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Dates and Dinners

Harry sat on his bed, his mind in a whirl. Yesterday, when Severus had taken him to the Locked Room, he had been overwhelmed. There were so many questions that he wanted to ask, so many things he wanted to know. Severus was from a different universe, he had a different past than Harry knew and that sparked his curiosity.

Shaking his head, Harry decided to choose one or two specific questions to ask at a time until they were all answered. He knew better than to press too much.

"Harry, are you going out tonight?" Sirius poked his head through the door as the question finished.

"Yes." Harry grinned as he looked at the mess that covered the bed. He had stopped to think while picking out his outfit. "I'm going out for dinner, so don't wait for me." Holding up two shirts, he asked. "Which one, the blue or the grey?"

Sirius entered the room, looking at the choices. "What trousers are you wearing?"

"The tan ones." Harry nodded towards the pair closest to the end of the bed.

"Then the blue shirt." Sirius leaned against the dresser, his eyes fastened on his godson. "Now, who are you going with? I didn't know you were interested in anyone."

Harry slipped the shirt on while he tried to think of a way to tell Sirius he was going out with a man his godfather hated. Deciding that blunt and to the point was the only way, he went for it. "I am going out with Severus Snape ..."

The last word was covered by Sirius' exclamation of disbelief. "You hate Snape! That's all we talked about your school years, and I know you didn't like him much these last couple of years either."

Harry buttoned up the shirt slowly. How could he tell Sirius that it wasn't the same man? 'I don't even know if Severus and his Sirius liked each other or not.' Shaking his head slightly, his attention was caught by the stones on his dresser. That he could use.

"I learned to like him over the last year, Sirius. He started acting different, more … reasonable. He listened and tried to help. Sometime in all of that, I became attracted to him. Yesterday he agreed to go out with me."

"Sure he did – you saved him from Azkaban, of course he wants to go out with you. Clean up his name and reputation by doing so."

Harry shook his head. "I asked him to, he tried to talk me out of it, but finally agreed."

"You … you asked?"

Harry nodded as he gently directed Sirius out of the room. "Yes, and I need to finish getting ready. Severus doesn't care for people being late."


The Italian restaurant was in a Muggle town that Harry didn't know the name of. Both the dishes and the service were excellent and Harry decided they should come back here sometime.

Pushing the last of his tortellini about on his plate, Harry tried to think of how to ask the questions that popped up while he was getting ready. The conversation had been fun and light all evening, and he knew his questions would change that.


His fork stilled, and Harry looked across the table at Severus. Those dark eyes were watching him with a quiet resolve.

"Whatever you need to know, ask. If I can tell you, I will." Severus leaned back in his seat, waiting.

"The Sirius you grew up knowing – did you like him? What happened to him?" Harry waited, his eyes glued to the blank face across from him.

Severus heaved a sigh. He should have known this was coming. When he learned that Harry was living with his godfather, he was shocked. Then he was glad for Harry, and ambivalent for Sirius.

"Black and I did not get along. He was part of a group that called themselves the 'Marauders'. They fit what their name means - a person or animal that goes from one place to another looking for people to kill or things to steal or destroy – at least towards me. The rest of the student population got off a bit lighter, but if you were a Slytherin then you were dirt beneath their feet. I believe James said it best when he declared that the reason they went after me was just because I existed. They had no other reason. Black did try to kill me at one point – he tried to feed me to Lupin on the night of a full moon. James Potter succeeded in preventing that from occurring."

Severus was surprised at just how little anger he felt now. All of that was in the past, and he just wanted it gone.

"He did what?" Harry's eyes were wide and was shaking his head side to side.

"Remember Harry, this is my Black. I do not know if yours did the same thing or not. I have not read that far back in the man's journals." Severus took a sip of his drink before he continued. "When he was sent to Azkaban for betraying the Potters, I believed he was capable of it. Turns out he was innocent of that misdeed. As to what happened to Black -" Here he paused a moment to judge if Harry was ready to hear this tale.

Harry prompted, "Go on, I will remember we are talking about a different Black."

"The Dark Lord convinced Potter during his OWLs that he had Black captured in the Ministry, down in the Department of Mysteries. Potter tried to tell me while he was captured by Umbridge. I could not give anything away, so I just left and checked on the man. I told the Order what Potter had said, told Black not to leave Headquarters, and went to find Potter – who had tramped off into the Forbidden Forest. Turned out that Black didn't listen, and Potter witnessed him being blasted through the Veil by Bellatrix. Potter, of course, blamed me for the death of his godfather. It was one of the things that he couldn't get past."

"Potter stayed with the Durselys? He had no godfather to rescue him from them? What happened to Wormtail?" Harry felt sorry for Potter.

