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"So this is how my life is gonna be huh" Thought a blonde hair blue eyed boy with whisker like birthmarks on his cheeks as he stare into the wide open sea on the ship he was on.

"After all I did for that village and this is how they repay me."

This boy was none other than Naruto Uzumaki, the jinchuriki of the nine tail fox who attacked Konoha 13 years ago but was then sealed by the fourth Hokage to prevent further damage to the village. But in return it dammed the boy to a living hell, because for years the boy has been shunned, beaten, chased and sometimes even torture by cutting him up with knives.

All he wanted was recognition but nobody in the village gave him the time except for a few and even then it wasn't enough, once he became a ninja he thought it might prove to them that he was somebody but for the most part it also wasn't enough eventhough he did what the village ask him for, from defending the village against the Sand and Sound, to retrieving one of the Sannin Tsunade to become the next Hokage and even to retrieve the traitor Sasuke Uchiha who defected to Orochimaru.

After all that the council decided to banish him for a stupid reason such as hurting the last Uchiha and using the Kyuubi's power, and is because of that he was in this situation right now. He look at his hand and saw the seal the council placed on him so right now he can't use any handsign, he thought back to what happen once the council decided to screw him over.

He still remember how Tsunade looked sad at how it went as she felt helpless to save her pseudo son, the look Jiraiya gave the council as he was forced to put the seal on him and most importantly he remember the look some of his friends gave him.

The ones that actually care for him were Shikamaru, Chouji, Hinata, Tenten, Shino, and the sensei's of team 8,9 and 10 along with Anko and Yugao even after the council announce to the whole village about his status and told everyone there that he will be banish from the village tomorrow.

The rest treated him like the villagers, Kiba insulted him saying that he couldn't have won without the Kyuubi's help, the same could be said about Neji while the fangirls Ino and Sakura just told him off about how they hurt their Sasuke and Lee just followed what Sakura was saying.

He didn't know about Kakashi since that person didn't even check up on his well being.

And so he couldn't take it anymore so in one final attempt at defiance, he decided to get away from the village in the dark of night, not giving the people the satisfaction of seeing him off which he did and he ran and ran until he reached the first place he ever visited outside of the village which was Wave country.

He was happy when he reached there seeing the people prosper after the fall of Gato, he managed to reached Tazuna's house and when they saw him, they were both shocked and happy that he was here. After a while they had dinner which was delicious in Naruto's mind, Tanzuna then asked Naruto why he was here and so he told them sadly what happen.

Once he finished his tale, the family of three were both shocked and furious at how the village treated someone like him who risked his life to return a traitor and this was the thanks he gets. After calming down for a while Tsunami went to hug Naruto in an effort to comfort him which he was glad for, later Naruto asked if there was a place he could go since he didn't want to bother Tanzuna who frown a little at what he said but he complied with him saying that there is a ship that sails west right in the docks and it will take him far away from here.

And that's where he was right now, on a ship sailing into a land beyond the Elemental Nations with nothing back his bagpack filled with some food, water and some clothes. He couldn't bring his kunai or shuriken with him since the crew did a search on the passengers so he had to ditch it so he wouldn't get caught.

He sigh once more as he got up and walk away trying to get rid of those painful memories, too lost in thought he didn't look around the corner carefully and he managed to knock into someone which sent him down.

"Oh my god, are you alright." A voice said as Naruto open his eyes to see two people looking at him with worry.

One of them was a women with brown hair tied into a ponytail that reach her back and sapphire blue eyes that could shine even in the dark, she was wearing a modest white shirt with a palm tree on it along with a long skirt with flower patterns on it

The other was a guy with short black hair with brown eyes and he was wearing a sleeveless shirt with a blue shorts.

"Yeah I'm all right." Said Naruto as he got up and dust himself off which made the couple sigh in relief before the man started asking him something

"So kid what are you doing all alone out here, where's your parents?"

"I...I don't have any, I'm an orphan." Said Naruto which made the couple widen their eyes in shock at what they were hearing and they had to ask "What, then what are you doing out here, shouldn't you be in an orphanage or something." Which made Naruto be even sadder as was notice by the two so they look at each other as if were sharing a silent conversation until they both nodded and said "Would you like to join us for a bit kid."

