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Chapter 6: Revelations. Part I


Slowly, Ultear opened her eyes. Her body was sore all over and she could barely feel her own magic. She was in a sorry state, there were no other words to describe it. And all this because of one man. Natsu Dragneel. Whatever he was, human wasn't one of them. He had demonstrated power and knowledge that by far surpassed what Jellal had theorized. Using him in their plans would be impossible now. He was too dangerous, too unpredictable, and too…powerful. Just thinking back about his eyes, cold and emotionless as he ordered her around, produced shivers down her spine. She was afraid of him, but at the same time thinking about the Dragon Slayer was making her lightheaded.

She had already been interested in Natsu before their first encounter; having observed him during missions and such; but now, now she didn't even know what to think.

Ur. Another major development that had probably changed her life as well as her outlook on things. It was still hard to grasp that her mother was alive, even after all those years. Mother. Yet another thing that Natsu Dragneel had changed in her life. For there was no other way around this; the Dragon Slayer was the one that had asked, demanded, for her to use her Arc of Time on the Iced Shell. To think that such a foolish request would not only work but show Ultear that there was so much she still needed to learn and discover.

But one thing at a time. First, Ur, then… then life would show the way.

For the first time in years, Ultear smiled genuinely.




When she heard the door open, Cana looked up and met the unflinching eyes of the woman that they had taken with them. She was beautiful and had a strange cold aura around her. And despite her injuries, she provoked a slight apprehension in the Card mage. The woman before her was dangerous.

"You're finally awake. How do you feel? And actually, who are you?"

"My name is Ultear; I'm a member of the Magic Council." The woman replied while looking around the room. The Card mage was the only one present.

"The Council?! What was a member of the Council doing here? Were you sent to spy on Fairy Tail or something?" Cana asked as an edge appeared in her voice.

"Don't worry. I was sent to supervise this mission. Being of S rank and involving one of the demons of Zeref, it was in our best interests to make sure that no accidents happened."


"Indeed. I have to admit that having to fight a berserker Dragon Slayer wasn't in my plans, nor was what followed after that."

"What happened exactly?" Alberona asked, as she relaxed a bit. Why Natsu fought a member of the Council of all things was a mystery, but what was even stranger was the melting of the Ice Shell and apparition of another woman. A woman that, by her understanding of magic, was supposed to be an Ice prison to the Demon Deliora.

"The woman that I revived is called Ur Milkovich. She is an Ice Mage that trained your friend Gray Fullbuster; and is also the one that imprisoned the Demon Deliora when it attacked a small village a few years ago. Since then, we've watched her resting place in case of someone trying something stupid." She explained with a shake of head.

"So what happens now?" Cana asked with a frown. All this was really strange, but there was nothing she could do about it.

"As you surely understand, the outcome of this mission didn't go as expected, and the end result is nothing short of an anomaly. In normal circumstances, Ur was supposed to stay in that ice form for eternity, with her life force powering the prison. But as you saw by yourself, she is alive and thus I would like to-…"

"No." Cana interrupted, already knowing what was coming. "You're not taking her with you." She stated with authority. If there was one thing that she was sure about, it was that Natsu wouldn't have done all this if it wasn't important for him. And something important for Natsu, was important for her and Fairy Tail.

"I see… Somehow I knew you would say that." Ultear said with a sigh. Change of plans then.

"We will take this Ur with us back to Fairy Tail. And if you have a problem with that, remember the trashing that Natsu put you through and add in the fact that this time we'll back him up." Cana continued, her hand sliding over her pocket that had her Cards inside.

"Is this a threat?" Ultear asked as a smirk formed on her face.

"It is." Was Alberona's simple answer.

"Very well, do as you wish." The Time Mage waved her hand offhandedly. "I must go now; the Council is still waiting for my mission report." She continued and without uttering another word, left the Inn. When Cana could no longer feel the woman's presence, she finally relaxed. That had been pretty daring even for her; just like Natsu. With a shake of head she left the room.




