(Thanks for letting me know about the code thing guys, sorry I didn't fix it earlier but I was at Wal-Mart XD)

Hey guys!

Just wanted to update you on how this fic is turning out to be, and lemme tell ya, it's quite interesting. (P.S. I've been super busy at college, so this is going to take a while to write, sorry in advance :((( )

So, with the way it's turning out, I've transformed this single fic into three fanfics. One will be with most of the storyline of the original, but just with what I originally wanted in the story. That means there will be another fanfic where Harry sees auras, and another where Harry's family is brought back from the dead.

SHIPS WILL BE CHANGING. In Three Lonely Souls it will stay the same, but in the other two, I think they're both Drarry. Honestly, Drarry is my OTP, and about halfway through TLS, I got sad that I made it Tomarry instead. BUT, like I said, Tomarry will be staying in TLS, but it won't be the ship in the other two.

ALSO, a big thing you guys liked was that poem potion thing, and that will be present, but in Shades of You, the story about Harry seeing auras. I've changed the potion in Three Lonely Souls, but I've decided to not tell you what potion it is, seeing as it's mostly made up but has been used in other fics before. Anyway, if I told you it'd reveal a huge plot point and I don't wanna really do that.

I'm also ditching the aspect of creature!Harry for now. Animagus Harry might pop up, but it might just be in a fic I have yet to write in the future.

I really want to say that I'm so grateful to have you guys as readers, and I appreciate all of your suggestions and that you guys mostly support my decision to start over. I know you guys invest a lot in some of these fanfics and that it gets frustrating when I update twice a year (oops), but I'm glad that you like this story so much and I hope that you like the new ones even better!

Thanks for coming to my TED talk!


Naomi :))))