Yo it's TTJOD here with the 4th chapter of Queen of the Kaijuu. This chapter Sasuke is released, Konohamaru plays dodge, Saix flirts and her tail grows back. Also start of chunin exams. Tsume is part of the harem along with Haku and Sakura.

Chapter 4

Two days later and Saix was back in her regular attire smirking at the shocked look on Sarutobi's face. The old man shaking his head said "I must be hearing things because I swore that you just ordered me to release Uchiha Sasuke from prison, remove the seals on him and put him on a new team with two people, you don't care who it is." Saix crossing her arms under her sizeable breast, making all of the people in the room stare at said breast smirked and said "Damn right I just ordered you to release him. Now get to it." Hiashi with a confused look on his face asked "Why would want the person who nearly ended your life free?" Saix turning to look at him said "The same reason the Hyuga clan hates Kumo with a passion." Everyone blinked. The shinobi then asked "Revenge?" She shook her head no and looked at Sarutobi who completely understood. He sighing said "He's gonna die isn't he?" Saix gaining an evil smirk on her face and an insane gleam in her eyes said "I'm gonna strangle the arrogant son of a bitch with my bare hands, piss on his corpse and the proceed to conceive my first child over said corpse." She turning her head to look around the room said "It will most likely be with one of you." She looking at Tsume's breast and licking her lips said "The current top spot belongs to councilor Inuzuka-hime."

Tsume hearing this blushed, while the rest of the council either snickered or got jealous. Sarutobi asked "Do you want whoever we get to be his teacher to train him any?" Saix giggling as she was picturing doing the nasty with Tsume said "I want the prick at his top form, so when I kill him it will be that much sweeter." Sarutobi then asked "Do you want his teammates to be trained as much as him?" Saix giggling even more, gaining a heavy blush on her face and some blood dripping from her nose said "Yes train his teammates to his level. In fact get two root agents and place them as his teammates." She then turning to give the shocked Danzo a look said "Don't even try to lie to me and say that root is no longer running. Even when I was a boy I could tell that people were vanishing and when they reappeared they seemed different, more controlled. I don't care if you have root up and running, hell I don't' care if you send them to assassinate a daimyo or something like that. All I care is that they're strong and powerful, along with capable of making good decisions." She then went back to giggling like Jiraiya would if Tsunade willingly walked around naked in front of him.

Sarutobi shaking his head said "You hear the princess of fire country get it done." Saix nodding said "Hurry up with it to, I want the little shit out in time of enough to participate in the chunin exams." She then walking towards the doors said "Oh and start sending money to Inuzuka Hana's bank account as she Haku-chan and Sakura-chan have been chosen as my assistants. Send any paper request to the three of them in triplicate form. Oh Ichiraku Ramen is to be named as the food of the royal house of Queen Saix. Meeting dismissed." She pushing open the doors stopped just as she was about to walk out of it and said "Oh and old man. My assistants already know this but the secret to defeating paperwork is the shadow clone jutsu." She then walked out leaving a shell shocked Sarutobi and a giggling council.

Saix could later be seen in training ground 7 training herself, with Haku who was reading a book on medical ninjutsu and Sakura who was being instructed by Kakashi to keep running up and down the tree she was standing on. Kakashi himself was still reading his book, not afraid of any of the three kunoichi that made up his team now. Saix was about to blast a tree when Uchiha Sasuke showed up with his new team with an arrogant smirk on his face. Saix glancing over the team once nodded as the two others were without a doubt root agents. The jonin on the other hand was Ebisu, Konohamaru's bitch ass private instructor. The man was now trying to kiss up to her, that she swore the man's lips were stuck to her ass. She was counting the seconds in her head before he bowed to her. She had just got to two, when the man bowed and said "Lady Saix forgive our intrusion but Sasuke-kun wished to speak with the young Haku." Saix hearing this could already tell were this was going so she said "Haku the teme is about to demand that you become his wife because you are strong and will bear many strong Uchiha children."

Haku not moving her eyes from her book said "Not happening. I belong to Saix-hime." Sasuke hearing this scowled and was about to say something when, Sakura said "Get lost asshat. We're trying to train here and your hideous face and arrogance is screwing up my focus." Saix hearing this started to giggle. Haku was also laughing. Kakashi was trying to hide his giggles behind his book. Sasuke was furious as he turned to Sakura and said "Shut up you filthy whore. You'll never be anything but my useless pathetic fan-girl, who couldn't fight her way out of a paper bag. Not to mention that annoying voice of yours, flat body, and huge forehead. Not even that idiot Kiba would hump you." Sakura hearing all of this blinked and said "Saix-hime likes my body plenty, and she also likes the sound of my voice. As for the Kiba comment, Kiba was drooling the other day when I showed him what Kakashi-sensei showed me. At the time I was in a bikini so." Sasuke scowled at this and stomped off with his team. Ebisu bowing once again said "Thank you for the time Saix-sama. I will be leaving now."