Naruto look at them in shock at what they were saying and had to ask "Really, I don't mean to be rude."

"Don't worry about it; it will be a nice change of scenery for us" said the man while the wife just smiles at him. Naruto thought about it a little before nodding as he walked with them.

"My name's Naruto, what's your's dattebayo." Said Naruto and the couple chuckle a little at his verbal tick

"Well my name is Johnathan Strange and this is my wife Martha, so Naruto are you willing to entertain this old couple." Said Johnathan as Naruto smile a little and told them about his life not knowing the changes he will bring onto himself and others.

(Years later)

"And that my students are how combat mages are compared to normal ones" Said a young man as he finish writing what he needed on the blackboard before turning to face his students. The young man was 5'11 with blonde hair tied into a small but noticeable ponytail with one bang coming down on the right side of his face along with blue eyes that can make you lost in its gaze; his attire was a black coat with red markings and gold trimmings while on his neck was a golden amulet.

Said class wasn't normal by any means, no every single one of the students here were the children of every hero on earth along with some of the mutants that was from the Xavier's mansion since the school was built along it which was sponsored by Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, Tony Stark of the Avengers and of course Charles Xavier of the X-men.

The blonde look on in his class with a small smile on his face as he saw his class with some clearly interested while some were looking interested in it before he continued.

"Psst, hey Azari, why do we even need to know this stuff anyway almost none of could use magic anyhow." Said a Red head caucasian male wearing a leather jacket as he talked to an African American who was wearing a sleeveless form fitting suit with some tattoos on both his shoulders.

"Because James, we need to understand all of our enemies since half the time our parents here had to face someone of the mystic variety." Said Azari towards the now named James.

"Yeah right, like what all we need to do is just kick their asses like our parents do." Said James as he close his eyes until

"And how do think your parents know how to as you say kick their asses hmm Mr. Rodgers." Said a voice full of mirth which made James open his eyes to see that he was in front of the class on the teachers chair while the teacher was on his desk shocking some of the people there while James was mimicking a fish at the moment before the teacher continued.

"And as for that you and Mr.T'Challa here will have extra work as to write an essay on how western magicians are compared to their eastern counterparts." Said the blond which made Azari glare at James who started shrinking into the chair and before he could continue the bell suddenly rung which concluded the class as the children were heading out towards their next class.

The blond chuckle a little as he saw Azari chewing out James before disappearing into the hallways before he picked up his own stuff and started heading for the cafeteria. Along the way he was greeted by the students which he return in kind which made the female students blush and giggle at him which he notice but choose to ignore out of being polite.

Once he reach his destination, he went over to grab some of the food since he was on his break right now he was looking for a place to seat until he notice a place that was near a person who was reading a newspaper. Smirking he decided to seat next to one of his fellow colleague.

"Hello Hank how've this day been working out for you." Said the blond as the man put down his papers and smile at his colleague and long time friend.

"Nothing much Strange just the usual, kids looking at awe about the science off the world and what not." Said Hank AKA Beast of the X-men, he was a blue fur ape like man wearing glasses in a professor like clothing as he talk a little to the blond now named Strange.

"Come now Hank, We're not in class right now so feel free to call my first name" said Strange.

"Well when you put it that way how can I not, so how have you been Naruto" Said Hank

"Fine thanks for asking, just gave Mr. Rodgers and Mr.T'Challa some extra work since they disrupted the class" said Naruto as he chuckle along with Hank as they talk while enjoying the atmosphere in the cafeteria.

Yes people, the blond is none other than Naruto Uzumaki or now known as Naruto S. Strange The Sorcerer Supreme as his title go was a teacher in a class full of super powered kids trained by both the faculty of the school and their parents on their free time. To say the least none would expect him to be a teacher of all things but as things goes that's how life is and she is very mysterious in her ways.

From the moment he followed the couple and told him his story, the couple were both shock and sadden at how his life was but then they decided to ask if he would allow them to adopt him and the moment he said yes was the moment he became what he is today. Such as becoming a world renown doctor until an accident which caused him the lost of both his hands and for a few months he was in a state of self pity until an old man help him and train him in the arts of the mystic in Tibet which started his career as the Sorcerer Supreme and along the way he helped people, vanquishing evil across the real and the mystic realm, he even found love in somewhat odd situations sometimes but that's a story for later on.

