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The headmaster of Beacon Academy sat behind his office desk, a mug in his right hand and his scroll on the other. A closer look at his expression denotes curiosity and a slight unease as he gazes at the scroll in his hand.

"Still looking over the initiation from earlier today, I see."

A light-blonde haired woman was walking towards him, her hand adjusting her glasses as she narrowed her bright green eyes at the video playing their students' earlier performance.

"Yes. I am a bit rather concerned at some of the unexpected amount of surprises that appeared at this year's initiation," Ozpin said to the woman.

Glynda Goodwitch had a good number of ideas as to what the headmaster was referring to.

"I take it you're not just entertaining yourself watching some of our unorthodox students' antics during the test," she replied with a small smile.

Ozpin shook his head and took a sip from his mug.

"While some of our initiates did have a rough start in the beginning, I believe that this year's batch of future huntsmen and huntress have performed quite exemplary," he stated as he put his drink down on his desk.

"I see," she nodded in response and in a more serious tone asked, "So it is the Grimm that bothers you?"

He frowned slightly.

"Yes," he admitted, "While the nature of our test can prove deadly to unprepared students, the Grimm in the area are usually of the common weaker variants that most of our testers are familiar fighting with."

"Hmmm…the appearance of that large Nevermore was indeed a bit sudden," the Huntress said in a contemplative voice.

"Not counting the Death Stalker and King Taijitu that we saw as well." added Ozpin. "That Death Stalker had been lying dormant in that cave for a very long time, and I doubt it would have been woken quite so easily just by the students stumbling inside."

"True," Glynda voiced softly, "It is not as if there has been any conflict in the area before that would have elicited such a reaction from the Grimm."

"Indeed," the headmaster agreed, "The amount of negative energy to form a response like that from the Grimm would certainly be something we would not have missed, and last I checked, there had been no gruesome battles inside the forest."

A short silence between the two occurred as each continued to ponder the strange occurrence.

"Well," started Glynda, "I believe we've occupied enough of our time with this odd event. But curious as it is, it does not change the fact that starting tomorrow, we will have a new batch of students to train and guide into the path of Huntsmen and Huntresses."

Headmaster Ozpin nodded and replied, "I suppose you are correct. We will indeed need to be well rested to give our full attention to our new students."

The Huntress smiled at Ozpin.

"Given how well our students fought today, I suppose whatever problems we have in the future with Grimm will eventually involve them, so it would be best for us to prepare them for it as much as possible."

As the stern Huntress leaves the room, Ozpin sighs as he looks at the shattered moon from his window.

'I wonder? Is there a good reason for what just happened or am I just overthinking things?' he mused to himself. 'Whatever the case, looks like things are shaping up to be an… interesting year.'

Illyasviel von Einzbern was distraught at how the events of the Holy Grail War came to this. She was wearing the Dress of Heaven as she came upon the figure of her adopted brother, Shirou who was struggling to stay on his feet while holding a majestic sword with both hands as he faced the Great Holy Grail.

Both of them had gone through much ordeal to get where they are now. Her presumed abandonment of her father had caused the young Einzbern to initially hate the adopted son of Kiritsugu Emiya. But after learning more about him and finding out the truth about their father, she could not help but let go of her hate and become attached to the only family member she had left who actually cared for her well-being.

As she approached him, the petite homunculus could hear the conversation between him and the three women next to him.

"All of you need to leave right now before I destroy the Holy Grail!" the red haired teen said with a stern expression towards his female companions.

A girl with long wavy black hair that was styled in twin-tails tied with black ribbons can be seen showing an irritated expression towards the only male present.

"If you destroy it, the likely outcome will definitely be your death, you stupid blockhead!" said by an exasperated Rin Tohsaka.

"Please. Please! Don't do this senpai. There has to be another way," pleaded Sakura Matou, who was leaning on the shoulder of Rider, her ever loyal Servant.

Slowly moving closer to the group, Illya could see the sad smile on Shirou's face as he tells them, "I'm sorry, but this is the only way."

Illya froze at his words.

Thoughts of the short time they spent together dominated her mind.

"No…" she muttered.

Everyone finally noticed the Einzbern magus who had appeared a few paces behind them.

"Illya...," Shirou said softly as he directed a small smile towards her, intent on convincing her to leave.

"NO! No, I won't! I won't allow Oniichan to die!" she screamed.

Dread and panic began to well up inside her as she looked around the cave where the ritual that materialized the Holy Grail is taking place.

She quickly noticed something on the ground near her and grabbed it.

"If the Holy Grail just needs to disappear, then I will just destroy it myself!"

Shirou and the rest realized that Illya was now holding the Jeweled Sword of Zelretch.

The small white-haired magus began channeling magical energy into the blade.

"Illya! Don't-" Shirou began, but was cut off as the girl had unleashed a blinding stream of light from the sword she swung towards the corrupted grail.

