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First of all, beware, this story will be Mature and will have Lemons (a lot of them)

The premise is that, after finally beginning to mature, Natsu discovers the world of adults, so to speak and takes a liking to it. Thus, starting just before Hargeon, and going all the way to the end, I'll write his chronicles as he saves people while scoring with many hot women. Of course, due to this change, I won't be following Canon. I'll do my best in giving all this mess a plot. Just mindless Lemons are just that, without anything behind them. Of course, the main reason for this story is still his adventures, so prepare for Lemony-goodness ;)

Erza will be his main girl. And when I say main, it doesn't mean she will be the beta in his gigantic Harem. That's a no. He is with Erza, end of story. Of course, that doesn't mean he won't be scoring with many others. For him it will be one time things caused by his 'condition' you'll discover by reading. But for some of those girls, it won't be enough, so they'll be chasing him around.

I'm saying this now, and won't repeat myself: there will never be a Harem orgy of some sorts where every of 'his' girls go at each other while he is away etc. This story is about Natsu and his adventures. I just find it stupid when authors create large Harems for the MC, and a few paragraphs in the story all the girls suddenly become bisexual or lesbians and find other girls attractive. NO! That doesn't work like that. Anyway, enough with that small rant.

English isn't my first language so expect mistakes. I'll do my best thought.

And finally, this is the first time I'm writing Lemons and scenes for matures audiences so I hope that you'll like it.

Anyway, enjoy!


Chapter 1: Heat


Natsu nervously looked around as he was dragged by Erza despite his protests. He had a strange feeling that things were going to go south.

"Erza! I told you! Leave me alone!" the pink haired Dragon Slayer said trying to shake her iron grip on his shirt as they walked through the guild, raising a few eyebrows on their wake.

"What is it, again?" the redhead exclaimed exasperated with her childhood friend. He was so annoying sometimes, well, most of the time.

"It's not a good idea. I…I'm not feeling very well."

Producing a sigh, Scarlet stopped and turned around fixing the pink haired young man with one of her glares. "You always loved to take baths with me in the past, what's the matter now?" she asked rolling her eyes.

"I've told you, it's not a good idea. It's something Igneel told me way back, but I can't really remember the details, but anyway, now is not the perfect time."

"Igneel told you back then? What are you talking about? And what does that have to do with us taking a bath"? Erza asked raising an eyebrow and putting her free hand on her hip.

"I…don't know. I just have this feeling. Please Erza, listen to me just for once!" Natsu pleaded, not really knowing why he insisted so much, but having a feeling that something very bad would happen otherwise.

Huffing she let go of his shirt and he released a sigh of relief, but that was short lived as an instant later she grabbed him by his arm and dragged him the rest of the distance to the baths, before he had any time to protest.

A minute later, he was naked and in the hot bath, as Erza scrubbed his back, equally as naked. Releasing another sigh, he let the matter slide. It was no use arguing with the redhead. When she wanted something, there was no way to dissuade her.

Finally relaxing under her ministration he thought about the matter at hand. In truth it was nice to have a bath with Erza after so many years; he really had missed it; and frankly, why was he so stressed so much a few moments ago? He didn't know.

He was startled when the redhead shook him from his half sleeping state. "What is it, Erza?" he asked, in his still drowsy state.

"Now do me." She answered simply turning her back to him. Shrugging, he took the soap and started to run it all over her back. Suddenly, something red flashed in front of his eyes, something that wasn't Erza's hair. Shaking his head he continued on his task, but not a moment later he felt dizzy as his body temperature rose without his command. Stopping for a second, he shook his head; it was probably due to the hot water. Turning back to the redhead, his eyes widened from shock, as if he was seeing Erza for the first time.

Her strong back, her slim waist, her firm bottom… Unconsciously, his soaped hand changed its target, and instead of touching her back he grabbed her right breast, producing a surprised moan from his friend.