"Potter would stay at his relatives for part of the summer and then spend the rest either at the Burrow or at Headquarters. Wormtail died sometime during Potter's seventh year, when Potter was escaping Malfoy Manor."

Harry sank back against his seat. "Malfoy Manor? No, don't explain. Have you written it all down here? What happened before you came here?"

Severus shook his head. "I have not. It was not something I wanted anyone to stumble upon."

"Maybe you should. Then I can read it and tell you how things were different here." Harry grinned slightly. "Things not in the journals you read."

Severus studied Harry, trying to determine his true reason for wanting to read about his past. "If this works out, Harry, I will."


"I don't dance, Harry." Severus looked at the club's door with only a small amount of trepidation. He would be fine going in there as long as Harry accepted that one thing.

"The way you move when you are duelling, around the classroom … the way you walk period, and you don't dance?" Harry spun about in surprise.

"Never had to learn, and it was not something I was interested in."

"Slow dance with me. We can move on the floor in an easy pattern, no true steps involved. After that you can prop against the wall and watch the crowds." Harry smiled softly, his hand resting on Severus' arm.

"A slow dance." A gentle tug pulled Harry towards him and Severus wrapped him into a hug. Dropping a kiss onto the top of the messy black hair, he released him. "Let's head in."

Harry grinned as they walked through the door together. Eyes of nearby patrons focused on them, obviously checking out Severus due to his height and Harry due to his colouration. Harry was glad he decided on a Muggle club, there was less chance they would be recognized and have to deal with fans.

Severus looked about, noticing the place was crowded, the music was loud, and the flashing lights were a bit nerve-racking, but he would withstand it for Harry. Another look showed there were no tables available. Pulling Harry with him, he headed for the bar area, hoping for a spot there. Instead, Harry pulled him out onto the dance floor.

"Harry..." His complaint trailed off as Harry pressed against him while moving to the beat.

"It is a slower song, Severus. We can hunt a spot later, who knows when they will play another one."

Arms wrapped around his shoulders, only to slide back enough to let Harry's hands rest on his chest as the space between them widened. "Okay, Harry, we'll dance."

With a small smile, Severus rested his hands on Harry's hips. His partner, for that is what Severus had started calling Harry over the past three months, was dressed in a pair of fitted dark blue jeans and a button up maroon shirt. A man shifted in the corner of his eye, causing Severus to move Harry out of his way. A quick glance showed that the man was trying to cut in, or at the very least catch Harry's attention. Sending a medium level glare at him, Severus returned his attention to Harry.

The slow song ended and Severus stayed on the floor with Harry as the next one wasn't too much faster. The second led to a third and a third to a fourth. Finally, tired of keeping Harry away from the men who were attempting to cut into their dance, Severus pulled Harry off the floor and into a space that just emptied at the bar.

With half an ear, Severus listened to Harry order them drinks while he watched a collection of younger men weaving their way towards them.

The drinks arrived the same time the men did.

"You can't hog him all night, old man." A dirty blond folded his arms and glared at Severus.

A baby-faced brunette reached out for Harry, but Severus moved just enough to block his hand. "Come on – let him live a little. He doesn't need you to watch dog him."

Others in the group nodded in agreement.

Harry glared at the crowd over Severus' arm. It had taken him all week to convince Severus to come to a club, and now this group was spoiling everything. Shifting slightly, he pressed a hand against Severus' waistcoat, preventing the Potions Master from reaching the wand Harry knew was in an inside pocket.

The blond started spouting off again. "Are you his body guard? Did daddy send you with him to keep him out of trouble?"

A redhead jumped in as he oozed his way around the crowd and almost next to Harry. "I think daddy doesn't like the idea of you being gay and sent him to make sure you don't do anything that he doesn't like."

Harry couldn't help the laughter that rushed out as he tried to imagine Severus being hired by his father as a bodyguard. He laughed harder when he thought of Sirius doing so. Sure, his godfather was accepting their relationship a little better, but it was still a funny image.

"Harry, would you care to explain what is so funny?"

Severus' words brushed his ear, bringing his laughter to a halt. Looking over into inquisitive dark eyes, Harry grinned. "My Dad hiring you to protect me. He wouldn't have even entertained the idea."

Leaning forward, Severus brushed his lips over the shell of Harry's ear as he answered. "He would be rolling in his grave if he was anything like the James I knew."

Leaning back, Harry looked at the redhead. "Severus isn't my bodyguard, he isn't here to keep me from expressing myself, and trust me, he certainly isn't here to prevent me from doing something my Dad wouldn't approve of."

Looping an arm around Severus' waist, Harry pulled him closer. "No, Severus is here because I insisted that we get out and go clubbing. So, if you would please go away, I am enjoying myself with my date."

