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Hermione Granger had no idea there was so much paperwork involved when owning your own business. Not that she minded. She had decided to stay a bit in the background so that people would not come here to gawk at the famous war heroine. She had had enough of that over the years, thank you very much. So after three months, not many people knew who the new owner of Flourish and Blotts was. And she wanted it to stay that way.

She had made a lot of changes to the place. Removing quite a lot of the books that were, in her opinion, out of date. Or just plain wrong. She had found a few books on the subject of why there were more squibs born to pureblood families. The books claimed that when pureblood wizards and witches had children with muggle-borns and half-bloods, the blood got mixed and resulted in squibs. Which Hermione knew was not true. Pureblood families tended to marry within the family. Which basically was inbreeding. Which again lead to birth defects. And not having magic for a witch could, in a way, be counted as a birth defect, although it had nothing to do with mixed blood. Rather the opposite, in fact.

But, even with the removal of pro-pureblood-books, business was good. Business had actually improved after she took over the ownership.

Hermione was, all in all, happy. She had quit her miserable job at the ministry, and bought Flourish and Blotts. Not that she really needed to work considering the two vaults she had in Gringotts, but she could not imagine going without having something to fill her life with. And running a bookstore was lovely.


She was finished with the paperwork and was in the process of sorting a new section of the shop when she heard someone come into the store. Knowing Ana, a really nice witch that was working for her would handle the customer, she did not check to see who it was.

She was standing on her tippy-toes on a ladder when she lost her balance. She did not, however, fall to the floor. Two strong arms caught her and she noticed finely tailored, black robes before looking up to see who had caught her.

She looked up in the eyes of the man who was still holding her. Two grey, piercing eyes.

Her blood froze in her veins as she realised who it was. Blond, long hair, grey eyes, black, tailored robes.

Lucius Malfoy.

"I would suggest levitating the books next time. Or perhaps you are clinging on to your muggle-heritage? If so, perhaps you should try being less clumsy."

No words came out of Hermione's mouth. She had not seen this man for years, and suddenly seeing him like this, not to mention in so close proximity was a shock. It seemed she was unable to move away from those piercing eyes.

After a long moment, Lucius Malfoy let go of her and took a step back before cocking his head at her. "I always thought you to be the one of the Golden Trio that actually had some manners. It seems I was wrong."

He said the words Golden Trio with such distaste that Hermione suddenly snapped out of it. She felt her veins unfreeze as she looked at him with an angry expression. "Thank you for catching me. But I am generally only polite to people who actually deserve it. Good day, Mr Malfoy." She turned back to her books but he did not leave. "Can I help you with anything? Or do you stop and stare at everyone?"

Lucius Malfoy's lip twitched, but he did not smile. "My, my, Miss Granger. You should leave the past where it belongs. Behind you. It has been years. Forgive and forget, hmm?"

Hermione decided not to fall for his obvious attempt to aggravate her, and put up her fakest smile yet. "Can I help you with anything, Mr Malfoy?"

This time she could actually see a flash of a smile. "You work here, then? I thought organising books were more of a hobby of yours. And I thought being a war heroine and all would at least make you wealthy enough so that you did not have to take a meagre job at a book store."

Hermione counted to five in her head before answering him. "I'll have you know I.. Never mind. I do not have to explain myself to you. Can I help you find anything, Mr Malfoy?"

He brushed an invisible speck of dust off his sleeve before looking at her. "Yes, actually. I am looking for a book."

She rolled her eyes at him. "In a book store? Truly?"

"Tsk, Miss Granger. You shouldn't be rude to the customers. Perhaps I should talk to your manager."

Hermione felt like hexing him. "The manager would love to have that chat with you, I am sure. Good luck with that. What book is it that you are looking for?"

He cocked his head at her again. "Actually, I am looking for a subject. I was hoping that I could find something that I do not already have in my library. Vast as it is, I do not have everything. And I heard that the new owner of this establishment had made quite a few changes for the better. I am guessing that this new owner has a vast experience and knowledge in magic, seeing how detailed the new selection is. Who is this new owner, by the way?"

Hermione was smirking on the inside at the fact that Lucius Malfoy was actually paying her a compliment without knowing. "That I cannot tell you. What subject are you interested in?"

"Cannot or will not?"

"Will not. The subject?"

Malfoy raised an unimpressed eyebrow at her. "I see. The subject is charms. Creating charms to be more exact."

Hermione found herself, against her will, intrigued. "Really?"

Lucius Malfoy rolled his eyes. "Really. What do you take me for? A common fool and a wizard without skills? You should give me more credit."

Hermione actually let out a chuckle. "Oh, do forgive me. I just had the impression that you hated anything new. This way."

As they were walking towards the charms-section, Hermione glanced at him. "How advanced are the charms that you are creating?"

"Advanced. If you will show me the books, I will see for myself if they are what I am looking for or not."

Hermione rolled her eyes but kept walking. They reached the charms section and Hermione walked straight towards the most advanced of the books even though she had a feeling that they would actually be somewhat too advanced. She pointed at a bookshelf as they passed it. "This is the common-fool-section," she said before pointing at a different shelf. "Perhaps this is more what you are looking for."

