The day had come for leo; after weeks of anticipation, it was hist first day at his new high school, Goode.
All he had to do was try not to burn the school down this time! "Bye!" called his mother as he shut the door.
He checked his phone for the directions his friend had given him: 13 Abbeyhurst Road. When he arrived, he was greeted by
Nico. Leo thanked the gods under his breath that his mum wasn't there. Nico's mom wasn't leo's best friend after what happened
last year with her curtains.

"Hey, what up?" asked Nico.
"Nothing much, you ready for the first day?" replied leo. Before nico said anything, leo already knew the answer. Nico's sister bianca had been
killd by a speeding truck outside the school. Still, Nico seemed enthusiastic that he would have a good time at the school itself. As they left, Leo
wondered why his mom wanted him to go to this school so badly. She made him move schools every year to search for more demigods, but this year she seemed
almst definite that there would be some there. That didn't matter, as far as leo was concerned, he just wanted to have a good year, make some friends and who knows,
maybe even meet a girlfriend. He'd never really been good with girls, likely because of his scruffy hair and his inapropriate sense of humour.

When they arrived at the school, leo knew it was one of those 'cup half full' schools. He was greeted by someone whose smile was clearly fake.
"Lets go make some friends!" Nico said as he eagerly speedwalked towards the field. When they got their, the were amazed, but not in a good way.
There were about a hundred groups of people, but they were clearly all the more 'popular' people, with perfect hair and perfect girlfriends.
Then out the corner of his eye, leo saw two people walking towards him; a big asian guy and an american guy whose skin was almost completely white.
"we have company." leo said to nico, who was eyeing the cafeteria.

"Look what we got here luke!" exclaimed the asian guy, "some new faces!"
"Leave off 'em Frank!" came a voice from behind Leo. They turned to see someone with sea green eyes and scruffy black hair.
"Or what jackson?" said luke.
"Or this!" came a new voice, this time from behind luke and frank. Leo and Nico turned in time to see the boys collapse.
"Hi." said the first guy, "I'm percy and thats calypso."
Leo looked back at the girl and... 'oh my gods' thought leo. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He knew
that first impressions count, so he said the best thing for that situation: "Um, hi. im l-leo and thanks"

Somehow, Leo was sure that these two were demigods, by what the girl had done... it was almost as if... No, Leo needed
to stop jumping to conclusions, but it didn't look like nico hadn't. The look on his face tod the whole story; he had the same
suspicion as leo. He nudged nico back into reality and he said, "thanks, for saving us... um, capso was it?"
"Calypso", the girl corrected.

The two were nice. They introduced them to the rest of their friends, Jason, Piper and Annabteh, who helped them get setlled
in to the school. Leo would sure as hell be sad if he left this year. Somehow he didn't think he would. If these guys were
demigods too, his mom wouldn't take him out right?

After the first week, Leo and the rest had became good friends. They had invited him to the park when he got a text
from Nico: Hey, where r u man. were all waiting over the park?

With that in mind, Leo got hastily dressed, putting on his shirt of his favourite DJ, Alesso and headed out to the park.
As Nico had said, they were all there. They were sitting in a circle. Unsuprisingly, Annabeth was with Percy and piper was
talking to Jason. Leo sat inbetween Jason and Calypso. "Hi guys! Sorry im late." said Leo.
"It's ok," replied Calypso. Jason shot him a glare. Leo could swear any day that Jason liked Calypso. It was almost too obvious...
"So guys," Calypso abruptly said, breaking the silence,"I was wondering if any of you wanted to come to a sleepover tommorow?"
"I would love to, but me and Percy already have plans." Annabeth said.
Jason smirked and said, "ohh i bet you do!"
Everyone (except annabeth and percy) laughed. When everyone stopped, Percy said,"you hold him down, i'll get a sword."
They all laughed again, this time Annabeth and Percy included. Calypso told them what time to meet her at her house and gave them
all her address.

When Leo got home, he told his mom about the sleepover. She helped him pack his bags and he went to bed earlier than ever.
Tomorrow was going to be a good day; what could go wrong...