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Years passed and life was perfect. Tony and Loki had a new baby boy to take care of. They started a new baby book and recorded everything. Little Arthur looked exactly like Loki; he wasn't as powerful in magic but he had a knack for inventing.

As promised, Thor proposed to Jane a year later and were married a few months following. Odin was not happy, neither was Sif for that matter; but like Tony's and Loki's ceremony, they stayed quiet. As the years went along, Thor took on more responsibilities as King, preparing him for his upcoming reign.


Rhodey passed away from a heart attack when he was 70. Everyone attended the funeral, honoring one of Tony's closest friends and a great soldier. The Iron Patriot was dismantled and the chest plate was buried with his body.

By the time Tony and Loki's third child was born – a girl by the name of Lily – and Thor and Jane's first child – a boy named Sigmundr – Pepper, Natasha, and Clint passed away. None of the original Avengers were fighting anymore, Steve was getting too slow and Bruce decided he liked curing the world better. After Pepper's passing, Tony took up the job of CEO before handing it off to his daughter Aurora - who would eat a golden apple when she turned 21 along with her brother. He still invented and provided Stark Industries with tech, but would hand over that job when Arthur was old enough.

Steve and Bruce were still around when Odin stepped down and Thor took the throne. They died shortly after his coronation. Steve received the typical military burial with every branch of the armed forces in attendance, paying their respects to the deceased. Bruce's service was smaller; only the remaining original Avengers came.


900 years came and went with Tony and Loki permanently moving to Alfheim. They built a large mansion in the middle of a forest. Their home was surrounded by lakes and waterfalls, not another elf for miles.

They had five more children: twin girls Artemis and Blair, a boy Brandr, and two other girls Erika and Alana. The children grew up, some staying close to home while others traveled the nine realms. Jormungandr, Lily, Artemis, and Alana went on to become scholars. They traveled through the realms, recording battles and native stories. Sleipnir, Blair, and Fenrir stayed on Asgard to help in their army. Aurora, Galen, and Arthur were on Midgard to help protect it and run Stark Industries. Brandr and Erika stayed on Alfhiem with Loki and Tony, helping them around the mansion.


Thor and Jane had two daughters, Thora and Tyra. They grew up to be very beautiful and skilled fighters. Unlike Loki and Thor's childhood, Thor and Jane made sure to love each child equally and keep the bond between siblings strong. Their three children grew up to be close and respectful of each other.

Thor and Jane ruled well. They brought the nine realms together in a time of peace not seen for many centuries. Despite Odin's ill opinion of Jane when he stepped down, the people loved her. She had proven her worth and earned their respect.


For a mortal to become immortal they have to eat a golden apple. However, to stay immortal, they have to eat one every 200 years.

"My life is complete Lokes. I've seen my children grow up, I've seen my grandchildren grow up, heck I've seen my great-grandchildren grow up. I'm ready" Tony said. He was nearing the 2000 mark and he didn't look a day over 60. Loki had also aged, his black hair a dark grey and there were laugh lines around his mouth.

"I shall follow you then. I will not live without you My Love. I cannot." Loki smiled softly.

So for the next 200 years, Tony aged. His hair turned white and his body slowed down. Loki aged with Tony since the God cast a mirror spell, allowing him to follow his husband into death.

As the two lay on their death beds, their family surrounded them. The only one who wasn't there was Hel, she was waiting for them to join her in Helheim.

"We had a great run didn't we?" Tony said. He and Loki smiled at each other, holding hands while their family sat silently around the room.

"Indeed we did" Loki said.

"We shall miss you Mother, Father" Fenrir said.

The couple looked around the room, at their family. Thor and Jane were there, even their children.

"We love you Mom, Dad. Very much" Aurora was crying. There really wasn't a dry eye in the room, but some were crying more than others.

"We love you too. All of you, we're so proud" Loki smiled.

"I wish you wouldn't leave. You don't have too." Alana said.

Tony gave an airy laugh, "Oh Alana, still so young. It's our time; we've seen everything, we have everything. The only thing left to do now is rest."

It was getting harder for them to keep their eyes open, everyone could tell it was almost time. "Stay close, keep in touch. You are family." Loki reminded.

Everyone nods.

"Only thing left to say s'that we love you and to remember usss." Tony slurred.

"Don't worry Mother" Jor held up a large book, "We wrote everything down."

Tony and Loki laughed lightly before fading away, peaceful smiles on their face.


Their funeral was a traditional Asgardian ceremony. They were put in the same boat, dressed in their finest clothing. Only the family were allowed to attend. They all cried as the burning boat fell off the waterfall and their souls ascended towards the sky.

Their rings were taken and put inside the book Jor had written. The book stayed in the mansion that Erika now lived in with her family. It sat in the library along with each of their baby books. Sometimes the books would be taken down so that the new generation could learn the story of their ancestors.

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