She was quite proud of her selection of charms literature. This was an area that interested her as well, so she had gone a step further with this section. Some of the books here were on creating the most advanced kind of charms there was. She, of course, had a copy of every book. And having studied them for years, she had even created some very advanced charms herself.

She waved her hand, non-verbally and wandlessly, as to summon a selection of books that was not the most advanced, but still required high skill to understand. She levitated the books to the table next to them before waving her hand again. Three books lifted a few centimetres above the table. "These three are the best, in my opinion, for combining different types of charms."

She waved her hand, and the books landed on the table, and two other lifted. "These two are good for creating charms from scratch."

She turned to summon a few more books. "These are the most advanced books we have. I will leave you to look at them. If you need anything, you know where to find me."

"Have you read all of these?"

She turned to look at him. "I would not be able to recommend them if I had not. Good day, Mr Malfoy."

About thirty minutes later, Hermione smirked when she saw Malfoy pass her while levitating a huge stack of books.


A few days later, Hermione was in her office when she heard a familiar voice.

"Is Miss Granger here today?"

Before Ana could answer, she stepped out if the office, finding that she was curious to see what the blonde-haired pureblood wanted from her. "Indeed I am. What can I do for you today, Mr Malfoy?"

"Ah, Miss Granger. I was wondering if perhaps you had something similar to this book? Maybe something that goes more into detail?"

Hermione could see him holding out an old book that she recognised right away. "Yes, I do believe I can help you there. Come with me, if you please."

Back at the charms section, Hermione summoned two books and placed them on the table. "I would suggest these two."

After Lucius Malfoy left the shop a little while later, Hermione found herself amused that he would actually take advice from her. Even seek out her advice. Lucius Malfoy had changed over the years, that much was clear. Of course, he was still the same obnoxious pureblood that he once was, but he had softened. She couldn't help herself from being slightly fascinated.


Later that night, Hermione was sitting in her office in her apartment when her eyes fell on a book. She waved her hand to summon the book. It was the same book that Malfoy had brought to the store earlier, but this one was a much later edition, and a lot of mistakes had been corrected. On an impulse, she put her quill to the parchment. A while later Shakespeare, her owl, flew out the window headed for Malfoy Manor with a book, and a letter.

Mr Malfoy.

I would strongly suggest that you replace your book with this one. Even though I do approve of first editions, it is not always the best when it comes to magic. They have made quite a few changes and corrected a few mistakes over the years for this book. This is the latest edition. I would recommend reading the chapter about combining types of magic. I think they have changed that one the most.

I wish you good luck with your charms.

Hermione Granger.

She wondered how he would react. He would probably take it as an insult; maybe even send the book back.

She also wondered why she had just owled Lucius Malfoy.

About an hour later, Hermione almost jumped when something knocked on her window. Opening it, she saw a pitch-black owl sitting in her windowsill. "Well hello, who are you?"

The owl hooted and put out a leg for her to take the letter that was tied to it.

"Thank you very much. Do you like blueberries?"

The owl hooted again, and Hermione went to get a few blueberries. The owl ate the berries, and nibbled on her finger lovingly before flying into the night. Hermione sat down at her desk and opened the letter to read.

Miss Granger.

I found myself somewhat offended from the fact that you find my books inadequate. But having read the chapter you mentioned, I cannot do anything other than agree with you. So thank you for the book. I will of course pay for it.

So, do you read every book there is? Or is it this area in particular that you are interested in? Tell me, what is your opinion on the subject of combining charms to make a new one versus creating one from scratch?

Lucius Malfoy

Ps: The owl bites. If so, I apologise. Vicious tends to dislike new people.

Hermione sat in silence for a long moment. Lucius Malfoy had just admitted that she was right. She even had it in writing. And he wanted her opinion on something? Her opinion? She let out a laugh before picking up a quill to write back.

Mr Malfoy

I am glad you are not offended since it was not meant in any way as offensive. And the book is from my own library, so there will be no need for payment. Consider it as a gift.

Of course I have read every book there is. Haven't you? After all, 'the book you don't read won't help'.

The subject you ask my opinion on is quite an interesting one, I think. It always depends on what type of charm it is you wish to create. Some say that it is not really a new charm if you combine already existing charms and different types of magic, but I disagree. I will not bore you with details, but I have used both methods, and I think that combining two very different charms into one makes a new charm. Especially if you have to change the words used.

What is your opinion?

And yes, this area is quite a passion for me. I study it quite a lot. When I am not sorting books, that is.

Hermione Granger

Ps: The owl did not bite. He cuddled. And it seems he fancies blueberries.

After a little while, she got a reply. Vicious got a couple of blueberries, which rewarded her with him brushing his head on her cheek before flying off.

Miss Granger

A gift? That is very kind, thank you. And what do they say? 'Miss a meal if you have to, but don't miss a book'.