"I'm sure they enjoy the extra load don't you think" said Hank with a voice full of mirth and before they could continue the cafeteria was slowly piling up with students rushing in to get in line with some using their powers to get the food.

The scene was quite funny for Naruto and Hank as they saw the students trying to get the food before it ran out. Deciding to help the workers out Naruto waved his hands a little as it glows and suddenly all the students were floating up a few feet into the air before they were gently placed down in an orderly fashion which made them wide eyed and confuse a little before they heard some chuckling and all turn towards the voice which they saw were Naruto and Hank who had smiles on their faces.

"As much as I would like to see you all fighting for the food, I would suggest you give the workers some breathing room so they wouldn't have to hide under the table." Said Naruto as the workers slowly come up from their places and gave their thanks to him who waved it off as he use his magic once more to levitate a piece of pie to him which earn him some glare from the students which he shrugged his shoulders earning a laugh from Hank.

Before anyone could continue what they were doing a shouting match had occur and all of them turn to see Noriko AKA Surge of the New Mutants arguing with Julian AKA Hellion of the Hellions.

Sighing Naruto had to get up and end the argument before it got to far especially the two teams of the X-men since they have a long standing rivalry with each other. He walked up to them in a calm manner as he placed both his hands behind his back and once he did he said

"Would the two of you like to tell me what is going on?" Both of them stopped for a moment to see Naruto standing there which made them wonder when he got here.

"Well I'm waiting."

"Well during training Logan decided to mix things up by pairing us by way of lots and I got him. Once it started he didn't even bother to check or help me when I needed it and now he is blaming me that we failed." Said Noriko

"I blame you since you didn't even follow my lead and since you were doing so well I did my own thing since I don't need you dragging me down." Said Julian cockily and with that Noriko started generating electricity on her gloves while Julian got into a battle stance ready to fight but before they could do anything.

"ENOUGH" said Naruto with a voice full of authority which made them recoil a little in shock before Naruto continue

"I gave the idea to Logan since I've notice most of you got way to comfortable with your own team so I propose that they should mix up who got who as partners or teammates since if you go out and fight evil, sometimes you might not get all your team or if one should replace your members should one of you is unavailable you can integrate with each other better when face in combat so you better get used to it soon."

"Yeah and why should we." Said Julian before he was pulled by the scurf of his neck face to face with Naruto whose eyes started glowing white with rage.

"Because little brat the people you see here could very well one day save your life and if you bother to pull out the pole that Frost shoved in there you could see that but since you're so nice about it how about I tell Logan to upped your teamwork training with The Hulk and him as your training partner, would you like that" said Naruto which made Julian swallow a large gulp at what he was hearing while some of the students were praying to god to forgive him of his stupidity.

But before things got out of hand Naruto eyes depowered so to speak and widen a little before it narrowed as he dropped Julian onto the ground

"We will talk about this later." Naruto said as he walk out of there leaving a stunned group of students and headed towards the back of the school/mansion

"Professor" Naruto thought as he used his telepathy to communicate with Charles

"I know, I and Logan notice them the moment they stepped onto the ground. I've managed to stop Logan from engaging them because this is your business but if they get to close then you know what happens" thought Charles.

"Don't worry and if they do, tell Logan don't hold back especially the brooding one" thought Naruto with eyes full of determination as he head towards the intruders

(Nearby forest behind the school)

"Are you sure he's here." Said a pink haired woman with a forehead the size of a signboard

"Yes he's here my contact did say he was teaching students here." Said a white hair man wearing a Kabuki clothes with wooden clog saddles

"Hmph like the dope could teach anything" said a brooding black haired emo which made the pink hair girl and a platinum blond to swoon at him.

"Troublesome, time does change people Sasuke" said a lazy man whose hair was tied into a pineapple to the emo know as Sasuke.

"Shut up Nara" said Sasuke

"Quite you two, we've got a job to do." Said the white hair man who was none other than Jiraiya of the Sannin who was in deep thought "We need to think of a way to get Naruto without anyone else knowing, but how?" as wondered how he got into this mess.

