Rose? What's wrong?

Somethings happened, I can't tell you, I…I don't know….I'm so scared…..


Donna darling, what's the matter?

I'm so sorry gramps, I love you so much

Donna? What's happening?

Oh god, there's so many people!...



Listen I don't have long, I love you all understand and I don't know if I'll make it home okay

What's wrong? Martha!

Doctor? DOCTOR!

Hello…hello Martha….what's wrong….what's happening?...

The human crew of the ancient TARDIS gasped upon seeing their new destination. Tall palm trees, a clear blue sky accompanied with a beaming sun. Beautiful buildings circled a pool just ahead of them with sun loungers already occupied whilst the empty ones called their names. The scent of chlorine, fresh fruit and a Barbeque filled their noses. The sounds of seagulls and nearby ocean wave complimented the idea of a holiday.

"Are we on Earth?" asked Martha amazed by the view before her

"Yup" answered the Doctor "Thailand to be exact. Just a little holiday for us all, could do with a little tanning"

"And social interaction" said Jack as two women walked by in bikinis

"Maybe a little drink?" said Rose

"A little dip in the pool" said Martha

Donna laughed "Now you're talking our language timeboy! Somewhere we can't be hunted by aliens or psychotic robots"

"Well then hurry up and get your swim costumes while I books us in" said the Doctor as he exited the TARDIS

"Wait, you're actually paying for a room?" asked Martha

"Well I don't plan on sleeping in it but you need a key to get to the bar….Rose, you too Jack" he nodded towards them "Plus to use the pool and the sun loungers, I mean I was being serious about getting a tan you know" he replied before skipping off towards a reception situated next to the enclosed pool area they were now parked in.

The rest of them wasted no more time in getting their things and changing into the necessary clothing for the location

All said and done the travellers had finally gotten the holiday they deserved. Rose and Donna sat at the bar shack chatting with their exotic cocktails. Martha sat by the pool occasionally dipping her feet in as she soaked in the sun, Jack chatted up the people lounging by the pool, if he were unsuccessful he merely moved to the next chair. The Doctor left them to it, they were happy and relaxed, and from what they've been through these past few weeks they certainly earned it.

The Doctor hadn't yet changed from his suit as he decided to venture into town beforehand. He knew he wanted to give the others a holiday and a chance to relax but it was his duty as a traveller to get a view of the sites and local population whenever he arrived in new places.

He exited the hotel he had parked the TARDIS and made his way down a path towards the nearby town. Tourists and locals passed by, palms trees stretched to the sky, towering over him. He looked between them and saw a beach stacked with people enjoying the beauty of the seaside. Boats and surfers tackled the waves as the sand lovers enjoyed the land.

He entered a street dominated with shacks and small stalls selling items by every name. Locals called to their customers as they tried to sell fruits and fish as well as small costume jewellery and merchandise. The Doctor walked around for a while enjoying the atmosphere and the odd salesman trying to lure him into buying a few bits and bobs.

One woman who's stall specialised in personalisation of shirts, handkerchiefs and blankets was shouting at her co-worker, clearly annoyed. The Doctor managed to pick up that her sewing machine had suddenly stopped working. He ignored their squabble and made his way through the crowds. Another stall caught his eye containing a tiny dancing Santa clause singing 'let it snow'. It was just then he had realised he had irresponsibly forgotten to check the date in which he had landed the TARDIS on.

He mentally kicked himself as it was a thing he should always check to do in case of any fixed points or crossing of time lines. Saving himself having to ask a local he beamed once he remembered the receipt in which the receptionist had given him upon payment of their room back at the hotel.


"Lynda? What you doing, I thought you were bringing the kids down to the beach?"

The Doctor listened in to a British couple's conversation as he fished around his pockets for the receipt.

"I did, we were playing about in the sea when the waves suddenly disappeared. The tides went back out to sea, further than I've ever seen it too"

"That's odd"

"Yeah, so I'm just gonna take them back to the hotel room and wait for the tides to come back in okay?"

"Sure" said Brian "I'll meet you there, I'm just looking around"

The Doctor had paused in his search upon hearing about the unusual tides. A flock of birds pulled him from his thoughts as they flew overhead in a very large group. The Doctor's hearts began to pound in his ears as something terrible dawned on him. He frantically searched for the receipt before finding it and pulling it out to see.

He almost blacked out once he found the printed date at the bottom of the piece of paper.

It was the 26th December 2004 and an 8.9 earthquake had just hit the Indian ocean causing something more terrible in its wake. The Doctor dropped the receipt as he ran as fast as his legs could carry him back to the hotel.

"Jack!" Martha screamed as the immortal picked her up from under the water and let her drop back down creating a huge splash in the pool.

"You're such a child Harkness" commented Donna from her sun lounger

"Fancy joining us then?" he replied

"Not a mission in hell am I getting in that pool" Donna ranted before lying back and lowering her sunglasses. Jack smirked at her before nodding towards Rose

"How about you blondie?"

Rose shook her head "Can't, have to wait an hour after eating before getting into the pool, it's the rules"

Martha laughed "You had a cocktail"

"It counts"

Just then a breeze picked up causing Donna to shiver and wrap her shawl around her waist covering her lower half. Martha and Jack continued to wrestle one another as Rose and Donna soaked up the sun "Where has the Doctor gone to anyway?" asked Rose

"Trouble would be my guess" said Donna "I knew he could never sit still long enough to relax and have a holiday, that's just him"

"Can't blame him, his whole life is a holiday. We might as well be jealous"

"I don't think you can call a Dalek crucible trip a holiday" stated Donna "More like a hobby"

Rose giggled "Now I just got a picture in my head of the Doctor having a hobby, like knitting" The women laughed

"More like attending space conventions. 'My spaceship's better than yours' that'd be a laugh" Donna was suddenly interrupted by a large flock of birds flying over their heads and over the large gathering of palm trees ahead of them.

The birds had caught everyone in the pool areas attention and once they had passed over the silence allowed them all to hear a distance rumble coming from the direction in which the birds had just flew in. Donna stood to try and get a view as did Rose but nothing was visible enough to distinguish the growing rumble that was getting louder. The trees ahead of them began to sway violently. In the distance screams could be heard but they couldn't pinpoint where they were coming from. Everyone was now staring in the direction of the odd sound.

Just then the Doctor rounded the corner with a frantic expression on his face. He tried to catch his breath as he looked at his friends "Run!"

"What why?" asked Martha

The Doctor didn't answer as he spun run to view the violently swaying trees behind him but nothing could prepare him for what happened next. A large 20 foot wave crashed past the trees and over the buildings and into the pool area.

"DOCTOR!" The wave was so loud and monstrous, it would have been difficult to hear anything Donna, Rose, Martha and Jack all watched in shock as the wave crashed down, the Doctor tried to beat it but was swept away. Martha and Jack desperately tried to get out of the pool but the wave was too fast and they too disappeared beneath the current.

"Donna run!" exclaimed Rose

They and the other people within the hotel had tried their best to beat the wave and run down the street but it's speed was impossible to beat. The women were also swept away by the wave and into the sheer terror of the tsunami.

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