: "I do need to breath, though."

Barry snickered and let her go, but he didn't let her get very far, his hands lingering on her arms, like he was afraid she would disappear. "How long have you known?" He finally asked.

"I had my suspicions for a couple of weeks, but just did a blood analysis a few days ago. I wanted to be absolutely sure before telling you." She whispered, getting closer and softly stroking his cheek. They couldn't keep they eyes off each other.

"Let's stay here tonight." He replied with a hushed tone, his eyes darkening all of a sudden.

A deeper blush crept on Caitlin's cheeks and his look was so intense that she felt as if it was burning her, but she still couldn't look away. Seeing that she was about to contradict him, he brought her closer and began leaving small kisses along the column of her neck. She let out a small moan as he found the place he knew was driving her crazy. Caitlin moved her head to let him have more access, but she softly shook it at the same time. "The others will be disappointed if we don't show up…" She managed.

The young man's lips left her skin just the amount of time needed to say: "I don't care" before diving back in. Caitlin chuckled at his behaviour as she threaded her fingers through his hair. She couldn't wait to build a family with this big science nerd. She couldn't wait to see a small version of him running around the house, with chocolate on his hands and an angel look on his face. She would never be able to be mad at him for making a mess. Her heart was already bursting in her chest at the thought of their future together.

Barry pulled away as he felt her breath caught in a way he wasn't expecting. He looked up at her and saw her eyes watering. "Hey, what's going on honey?" He asked suddenly panicked by her reaction.

"No… Nothing… I'm okay…" She chocked on her words, hands gripping at his neck. When she saw him frown at her reply, not quite believing her, she pressed her forehead against his and whispered. "I love you so much… And I'm so happy right now and…"

Barry didn't let her finish her sentence and crushed his lips against hers. They had shared so many kisses over the years, but it still felt like the first time every single time. Their hearts would always flutter together, she would always let him lead at the beginning until she couldn't keep it in anymore and he would gladly surrender to her.

They pulled apart to catch their breaths and one of his hands flew down to her belly. "This is going to be the best ride of our life." He whispered absent-mindedly. He realised he had said that out loud when he felt her body shake from a chuckle. He looked back up again. "You're the best thing that ever happened to me, Cait."

Yes, right there, under his intense stare, Caitlin decided that they had been apart for too long – about a whole minute. So she closed the gap between them and pushed him in direction of their bed, already fumbling with his suit. When Barry felt the mattress behind his knees a few moments later, he pulled away just slightly. "Hum, Cait… didn't you want to go to this party?"

"We'll just be a little late… Now shut up and kiss me." She groaned against his skin.

So that's what he did. Who knows if they made it to the party? What mattered was the both of them, together, in the moment, living their happiest moments and waiting for more to come.

Some people call it fate or destiny and some people call it chance or coincidence. But these two persons didn't care to give a name to what they had. It was just normal for them. Without the other they felt incomplete. And they were now about to welcome a new tiny human being to complete them some more. And nothing could fill their hearts with more love.


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