"Natsu! I've told you to wash my back, not the front." Erza said with a shake of head after her surprise dimmed down. But the pink haired wizard wasn't listening, as he squeezed her right breast, before his left hand found the other and did the same. This time, the moan she produced was borderline erotic and despite herself, she remained silent to his new way of washing her 'back'.

Natsu didn't know what was going on with him, but one thing was sure, he was hot as hell and just couldn't stop touching Erza's breasts. It was as if something primal was taking hold of his actions; like those same instincts that saved him many times during his many fights.

Squeezing Scarlet's breasts, he suddenly felt her hard nipples, and like on autopilot, he started to play with them. Again, Erza moaned and a shudder traveled through his body. What was going on with him?! It was strange and scary at the same time, but felt good and so very right that he couldn't stop himself.

Erza didn't know what to make of her current situation. How they had gone from washing backs to massaging her breasts she didn't know. But one thing was sure, it felt good. Maybe was it because it was Natsu that she was okay with the happenings, or was it because of her hidden desires caused by her perverted mind after reading so many smut novels; in any case she went with the flow.

Suddenly, Natsu released her right breast, causing her eyes to open in wonder, and before she had the time to speak, she felt his burning hand caress her flat stomach and dangerously approach her…

"Nats-…u!" she was cut short by his hot touch to her core and she shuddered in pleasure. No one had touched her like that. Slowly running his hot fingers on her clitoris, he produced another moan of pleasure from her while still playing with her left nipple. Shaking the cobwebs in her mind produced by just this small amount of stimulation, she tried to speak and stop the now not so innocent bath between friends, before it became something more mature.

"Natsu…I think that we should…" but the Dragon Slayer cut her off by finally inserting two of his fingers inside her, causing her to arch her back in pleasure. He didn't know how he knew what he was doing, but like always, he followed his instincts and captured her lips that were now easily reachable.

Her eyes widening from the sudden kiss, she stayed a few moments in shock, not believing her own eyes. The goofy and dense wizard that everyone made fun of because of his antics was not behaving like his usual self. He was…dominating her; and she liked it.

Finally closing her eyes, she responded to his kiss, opening her mouth and starting a tongue war between them, while he continued to stimulate her body. After an intense make out session, he finally hit the right spot and breaking from their heated kiss, she screamed in ecstasy as waves of pleasure traveled her body, before crumbing in a heap in his strong arms.

She had a ragged breath and her head was still spinning, but a content smile adorned her beautiful face. That had nothing on her own tries to relieve herself. She had heard stories, had read books, but she never would have imagined that the sensation changed so much because it was someone you love that did it for you. And yes she loved Natsu. Of course her love for him wasn't exactly in this sort of way, because frankly, he had never showed any real interest in girls, but now…

Suddenly she felt the wizard's strong hand grab her hips and turn her toward him as he stood up, and lifted her with him, supporting her weight by grabbing her butt. And despite what they had done just a moment ago, she felt her cheeks heat up even more, in a mix of embracement, shyness and…lust. As he walked toward the end of the bath, she watched him. He was nothing like the idiot that many thought he was; his face was serious, akin to the one he adorned when fighting serious opponents, and the smile on his face, couldn't really be called as smile, was more like a smirk. Natsu never smirked, he grinned, yes, he smiled widely like an idiot, but, smirk, never.

Gently, he set her on the elevated part of the bath that wasn't submerged in water and his smirk became even more mischievous. Without wasting time, he leaned toward her and captured her lips in another searing kiss as they exchanged their saliva. Breaking their contact, he grabbed her left breast and bending down, seized her right nipple between his lips, sucking on the breast gently. Closing her eyes, Erza let him do as he pleased, for, Natsu, knew exactly what he was doing.

After a moment of those ministrations, he attacked the other breast and biting lightly her nipple, produced another moan from her. Opening her eyes because he had released her mounds, she was surprised when putting his hands on her knees; he spread her legs, showing to him her oh so precious body part. Her cheeks coloring even more, her eyes widened when she saw him bend down and lick her core with his tongue.

