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Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - Kenpachi

DISCLAIMER: Bleach belongs to the great Tite Kubo. Nope, I don't make anything from this work.

Warning: PWP, OOC, AU (Kind of?)


11th Division Capt. Kenpachi Zaraki

"My hair?" Kenpachi leans back, smiling maniacally as he adjusts his hold on his sword. "I use the blood of hollows to keep my spikes stiff and standing. Sometimes I use the tears of cowards."

A terrified shriek from one of his passed-out underlings makes him laugh.

-Meanwhile, in the World of the Living-

"This is not fair." Madarame grumbles to Yumichika as they walk into a place of commerce that humans call a department store. "He makes me do this every time."

The spotlights gleam reflectively on his shiny pate, blinding the other customers. Yumichika gets waylaid by the makeup counter ladies, leaving Madarame to stumble through the labyrinth of display cases. Finally he stops by a counter, and checks his list.

"May I help you?" The smartly dressed sales lady asks.

"Yes, I'll need a bottle of your Luxxe Hair Serum, the large size of the Leave-In Hair Conditioner, three tubes of the ManMane Pomade, and the special sized King Hair Gel." Madarame mutters, cursing inwardly as the lady behind the counter looks at his bald head in confusion. "Oh and a package of your No-Slip Grip Hair ties please."

"Is it for you, or is it a present for someone?" She asks politely, gathering all the items in one shopping bag.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK?" Madarame snarls at her, throwing some bills at her and yanking the bag out of her hands.