Yo it's TTJOD here bringing you a multi crossover fic. In this one it's a Naruto X Godzilla X DBZ crossover with some elements of other shows. I kinda created this as a request by myulander. This is only them 1St chapter of them 3 I have typed. Tell me what you how you like it. Also it's gonna be a harem fic, them females have been decided.

Chapter 1

"SASUKE-TEME!" These were the words coming from the mouth of a blonde haired boy with sparkling blue eyes, tan skin and whisker marks on each side of his face. This boy was also dressed in a horrendous orange and blue jumpsuit, with blue sandals on his feet. These sandals looked like they had seen better days, hell his entire outfit looked like it had seen better days. This boy was Uzumaki Naruto, and right now he was heading towards his sensei's lightning covered fist. The reason why, well because his stupid arrogant teammate had gotten angry at the fact that he had defeated their ice wielding opponent and kicked him very hard towards their sensei who was about to kill the missing nin Momochi Zabuza with a lightning covered fist. Hatake Kakashi, a man with gravity defying grey hair was heading towards Momochi Zabuza with his signature jutsu, ready to take the man's life, rescue his students and end this horrible mission, when something wearing orange was impaled with his attack.

This made him come to a screeching halt, as only one person would dare wear orange here. His eyes widened spotting his hand shoved through Naruto's heart, killing the last thing he had of his sensei and his big sister figure. Naruto himself was slowly moving his head down to his chest. His eyes landing on Kakashi's hand couldn't believe that Sasuke-teme had just fucking killed him. After surviving all of those bloody attacks from the villagers, the betrayal of Mizuki, and so many other things it was his fucking teammate that killed him off, with the unintentional help of his sensei who was shocked. Naruto sensing that the mist was vanishing, turned his head in the direction of his so called teammate. His eyes landing on the boy who was smiling glared and said "Sasuke-teme I swear on everything good, sweet and kind I'm gonna fucking kill you with my own hands for this, you motherfucking bastard." Sasuke snorting asked "How are you going to do that when you're dead dobe?" Kakashi hearing this growled knowing that Sasuke was the reason Naruto was dieing on his hand. Naruto growling felt his eyes turn blood red as he said "I don't know how you fucking cursed Uchiha, but I will fucking kill you."

Sasuke spotting Naruto's changing eyes actually took a step back in fear. What no one knew was that inside of Naruto a certain fox had been woken up by the events on the bridge. The great beast had seen and heard everything and was growling along with Naruto at what had just happened. The fox changing into it's human form, revealed a gorgeous woman, with long red hair, black eyes, nine blood red tails and sharp red nails. She was dressed in a blood red kimono. She snarling said "Filthy Uchiha you really think this is the end for him." She snorting reached into her kimono pulled out a scroll she had held onto for a very long time. She opening up looked down at it and growled reading the marriage contract. She reading it over again, smiled as she could still add things to it. She pricking her finger added to the contract. She wrote down that the boy that she was inside of, the boy that had been treated worse then a demon, would become her child, thus becoming the step-child to the other person on the contract. She also wrote down that the boy would become the rebirth of the ancient Saiyan race, along with become the new king of monsters. She then wrote down that the boy will be given the power of The Original Godzilla, Godzilla 2.0, Godzilla(2014 edition) and Zilla(1998 version). She then thought about it some, and decided that the boy would also be given all six main elemental affinities and the new bloodline Nanotech release. She then threw in the power of Majin Buu, Super Buu and Kid Buu. The final thing she wanted was for the boy to be given the choice if he wanted to remain a male or not. Finishing her stipulations she sighed and signed it.

She blinked when the contract turned to light particles. She quickly moving her hands over her sensitive ears, flinched hearing a very high pitched and happy squeal. She spotting the seal starting to vanish, walked outside of it, snapped her fingers and the sewer mindscape Naruto had, was transformed into a gigantic library, with 7 doors, each one with an image of his powers. She blinked when another door appeared. She walking towards it, opened it. She gained wide eyes finding herself standing in the air millions of miles above land. She looking down blinked finding herself looking at spotting a large island with a big volcano. She somehow knew that this island was named Monster island. She looking away from the island blinked spotting a massive expanse of land, with a gigantic forest covering most of it. In the very center of it was a mountainous area, with a single waterfall and lake. She blinked knowing this island was called Saiyan's Paradise. She then turning her head again blinked finding a huge city, with a small island with a strange teal lady like statue standing on said island. This place was pretty big, hell it made the village hidden in the leaves, and the village hidden in the rain look like wave. She blinked finding that this place was called New York City. She turning again blinked finding a tropical paradise with a with a large lake connected to the ocean in the middle of it.. She blinked finding that this place was called Throne of the Kaijuu. She turning her head from this gained wide eyes spotting what looked like a miniature kingdom of heaven. She had no idea why this was here until she found out that this place was called Nanotech/Super Saiyan God's kingdom. She sighing in release, turned and blinked finding nothing, until the water became intangible. Her eyes widened spotting the large systems of tunnels. Hell the tunnels even went to some of the islands. She then learned that this system of tunnels was called Atlantis. She moving her head sighed spotting what looked like a giant version of a candy store. She instantly knew that this was called Majin's paradise.