Without making a single noise, Bisca entered the room where they had placed Natsu after they had arrived in the Inn. Mirajane laid beside the pink haired Dragon Slayer, slowly running her finger along his chest. A smirk forming on her face, the Gunslinger approached the duo.

"Interesting way to look over him, Mira." She whispered, causing the oblivious young woman to jump away from the bed as if burned, looking frantically behind her at the sudden intruder.


"Chill. I'm just pulling your leg. You can resume what you were doing; we're all in the know here."

"I…What?!" the Take Over Mage exclaimed suddenly, her eyes widening in chock. "What?" she repeated.

"Natsu told me during our last mission. Everything." The green haired woman replied with another grin.

Her eyes wide from shock, Mira slowly walked back to the bed. When Bisca said "everything", was it really the case? Had Natsu revealed their secret? "Tell me what you know." The Take Over mage demanded, her tone harsher than intended.

"Well, like I said…" the Gunslinger began, sitting on the chair opposite her. "Natsu told me about his relationship with Erza and you. It was during my last mission. I actually stumbled on him by chance. No, I take that back; he stumbled on me. You should have seen him, Mira, he was hardly standing on his legs, and he looked like he had fought an army of dragons! Naturally, I convinced him to accompany him on the mission; after all, letting one of my family walk away in that sorry state was inconceivable. At first he had resisted but as I'm sure you know, I'm quite stubborn. The mission wasn't overly difficult, we had to destroy a Snow Demon. After coming back to the village though, things got a bit more complicated…"

Seeing that Bisca wasn't going to continue, Mirajane indulged her again. "How complicated?"

"I nearly died that day." Was the Gunslinger's simple answer.

"What?!" The Take Over mage exclaimed, her eyes widening.

"We fought a dark guild, and their chief had some pretty dangerous powers. We had underestimated him and one of his attacks obliterated my hiding spot as well as the whole building with it." Bisca explained. "I barely escaped in time but was wounded nonetheless. Natsu thought that I had died and went berserk. He…he resembled a Dragon, scales covering his skin while a small horn protruded from his head. He was pummeling the bastard with so much hate that if I hadn't stopped Natsu in time, he would have killed him without batting an eyelash." Bisca sighed and forced a smile on her face while Mira listened with a bated breath. "The next day he was even worse than before; fighting his own body and his urges that were making him suffer. For weeks he had fought his own instincts and the women that were fawning over him for having saved their village didn't help the matter. I helped him back to the inn and after seeing his sorry state, let him release all his bottled emotions."

"R-Release…?" The white haired young woman stopped with her ministrations as she looked toward her friend.

"The best sex I had in my life!" Bisca exclaimed, as a beaming smile formed on her face. Not a second later, Mira slammed her to the wall with a dangerous frown on her face.

"If I hadn't talked on this subject with Natsu before coming here, believe me, I would have bashed your skull open right here." The Take Over mage whispered.

Pushing her white-haired friend away, Bisca walked toward the sleeping Dragon Slayer and leaning forward kissed him on the lips. "I realized three things during that mission. One: life is very short and you can die at any moment. Two: That living your life to the fullest is the only way. And Three:" She finished and with a naughty smile lifted her skirt, showing that she wasn't wearing anything under. "Always be ready for Natsu."

Mirajane spluttered at that, completely lost for words as Bisca sat on the bed, her hand running over Natsu's chest. "Wh-what are you doing?" The Take Over mage finally asked after what seemed like eternity.

"Tending to his needs, Mira." The Gunslinger replied with a grin as she pushed the covers away before tugging on his pants.

"Bisca!" The white haired woman exclaimed completely shocked by her friend.

"I would never had thought that you'd be such a prude, Demon Mira." Bisca laughed. "Erza, without problem, but you…?"

"And I would never had thought that you were such a…" The Take Over mage stopped suddenly.

"Such a what, Mira? An easy woman? A Whore?" Bisca exclaimed suddenly, her visage contorting into a furious expression. "I thought you knew me better than that…" Bisca hissed, before standing and walking toward the door.

