Disclaimer: I do Not Own Inuyasha, But I Do Own my Own Characters that i make Up. I have never writen and Inuyasha fanfic before so if its terrible then Oh well thats to bad. This story is set as Somebody from our world getting sucked into the Inuyasha Universe, not from Kagomes future world. It won't be really following the anime/manga. Naraku will be in his final body form. Please Enjoy! "Talking" 'Thinking'

It was Dark and stormy night and Emily was watching her favorite Show Inuyasha the Final act in the living room. "Yaa, Go Naraku kick ass" she screamed at the t.v. 'man i love this show almost all the guys are hot' she thought. A few hour's later she was ready for bed. Streching she yawned 'It would be so cool to live there, well ya know if it was real hehe', Emily was in a deep sleep and wasn't aware when a portal opened and sucked her in.

Inuyasha and the gang where in kaedes village when they saw a light by the sacred Tree. "What the hell was that" Inuyasha said as he sniffed the air picking up strange magic and a female's scent. "I don't know but i think we should go investigate it", Kagome said. the rest agreed. when they made it they saw a young women with purple hair braided hair sleeping. "Its a Girl," remarked Sango "and she Beautiful" Miroku . . *Slap* "Ow, what i do wrong" Shippo snickered "you opened your mouth". "i smell some strange magic before but it's gone now" Inuyasha and the other agreed it would be a good idea to take to kaedes to get some answers in the morning. Emily awoke to the smell of something wonderful. 'hmmm that smell good . . wait a sec i live alone' her eyes snaped open as she shot up to be obviously not her bed. Eye's going comicly wide as she stared at Kaede in shock. Looking around dazed seeing anime charaters from her show she did what any senseable person would do. *AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH* she screamed wakeing everbody that was sleeping. they all jumped into fighting stances." Where's the danger" Inuyasha shouted looking about claws at the ready.

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