Miko held her breath as the Groundbridge opened. It was only her second time in the Apex Armor; she hoped she hadn't made a mistake by not getting into it sooner. This was the Bots' final stand against the Cons, and she and Jack had to help them, in one way or another.

"Remember your anchor, Miko. We can do this." Jack reminded her as he stood beside her.

Turning to him, she smiled. She then settled into the Armor that was her wildcard, what made her into a Wrecker, and she looked ahead, the electric blue of the portal right there, pulsing, waiting for them. Jack then walked forward, ahead of her, and Miko could feel the need to rush recklessly ahead of him, like she would before, slowly wane from her mind and body.

Even though her heart was pounding like a jackhammer, she waited for her signal. It was a race to the finish, and then she ran behind, just as planned.

All she had to do was remember her anchor.