"Wait! Bisca, I'm sorry! I… It's hard to accept that I won't be the only one in his life. And with you so ready to…to… One hour ago I was so sure that I was ready, but it seems that I'm as insecure as Erza…" Mira whispered, with her head down.

"What the hell are you talking about?" The Gunslinger asked with a frown.

"We had a talk, the three of us. Erza and I decided to share him. You can't even imagine how hard it was to come to an understanding but we did and I was happy. But… but Natsu tried to push us away…"


"He had realized that he wouldn't be able to stay only with the two of us, so, to spare us the future heartache he tried to push us away. I resisted and accepted the fact that I would be one of many, but Erza…"

"She ran… So that was why…" Bisca muttered with a sad smile.

"I really thought that I was ready, but it seems I was mistaken." Mira continued. "Maybe this is my first test. To see if my belief won't crumble; to see if my love is strong enough. I believe that it's finally time to take on my challenges head on instead of musing about the consequences. What do you say, Bisca? Will you help me?"

"With pleasure!" The Gunslinger launched back.




His body felt heavy and for the first time in his life, he felt cold. Groggily opening his eyes, Natsu saw two blurry silhouettes. Strangely enough, another sensation travelled his body, or to be more precise, his lower body. Letting escape a groan of pain, he tried to focus on his surroundings, only for his eyes to widen in shock. For some reason unknown to him, he was completely nude and a mop of familiar green hair was bobbing up and down near his-…

"Holly shit! What the hell?!" he exclaimed when the pleasing sensations in his neither regions finally registered in his mind. "Bisca? What are you-…" unable to finish his sentence due to the sudden influx of euphoria he was more than surprised when he exploded inside, what he knew was Bisca's mouth.

After gulping down everything, she released him with a pop and looked toward him with a naughty smile. "How was my wakeup technique?" she asked with a wink.


"Relax Natsu. All's good." He heard another voice whisper to his ear and he turned to the side only to see a smiling Mirajane. His eyes widening even more, he let escape an involuntary moan when she sensually nibbled his earlobe.

"Mira. What the hell is going on?!"

"We're taking care of you, isn't it obvious, Natsu?" The Gunslinger replied with a smirk, caressing him again to attention.


"I've told you, Natsu. I'm okay with this. I have accepted that I'll be one of many, so, stop struggling and act like you want to. Be yourself." The Take Over mage said before taking his head between her hands and kissing him on the lips. He hesitated only for a second before he responded, his left hand gliding over her curves and stopping at her behind with a squeeze.

As they battled with their tongues, Natsu felt Bisca move up and when he finally released Mira, the green haired woman was ready to capture his lips in another searing kiss. While he made out with the Gunslinger, Mirajane moved over his waist and grabbed him in a gentle grip, before guiding him inside her. With a groan of pleasure, he released Bisca's lips and looked incredulously toward the smiling white-haired mage.

After Mirajane started to pump on him, Bisca pushed him on his back and trailed his neck with kisses. A content smile appearing on his face, with one hand he caressed Mira's smooth hips and with his other, trailed his fingers between Bisca's legs and inside her hot loins.

When the two women moaned in pleasure, he let escape a delirious laugh and let his head fall back on the pillow. Life was good…




Just outside the room that they had given to the unconscious Natsu, Cana stood frozen in place. Her hands were trembling and her heart was ready to burst out of her chest. How could it be?! And under their noses, no less! After hearing the talk between Bisca and Mirajane, she didn't know what to think; but when Natsu woke up and they started to…to…to have sex, she completely lost it. Her mind was blown away! Not only was Natsu going out with Erza and Mira at the same time; he had also scored with a few others, Bisca being one of them. And now…now they were going at it without any consideration nor shame. A threesome for heaven's sake! All of this was madness, yet, she couldn't stop her beating heart nor the warmth that had spread in her body. When her hands unconsciously slid between her legs, she gasped in shock and took a few steps away from the door. All of this was madness, yet….