The attack collided with its intended target and in a moment, detonated in a sudden flash of bright white light that engulfed the entire cave and its occupants.

"Uuuhhgg…" groaned Shirou, who was currently lying face down on the cold ground.

"Wha-what just happened" he managed to say as he placed a hand on the ground to push himself up and fell into a sitting position.

He looked at his surroundings while placing his left… No, Archer's left hand on the back of his head. It looked like he was near the edge of a small clearing surrounded by trees and shrubs all around him. The cool breeze pressing on his body was enough for him to confirm that he at least wasn't dead yet. To his left, he noticed Rider is holding the body of a girl with violet hair in her arms.

A sudden cold feeling in his stomach appeared as his eyes locked on at Sakura's unmoving figure.

Noticing the boy's thoughts, "My master is fine," said the last surviving Servant, "She is only unconscious and you need not fear for her health."

A relieved breath escaped Shirou's mouth at that statement.

"So, I don't suppose any of you know what in the world just happened to us?" came a voice from behind him.

Turning to look at the source, the image of a slightly disoriented and disgruntled Rin Tohsaka came into view.

"I know I was trying to destroy the Grail but then…" Shirou's eyes widened at the memory of the previous event, "Illya! Where's Illya?!" Panic threatened to consume him as he thought of what consequences might have befallen the little girl.

"Not so loud Shirou," said the girl in question, "Uuuuhh..., I don't feel so good."

From a shrub, they could make out the small prone figure of Illyasviel von Einzbern clutching her head meekly with both her hands.

"Thank goodness, you're okay," Shirou sighed in relief.

"That's funny, because I don't feel okay," sarcastically claimed by Illya, whilst slowly getting on her feet.

"Walk it off," commanded Rin who by then was now analyzing their current predicament, "For now, we have to find someplace to rest and get our bearings straight."

Shirou found himself smiling somewhat at how quickly the Tohsaka heiress was taking charge despite the oddity of the situation. It should be something he should have expected by now from the harsh but kind-hearted girl.

"I agree with Miss Tohsaka," replied the rarely talkative Rider, "While I believe my master's health is in no danger, finding a safe place for her to regain consciousness would be best."

It was understandable that the experience would have left them somewhat clouded in their thoughts, as they struggled with the mental and physical strain of just what happened to them. Not to mention Sakura's present condition, Archer's left arm was now slightly throbbing with pain that seems to be causing him some difficulty in moving it.

The boy took a breath and said, "Okay then, we need to-"


"That does not sound good," stated Rin.

Rider stands up with Sakura in her arms and turns her blindfolded eyes towards a section of the forest.

"I can sense something approaching," she claimed as displeasure was shown on the visible features of her face.

The twin-tailed magus responded in a sarcastic voice, "Yeah, we kind of got that part from the roar just now."

The Servant shook her head and said "Not that one. I believe there are about a dozen or so creatures coming towards us from the forest."

Saying the present situation is bad would be an understatement at this point. Now, whenever things go bad, people tend to think it can't get any worse. Whoever among them thought of that would silently curse in their mind as they see a giant raven like creature with a white mask on its face and ominous red eyes, flying at their direction in great haste.

"Rin, please protect my master while I handle this beast," requested Rider as she carefully hands over Sakura and afterwards, promptly jumps into a treetop.

The blindfolded servant materializes her Nameless Dagger, and throws the nail like weapon towards the approaching form of the giant flying raven. It sails through the sky swiftly, with its chain attached to the handle of the dagger.

Screeching, the creature felt the dagger impale onto its neck, and quickly tries to fly away, unknowingly pulling Rider along with it into the air, who was still gripping onto her weapon's chain.

Meanwhile on the ground, the group of magi prepare to confront the steady approaching footsteps of the earlier detected beasts.

"Trace on."

Shirou projected Kanshou and Bakuya into his hands. The presence of the married twin swords that represent yin and yang felt slightly heavy in his hands as he tightened his grip on them.

"Tohsaka. Illya. Stand back and keep an eye on Sakura!" he exclaimed to the two, who both gave an understanding nod and kept a fair distance behind him.

The footsteps grew louder and out of a dense portion of trees came three bipedal human-sized creatures. They resembled a lot like the werewolves that Shirou had known to actually exist. The appearance of werewolves didn't match what were in front of him. The head of these creatures appear to have a white skull-like mask on and the bone looking protrusions along their backs and arms.

Maybe if he tried to communicate with them they might be able to get away without having to fight. Thinking this, Shirou moved slightly forward to try and see if he can talk to them when he heard Rin whisper a warning towards him.

"Be careful Shirou," Rin said looking at the full forms of the wolf creatures, "I don't think they are the same kind of werewolves that I know of," she was looking over their features with a critical eye.

True enough because as soon as the creatures noticed their presence, they let out a vicious howl and charged headlong towards them with their claws outstretched.