It started out when the council decided to banish Naruto and when the civilians heard it they were jumping for joy and stated partying...until Tsunade dropped her bomb and told everyone who Naruto's father was and then everything went downhill from there as the people were split into two groups, one that regretted for what they did and the ones that still think off Naruto as the fox.

And it got worse after that when Wave, Waterfall, Snow/Spring cut off ties with the village and when the people ask why they said "Why should we work for a village that would beat a kid half to death just because of what he holds"

Sand did the same thing but only left the part where they would help if it will affect them as well. Then there was the threat of the Akatsuki who started the Bijuu hunt, Gaara was kidnapped during that time and Tsunade sent out a team to help him and probably get some alliance back but when they reached the place it looked like a warzone and there was one of the Akatsuki lying on the ground who was Sasori. They didn't managed to find the other one but the only thing they found were a pair of arms and Gaara was safely lying on the ground still alive and with the bijuu still sealed in him and it was somehow upgraded so that the Bijuu couldn't disturb him.

That was then the team knew they weren't getting any alliance back from Sand. Then came the day his contact told him where Naruto was, at first the council wanted him toREVERSE SUMMON him but that didn't work since the Toads like Naruto and wanted him to be happy away from the village and when the council tried to order them. Well the Toads cut off all alliance with them stating that they will only help in times of war and nothing more.

That was another blow to Konoha since the Slugs said the same thing and now here they were trying to get Naruto back which was already hard in the first place since from what he could gather he was a well respected hero in the community along with being the strongest along with a few others and he has friends who would notice him missing in a heartbeat so his job just got harder the moment he was thinking about it now but he had a job to do but his mind had to wonder what would happen if he met her as he turn to see a red head whose hair reach her back with purple eyes staring intently at the school.

He thought of a few scenarios and he wondered if it would work but seeing if diplomacy won't work he would have to use force despite not liking it.

"Come on out I know you're there so stop hiding" shouted a voice which snapped Jiraiya out of his thoughts as he saw Naruto staring at them with his hands behind his back.

Jiraiya noticing this had no choice but to come out of there and slowly one by one the intruders came out showing Teams 7, 9 and 10 along with Jiraiya but Asuma wasn't there because he had to take care of Kurenai who was pregnant along with Team 8.

Naruto stare at the intruders who was once from his former home with some distain but he notice the two new arrival one of which was a pale man whose smile was as fake as a pink elephant while the other was a mystery because he felt a deep rage inside of him as he look on at the red head who reminded him of his mother somewhat.

"Hey Naruto, how have you been?" Asked Kakashi with an eye smile but all he got back was a blank look from Naruto who said coldly.

"I have been doing fine Hatake, I take it this isn't a social visit"

Some of them shivered at the cold tone he was using but Jiraiya still carried on "come on kid we're here to take you back." But that proved futile.

"And pray tell why Jiraiya?" Said Naruto

"Cause it's your home you baka now hurry up so we can get away from this freak show of a place they call a school." Said the pink haired harpy and with that she suddenly flew back into a tree by an unknown force which shock the ninjas for a moment before they turn to see Naruto in an angry mood.

"I would suggest you shut your mouth Haruno, this is a school and if you can't see we are having a civil conversation and we would appreciate it that you do not interfere"

Some of the retrieval team was a little stunned at how coldly the former ninja did to his onetime crush, it was also then some of them realize that time really has change someone as Jiraiya tried to diffuse the situation "Naruto enough we are trying to keep you safe so the Akatsuki won't get you so please come back" but it then prove futile as Naruto retort

"Safe, now that's funny since I rather take my chances with the Akatsuki rather than going back to that place. If that is all Jiraiya I would like you to kindly get off as you all are on private property and if do not comply then I will use force to get you off"

"Wait" Said the red head girl

Naruto shifted his sight towards her, he couldn't help but feel some form of connection to her but for the life of him he couldn't figure out what until she said "Please Nii-san just come back with us, Tou-san and Kaa-san is waiting for you so please just come back with us so we can be a family again"

"Nii-san? Sorry you must have me confuse with someone else because for all I know I was an orphan in that village" said Naruto confuse at her statement as he wondered if she was all right in the head until she continued on

"No you're not I really am your sister Uzume and our parents are alive and in the village waiting for you so please just come back to us" said the now name Uzume.