He then rushed after his team. Once she was sure he was gone Saix said "That guy is such a suck up. I swear that if I wasn't sure he was gay I'd think he was trying to fuck me." She then cracking her knuckles said "Thank Ayame-chan's sweet ass that he is gay because I would have to be blind to fuck him." She then made a disgusted face. Sakura giggling said "Saix-hime you do know that Konohamaru and his little friends are on their way here." Saix hearing this smirked and said "Good it's time for an old fashioned game of Dodge. Saix and Haku version." Kakashi hearing this blanched and asked "Where did you learn that game?" Saix cackling with insane glee said "From two sources actually. The first being my mother's infinite knowledge, the other being a rather sexy purple haired kunoichi who I would love to spend a night or three with under the sheets." Kakashi hearing this blanched even more as he whispered "Anko."

At the moment Konohamaru and his friends arrived and shouted "HEY BOSS!" Saix smiling said"Hey brats." Moegi tilting her head asked "What are we going to do today boss?" Saix's smile got even bigger as she said "We're going to be playing a game?" Udon pushing up his glasses asked "What game boss?" Saix now having a cat that ate the canary grin on her face said "A game called DODGE!" Konohamaru barely dodged a glistening Kunai from Saix's hand. Moegi with wide eyes screamed "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" Udon taking off running said "SHE'S GONNA KILL US!" Konohamaru blasting past Udon was like "I'M OUT OF HERE FOOLS! YA FOOLS!" All three children were now running for their 9 year old lives. Haku armed with Ice Senbons, Saix armed with exploding Kunai and Sakura armed with electrified shuriken chasing after them. A huge explosion occurred near the hot springs and a man could be heard screaming "IT WASN'T ME IT WAS THOSE DARN KIDS." That scream then turned to screams of pain.

Two days later and Saix was on her way to the chunin exams with Haku and Sakura. Saix was once again wearing her kimono, but thankfully she had some alterations done to it. Like for instance she could now pull out a weapon from any of the many seals lining the kimono. She had on her boots, and wrapped around her kimono was what looked like a thick brown belt. In reality it was her brand new tail. She had the biggest smile on her face, for two reasons. The first was because Danzo had allowed her to gain control over half of his root agents just as long as he was allowed to take anyone from the bloodline wars. Haku at first had been upset with this deal, until Saix had explained to her that she had already sent people to end said war, without the old war hawk knowing. Haku had been curious on who she had sent, so had given Haku the files. Haku was still kissing the ground she walked. The reason why, well she had sent her angel warriors Senju Hashirama, Senju Tobirama, and Uchiha Izuna. The second reason she was happy was because she had her tail back and could now transform half-way into Zilla.

Remembering this, made a smile come on her face as she could do the atomic breath Godzilla was known for with ease now. Haku was dressed is something much Saix would be wearing if she wasn't dressed in her damn kimono. Sakura was also wearing this, except she had her vest open and instead of boots she had on high heeled shoes. Saix spotting the academy smiled and said "Alright time for the chunin exams. First I'll give the damn speech, and then I'll take the first test." She turning to Haku said "Remind me again why I need to give a speech." Sakura was the one who answered "Because Saix-hime, you as princess of the land of fire will be expected to give many speeches during your reign. Plus once you become princess of heaven then you'll have to give a speech there." Saix hearing this sighed and said "Stupid rules."

Haku giggling said "Saix-hime remember that soon you'll be able to kill Sasuke-teme." Saix hearing this instantly brightened as she said "Soon I'll be fucking the shit out of Inuzuka Tsume over the dead piss smelling corpse of Uchiha Sasuke." Sakura blushing asked "Saix-hime do you really plan on conceiving your first child on Sasuke's dead body?" Saix giggling said "Right after I piss on it" Haku giggling asked "Does councilor Inuzuka know of these plans?" Saix gaining a devilish smirk on her face said "She'll know when I'm grinding my pussy against her doing my freaky Asari thing and get pregnant with her fucking baby and then grow a massive dick and fuck her some more and get her hot milf ass pregnant." Saix then started to giggle like a certain super pervert we all know and love. Sakura with a bigger blush on her face asked "How will you handle Kiba?" Saix snorting said "I'll slap him so hard when his younger sibling is born it'll come out saying "You got knocked the fuck out bitch." Haku started to laugh at this and asked "Is that even possible Saix-hime?" Saix shrugging said " I have no fucking clue. I guess we'll find out in a while."

