Still Calypso's POV

As she walked down the street, Calypso mentally considered what could coud happen. Leo was sometimes a bit dramatic about things, according to Nico. She would
just have to try to stay calm. She was almost there; she just had one more street to go and she would be at Leo's house. But... wait was that... No no no...
Calypso sprinted round the corner and found what she most dreaded... Jason. He floated above Leo's house, striking it with lightning; it was burnt and
shattered. Leo was immune to fire, but if jason hit him directly with lighting... all calypso's mind could think of was the time he had killed a giant by
striking it in the foot! Oh gods she was panicking, but Calypso knew she had to do something.
"Over here, fat face!" She yelled. dear gods did she have a deathwish?
"Do you really wanna say that to the angry guy with the power over lightning?!" He shouted back. Oh he was annoyed now! He turned his sword towards
Calypso and shot a bolt of lightning. She barely dodged it, but she was able to see something. He wasnt trying to kill her. Not instantly anyway.
He must have been using his weakest bolt, for her anyway. Leo was in there somewhere, she just had to stall jason for a bit longer. the look on jason's face...
was it anger or sadness. Calypso couldn't tell, but she definitely didn't care as much about his face when he was shooting freaking lightning at her! She
dodged again, but he was getting closer. Jason had deadly aim when it came to his lightning. Then it happened. Leo arose from the rubble of his house, his
clothes in tatters. This was not going to end well.

Leo's POV

It had all started so abruptly. He was listening to music in his room when the first bolt struck directly through his bedroom window. Then, they came raining
down like... well... rain... A bolt had hit him in the leg, which had knocked him out for a few minutes, but nothing would stop Leo. When he woke up, he had
somehow ended up downstairs, where he saw a sight he never wanted to. His mother, lying dead on the ground. She was covered in blood and even had a piece of
wood sticking out of her chest. He knew what had happened. This wasn't just some freak accident, it was jason. Then Leo remembered that Jason probably was an
accident anyway. He climed over the rubble, the heat not bothering him as he is immune to fire. When he arose from the burning remains of his house, he saw
Calypso dodging Jason bolts. Oh gods he had to do something quick.
"JASON!" Leo shouted. Jason stopped firing on Calypso and looked at Leo.
"Whats up sleepy head? glad you could join us!" He replied. That boys cockiness made Leo hate him even more.
"Why did you do this?" Leo shouted angrily. Jason had the nerve to laugh.
"My mother always said i have anger issues!" Jason said, with a demonic look in his eyes.
"Speaking of mothers, YOU KILLED MINE YOU BASTARD!" Leo had had enough. He shot up his hand and blasted fire directly at Jason's face, but he was too quick on
the draw. Jason rose his sword and blasted lightning out the end. Then, the two met in midair. Fire and lightning blasted from the boys hands. Leo urged the
fire to be stronger, but he was using all his power. It was then that he run out. The fire died and jason's bolt went straight into Leo's chest. He could feel
the electricity running through him. The pain died down, but Leo could not get up if his life depended on it... which it sorta did right now so... shit.
He lifted his head and saw jason walking towards him.
"Guess what leo? I have my sword on full power. Say goodbye!" Jason shouted. How could Leo get out of this. Unfortunately, it was to do the exact opposite.
Someone else getting into it. Jason shot a bolt directly towards Leo, but before it could touch him, a figure materialized in front of him. Who ever this
person was, the lightning bolt shot straight into his chest, killing him instantly. Before either Jason or Leo could react, Calypso came up behind jason and
smashed a brick over his head, knocking him out.
"NO!" She shouted. she ran over to the body of the mystery figure... wait could it be... Leo got up and ran over to the body. It hurt like hell but he did it
anyway. realising who it was, he almost burst out into tears. Laying in front of him dead on the ground, was his best friend Nico. Calypso grabbed Leo's hand.
She was sobbing, which only made Leo feel worse. He felt like this was his fault. Calypso turned and, out of nowhere started hugging Leo. To tell the truth,
she needed it. Calypso had just watched her brother be killed by her best friend. But, it wasn't long until he was back up.
"Hey you two!" It was Jason. They looked left to see him standing there, sword ready to strike them. Then something weird happened.
"Look over here, ya bloody dog!" Came a voice from somewhere behind Jason. Everyone looked at where the voice came from to see the weirdest thing ever.
A girl in black robes was standing there, pointing a long thing piece of wood at Jason. It couldn't have been longer than a foot.
"Avada Kedavra!" She shouted. A giant green flash shot from the end of the piece of wood and as soon as it hit Jason, he flew back. There wasn't much point
checking. Jason was dead. even from about 15 feet away it was obvious. The girl walked over to them.
"Hello there," She said,"Hermione Granger. Pleasure to meet you. I'm terribly sorry about your friend."
"I'm Leo and that is Calypso," He gestured towards Calypso, who was still crying, "that guy was not our friend by the way."
"No, i mean that one." Hermione said, gesturing towards Nico's body.
"Oh, right. Anyway, Shall we go back to your house Calypso, since mine is... well..." Leo gestured to the burning rubble.
"Yeah... ok..." She replied shakily.
"How did you do that by the way. The green flashy thingy." Leo asked Hermione.
"I'll tell you at Calypso's house," She answered,"It is very bloody complicated, trust me.."