The blond's eyes widened. "You are with him? How in the world … what can you see in that old man?"

Harry ran a soothing hand over Severus' side as he stiffened. "What can I see in him? Someone who understands me, someone who cares, someone who will do anything to keep me safe and as happy as I can be, but is not afraid to stir my displeasure or rouse my ire at the same time. I see my partner. So, yes, I am with him."

The brunette shifted his attention to Severus. "You like them young, eh?"

Raising an eyebrow, Severus considered which potion he could get away with slipping the man if he had his robe. "I like him, his age is not an issue. Now, you may leave, or we will."

Severus' and the barkeeps' glare caused the group to dissolve back into the crowd.

"Sorry, Severus." Harry leaned back against the bar, his drink in hand.

Sighing, Severus shook his head. "It doesn't matter. Here it is age, closer to home it is other matters. This one is easier to deal with."

"Dance with me some more?" Harry grinned up at Severus. He knew that on the dance floor, out where they could manoeuvrer, there was no way those men could touch them. Severus was still excellent at knowing exactly what was happening around him.


Harry walked through the small living room, his gaze drifting about the place. Bookshelves covered every surface, chocked full of books. A smile curved his lips. Severus had written the journals he requested when they first started their relationship. They were not for the faint-hearted, but he learned a lot about the man. He repaid the favour, and both of their stories were tucked up on the top shelf of one of the bookshelves near the window that looked over the back garden space.

His smile broadened as he headed for the only visible exit. If a stranger ever entered this domain, they would think there was only one way in and one way out. He had once thought that, but he was no longer a stranger here. He knew there were four exits from this room: one into the hall, it was the visible one; one was the second one he learned – it went upstairs; the third to the back garden area; the last one opened to a cellar, now potions' laboratory. That one was warded tight and would not open if Severus was working with volatile combinations.

Stepping into the hallway, Harry made his way to the kitchen. Breakfast was necessary even though he knew that Severus would tell him it was lunch time. The sun streaming through the windows seemed intent on proving his husband right, but Harry could not regret how the morning was whiled away.

Opening the freezer, Harry looked for the roast for tonight's dinner with Hermione and Ron. Tomorrow they were all due at the Burrow to celebrate the first anniversary of the War's end. Luckily, Percy told them of a party the Ministry was going to throw, and they had all immediately planned to be at the Burrow that evening so they could avoid the party. There were enough war heroes going to the Ministry party to prevent the planners from pressing the matter with the select group that had other obligations.

"Harry, where did I put my notes?" Severus slipped by him and cut on the kettle. "I need to finish brewing the potions for Poppy tonight."

Harry ran a hand down Severus' side, stopping the man from moving away. Smiling up into black eyes, he pecked a kiss on his cheek. "Hermione and Ron are coming for dinner tonight, remember?"

The compression of those thin lips and the frown filling Severus' forehead told Harry that he hadn't.

"You shouldn't have distracted me last night, or this morning then."

Harry drew Severus in for a deeper kiss, overcoming his husband's resistance fairly easily. Running his tongue over the closed lips, they parted and a groan was caught in his throat. Breaking away, he rested his forehead against Severus'. "Your list was on the coffee table last night. That was the last place I saw it. You were searching for a bookmark when I distracted you, so you might have used it."

A gasp escaped his lips as Severus pulled his hips flush against his own, and thin lips brushed their way over his jaw.

"You have potions, and we spent the morning not doing anything but..." The words failed him as teeth nipped their way down his throat. The stirring in his nether regions wasn't as strong as the distraction warranted, but Harry knew it was because they had spent the majority of last night and this morning doing exactly this. His bits were worn out, and he was sure Severus' were just as tired.

A mewl of disappointment escaped his lips when Severus pulled back. "Thank you, I will look there. Can you bring lunch and tea down to my laboratory? I will work until those two arrive."

"I will." Harry watched as Severus left the kitchen, a smile curling his lips.


Cleaning the living room, Harry stopped to stare at the orb sitting on the fireplace mantel. Severus had come home with the perfectly round ball of rose quartz yesterday from his potion ingredient shopping trip.

Running a finger over it, Harry marvelled at the energy radiating off it. 'Severus claims it is an exact replica of the rose quartz that helped to bring him here. He hypothesized that it was this universe's version of it.'

