The underground war with the Yeerks fought by the infamous group of adolescents known as the Animorphs had boiled over more than a decade ago, resulting in the inhabitants of the pretentious little planet Earth realizing that they weren't the only intelligent life in the universe-and anything but. In addition they had also showed that they were ready to perform on the galactic stage, defeating the Yeerk Empire's invasion and colluding a treaty and trade rights with the Andalites. In a matter of months, the citizens of Earth went from arguing the existence of extraterrestrials to seeing a morphed Andalite devour a handful of cigarette butts. The Animorphs disbanded, Visser one was tried and convicted, and as it always does, life went on. They thought they had won. They thought that the war was over.

They were wrong.

Years later, the Yeerks returned, and despite the Earth's newfound skills and tactics, they were defeated by the Yeerk Empire. Earth's allies-the Andalites- abandoned them as quickly as they had treated with them, succumbing to their own agenda and defense. Earth's defenders-the Animorphs-were nowhere to be found, except the lone Cassie, whom was among the first attacked. She is presumed dead after the Amazon preserve she was overseeing was burnt to the ground along with countless free Hork-Bajir. With Earth's military ill fitted to pose a significant retaliation, the planet and its inhabitants were left to the will of the Yeerks, and with their hard-won hub of control firmly in their grasp, the Yeerks dominated the blue rock, washing over its surface like a flood. With their victory, a highly sought after prize was obtained:

A small blue cube; the Escafil Device.

The power to morph.

The Earthlings could only accept their fate, lest be irradiated like those who would oppose them…