Kristoff's returns from his epic journey with Anna, trying to sort through how he feels. Drabble.

Kristoff retreated to the mountains with a peculiar lift in his heart. She was safe. Elsa was safe. Hans was gone. The kingdom was thawed and all was well. It was a happy time. He felt happy. Just…not to the extent he should have. Everything had worked out perfectly, and he had even been invited to a celebration the next week! But something just wasn't right, and he couldn't place it. He tried to brush it off, tried to ignore it.

You're being a child. He chastised himself. Just enjoy that everything worked out for the kingdom. Be grateful you got to play a part. Be happy Anna is alive.

He trudged up the mountain (someone had sent his sled hurdling over a cliff) to his little cabin. Simple and spartan in nature, it was everything Kristoff wanted in a home. There was a little hut for Sven off the side, one bed, one fireplace, and a little lean-to stove. He stripped off his jacket and boots, stretching and trying to shake off the twinge of melancholy.

This feeling…it wasn't sad – well, it was sad, but there was some word out of his grasp, some better way to describe what he was feeling. It was…empty. For the first time since his childhood, Kristoff felt lonely.

He threw a piece of salt pork on the little metal stove and tried to shrug these thoughts out of his mind, because there was no way he could truly fix them. Whatever he did, he would have to stay this way. He was an ice harvester, for God's sake; his kind of people were not bred for contact. He was up early, and worked late. He retreated far up into the mountains and to work in near silence, and seldom even bothered to talk to people when he did go into town. Sven was always enough.

But it didn't really seem that way anymore. He missed being around Anna, he missed her endless talking and clumsiness and, God, she never shut up but everything she said was charming and endearing and adorable in a way that made him feel very small but very whole at the same time.

You'll see her next week, so be happy for that. He tried to console himself, but he knew that'd be the last time. The odds of them just running into each other again were slim, and it's not like he was in any position to demand her attention. She just being nice, as usual, when inviting him. As soon as her emotional debt was repaid, it'd be Kristoff Who?

And he'd retreat back up to the mountains, with Sven, and look out at the land as days passed and years ebbed. He'd hear the announcement of the princess' engagement, and see newspapers with pictures of the happy couple. There'd be a festive wedding, and Anna would trip while excitedly running up the aisle. They'd kiss and cheer and there'd be lots of kids and she'd be happy in the life she deserved.

Again, a happy idea. So why was it so damaging to him?

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