"Natsu! Wait! You shouldn't…" but again she was cut short, when he spread her lips apart and speared her insides with his muscle.

This…this was like nothing she had imagined! It was wonderful! How did he know so much?! Was Natsu secretly a pervert, just like her?!

"I've told you, it's not a good idea. It's something Igneel told me way back, but I can't really remember the details, but anyway, now is not the perfect time."

Those words echoed through her head as she thought about it. If Igneel had said something, was it because of his Dragon heritage? Was it-…

But again, she couldn't finish her thought as waves of ecstasy hit her like a freight train, causing another scream of pleasure to escape her lips. As she shuddered from her now second orgasm, a small part of her mind berated her for being selfish, but she crushed it instantly. It wasn't being selfish, it was following his wishes. Yes that was it.

Raising her head toward his face she saw that same smirk on his face, and for a second her heart skipped a beat. What…was going on with her?! Slowly like a predator he approached her, leaning toward her and pushing her on the now warm tiling, and finally she saw it: his member. He was pretty big, but due to not having any other references, she couldn't really be objective. As he continued to lean toward her, she finally caught on what was happening, and what was going to happen.

Suddenly, her heart started to beat even faster as apprehension filled her. She would be lying if she said that she wasn't scared. It was her first time after all.

"Erza…" he whispered for the first time since they began all this, and her heart skipped another beat. "I want you." He continued. "But do you want me?" he asked pressing his member to her core, his lips so close to hers that she could feel his hot breath.

Words deluded her for a moment, but words weren't always necessary. She closed the distance between them and captured his lips, running her hands through his wild hair, pushing her emotions and feeling into that kiss and answering his question.

A cry of pain escaped her as he pierced her womanhood for the first time, and she felt dazed. But she wasn't a stranger to pain, and slowly, it receded to the back of her mind as she finally felt him inside her. It was a strange feeling, she had to admit, but at the same time, it felt very right, as if she was for the first time in her life, whole. His member was hot; as if she was pierced by red iron. It was burning her insides in an almost painful way, but that was it, almost. Because at the same time it warmed her being line nothing before. It was Natsu, there was no other adjective.

"Go on." She whispered, and with a nod, he started to move. He started slowly at first, to let her get used to him, and faster and more powerful after a while. And a few moments later, she started to moan with every of his thrusts, finally understanding the pleasure she read so much about.

"Natsu…" she whispered, her nails scraping his back as he continued his movements, producing waves of pleasure with every ins and outs. She still couldn't believe that she was having sex with Natsu; it was so surreal, so magical.

Finally, she attained that peak and her back arched again as shudders traveled her body. She tried to scream in pleasure, but was silenced by his lips, crushing against hers in a heated embrace. She kissed him back with fervor as he continued to thrust into her, extending her orgasm for a bit longer.

Stopping his motion, Natsu looked at her and his heart skipped a beat. She was stunningly gorgeous! And in the afterglow of their activities, she seemed like…a fairy. He chuckled as a smile appeared on his face. He didn't know what had pushed him to do the things he did to Erza, but one thing was sure, now that he did it, and liked it, there was no way in hell he was going to stop.

"Natsu…that was…wonderful." The redhead whispered, running her right hand on his cheek, a beautiful smile adorning her face.

"Who said that we've finished?" the pink haired wizard asked, raising en eyebrow and pulling himself out from her. "Turn around, Erza." He said, and still under the daze from pleasure, she turned around, and got on all fours with his help. Before her mind could understand why he was asking such a thing, he impaled her from behind causing her to gasp in surprise, as his burning member entered her coils again.

The feeling she got this time was completely different as he thrusted in her. His strong hands were using her hips as leverage to push in her with even more force as their contact produced slapping sounds with every meeting. As he continued to thrust in the redhead, he relished in the pleasure of the act. Something this wonderful existed, and he hadn't even known about it! But that was in the past.

