Hey guys,

Listen, do not panic. I know most times when people see an author's note, it means OH NO the end, it's discontinued.

Let me put your minds at ease since a good number of you have been asking: NO, this story isn't discontinued. It's not over. It's still ongoing.

I repeat: Stages of Friendship, Love, and Kisses is still on and I plan to see this thing through the end.

Why haven't I been updating, you ask? Simple. 2020 and 2021 have been a back-to-back fever dream nightmare that resulted in yours truly going through massive burnout. Especially with writing. Everytime I try to start writing, I get maybe 3 pages down and then stop altogether.

I'm hoping for 2022 I can finally get my groove back.

Also, I'd like to take the moment to say this. As y'all know a certain….someone, an author to the very series we all know and love, decided to once again put her foot in her mouth and dig herself deeper and deeper in the grave.

I know and understand for a lot of people that was the final draw and they're removing themselves entirely from the fandom. That's more than okay. That's valid.

Just as I know for others, they love the characters (NOT CANON, but the characters themselves) and the world that the FANS, especially the queer and trans one, created to completely be rid of it. I know for me personally I've read some speculator fanfics that blow canon out of the water. Such as my bestie Kim's story, Rise of the Dark Angel, as being one of the best drarry stories I've read that in my eyes is more accurately canon than the canon we got.

For me, I will continue to love the ship that is drarry, my ultimate ship & brought me so many amazing friends in the community. I will continue to write (HOPEFULLY) more of them, of wolfstar. I will continue to support the fan artists and fanfic writers who create incredible content that has more worth than anything else she-who-must-not-be-named can make. What I sure as hell won't be doing is buying any more HP store merch or new editions of the books or watching any more HP or Fantastic Beasts stuff.

I also want all of you to know, especially the queer & trans (former/current) that every single of you is incredible, irreplaceable, and beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful beings who deserve nothing but the best.

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays

May 2022 PLEASE be kinder to us all