"Look, I don't have a freaking idea what happened there, but you seemed pretty sure of yourself. That was some crazy shit man, I tell you." Gray explained with a shake of his head, just thinking back about the expression on his best friends' face made him shiver again.

"Yeah…" Natsu whispered, not looking up and playing with his scarf instead. He truly didn't know what to answer to that. All this was becoming such a mess. And now with those memo-…

"Flame-brain, Ur wants to talk to you. Probably wants to thank you; after all, you kind-off saved her from eternal prison." The Ice Mage continued with a sigh. The things you could learn never ceased to amaze him. "Anyway, you don't have to tell me anything, just, you know, if you wanna' talk, I'm here." He finished with a smile.

"Thanks, Gray." The Dragon Slayer said before standing and walking toward the room that was occupied by the older Ice Mage. After knocking and hearing an "Enter", the pink haired young man did as told and closed the door behind him.

The woman seemed in a much better shape than he remembered, but that wasn't saying much really. At first glance he could see that she was attractive, beautiful even. Her maturity made her curves all the more pronounced, making her even more alluring than his young female guild mates. Her look though, wasn't as welcoming as her looks. It was icy and assessing.

"Hi." He launched, breaking the growing tension in the room.

"You have my thanks, Natsu Dragneel. Coming back from the Iced Shell was believed impossible until this day. I truly had thought that I'd guard Deliora for eternity if my foolish student hadn't started all this nonsense, of course." She started matter-of-factly. "Releasing the Demon to assess his human superiority. Huh. Truly a foolish idea, worthy of a foolish student. But I digress. Thanks to you and-…" suddenly she stopped and for the first time since the beginning, she showed emotions. Pain and regret. Longing and sorrow. Resolution and hope. "Thanks to you and my daughter, I can finally right the wrongs."

That information was surprising to say the least. So that Time Mage was her daughter?

"You're welcome." Natsu said, as a fake smile, that he had perfected centuries ago, illuminated his face. "You must be tired from all that Prison thingy, so you better relax." He continued as he opened the door.

But before he could leave, she spoke up again with icy lethality as the temperature in the room dropped by several degrees. "I know what you are, Natsu Dragneel. After all the years that I've spent guarding Deliora, I can recognize one of his kind."

When she heard no comments coming from the young man, she continued. "I have my eyes on you. If you do something, anything, that would show me you're just like them, I won't hesitate to use the Iced Shell on you. It worked once, it should work again."

Without saying a word, Natsu left the room closing the door behind him.




Strangely enough, a small tension was present in the train compartment. Cana had a strange look on her face, but when asked, she only smiled and waved her hand. Natsu was sleeping with his head on Mira's lap. The Take Over mage was gently caressing his head and was exchanging knowing smiles with Bisca that only the card mage had an inkling about. Gray was telling Ur all about his adventures since her "death".

Suddenly the Dragon Slayer woke up with a start, frantically looking around him.

"Natsu! What's wrong?" Mirajane asked worriedly.

"Lucy! She is in danger!" was all he said before easily breaking the window and jumping through it. Not a second later, scorching fire erupted from his back and he disappeared in a burst of speed.

"What the…!" Gray exclaimed, his eyes widening. "We should go after-…"

But the Ice Mage was cut short when the train speaker resonated all around them: "Dear costumers, please remain seated. The next stop that was supposed to be Magnolia Station will be skipped for your security. Currently, a moving castle that was reported as the Headquarters of a Guild is devastating the city! The only information we have at the moment is that the mages of two guilds are fighting within the city. I repeat, please remain in your seats." With that, the transmission was cut off.





Lucy cringed as the mage caressed her face with his hand. "Aren't you a beautiful one?" he whispered with a leer.

"Don't touch me!" she cried out, trying to bite him.

The man pulled back his fingers just in time. "And quite feisty." One of his accomplices added with a smirk. "Master José never mentioned anything about her state. As long as she is alive, he said" He continued, a predatory grin appearing in his face. "I think we'll have some fun."