Bore me with details? Magic is rarely boring. But knowing the fools you surround yourself with, I can understand that you would come to such a conclusion. I wish you would bore me with details.

Have you successfully created charms? And if I may ask, what kinds of charms?

I would suggest you sort the books in a less hazardous way, if nothing else.


Ps: I have trouble believing that he cuddled. I have never seen him do such a thing. Perhaps blueberries are his weak spot?

Hermione was mixed between anger at the insult towards her friends and intrigued towards the fact that he recognised that she was quoting Jim Rohn. And she was weak when it came to discussing magic with someone that actually knew what they were doing. Hating herself a bit, she wrote back.

Mr Malfoy

I am not quite sure what it is you wish to achieve by writing me. Are you generally bored and trying to find something to pass your time? I have to admit I am having trouble believing that you will happily correspond with such a filthy mudblood as myself without having a reason. Is it opinions on charms that you are truly after?

I sent you the book because I genuinely appreciate the art of creating charms, and the first edition is horrible comparing to the latest one. It was not a secret wish to befriend you.

What is it that you want from me? Because continuingly insulting my friends is not the way to do it.

Forgive and forget, Miss Granger. Is that what you truly believe? If that is the case, I have no need to continue this conversation. And please talk to Ana instead of me the next time you visit the store.

If that is not what you truly believe, then stop being an asshole and treat me like a decent human being. I have no need for people that are full of themselves in my life.

I saw you at the end of the final battle, Lucius Malfoy. I saw a completely broken man that only wanted to save his son and his family. I stood next to Harry when he pleaded your case. So don't you dare speak of him that way.

I will gladly discuss charms with you, because I find this to be a fascinating subject, and I do not have that many people that share my passion for it. And since you are writing to me of all people, I am guessing you do not either.

So you can make a choice here. You can either get down from your high pureblood horse and continue this correspondence, or you can stay up there and leave me alone.

If you are interested in hearing more about the charms I have created, and the years of research I have done so far, I would suggest getting off the horse. Better yet, shoot the damned horse.

Hermione Granger

Ps: Perhaps Vicious only bites people that deserve it.

Hermione was not sure if she would get a reply this time. She was considering going to bed when, to her surprise, Vicious tapped on her window.

Miss Granger

I apologise. And I find myself surprised that the apology is genuine.

I will be honest with you, Miss Granger. I still believe that you are inferior to me because of your blood. But after all these years, my beliefs are not as strong as they were. Very far from it, in fact. I now realise that this is an old-fashion way of seeing the world, and that there is a chance that I am wrong. Hopefully, everyone can change. Including me.

Most of my friends and family are still clinging on to their old beliefs, and I do not meet much resistance with doing the same. Except for my son. Draco has changed completely over the years, and I can see that he is happier for it.

How can one see things differently when not challenged to do so?

I will try to not be an "asshole", Miss Granger. I did not know you knew such crude words. Manners, manners. And your advice to shoot the horse? Can I not just find it a new, good home with people who will care for it?

Jokes aside, you ask what is it that I want from you. To tell you the truth, I do not know. You are right when you say that I do not have anyone to discuss the deeper areas of magic with. And I guess I found myself intrigued.

I am curious to learn more about what you have worked on over the years.

I have been trying to create acquaintances that do not belong to my old life. And perhaps you are the one that can prove my life-long beliefs wrong?

Before I finish this letter of pathetic honesty, I have to mention one last thing. Do not expect people to change by the flip of a coin. I will not suddenly turn into a humble person that thinks everyone should be friends. But remember that I actually am trying to open my eyes to new ways of thinking. And I will never mention this humiliating letter again. I am hoping neither will you.


Ps: Perhaps he does.

Hermione sat in stunned silence. Well, why not, she thought, before writing back.

Mr Malfoy

Everyone can change if they genuinely wish to do so. Even if it does not happen by a flip of a coin. Other than that, consider it never mentioned.

If I am to share, I hope you will do the same. I am currently working on a few things that you might find interesting.

I have created quite a few charms over the years. I can now watch memories outside the pensieve, organise hundreds of books with one spell, shield myself against physical attacks, and cast Lumos without a wand. Among other things.

I am afraid that it is quite late and I have to go to bed since I have work early in the morning. But if you wish, I can send you some of my notes when I get home tomorrow.

What is it exactly that you are working on?


Ps: My owl, Shakespeare fancies frazzles.

She was brushing her teeth when the reply came.

Miss Granger

I find myself impressed. I am curious to learn more about these charms. Watch memories outside the pensieve? Creative.

I am currently working on a ward to detect when someone is approaching my house, what their intentions are, and who it is.

I have created quite a few charms over the years as well. I can shape stone (this has so far only been useful for decorating the garden, seeing how I have had absolutely no reason for making a tunnel through a mountain or something equally dramatic yet), project thoughts (it is a form of Legilimency), and not to forget I can fly. Without the usual Dark spell that is used for it. (It comes in handy when I am searching the upper shelves in my library. Oh, how adventurous my life is.)

I would love to see your notes. Good night, Miss Granger.


Ps: What in the world is a Frazzle?