For a moment time stopped for Naruto as he registers what Uzume said "What their alive, but she said they were dead so how they are even alive but even so where were they when I need them most."

Before Naruto could think about anything else he suddenly felt stiff and look down, only to see a black shadow connecting him. He look up to see Shikamaru using his family's prized justu and trapped him there.

"Look Naruto, I know you don't want to go back there but we've got no choice so just stop resisting and come back you troublesome blond" said Shikamaru

"No choice huh, since when did that village ever gave me a choice so I am gonna ask nicely Shikamaru since you weren't the one who was prejudice against me, go home and tell them old farts that I am a free man and will not hesitate to defend my right for freedom so what's it gonna be"

Shikamaru just look on with a lazy yet serious look on his face which was all the answer Naruto needed who just close his eyes and said "So be it then" and all of a sudden a fist made from Shikamaru's shadow punch him in the gut knocking the wind out of him which sent him flying back and with that started the fight.

Sakura then went in and threw a sloppy punch at Naruto who just sigh as he met it with no more than just his forefinger, when it connected it resonating a big shockwave. To say the least Sakura was in shock at what Naruto did that she didn't react in time when he just push her back with his finger which in this case was the equivalent of a freight train which resulted her being sent back into the trees once more.

Neji decided to go in and use his Taijustu to block off his chakra pathways with Tenten covering him with kunai's and shurikens but that was all for naught as he use the same unknown force to blow them all back, in which case Sai decided to capitalize as he summon out two lions made from ink and attack him but when it did the lions were destroyed before the could even touch him and they saw a force field surrounding him where the lions attack.

Before Sai could do anything else the ink where the lions were suddenly reformed into humanoid samurais wearing armor and they suddenly attack him without hesitation. With Sai out of the way, Naruto turned to the remaining ninjas when suddenly he heard someone shouted "DYNAMIC ENTRY."

He didn't even bother to look but just lift his hand up to his side as he caught a double kick from Guy who look shock along with the rest who were still standing before he did a 360 spin and launch Guy into Lee which sent him down once more. The rest were now slightly scared of Naruto except for Sasuke who still has that pole in his ass and were now debating whether it was a good idea to fight him but they had a job to do so they had no choice so Uzume started off as she called out her CHAKRA CHAINS to attack Naruto who just use his force field to block it and it did.

Chouji followed it up as he use a PARTIAL EXPANSSION JUSTU to grow his hand and then sent it straight for the force field which made another big shockwave but to their surprise and shock the force field didn't even budge, he tried it again but this time he lifted it up and was about to slam it down like one would to a bug. Naruto still look impassive at what he was doing so all he did was lift up one of his hand which was impacted by Chouji's huge hand and created another shockwave but this time kicking up some dirt.

Everyone there thought it was the end until they saw the dust clear and was shock to see Naruto holding Chouji's huge hand like it was nothing but that didn't deter them as Sasuke quickly went in with a CHIDORI in hand ready to strike. Some of them shouted out to him but it was for naught as Sasuke was about to stab Naruto but then he got an even more shock as his CHIDORI phase through him like it was nothing which now caused him to stumble and fall face first on to the ground.

Sasuke manage to get up, only to see Naruto pushing Chouji's entire arm back which sent him flying like the rest back into the forest. Naruto turn his head slightly so only part of his face was seen by Sasuke.

"So teme, how does it feel to be the villager's boy toy since I got your sorry ass back?" Said Naruto in a tone which infuriated Sasuke as he thought he was looking down on him which caused him to take out his sword and charge at Naruto, he went for an overhead slash but he got a huge shock as Naruto just block it.

With the back of his hand and what's even shocking was that there was no blood coming out from there while Naruto just look like he didn't care so he just grab the blade and threw Sasuke back to the group but he managed to flip himself into a standing position while starting to glare at Naruto and was about to charge once more until Jiraiya stopped him as he wanted to try diplomacy once more.

"Look Naruto I know you have no love for what the village did to you, I know I would but now please just come back so we can protect you better because this is bigger than us because we need to make sure that the Akatsuki are gone and to do that we need you so please Naruto just come back to your home." Said Jiraiya as the rest of the team managed to get up and was now ready should Naruto try anything.