She then taking a deep breath pushed open the door and plastered a huge fake smile on her face. She then let loose a bullshit speech about fairness, unity and the brotherhood. Really she was just selling them dreams. When she was finished with her speech she sat down in her seat and shook her head. This transformed her kimono into her regular attire. Smiling she said "I feel so much better now." Haku giggling said "You feel the best in your own clothes." Sakura taking the seat on the other side of Saix asked "What's the plan for the exam's Saix-hime?" Saix looking at her nails said "We kick ass, fuck like animals, and destroy some shit." Haku blinking asked "Did you just make that plan up?" Saix picking her teeth said "No Haku-chan. I thought about if for days, and finally perfected it two seconds ago."

Sakura giggled and said "Haku-chan I believe Saix-hime just said no shit." Haku giggling herself was about to say something when a loud screech of "SASUKE-KUN!" filled the room. Sakura rolled her eyes knowing who this was. Saix also rolled her eyes and turned to find Sasuke with an arrogant smirk on his face as he tried to pry Ino off of him. Haku shaking her head said "Ten-Ten was right. The rest of the females in this village are useless fan-girls." Saix snorting said "No it's just the one's that graduated with Sakura and I. The rest are very capable kunoichi." Sakura nodding said "Almost all of the girls we graduated are fan-girls of lord duck butt." Haku nodding said "You used to be one also, but I'm happy to say you shaped up." Saix giggling said "Shaped up nicely. Now that she's taking her training seriously I am happy to say that Sakura could kick the ass of most of the people in this room, the exception being myself, Haku and the red haired freak from Suna." Sakura blushing said "Thank you Saix-hime that makes me feel so much better about myself." Saix and Haku smiling surprised Sakura by kissing her on each side of her face and saying "Silly Sakura-chan we're a team, and if one of us kicks ass, all of us kicks ass."

Saix then placing a hand on Sakura's thigh rubbed it and said "I can't let one of my girls not be 100% sure of herself." Sakura shivering in barely contained lust said "Saix-hime you're turning me on." Haku putting her hand on Sakura's other thigh rubbed it and said "That's her point. She wants you horny Sakura-chan. That's when you're at your best." Saix ignoring all of the eyes on them moved her hand closer to Sakura's honey pot and said "I love when you're all hot and bothered Sakura-chan. It's when you're most likely to be ruthless. You take down everything that gets in the way of whatever it is that you want." Haku leaning closer to Sakura until she was nearly kissing her neck said "For instance the other day when we were kissing in the hot springs and that old pervert was caught peeking on us." Saix now nibbling on Sakura's neck said "You were about to skin the man alive, because I was about to get naked." Haku squeezing Sakura's thigh said "You wanted to see Saix-hime naked again, we both did." Sakura moaned loudly gaining all attention in the room, including the attention of the proctor who had just arrived. Saix and Haku both breathing on Sakura's ear said "Sakura-chan do your best and make it to the finals of the chunin exams and we'll be making sweet love."

Sakura hearing this gained flames in her eyes said "Proctor-san start this fucking exam already. I need to get myself laid." Ibiki sweat dropping told the other proctors to hand out the papers. He doing so winked at Sakura, Haku and Saix. Saix rolled her eyes, Sakura growled and Haku giggled. Saix once the exam started picked up her paper looked it over once and filled it out. She then putting it down pulled out a book everyone in konoha was familiar with. She flipping the first page giggled and said "I'll do that first with Tsume-chan." Haku finishing her paper blinked and asked "Where did you get that from?" Saix turning the page said "I lifted it from Kakashi-sensei." Sakura finishing her exam said "Saix-hime you shouldn't read that smut. It'll turn your brain to mush." Saix giggling said "Ooh Haku-chan would look good in that position." Haku blinked hearing this. She looking at the page turned a bright red spotting a woman on her shoulders with her legs spread wide as a man drove into her core. She turning away blushed. Saix then turning the next page giggled even louder and said "Sakura-chan would look good doing that." Sakura looking at the page, gained a large goofy smile and giggled much like Saix.

The genin didn't know it but in another part of the village the jonin were looking in on the exam was the jonin. Kakashi was hiding behind Asuma who was trying to pry the man off of him as several Kunoichi advanced on him. Kurenai being the one in the front cracking her knuckles asked "Kakashi explain to us why all three of your kunoichi have such open perverted tendencies." Kakashi whimpering said "I don't know." He blanched even more when he heard a voice ask "You'd better have a good explanation for turning my new step-daughter into a pervert." All eyes turned to Towa who had something sharp in her hands. That fear tripled in size when Kira appeared in a swirl of flames and said "My baby was not meant to be a pervert Kakashi, it's time to take your punishment for transforming my baby into a pervert." Kakashi whimpered "Somebody save me." All people blinked when Saix in the room said "If you don't find me on the front page. Find a way to say that you knew me. If you don't find me in the movies, find a way to say that you saw me. If you don't find me at all." She winking at the orb said "Not going to rescue you this time Kakashi."