She walking back inside of the library she had created, spread her hands creating a area for reading, or just relaxing. She then added a large fireplace shaped like a roaring fox's head. She snapping her hand made a purple fire roar to life. She then added a large bed with tiger stripe covers. Nodding to herself she looked at her hand as it gained a bright gold wedding ring. She closing her eyes whispered "We will speak later my new child. Once you decide what gender you wish to be, I and your step-mother will speak to you and welcome you into the family." She then vanished in a stream of light.

On the outside, Naruto's eyes became cold and lifeless, as Kakashi removed his hand from Naruto's chest. He with rage in his eyes snarled at Sasuke who was smirking arrogantly, like he had did something good. He hearing a gasp, turned his head to spot his third student, Haruno Sakura tears in her eyes, and her hands over her mouth as she gazed at the dead Naruto. Tazuna the client right behind her. He blinked when the fake hunter ninja ran to Naruto, and stood over him in shock. His eyes moving to Zabuza could tell that even he was shocked. Kakashi then detected some movement from the other side of the bridge. His eyes moving to it, narrowed spotting Gato and army of thugs. He soon heard Zabuza growl loudly. Gato laughing said "Oh look it's Zabuza the baby demon and his little assistant. It looks like one of the ninja is already dead. Good saves me the trouble of doing so." Kakashi hearing this, turned to Sasuke and growled out "I'll deal with your dirty act later. Right now I have to figure out how to save our lives." Zabuza appearing beside Kakashi growled out "How much chakra you got left?" Kakashi gripping his fist said "Enough for one or two jutsu." Zabuza cursing said "Me too." Haku appearing beside Zabuza with her mask off and tears in her eyes said "I have little chakra remaining Zabuza-sama." Sasuke being arrogant snorted and said "You're all weak. I'll take care of all of these fools. I'm an Uchiha elite."

Sakura who had been escorted by Tazuna over to the temporarily dead Naruto was crying over his body. She hearing what Sasuke said, glared at him with such hate it startled everyone. She standing to her feet said "You stupid arrogant, brooding bastard. My mother was right, Naruto-kun was the much better choice." She then loosing some of the hate in her eyes said "But now because of you, I'll never have the chance to tell him how I feel." Sasuke was about to say something when one of the thugs tried to cut him in half. Sasuke barely dodged in time. The 2nd battle on the bridge thus began. It did not take long for the ninja to start loosing. Sasuke still fighting kicked a thug, but hadn't noticed the thug about to slice him in half. Tazuna had noticed though and cried out "Hey Kid watch out." Sasuke's eyes widened as he wasn't going to make it in time, and didn't have enough chakra to replace himself with a log. Just when it looked like it was over for him, the thug's chest exploded. A bright blue beam shooting out of the thug. The man falling forward revealed something that made Sasuke blanch. Standing in front of thug was Naruto, with his right hand extended. He lowering his hand, smirked dangerously at the Uchiha. He then asked "I thought I told you Teme, I was going to be the one who killed you?"

Everyone was shocked hearing Naruto's voice, none more so then Kakashi who had felt Naruto die. Naruto eyes setting on Gato who had wide eyes, smiled and asked "So you're the scumbag behind all of this?" Naruto then started to laugh darkly as he said "Well then I must thank you, as if it weren't for you I would never have gained the power I'm about to get, or learned about the traitor of team seven." He then stopping his laughing stared Gato dead in the eyes, but everyone could see the glint in his eyes. Naruto said "As your reward, your death will be slow and painful." Naruto then turning to look Haku in the eyes said "Haku-chan we will be discussing your actions towards me after I take out the trash." He then turning to Sakura smiled and said "We will also be having a serious discussion after this." He closing his eyes smiled and said "Time's up. Let's begin."

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