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Peter Burke POV

Peter Burke had not been having a particularly good day and it did not look like his night was going to get any better. It always got worse when he would glance up to ask Neal a question to only realize that Neal was the one that they were looking for at the moment. He knew that they should probably be working on the Sara Ellis connections also but could not bring himself to pull anyone else off of looking for Neal unless they volunteered to do work elsewhere.

Then the strangest thing happened. He was checking his emails in order to see if any of his contacts had gotten back to him when he noticed an email that looked like it had come from a spam email. He clicked on it and realized that it was a picture of Sara Ellis and the most shocking thing is the fact that she seemed to be reading a copy of today's newspaper. Was she alive? Why were people just getting into contact with them about this now instead of soon after the initial abduction had occurred?

He stared at the email for a long moment and noticed what seemed to be a string of GPS coordinates at the bottom of the email. He entered the coordinates into a GPS webpage and was shocked when it seemed to be pointing to a plaza right outside the FBI office. He grabbed his supplies, rushing out of the office, and calling for Diana and Jones. The two of them grabbed there things and followed him to the elevator, where he handed them a paper copy of the email and the coordinate location.

There, waiting for them in the plaza was not a person like he had expected but instead what seemed to be a box of information. He could tell it was for them as it had contained another picture of Sara Ellis, simply with the words, 'You know what to do with this' printed underneath it, in the same location that the coordinates had been located inside the email.

It took several hours for Diana, Jones, and him to go through all the information and then be able to arrest Halbridge. When they finally had Halbridge in custody, just awaiting his court trial, he felt a strong sense of relief that that situation seemed to be over. There was only one more loose end to close: the return of Neal and Sara Ellis is the same person had them.

Before he could think on it too hard, there was a commotion that place in the bullpen. There was Neal and Sara, with not a hair out of place, seeming relieved to be back at the office. Everyone exchanged a set of hugs, and he could not help but think that everything would be okay now. Maybe he would even tell Neal how much he was missed but even as that thought crossed his mind, he tossed it away, not wanting Neal to get a big head.

Eliot POV

Eliot felt like the truth had set him free. Yes, there were things that the team did not know about him but there were also things that he most certainly did not know about them also. He was glad they knew about Moreau, even though they had mostly decided not to talk about it, and get back to life as usual. That meant running too many cons in the row, with little time off. He was sorta relieved by that fact, as there were no more chances that a secret would come out now.

He was sad to say goodbye to Neal but knew that they would be in contact this time. Maybe he would even be able to sneak away to New York in the future, as it was much closer than many of the other bolt holes that he had around the country. It was easy to get lost in New York as you were just one face on thousands of cameras, and there were always interesting characters in New York to take the attention off of you.

He sighed as he helped pack the last box in the new van that Hardison had bought after they had needed to ditch the old one in order to buy them just a little bit more time for the con to come to completion. He could not help but wonder how people's views had changed from this adventure, and maybe they would just be more valued in the long run.

He had noticed that Sara Ellis had seemed to become more and more comfortable around them as they opened up a bit toward her. She had even seemed to like Neal by the end of it, which was saying something. He wondered if she would soon have her hands on that painting that Neal had supposedly stolen but figured that would be a story for another day.

With a final pat on the back of the van, it drove away from the outside of the hotel. He climbed into the car that Nate was driving and mentally prepared himself for a long drive, knowing that the site of the latest con was quite a drive from Boston and Nate had plenty of time to question him on his latest interest. He had sadly drawn the short straw but honestly, he did not mind. He was glad that he was still trusted and sat back to enjoy the drive.

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