"Home huh, tell me Jiraiya have ever been in a home where people beat you on a daily basis or better yet try and kill me for something that I have no control of being, sold goods for triple the price despite it being waste and vandalizing my apartment, and you know something, I found out something very interesting about you" said Naruto as Jiraiya wondered what it was before Naruto continue.

"Turns out you were suppose to be my godfather, so tell me Jiraiya where you when I needed you the most, gallivanting in brothels with 3rd rate hookers while I had to eat of the garbage. What a real swell job you did there and now it turns out my parents are alive along with a little sister so tell me dear sister, where were you and them when I was trying to survive everyday in that village what was it, too busy celebrating your birthday while I run from grown adults who were trying to kill me is that it" vented Naruto while said two were looking down in shame because of it.

"Look Naruto they are sorry ok so please try to be reasonable and hear them out and you'll realize why they did it, they did it..." Was all Kakashi could say before two wooden tendrils impaled him from behind on both his thighs which shock the group as they turn to see Naruto who look at them in anger

"Reasonable, You weren't the one being attack by grown adults, you weren't the one who was abandon by his family, you weren't the one who was look down by others and you weren't the one who was banish for doing his goddamn job and you're saying that I am unreasonable what a joke you hypocrite, you didn't even bother to check up on me when I had to take TWO of your stupid prize justu who you personally taught to that traitor while you just brush me aside like I was nothing to you and what's even worse was that you were my father's student. What was it that you taught us? Those who abandon the mission are trash but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash, so tell me Hatake what does that make you"

Kakashi could feel the stinging in his chest as Naruto said that before the blond continued on

"I know who my parents are and to find out now they were still alive and living happily somewhere while I nearly die every day just made almost all of my respect for them to go down the drain so here's a message you could give them when you see them, I hope it was all worth it because right now they just lost their only son

The retrieval team look a little shock at what Naruto knew and Jiraiya had to ask "How did you know who your parents were, the only ones who knew were the Hokages, me and a select few how did you figure it out"

"From me you perverted toad." Said a new voice which made everyone turn towards it and boy were they in for a shock, why? That's because nearby was a beautiful woman with luscious long red hair that reach her waist, flawless like skin, her breast was easily Tsunade's level with an hour glass shaped waist and legs that could go on for miles which was easily shown by the blood red Kimono she was wearing with a slit on the left side showing her leg but what really shocked them was the fox like ears on her head and nine flowing tails that were behind her.

Only one entity could match what they were seeing and the first to shout was Jiraiya.

"THE KYUUBI, how did you get out of the seal?"

"That, my pitiful little monkey is the wonder known as magic to which this handsome man excels at" said Kyuubi as she pointed at Naruto which made them wide eyed once more.

"Naruto are you out of your mind, she is a pure evil entity we have to seal her quickly before something happens..."Was all Jiraiya said before a pillar made of earth slammed into his gut.

"Be silent Jiraiya, she has helped me more times than I could count so of course I would set her free and the fact that she has her own mind and not some mindless beast just shows how pathetic Konoha really is" said Naruto codly as he slowly raise his magic powers

"Like we care was it is because it and you are Konoha's property and if you stop kidding yourself you can see you are still the same loser as before" sneer Sakura and that was the last thing she said before suddenly a massive amount of KI was aimed at them which made them fell to their knees gasping for breath.

Somehow they managed to look back to see eyes who held nothing but pure rage staring down at them before he levitated into the air as the skies darken, the winds howl and the earth shakes along with thunder raging across the skies as Naruto look down at the people from his former home. He felt pity for some of them as they held nothing against him but he knew he had to fight because he was not going to let what he had struggle to do go away for a place that would kill him at a moment notice no, he had too much to live for out here so with a wave of both his hands that glowed brightly he look at them and said

"You will not take me back to that wretched place but don't worry I won't kill you because you are gonna tell those fools this I am a man of free will ready to fight for what is my right so if you bring a thousand men to confront me I will guarantee that they will be laid bruised and broken before you for I am Naruto S. Strange and I AM THE SORCERER SUPREME."

Which was what the retrieval team heard before a flash of light engulf them and then darkness took over their vision.


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