Harry wasn't sure if he accepted the hypothesis, but he was glad that he could see what one of the stones looked like. He felt them often, but still could not see them. Thinking of how the stones felt brought up how they were pressed into his skin when Severus held him close. The telly caught his attention and he remembered the conversation that started last night's distraction. He had been thrilled when he figured out that Spinner's End was in a Muggle area and he could watch the telly whenever he wanted. He had been flipping channels when he landed on one talking about vampires and daemons. 'I thoroughly annoyed Severus by the middle of the show.' He had spent the first fifteen minutes holding a one sided conversation with the show about Hogwarts was actually a pleasant place compared to this Sunnydale's High School. Severus told Harry to quiet it down more than once during those fifteen minutes. 'I didn't expect to be kissed into silence and then the telly to be magically shut off.' That one kiss led to the distractions that lasted all night and this morning.

Harry checked to make sure the telly still worked while memories filled him. Running his dusting cloth over the edge of the mantel, he headed back to the kitchen to check on the food. There, he basted the roast before stirring the boiling potatoes. The carrots and green beans were starting to boil as well. Stepping away from the hot stove, he was suddenly pressed into the counter, hands running down his front, undoing his shirt's buttons.

"Severus." Harry gasped when a warm kiss was pressed to the side of his neck even as showered damp hair brushed his ear. "Severus … I thought you had a lot of …." He groaned as Severus' hand stroked down his chest, stopping only to tease his nipples hard, while the kiss turned into small pecks and nips moving down his neck. " … potions to complete."

Severus pressed into his backside letting Harry feel a hard erection against him. "I finished all that I could in the time frame."

Long fingers undid Harry's belt and jeans button.

"Din-ner. Ron... Hermione!" The last word came out almost a scream as Severus' hand slipped in his pants and stroked his budding erection.

"Lust potion for St. Mungo's restricted medical supply."

When those words were breathed into his ear, Harry knew there was no stopping this. "The fumes … you know what those fumes do to you. Why did you brew it?"

Severus spun him about and pulled him into a deep kiss, derailing his train of thought. Gasping as the kiss ended, Harry felt the cold press of the counter on his bare bottom.

"It filled in the time slot I had left, and reduced the list for tomorrow."

Severus' hands ghosted over all the exposed flesh that they could touch. Reaching forward, Harry came in contact with Severus' shirt. "You... you are way overdressed."

Working quickly, he exposed Severus' chest to his hands and mouth, the gasp and moan he wrung from the man causing him to shudder. He loved hearing Severus make sounds like that. His hands dropped to Severus' belt only to be stopped by its owner.

"Let ... me." Pulling a vial out of his pocket, Severus quickly undid his trousers.

Harry reached down and stroked Severus' erection slowly from root to tip, causing Severus' head to fall back as he drew in a long deep breath that stuttered on its way out.

"Harry, let me feel you … please. I need to be inside …"

The words were cut off as Harry spun about and leaned over the counter. Even though Severus prepared him quickly, Harry was more than ready to be filled deeper. His breath caught as the blunt tip of Severus' cock pressed against his opening. Two cries of pleasure filled the kitchen as Severus pressed in.

It didn't take long to settle into their normal rhythm, the knowledge they had no time making them speed up with frantic haste.

Just as their orgasm hit a knock sounded at the door. Severus muffled his groan in Harry's shoulder while Harry bit down on his lip, hard.

Trembling and panting, Severus slumped onto Harry's back, as he listened to the knock come again.

Breathing hard, Harry stared in the direction of the front door and blinked a couple of times before he remembered who was there. In a breathless voice, he called out as loud as he could. "I'll be there in a … In a second."

Severus nuzzled his neck, his teeth nipping gently where it met his shoulder.

"Severus... I have to let them in. We have … dinner."

A breath huffed against his warmed skin and then Severus slowly pulled out. Pulling his wand from his arm holster, he quickly cast a cleaning spell over both of them. "Go let them in, Harry, I'll put dinner on the table."

Righting his clothes, Harry rushed to let Ron and Hermione in.

Ron shook his head as Harry opened the door. "What took so long, mate?"

As Harry shrugged, cheeks still flushed, Ron's eyes widened. "Never mind, I don't want to know."

"Is dinner at least salvageable?" asked Hermione with a grin as they walked in.

"Severus is rescuing it now, so we'll find out." Harry gestured towards the dining room. "I'll go check on it and get the dishes."

Severus was mashing the potatoes as Harry walked back into the kitchen. "Did the rest of dinner survive?"

"It did. I'll bring it out if you want to set the table."

Harry nodded as he collected the dishes and headed to the dining room. Hermione and Ron helped to set the table, and it wasn't long before Severus joined them.

Severus looked around the table and smiled. The stones warmed gently, and for just a moment it felt like his Albus was there, resting a hand on his shoulder, and the last words his friend had said to him from his portrait rushed through his mind. Never underestimate the power of love, Severus. It will save you if you let it.

His gaze was caught by two rich green eyes filled with laughter. 'It did, Albus. It did.'