"Don't you even dare you pig!" the blond Celestial Mage exclaimed, cursing the restraints that were shackled to her wrists and ankles. Her clothes, which she normally used as weapons against men, were now playing against her. They were way too revealing in her current position and making her even more desirable in the eyes of those bastards.

She clenched her teeth and braced herself for what was to come. If it weren't for those restraints, she would have blasted them away in no time, even if her keys were out of reach. Because, let's be honest, it wasn't her first time being in this sort of situation. So she had developed a special "Ace in the Hole" technique to be used in this precise case. But to use that particular move, a few conditions had to be met. Thus she had no other choice but to wait for the right moment.

"Marco, tug on that skirt of hers. Let's see what she has for us." The one that seemed like the chief ordered.

"You'll regret it." She whispered dangerously.

"I don't think so." The one called Marco replied before tugging her mini-skirt down her long legs. Seeing that the shackles made the complete removal impossible, the man just ripped the cloth in two, producing approving exclamations from his friends. With another leer, he roughly grabbed one of her breasts and squeezed. "Damn girl! You're the best!"

Lucy cringed from his invasive touch but resigned herself to the necessary evil: her body had to react, there was no other way. As a silent moan escaped her lips, her molester's eyes widened and his hand froze in place. She hated being in this kind of situation.

"Lovely." The chief commented as he approached the blond Celestial Mage with clear lust in his eyes. He pushed his subordinate to the side and raised his hands to grab at her chest but when he was only a few inches away, Lucy jumped backwards and kicked him in the groin with her two feet.

"Come, Aquarius!" she cried out as magical power traveled through her body, the conditions finally having been met. In an explosion of water, the cyan haired mermaid appeared before her captors and blasted the chief away with a powerful jet.

"What's going on here, brat?" Aquarius asked with a frown at seeing the state of dress of her flushed user.

"I was captured and couldn't-…"

"I think that I've already told you to not use this method of calling me, brat!" The Celestial spirit interrupted with anger. "Once I deal with those idiots I'll-…" But she was also cut short by a sudden explosion to their right that obliterated a good portion of the floor as raging fire spread in every direction.

Not a second later a silhouette, covered head to toe in smoldering fire, appeared before them. Aquarius' eyes widened as familiar, scorching fire, melted the stone away.

"Are you okay, Lucy?" The newcomer asked in a dangerous growl.

"N-Natsu..?" The blond squeaked in astonishment. The said man turned around and the two women flinched under his beast-like look. Dark scales covered his face and what seemed like a horn was protruding from his right temple.

"Are you okay?" he repeated, his gaze travelling along her indecent form, a frown marring his face. "Have they tried to do something?" he continued with a snarl.

"Y-yeah…" she babbled, still under shock of his sudden appearance.

The Dragon Slayer snarled and jumping toward the only still standing of the kidnapers caught him by his face before slamming the man with tremendous force to the ground. The stone crumbled under the strain and Lucy's attackers disappeared under the rubbles as the floor gave away. Without uttering another word, the pink haired wizard approached the blonde and melted her restraints with just a touch.

"What happened?" he asked finally, as the fire raging around him started to wane.

"Phantom Lord. They used me as an excuse and attacked us." Lucy explained.

"What?! Why you?"

"I…My father paid them to bring me back. I…I'm actually the heiress of the Heartfilia family. Sorry, I didn't tell you about it."

"I don't care where you come from. You're a part of Fairy Tail now and no one will take you away." He whispered with conviction. "What about-…" but he was cut short by a tremor that shook the building.

"Hurry Natsu! Everyone is fighting and they'll need your help! Don't worry about me! I'll take care of myself! Now go!" Lucy pushed the Dragon Slayer with thankful smile and with a nod he relented and jumped away as fire propelled him away.


"Did you say something, Aquarius?" Lucy inquired with a frown. The mermaid shook her head and the glazed eyes she had had only a moment ago disappeared as if never been there.

"Yes, I said that I was going to kick your ass for putting my key in-…"





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