Shirou poured prana into his body and began reinforcing it, which greatly boosted his strength and speed. He stood his ground and prepared his stance to mimic Archer's unique style of combat.

The leading wolf monster tried to claw him at his exposed flank, but was easily avoided and Bakuya came down swiftly to cut off its head. The second monster aimed a clawed swipe that missed, a moment too late, as Shirou shoved Kanshou into its open mouth and out the back of its head. Finally, the last of the three had lunged toward him. With the grace of a matador facing a charging bull, he spun out of its way, only to stop suddenly clutching his arm because of the throbbing pain running through it, which caused him to drop Bakuya.


Seeing its chance, the last creature made another lunge with its jaws wide open for a lethal bite towards his head.

A small flash of dark red blast hit the monster in its chest left it stunned for a moment before one more of the same blast hit it right between the eyes. Smoke and the smell of burnt fur rose from the places where the attacks had hit it as it fell down, dead.

"I just told you to be careful Shirou," said Rin who was currently standing and shouldering Sakura and had her fingers pointed at the creature she killed, "Must I really be the one to always keep you out of trouble?"

"Thanks, Tohsaka," the red-headed teen replied with a slightly pained smile as he moved to pick up the sword he dropped.

"Is your arm acting up, Shirou?" worried Illya who walked towards him from behind Rin.

"I'll be fine, it will take more than just this to take me down."

The sounds of multiple footsteps and rustling through the shrubs could be heard as the more of the same creatures they just killed appeared before them.

"You damn stupid blockhead," hissed Rin, "definitely, you were asking for this!"

He really couldn't deny the accusation, as there was now a dozen more of the monsters for them to fight. If they were in better condition, this small amount of enemies wouldn't even be enough to make a single one of any of the three magi break a sweat.

Unfortunately, such was not the case. Their previous battle at the cavern had left all of them all drained and exhausted. Even being able to project Kanshou and Bakuya had used up most of his remaining strength.

All the wolf monsters howled into the air at once and started to prepare their assault on the wounded and exhausted prey before them. However, a large bird's shriek above them caused everyone to pause and look at the source.

Large black feathers rained down upon the monsters, each like a black blade that sliced through bone and dark fur of the creatures it had hit. Whimpers and short howls of pain slowly turned to silence as the barrage of deadly feathers subsided.

Only four of the wolf-like monsters remained standing, growling ferociously at what attacked them, only to be promptly squashed under the overly large raven's weight upon its heavy descent to the ground.

"Is everyone alright?"

For a moment, the participants of the Holy Grail War thought the bird in front of them had started talking, before they took notice of the buxom beauty sitting on top of the avian's neck, who was using her chains as a rein.

"Just peachy," deadpanned Rin.

Illya moved in closer to inspect the monster. She looked over the creature carefully, amazed its size.

"Huh, I almost completely forgot about the riding ability of the Rider class."

"Well, to be fair, there really wasn't much opportunity for her class to show its worth in modern day Japan," commented Shirou. Short of military heavy weapons vehicles, he didn't really think Rider could have used that ability to their advantage against any of the other Servants in the war.

He observed the giant raven, noticing some similarities of its physical appearance with the wolf like creatures they just fought.

'Red eyes and bone masks?' he noted. 'It feels different yet similar to Caster's constructs, is it not alive? No... , it just seems empty somehow.'

Rider tightened the chains around the creature's neck and leaned in close to whisper her command.

"For helping me save my comrades, I will let you live. Now go, find some other prey before I change my mind."

The creature needed no further encouragement because once Rider released her chains, it quickly flew away from them.

"Finally, a chance to get my breath back," exasperated Rin who was now sitting on the ground, her back to a tree along with a still unconscious Sakura by her side.

With that statement, everyone else visibly relaxed as the tense atmosphere of battle finally began to dissipate.

"Hey Rider, did you by chance get a good look around while you were flying up there?" asked Illya, her head angled up looking at the Servant.

"Yes," replied Rider. "I believe I saw an aircraft of some sort flying in from west of our current position."

This bit of news came as a good thing for everyone. It means at least that there were people close by. Should they choose to do so, they could just head towards the direction where the aircraft came from to find someplace safe and maybe get their heads around what just happened to them once they were properly rested.

Shirou decided to take charge and said, "Okay, we'll rest up for a couple of minutes and then head out towards the direction Rider pointed. Is everyone good with that?"

Everyone replied with their confirmation at his question except for Illya, who he noticed was currently gazing at the sky.

"Illya?" he asked in a worried voice.

The little magus had her jaw down and then replied, "Oniichan, why is the moon broken?"

That question puzzled him and everyone else as they turned their sights towards the sky to see just what Illya was talking about.

Above them shone the bright light and shape of the full moon, except a portion of it was shattered and broken.

"Looks like things just got a lot more complicated for us," said Rin.

Everyone could only nod at her assessment.

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