Leaning on his friend, he grabbed her right breast and started to fondle it while continuing with his momentum. The moans she produced were driving him mad and her scent…the scent she exuded was sweet fragrance to his enhanced nose. After a while of thrusting into her, he finally felt that he was close. Close to what was a good question, but he knew by pure instincts that what he felt before wouldn't even compare to what was coming. Thus, he decided that a change of situation was necessary. Sliding out of her, and by the way producing groan of protest from Erza, he sat on the border of the bath, and not giving her any chance of protesting, he grabbed her by her ass and carried her to his laps, facing him, before spearing her on his ready member.

A smirk appeared on his face as her eyes rolled to her back from the violent thrust, but he wasn't finished, so he grabbed hold of her bottom on both sides and resumed his piston movements, raising and dropping her on his laps in accordance with every of his thrusts.

After getting her bearings back, she opened her eyes and gazed lovingly at the Dragon Slayer, encircling his neck with her hands and kissing him with passion. As they continued in their heated exchange, Natsu finally felt himself getting closer. And after a few final thrusts he released inside her his burning fluids as a growl of pleasure escaped him and a feeling unlike any other traveled through his body.

When Erza felt him release inside her, it was like molten lava had coated her insides, burning her being in a very pleasurable way. And as he continued to empty himself in her, a last wave of ecstasy hit her with the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced.

"Natsu!" she cried out, tightening herself even more around every inch of his body, as they shuddered together in waves of passion.

After a moment, all she could hear were their ragged breaths as they tried to slow their beating hearts. Turning again toward the pink haired young man, she spoke. "Natsu, I have no words to describe. I loved it! I love y-…"

"You're mine now." The Dragon Slayer interrupted her with a feral smirk.

"I…yes. You've stolen the words out of my mouth." She replied with an exhausted smile. "I'm yours…" she whispered, before her eyes widened in shock. He had ended inside here! Inside! And she wasn't using any precautions!

"Natsu, we need to see Porlyusica." She said with a serious voice.

"Euh…what? Why?"

"You cummed inside me Natsu!"

"Wasn't that what I was supposed to do?" the pink haired young man asked with a frown on his face.

"I…yes. Well, no! But…I'm not ready to have kids at this age!"

"Kids? What kids?"





"What do you mean?"

"Exactly what I said. He is in heat. He finally matured and entered the stage of…mating." Porlyusica explained with a neutral face.

"Oh! Cool!" Natsu exclaimed. "I like it!"

"Natsu! Not now!" Erza exclaimed with a roll of her eyes. "So, what can you do about it?"

"Me? Nothing. You, on the other hand…"

"W-What do you mean?"

"It won't end in a day or a week. I don't even know how long it will last. Dragons aren't exactly like other animals."


"So, you'll have to do…what you did, while it lasts." Porlyusica answered, a small smirk appearing on her old face. Youngsters those days always found ways to surprise her.

"Cool!" Natsu exclaimed pumping his fist in the air.

"Is there a problem?" the doctor asked, raising her eyebrow.

"Ah? No! I mean. It's not like I don't want to… It's just, what about missions and stuff?"

"It's either you go on missions together, or you leave him in a closed cage."

"What?! No way in hell!" Natsu cried out as flames enveloped his body.

"Why?" Erza asked, with a worried face.

"If you leave him alone, and his urges overwhelm him, he'll jump any woman to his tastes."

"What?!" Natsu and Erza exclaimed, their eyes widening.

"Well, isn't that what happened?" Porlyusica asked with a chuckle. "Alright, I've showed you the spell and told you what you needed. What you do with it is not my concern. Now, leave me."

"I…Thank you, Porlyusica." Erza said with a nod toward the old woman. "And, please keep it secret, even from Master Makarov, alright?"

"Understood. Now leave."




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